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Poem:If I Could   12 y  
Poem for Erev Rosh Hashanah--Jewish New Year. L'Shana Tovah, everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Photo from Free Nature Photos: http://www.free-nature-photos.org/   If I Could If I could see the Sea in one drop of water If I could see the Sahara in one grain of sand If I could sense the vast expanse of Time in one tick of the clock If I could feel the Love of God in one beat of my heart If I could see the Milky Way in the spiral of one snail’s shell I would be satisfied If I could see all of Creation in one mote of dust If I could know the Depths of All Knowing in one moment o ...   read more

Spirit:Financial Crisis   12 y  
Responding to the current economic crisis in the U.S.A, Isaac George, who channels Master Jesus and Archangel Ariel, talks about out relationship with money from a spiritual perspective.
”House of Cards” The big event Monday was the announcement that a major U. S. investment bank had filed for bankruptcy (Lehman Bros.), while another one (Merrill Lynch) was gobbled up by the Bank of America. The conjunction of Uranus and the Full Moon in Pisces dished up two ’surprises’ that stunned the world financial markets. There were players in the background too, Pluto and Chiron, that were underpinning a major shift in how we perceive the ’value’ of money and goods in general. As the chaos took hold on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I remembered an email ...   read more

Divine Matrix   12 y  
Gregg Braden: Human Emotion changes our DNA, our DNA changes the substance of the Universe; therefore, our Human emotion changes the substance of the Universe.
”Gregg Braden expounds on the concept of a Divine Matrix, which he defines as a bridge between the inner and outer world, and a mirror of quantum essence. In further describing the matrix, he cites the work of physicist Max Planck who wrote about a non-conventional form of energy from which all physical matter originates. This matrix or field is not something that is ”out there” but rather it’s the very stuff that is holding us together, says Braden. The universe can be viewed as a massive computer, with our consciousness as the operating system and our emotions/feelings as the software ...   read more

Transmute Fear & Doubt   12 y  
Full Moon Meditation for Monday, September 15, 2008
                                                     © harmanvisions.com HEART FELT EMOTIONS TRANSFORM WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS Reprogramming our Emotional Matrix: Transmuting Fear and Doubt        "When we expect to see something to happen, that expectation is an emotion in our    bodi ...   read more

Art:Kabbalah Wheel   12 y  
We are entering the season of the Jewish High Holidays. In preparation, I took an Introduction to Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) class. This art work was created after the second class.
Kabbalah Wheel Created by Liora Leah 9-4-2008 Mixed media: colored pencil on paper, cardboard, plastic In the Kabbalah class, we learned that the Hebraic God of the mountain has been anthropomorphized by humans, that this image is NOT God. Instead, Kabbalist’s refer to God as Ein Sof, a word for God that does not describe God. Ein Sof means "limitless, endless, The Infinite". Kabbalists describe 10 attributes, or qualities, of God ( Sefirot ). A primary attribute of God is DIVINE LOVE ( Keter ). Whatever God gives us, is what God wants us ...   read more

I AM That I AM   12 y  
The two week lunar cycle of New Moon August 30 through Full Moon September 15 is a time of focus on dissolving the "little self" or self-identity and allowing the "Greater Self" or I AM presence to emerge.
  I ...   read more

Lunar Eclipse Meditation   12 y  
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Saturday August 16, 2008. Join The Planetary Grid Project for meditation to release the Illusion of Death and Fear of the Dark! During 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm
      ...   read more

2012 Inca Prophecies   12 y  
Latest Inca Prophecies of the End of Time FREE conference call with Alberto Villoldo August 26, 2008 5:00PM MDT (Utah,USA)/4:00PM PST (Los Angeles, USA)
From The Four Winds August Newsletter: http://www.thefourwinds.com/newsletter02/ Alberto Villoldo Hear newly revealed information from Alberto’s meeting in June with the Q’ero Elders!   Some indigenous elders interpret the prophecies of the Inka, Hopi, and Mayans to mean we are facing an era when many souls may be lost, absorbed into the void. This may be a time of a great culling of humanity through war, pestilence, famine, and drought. But others are very optimistic that we’ll be able to create a world of peace and that our techno ...   read more

Mind over Matter   12 y  
YouTube video that postulates, among other things, that what we as individuals think, we as individuals create. I have problems with this "theory" that I have heard many times before...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aBGeoLf5X8 Mind Over Matter RE: the postulate that what we as individuals think, we as individuals create We have over 6.5 billion people on the planet. If it is the case that what we as individuals think, we as individuals create, then 6.5 billion people have had to come to consensus to create a ”reality” that exists in front of all of us right NOW or else none of us would have any commonality with each other and the world as we know it wouldn’t exist--nor would the solar system, the galaxy, the Universe, the Universes of Creati ...   read more

Medicine Wheel 8/8/08   12 y  
Many ceremonies will be taking place on August 8, 2008. Blue Thunder, Shoshone elder, will be conducting a ceremony at Big Bear Lake, California. The purpose of the ceremony is to strengthen the Earth's energy grid/balancing of nature that has been actively worked on since the original Big Bear Medicine Wheel ceremony in November 2004. Big Bear is the "hub" of the Medicine Wheel, with eight sacred sites in a 60 - mile radius forming the wheel in California. Others will be holding ceremony on the spoke sites simultaneously on the 8th. Check the website for more detailed information and location of other sites.
AUGUST 08, 2008 Big Bear Medicine Wheel Re-Union Ceremony Join us beginning at 3:30 AM, at Pan Hot Springs. We intend to sing, pray and celebrate through sunrise the next day. W e are holding the Big Bear Medicine Wheel Re-union Ceremony on Friday, August 8, 2008 at Pan Hot Springs in Big Bear City. We chose the word re-union to signify a strengthening of the energy grid / balancing of nature that has been actively worked on since the original Big Bear Medicine Wheel ceremony in November 2004. Blue Thunder’s original plans to be in the Grand Tetons on August 8 have ...   read more

Love or Fear   12 y  
A beautiful message from Mother Mary, channeled through Mary Hunt, teaches us that we are either in LOVE or we are in FEAR, but we cannot be in both at the same time!
A quote From a Mother Mary channeling( June 2006)- ------------------------------------------------------------- You have heard us say and you have heard in other channelings, from other people, and some of those channelings are called books, that there is only Love and only Fear. And if you are in Fear, you are not in Love And if you are in Love, you cannot be in Fear. Certainly simple words and difficult concept for you: YOU ARE IN LOVE OR YOU ARE IN FEAR. Think of the words that you can attribute to fear: Hopelessness. Depression. Anger. Not all anger, but some ...   read more

New Moon/Solar Eclipse   12 y  
New Moon/Solar Eclipse this Friday August 1, 2008! Tune in to the Planetary Grid!
     Rest in natural great peace this exhausted mind, Beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thoughts. ...   read more

The Way to God   12 y  
Art inspired by the Kryon Channelling "The Way to God" given June 14, 2008. Kryon is a group feminine energy channelled by Lee Carroll. Read or listen to the channelling!
”God Wants to Be Found” by Liora Leah 7-29-2008 Watercolor 10” X 14” I painted this while listening to the Kryon channelling; the title of the painting is from a statement Kryon made during the channeling. The original title of this blog was ”The Way to God:Art”. It was meant to let the reader know the title of the channelling, and that there was art work posted; at second glance, it is a true statement for me! The way to God, for me, is through art! From the website: ”With 750 watching, Kryon gave a heart-felt channeling which has echoed many of the thoughts Kryon h ...   read more

Kryon:Current Events   12 y  
Kryon, a feminine group energy channeled by Lee Carroll, gives us profound information on current events. Given July 12, 2008, Kryon tells us about many things that are in the news... a must read!
LIVE KRYON CHANNELLING Current Events http://www.kryon.com/k_channel08_Asheville.html This live channelling was Given in Asheville, North Carolina July 12, 2008 To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Asheville, North Carolina. To hear/download this channeling: http://www.kryon.com/cartprodimages/downloadasheville_07_ ...   read more

Purpose on Earth: DOing vs BEing   12 y  
Spirit speaks to me about the concepts of "sin", "evil", what happens after we die, and what our purpose on earth is!
Q: Spirit, what am I to know this day? A: Know that you are loved. You are so hard on yourself!  You are your own worst critic, your own worst judge!  Allow yourself to be human, then laugh it off! Do not take yourself so seriously!  You do one small thing that you consider ”bad” and then feel ”ashamed” and beat yourself up over it---this is the ”old” paradigm of ”sin”---there is no ”sin”, there is no ”evil”, only lessons to be learned.  There is no heaven, there is no hell (except what you create in you own mind), no system of ”rewards” or ”punishments” and no ”brownie points” as you ...   read more

Art:SpiralGalaxy   12 y  
Messing around in my kitchen today I created a Plastic Fantastic Spiral Galaxy! Some spiritual humor makes for a great day!
”Spiral Galaxy” by Liora Leah 7-16-2008 Ha, Ha, made you look! ”What the heck is that?” you’re asking. Well, today I was in the process of putting the dishes away when I knocked the little container of plastic do-hickies--what’d ya call them, anyway? off of the shelf--yep, I save them. I’ve used them in art work once before...anyway, they scattered all over the floor and suddenly I’m filled with inspiration to form them into a spiral galaxy...of course, after I finished with it and took the photos, the little plastic guys went back into the container...sort of like sand paint ...   read more

Spiritual Rituals & Practices   12 y  
I have been working with a shamanic healer for almost 18 months now. She has assigned spiritual exercises and rituals to do on a daily basis. Sometimes I get enthusiastic and do them daily for a stretch of time, then I get lazy and "skip" for a while. Yesterday, I had spent most of the morning in ritual, was getting ready to meditate, when I felt a compulsion to write as "something" was wanting to "come through" me. Here is what issued forth:
Q: Spirit, What am I to Know this Day? A: Know that you are loved, dear one. You work so hard at it, as if connection to Us is a job...just relax into us--we are all around you and hold you all the time, even when/though you are not aware of our presence.  We would/will love you no less should you not do all of these rituals...they are not necessary for you to connect to Us, but they ARE necessary to remind you that you are already connected--yes, without them, you go about your ...   read more

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