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Birth/Death/Rebirth   16 y  
Spirit says these are not the End Times, as in "end of the world". Spirit speaks of the development of the "Rainbow Tribe" of peoples who honor all cultures and the Earth. We must look to the cycles of nature, or rebirth following death, for our comfort in these difficult times.
I attended a spiritual gathering called Dare’ this past Sunday in Topanga Canyon, California. The topic at hand was the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. All the attendees sat in a circle and passed the talking stick so that each one of us could be heard.  We approached the situation from a Spiritual standpoint. One very respected elder stated that she believed these are the ”End Times”, the days many indigenous peoples around the world have long predicted would occur, when the world as we know it comes to an end. The same elder said she had personally taken a vow to revoke the w ...   read more

Do Not Block My Waters!   16 y  
Mother Earth tells us she desires the waters of the Mississippi to once again flow freely to the sea. She implores us to not block her waters. She warns of more storms to come.
Do Not Block My Waters! Mother, how are you? Dear One, it is good to hear your voice! I am fine, thank you. It is kind of you to defend me in your blogs, yet it is unnecessary. I took back what is mine. The waters will flow freely again, unless the humans decide, collectively, to rebuild... the waters, so long dammed, (are) now released. They are filthy with human waste, yes, but will cleanse themselves in time. My desire is for the Great River, the one called Mississippi, to flow freely to my seas and marshes once more. She has suffered long enough. She is fre ...   read more

MotherSpeaks:Hurricane Katrina   16 y  
I asked the Great Mother to talk to me about Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that has been brought to the Gulf region of the United States. She answered that she is in the process of "shifting energies" in preparation for Her own spiritual evolution
Mother, Please talk to me about Hurricane Katrina. What is your purpose of creating such a powerful storm? Are you releasing energy, cleansing yourself, seeking revenge (for environmental degradation)? Dear One, it is I, your Great and Holy Mother. Yes, I am releasing energy. I am shifting. It is like a sleeping giant awakening; just by rising and getting out of bed and stretching, great devastation can be done. It is well you are on the West Coast. But be forewarned: yes, earthquakes are coming to your region, as long your scientists have forecast. There are tho ...   read more

You Are So Blessed!   16 y  
A Love Note from Spirit
If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million who won’t survive the week. If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture or the pangs of starvation, you are ahead of 20 million people around the world. If you attend a religious meeting without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death, you are more blessed than almost three billion people in the world. If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than ...   read more

Ayahuasca Speaks   16 y  
It has been one week today since I experienced the Ayahuasca Ceremony. My emotions have ranged from peaceful to irritable, angry and sad. Just when I think I'm going "back to normal" something happens in my daily life and I find myself ranting again.
One friend of mine wrote me: "Why does spirit want us to go through difficult challenges....well, after having gone through them myself, I believe its just part of the preparation for the work that we’ve committed to do while walking this planet." I know this in my heart to be true but I still have to complain about it. Sometimes it seems so damn hard! I see people skating through life sometimes, and I wonder, why can’t I skate too? Why is this such a struggle when others seem to have it easy? Then I realize no one really "has it easy" in life, and maybe t ...   read more

Poem: Music of our Souls   16 y  
"The planet is being decimated by humans, and the elements we ignore and imagine as being dead—trees, plants, rocks, waters, animals—they are requiring our “waking up” to our realities of Who We Are."
from "The New Psychology of the Stars" by greggechols http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=430&i=3 This inspired me to post the following poem: Just as light itself is composed of many unique and individually beautiful colors, so too is Light composed of the various musics of our souls, all singing in massive Universal energy-harmony the songs of the Eternal All This one amazing, fantastic, and overpowering sound, vast hum and throbbing of heartbeats of living creatures and beings of all forms, shapes, colors and sizes, ...   read more

Mother Earth:Creation Myths   16 y  
Sunday night, after the Ayahuasca Ceremony, the Great Mother (Earth) spoke to me about the spiritual meaning of Creation Myths. She tells us that Creation exists for Creation's sake!
(Visions of) water came up for you several times (during the Ayahuesca Ceremony)--it is as (African Shaman) Mandaza says--you carry ”rain spirits”. Water, in all its forms--fresh, salt, marsh--is your element from which you draw the most nurturing and strength, that is why Mandaza initiated you in the Sea--he knows intuitively She is your ally, your force. And how could it not be as you helped create the waters of my body eons ago, when first I was formed. To you this is a ”myth” a ”creation story” but be it but a story, which it is not, story carries potency and magic, as Deena Metz ...   read more

Ayahuasca Ceremony   16 y  
It's now Wednesday noon, 3 days after the Ayahuasca Ceremony I attended Saturday night-Sunday morning. I needed this time to reflect on what I experienced there. I'm still reeling from the plant medicine's affects.
"Ayahuasca (aya-soul/dead, wasca-vine/rope) or Yage (ya-hey) are native Amazonian names for the jungle vine Banisteriopsis Caapi, and the medicinal tea prepared from it. The Ayahuasca tea is widely used throughout indigenous Amazonia to enable access to the visionary or mythological world that provides revelation, and healing." (From http://www.ayahuasca.com/drupal/ ). There were about 20 people in attendance at the Ayahuasca Ceremony that took place in a private residence starting Saturday night. Some, like me, had never attended an Ayahuasca Ceremony before. Oth ...   read more

Powerful Healing Session   16 y  
Today I met with Mandaza Kandemwa, a Zimbabwean Nganga, or Shaman, for a powerful 1-to-1 healing session. He asked me to surrender to Spirit, and he called them in to me. Tomorrow, Saturday-Sunday, I will be attending an Ayahuasca ceremony facilitated by another Shaman. Ayahuasca is a powerful plant medicine whose Spirit is a Master Healer of the plant world.
Two days ago, I asked Great Mother (Earth) and my Spirit Guides what they thought of these two spiritual adventures: Great Mother: ”Dear One, it is a pleasure to speak with you again. Yes, go, Aya is a ”friend” of mine, her plant energy/medicine is very strong, potent. You will definitely feel her, Know her, ”See” her. Trust in her, if nothing else. Doubt her not. She will serve you well. Namaste, Amen, Little Dear One” Spirit Guides: ”Know that you are loved, Little one, no matter what you do. You are about to embark on a Spirit/Soul Journey that will serve you well, as Great Mother said. ...   read more

Spirit:Self-Healing   16 y  
Spirit says that the ability to heal is within each of us, not outside ourselves and not through another person. We, as individuals, are our own healers. Individuals may enhance their ability to heal themselves through group healing energy.
Last week while at a spiritual gathering I met a man who told me he experienced a profound healing after having multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)for 10 years, by going to Pleasant Valley Church in Georgia and working with pastors trained by Pastor Henry Wright http://www.pleasantvalleychurch.net/. The man I met is Jewish, and he told me he came back from his experience with a deeper committment to Judaism than before. I have read several testimonials by people with MCS and other dis-orders who say they have been helped by this Church, and even read the book by Pastor Henry ”A Mo ...   read more

Pure Divine Love   16 y  
The Christ speaks of the quest for inner peace by surrendering all structured beliefs, even spiritual ones, and seeking answers from the Me within. Life is the Presence of Pure Divine Love. Forgiveness is the action leading to peace, and Compassion is the gift that a peaceful Soul gives freely.
PURE DIVINE LOVE Message from The Christ with Isaac George http://www.isaacariel.com/tran0505.html Greetings dear brothers and sisters, and blessings to you wherever you are. As you read these words, open your hearts and your minds to the infinite space inside of you and around you. This is not ’empty’ space. It is filled with Presence. Stop, breathe, and listen. Listen to the space between the sounds, the thoughts, beyond the noise of the mind. There in the midst of it I Am. Oneness flows from this space, the endless beginning, and the endless end. Cease all activity, cease al ...   read more

Intentionality/Toxins   16 y  
Spirit discusses the concept of "intentionality", the purpose, behind the manufacture of "toxic" products. Intentionality influences whether or not a product is harmful or beneficial for humankind or the planet.
In the previous blog posted, Spirit discussed the link between autism and mercury in childhood vaccines. Spirit said that "...it is not so much the mercury itself that is toxic, but the energetics of it, the purposes for which it is formed...This is how it works with manufactured products, it is not just the product itself that can be seen as dangerous or toxic, it is the intentionality of the product manufacturers, the why behind the product formation. You humans think your thoughts, your intentions, have no impact yet this is not so --what goes into making any produ ...   read more

Spiritual Basis:Autism   16 y  
Spirit says that autistic children are "hyperaware" and therefore "hypersensitive" to toxins and human intentionality. These children are the forerunners of the New Human, Spirit BEings of multi-dimensional awareness.
Liora: Spirit, please talk to me regarding my questions about autism. As you know, I posted an article about the link between autism and mercury-based preservatives in childhood immunizations(1). Why, then, are not all children made ill? Why only some? What is the spiritual basis for this neurological dis-order? Are there different reasons, as is the case with other dis-orders? Thank you for your response. Spirit: Dear One, you are correct--there are multiple reasons for this "dis-order" known as "autism". As you have suspected, some children are more susceptible ...   read more

MultiDimensional Love   16 y  
Spirit told me I had many lovers in "the Heavens" i.e. multi-dimensional realms. I asked Spirit what was meant by this, leading to a discussion on love, procreation, love-making, human bonding, and the ultimate gift of selfless love...
As for your having multiple lovers in the other dimensions, that is so, and remember even if some of your "selves" are not embodied, we too have emotions and are capable of making strong bonds between our various selves. Having a body is not a requisite for love! Of course, you know that, so having "lovers" does not necessarily entail making love in the physical sense. "Love" is a much broader, deeper, grander term as to be limited to that. Not to "put down" earthly love in anyway for that, too, has its purpose and was designed into your ...   read more

Spirit:Women's Dis-orders   16 y  
"Vitaminut" posted the question: What is the spiritual significance of endometriosis and ovarian cysts? Spirits discusses these and other women's "dis-orders" such as menstrual irregularity, pain, ovarian and uterine cancer, infertility...
Liora: re: ”vitaminut’s” question: What is the spiritual significance of endometriosis and ovarian cysts? I would assume the answer is different for each woman, as the spiritual etiology or cause may be different? Spirit: Dear One, yes, you are right, the answer is different for every woman. We will answer ”generically” so you may post this. If ”vitaminut” has a specific question as pertains to self, then this can be asked in an e-mail to you. Ovarian cysts have to do with faulty hormonal flow--a ”blockage” in the body if you will. This blockage can be biological in nature o ...   read more

Spirit on Peri-Menopause    16 y  
I'm experiencing hormonal changes and weight gain; physicians call this phase of my life "peri-menopause". Spirit says it is a time of transition from child-bearing to wise-woman years, and recommends continued connection with Mother Earth.
We wonder to ourselves why you obsess so over your sexua| body/womanhood--this is a gift for you to cherish, not fret over so. Enjoy your cycles of rhythms and moon, changing though this may be for you, it is a natural progression in your human biology/species to slowly leave the time of monthly blood to enter into your elder wise-woman years--may they be blessed, long, and fruitful, fruitful in a different way than the years of your motherhood, as fruitful and pregnant with ideas, doings/action that you had not the capacity before to do in your younger years. Now, you will grow your ...   read more

Spiritual Energy Shield   16 y  
Spirit speaks about the lessons of a frightening incident I experienced this afternoon: one's spiritual energy can be used as a shield to deflect harm, and always listen to your "gut" feelings...
While walking at the Nature Center, I felt a deep fear in my gut as a man strode up beside me and attempted to engage me in a conversation with very inappropriate sexua| overtones.  He didn’t touch me but I felt a threat of being sexually assaulted.  I kept my cool outwardly and managed to distract him with conversation as I walked faster until I was able to break free of him and seek help from two people who were on the trail ahead of me. I reported the incident and gave a description to the park ranger, who questioned the man as I left the park. My heart still pounds when I t ...   read more

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