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SpiritSpeaks:I AM Rock   16 y  
In the last blog I posted, Kryon says that some of us "old souls" have been on the Earth for 50,000 years...50,000 YEARS!! Well, say we lived for an average of 50 years per lifetime--that would be 1,000 lifetimes!
We have access to all of these ”past-life” selves, and all of the knowledge and experience from each one! This boggles my mind! We’ve truly ”been there, done that” in every conceivable combination! What a wealth of resources, and all within our own soul! I especially like this passage from the same Kryon message: ”How many of you were aware that you have had past lifetimes without being a Human?...How about a lifetime within Gaia? How about being an actual part of the earth for a hundred years or so, then coming back? How about being part of the rocks, the plants or the trees?” Ca ...   read more

Kryon:Who U Really R   16 y  
This fantastic message from Kryon, a feminine group energy channeled by Lee Carroll, discusses our relationship with Gaia and with our Higher Self and that of other Human Beings' Higher Selves, as well as the concepts of multi-dimensionality, the Great Central Sun, God, "time", the Akashic Record, human birth and death, "new souls" and "old souls"! Blew me away when I read it!
CHANNELLING: ”Who You Really Are” as channelled by Lee Carroll This live channelling was Given in Crystal Lake, Illinois August, 2005 http://www.kryon.com/k_chanelcrystallake05.html Kryon Website: http://www.kryon.com/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. Some of you expected another voice, didn’t you? The one on the page perhaps, which, of course, is yours! How many of you understand and realize that as you read the messages of Kryon, you are reading aloud with your Higher ...   read more

AA Ariel:Water & Fire   16 y  
This fascinating message from Archangel Ariel, as channeled through Isaac George in January 2005 after the Southeast Asian tsunami, speaks of natural disasters as "Earth Movements" that indicate human "shifts in consciousness toward the Light of Spirit". AA Ariel tells us these Movements will continue for about two more earth-years, facilitated by the elements of water and fire. Within the message, He also speaks of prophecy, Love, "death", prayer, Discernment of the Heart, and Mastery.
JANUARY TRANSMISSION: ”WATER AND FIRE” - Archangel Ariel Ariel here. Peace be with you. You are now feeling the aftermath of the acceleration phase during the past 12 days. Though much of what you are feeling is the empathic response to the Earth movements and the emotional rending that those left behind feel, plus the reactions within the World Soul. There is another deep knowing that is coming forth within that is not of concern, anxiety or despair. A knowing that something momentus has commenced. If you have had any feelings of elation or excitement interspersed with th ...   read more

Spirit:Flow Like Water   16 y  
YOWZA! Found this poem-message from my Guide-Selves. Didn't understand it then, but FELT it. How could I forget? This is what I HAVE BEEN writing about. This is what I AM writing about. This is what I WILL BE writing about. This is what my Past/Present/Future selves are all writing about in the NOW time!
  Spirit, What Am I to Know? Know that Life flows through you and in you As water flows through a sieve, it comes pouring out through all the ”cracks” in your soul , your BEing, your Divine Self ...flow like Water, Pray like Rain, Move with Compassion, Follow your Guidance--your Inner Soul’s Heart/Love You will be Set Free You will come To Be All that you ever wanted, All that You never Knew All that is in Existence Let it All Flow Through You Let it all Go Hang on to None, Nothing, No-Thing! Express Yourself, Your True Being, ...   read more

Consciousness & Natural Disasters   16 y  
Isaac George channels the Archangels Ariel and Michael,& the Ascended Masters Jesus and St. Germain. In his Spiritlife Newsletter, Isaac discusses the recent hurricanes and "natural disasters" as being manifestations on the earthplane of our individual and collective human consciousness and unconsciousness. We can start by acknowledging that we manufactured all of this in the first place, forgiving all of it, and choosing to open to the Divinity within us all.
From: Spiritlife Newsletter November, 2005 Vol.7, Issue 5 Greetings of Peace, Water and Fire Redux, In late August I started receiving email updates from http://www.spaceweather.com about a sudden and unexpected series of C-Class and X- Class eruptions from a powerful magnetic disturbance on the Sun’s surface. Due to the fact that we are technically at the quietest part of the Sun’s sunspot cycle, this was clearly something to pay attention to. Now even though this data was surprising to scientists monitoring the Sun, it was but a validation for the vario ...   read more

Spirit Speaks:Great Self   16 y  
In our imagination, or illusion, we humans fragment ourselves into separate Beings that we call "Spirit Guides", "ancestors" "future-selves", "past-lives", etc, when these "parts" of ourselves are really integrated into our one "Great Self", and our Great Self and the Great Selves of others are integrated and merged together into the All-That-Is! There is No Separation!
Several days ago, I read greggechols blog, ”Quantum Physics and the Ancestors” and was inspired to write some blog comments. A few quotes from MySelf: We ARE our own ancestors! and we are our own future selves! ...Time seems ”real” to us, and linear, when it is not and there really is no such thing as Time for it is a human illusion. So, if this is True, then we have ”already” existed in the 3-D earthplane under the human illusion of ”Time”, and so we have already been, or always are, our own ancestors, as well as our own ”future” selves! ...my Spirit Guides told me that on ...   read more

Earth Speaks: Hurricanes   16 y  
Mother Earth tells us her Hurricanes are necessary in order for Her to cleanse. She chastises us that we do not "own" her but abide upon Her only with Her blessing. She reminds us that we as a species are here only temporarily, as we will not always exist in our bodily form.
10/22/05 Approximately 4:30 P.M. Dear Holy Daughter. Know that you are loved. I have heard your prayers and those of others. My storms will abate with time yet I must "vent" for now and cleanse the region. There has been much fouling of habitat in that area--my beautiful sands have become corrupt. They were never meant to house so many humans with the mindset/consciousness of "greed" and "corruption". They are places of natural beauty/wildness meant to be enjoyed by all, not just the "wealthy" humans who buy my "land" when th ...   read more

Dissipate Hurricane Wilma   16 y  
URGENT! Hurricane Wilma, currently storming Mexico's Caribbean coastline and western Cuba, is expected to move on to South Florida. We can collectively pray to Mother Earth to lessen the intensity of Her storm while honoring Her need to cleanse and purify.
I received this Urgent e-message from AriellaShira Lewis, my spiritual sister: HURRICANE DISSIPATION I am asking for us to join together...to dissipate the destructive power of Hurricane Wilma. There is also a personal element to this work as my friends DalyaMiri and Adin Ralston...are in Cancun on vacation, and are in the possible path of this hurricane. Please see them, and all involved, safely protected in the light and held in our prayers and in our hearts. Below are ...different... suggestions as to how to go about dissipating the destructiveness of Hurricane Wilma, whil ...   read more

Prayer for Rain   16 y  
Re-discovered this prayer I wrote 3 years ago to the day. At first I thought it was ironic, given the Hurricanes the region has been experiencing, yet upon reading it again, I decided to post it. It is my prayer that the Great Mother will continue to cleanse Herself as she needs to do, yet without the destruction of Her animal, plant, and human children
Prayer for Rain I pray for rain I pray for healing water washing over me and cleansing me I pray for rain, for a deluge, to wash the Mother clean from toxins renewing the Earth’s body just as my body is renewed Unlike Noah’s flood this rain for which I pray will not kill and destroy it will heal and wash away our evils-- evils of thought and word, action and deed-- leaving our souls renewed, fresh, and pure ready to begin again Liora Leah 10/21/2002 URGENT! Dissipate Hurricane Wilma! http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=60 ...   read more

Water Prayer   16 y  
Dr. Masura Emoto gives us ways to send love and gratitude to water in order to heal and purify it, bringing Peace to ourselves and the world
Water Prayer We will decribe several ways to send Love and Thanks to water for your information. You can follow some of them. Or you can develop your own unique ways. Let us tell water our Love and Thanks Put a glass of water on a table in your kitchen, dining room or private room. Tell the water "I love you" and "Thank you", gently. At the same time, briefly visualize that all the water on Earth is connected with each other. You can do this with your children, family members and friends. Your Love and Thanks will be sent out to all the water on Earth ...   read more

Blessing of the Waters   16 y  
After reading more about Dr. Emoto's work with healing water through our conscious prayers, love, and gratitude, I am inspired to post this poem/prayer I wrote 3 years ago.
BLESSING OF THE WATERS As I drink of this water may it co-mingle with the waters of my body bringing health and wholeness to my being Just as I am made pure and whole again, may the waters of Adamah, the Earth’s body, be made pure again so that every drop of water from the tiniest puddle to the mightiest ocean be cleansed and made whole again May every living being upon the planet from the smallest microorganism to the largest beast partake of Earth’s purified waters and be made whole and well again May praise and thanks be given at this t ...   read more

Chant for Water   16 y  
Inspired by Dr. Emoto's seminar on the consciousness and healing power of water, I wrote the following chant. Dr. Emoto believes that we need to send twice as much gratitude than love to the waters of the world, including that of our own bodies, in keeping with the formula H2O
Chant for the Mother’s Waters* chorus: Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You We Love You, We Love You We Care for You We Care (repeat chorus x1) Water of Light, Water of Life Water of Light, Water of Life Bless Us, Heal Us Bless Us, Heal Us chorus: Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You We Love You, We Love You We Care for You We Care (repeat chorus x1) Liora Leah October 11, 2005 *Inspired from Dr. Emoto’s hypothesis: If Hydrogen=Gratitude and Oxygen=Love, then H2O=Gratitude Gratitude Love, or Gratitude=2x(Love) I took the words of the chorus, wrote it on pieces of paper, and taped it ...   read more

Healing Water   16 y  
I had a chance to hear Dr. Emoto speak October 10, 2005 when he was up at Big Bear Lake. The following article from his website summarizes his beliefs about the consciousness of water, and how we can heal water, and water heal us.
http://www.thank-water.net/english/index-urgent2.htm  Messages to You from Masaru Emoto 2005-09-04 Urgent Message from Masaru Emoto A message for all the ‘water friends’ in the world My thoughts in regards to the Hurricane ‘Katrina’: We must learn more about water.   In the Japanese newspaper, ‘Yomiuri Shinbun’ (a daily newspaper which has a circulation of over 10 million and is the biggest in the world), the following article was reported on the 30th of December 2004. Copyright (c) DigitalGlobe/HitachiSoft http://hitachisoft.j ...   read more

Spirit Sends Hawk!   16 y  
Hawk tells me "the destiny of all humankind is to awaken from their spiritual amnesia and realign with the original intention of their soul."
Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk, Natural Bridges State Park, California March 2002 © Peter LaTourrette from http://www.birdphotography.com/ ** This morning while taking a barefoot walk at the Long Beach El Dorado Park Nature Center, for the second time in one week, a juvenile red-tailed hawk and I crossed paths. Both times, other walkers were coming up the trail in the opposite direction, talking noisily. As the walkers and I passed each other, I walked on, quietly barefoot, and a few yards farther down the trail, encountered the hawk. Both times, the hawk sat on a low-lying branch, very ...   read more

Living Buddha   16 y  
There are only 49 monks in the history of Buddhism that have fulfilled the 1000 days training requirement of becoming a Daiajari, or Living Buddha. Gensui Fujinami is that 49th monk.
Special Joint Seminar The Living Buddha Legend AJARI & Dr. Masaru Emoto For the First Time Outside Of Japan: The Essences of Esoteric Buddhism Revealed Genshin Fujinami Dai-Ajari is one of the only 49 people in the history of Buddhism to have completed the 1000-day training consists of walking over 50 miles a day. The last nine days are endured with no water, food, sleep or rest. On the ninth day of this extreme training, his spirit and consciousness returns to this world as a ’living Buddha’, called, ’AJARI’. The AJARI will give his blessings to all the participants. Fo ...   read more

Love & Integrity   16 y  
I've been writing a lot on my other blog, Mother Earth Heals, about my discovery that Roundup, a toxic herbicide, is being used at the Nature Center where I go to re-connect with Great Mother Earth. I've been thinking about what positive action I might take to remedy the situation. Last night I asked my Guides and Great Mother for some input about the situation. They told me to come from a place of love and integrity.
" Ignorance is not stupidity...Ignorance is merely a state of not knowing." Your Enchanted Gardener, http://curezone.com/blogs/c/c.asp?d=3028 Oct. 8, 2005 Saturday, 7:50 P.M. Liora: Hello again, Guys, Great Mother! I am feeling the need for some input, some perspective here. I feel totally whapped out. Why should I be surprised re: the Nature Center and toxic chemicals? They’re used everywhere else, too, it seems. I just felt the Nature Center was a "holy" or "sacred" place for me--was that the lesson? To know what it FEELS like to have one’s ...   read more

Territory of Peace   16 y  
Thich Nhat Hanh, renowned Buddhist monk, speaks of creating a place of peace in one's home and community so that we may "practice peace"
Territory of Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh ”Two days ago in a Dharma talk in English, I asked the children to name that room in our modern home where we can have peace, where we can practice peace, where we can restore our peace... Of course in that room we can practice breathing and restoring ourselves. But I guess that the children can help propose a beautiful name for that room... We said that in our home there is a room for everything—like a guest room, a room for eating, a room for playing, a room for sitting and watching television—but we need a room whe ...   read more

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