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Thanksgiving Psalm   14 y  
Thank you to my sister's Rabbi Monte in Austin, Texas for this Thanksgiving Psalm
Psalm 67 May God have compassion on us and bless us May God’s countance shine among us. Selah. Spread knowledge about Your Way on the planet Knowledge about Your Salvation to all the nations. The nations offer thanksgiving to You God All the nations offer thanksgiving to You. The cultures rejoice and offer songs For You judge nations fairly And You guide all cultures on the earth. The nations praise you God All the nations praise you. The earth bring forth her produce May God, may our God, bless us. May God bless us And may all the ends of the earth live in a ...   read more

Shaktipat LIVE/FREE Internet Radio   14 y  
Shaktipat Master Steven Sadleir broadcasts Shaktipat meditation LIVE FREE on the Internet Tuesday November 14, 2006. Check it out!
  The World’s First Global Shaktipat Meditation via Internet Radio      We have programming 24/7 and 3 live broadcasts this month. Live Global Skaktipat Meditation: Tuesday, November 14th, 6:00 pm PST Sunday, November 19th at 11:00 am PST Manifesting: Keys to The Secret Tuesday, November 21st, 7:00 pm PST Just go to: http:// www.Live365.c om/stations/sair  and click play. Please help spread the word. Love   read more

11:11   14 y  
Today is 11/11/06...A beautiful website promoting peace, love and tranquility throughout the world shares the concept of 11:11--on our clocks 11:11 signifies connection with the global consciousness. Read on...
We join our hearts and minds together every day at 11:11 to acknowledge our Oneness with All That Is. Thoughts of separation create division. Thoughts of Oneness create joining. Where are my thoughts today? In this moment, I can choose to create a life of peace, a life of love, a life of joy. ”There is no master race. There is no greatest nation. There is no one true religion. There is no inherently perfect philosophy. There is no always right political party, morally supreme economic system, or one and only way to heaven. Erase these ideas from your memory. Eliminate them from your e ...   read more

Spiritual Politics   14 y  
Rabbi Michael Lerner is calling for spirituality to become the basis for all political decision-making. I feel he is one of the people whose politics and spiritual values are in sync, and badly needed in this country today. Read on:
Part I; Rabbi Michael Lerner calls on environmentalists to develop a spiritual vision: http://grist.org/news/maindish/2006/03/22/roberts/index.html ”we want to challenge the materialism and selfishness in American society and to call for a new bottom line. The old bottom line is that institutions get judged efficient or rational to the extent that they maximize money and power. We say that institutions should be judged efficient, rational, or productive to the extent that they maximize love and caring, kindness and generosity, ethical and ecological sensitivity; enhance our capacity ...   read more

VIDEO:Earth Anthem   14 y  
Stephen Longfellow Fiske, singer-song writer and peace activist, sings his wonderful song, Earth Anthem, about peace on earth in this beautiful music video!! I was privileged to hear Steven sing as he walked along the Hollywood Peace Parade route on October 28, where we heard Arun Gandhi speak about world peace and nonviolence.
Poster from the Earth Anthem website: http://www.fiskemusic.com/earthanthem/index.html EARTH ANTHEM MUSIC VIDEO: http://www.fiskemusic.com/video/EA-Video-Med.mov More from Stephen Fiske: http://www.fiskemusic.com/ Related Blogs: Votes for Peace: http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=114 Peace & Kids: http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=112 Gandhi Nonviolence: http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=111 Gandhi Legacy: Peace http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=102 Thich Nhat Hanh Speaks: Territory of P ...   read more

Votes for Peace   14 y  
Peace Action applauds the National election results of November 7, while acknowledging that there is much work to be done to bring about Peace to the planet
I am heartened that the American electorate has demanded change, and that more candidates who will challenge Bush’s war policies have replaced incumbents in a Congress that has been a rubber stamp for the Bush Administration’s tragic and deadly misadventure in Iraq, as well as a host of disastrous foreign policy choices that have only exacerbated dangerous situations around the world while destroying our ability to lead other nations. If, as appears likely, the Democrats are the majority party in both Houses, we have an opening for change, and the peace movement’s steadfast opposition to B ...   read more

What is Creation?   14 y  
Another question from Steven Sadleir's Self-Realization meditation course: "What is Creation?" Spirit answers for me!
November 1, 2006 12:18 A.M. Q: Contemplate your place on Earth and its place in the Universe; one big Universe, one small self identity. Contemplate what there was before creation. What is creation? What provides for creation to be created and to continue creating? Contemplate what existed before time. What is time? These are questions for you, Guide-Selves! A: There is no such thing as “before” Creation, as Creation has always existed. The word “before” implies a flow of time, and as we know, dear one, there is no such thing as Time; therefore, t ...   read more

Peace & Kids   14 y  
Peace Flags by Kids is a wonderful nonprofit group that focuses on educating children about peace and nonviolence. The group uses the art of flag-making to get their message across in a fun and cross-cultural way.
My friends and I naturally fell in behind this group during the Hollywood Peace Parade on Saturday October 28, where we heard Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, speak about peace and nonviolence. These were the only children attending the parade, and they were, indeed, the ”heart” of the parade--literally as well as spiritually. I had an opportunity to speak with Sharon Plache, founder and director of the organization. She said that the group has been invited to go to peace parades around the world so that the message of the children can be shared. One such trip ...   read more

Gandhi NonViolence   14 y  
Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, speaks about nonviolence and the need for a world-wide peace movement at the Hollywood Peace Parade.
Arun Gandhi, October 28, 2006 Hollywood Peace Parade. Photo by Peace Flags by Kids,Inc. See more photos: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/peaceflagsbykids   Worldwide Peace Movement Gandhi emphasized that there is a great difference between an ”anti-war” movement and a ”pro-peace” movement, and our energies are best directed in taking positive, nonviolent action rather than in fighting against something. Gandhi’s work has focused in recent years on the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence that he and his wife Sunanda co-founded in Memphis Tennessee, where the couple now ...   read more

Gandhi Peace Movement in Los Angeles   14 y  
UPDATED INFORMATION: Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, will be leading a Parade for World Peace in Hollywood on Saturday, October 28, 2006 at NOON. As the old saying goes, "Be there or be square!"
BULLETIN: GANDHI GOES TO HOLLYWOOD, CA GANDHI GRANDSON TO LEAD PEACE PARADE IN HOLLYWOOD OCTOBER 28th ”Peace is essential. Whenever we can work for peace …and plant the seeds in the minds of people... we must do it” - ARUN GHANDI, 2006 LA’S HARRISON, FROM KTLK’S “HARRISON ON THE EDGE” LAUNCHES FIRST STEP OF WORLDWIDE GANDHI PEACE MOVEMENT Peace Activist and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, ARUN GHANDI, will be leading the way Saturday, October 28th at the inaugural Hollywood Parade for World Peace. Thousands are expected to follow the celebrated Peace Ac ...   read more

Parade for Peace Reminder   14 y  
Parade for Peace with Gandhi Grandson October 28 Noon, Los Angeles
Dear Friends, This event is sponsored by Progressive Talk Radio for Southern California on 1150 am dial. This Parade for Peace will be led by Mr Arun Gandhi the grandson of Gandhi, carrying on the message that his Grandfather planted in the hearts and minds of people 100 years ago, but his message remains and needs to be spread again. The parade is October 28th (Saturday), at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, Los Angeles, at NOON.  This would be a beautiful parade--a time for healing, a time to spread love and peace through non-violence.  Thank you! From: Progressiv ...   read more

Why Was I Born?   14 y  
Another question from Steven Sadleir's Self-Realization meditation course: "Why Was I Born?" Spirit answers for me!
Why was I born? Q: This is a difficult question for me to ponder, as most of my life I have asked the question when in “agony of the spirit”, during some difficult period in my life. It was more of a lament, a cry to God—“Why was I born?!? Why are You putting me through all of this? Why couldn’t I stay with You, awake and aware (enlightened)? Why did You give me a body that has so many ills and pains?!?” A: You were born so that God could know the world of creation through you—yes—just as Jesus walked the planet--theologians of today say the purpose of which was that ...   read more

Who AM I?   14 y  
I am taking a Self-Realization meditation course with Steven Sadleir. One of the questions we had for homework, "Who am I?" sparked this poem.
Who AM I? I am…what? I have a body, but I am NOT body Body is a vehicle I ride around in, like a car I have a mind, but I am NOT mind Mind is like the engine that powers the car I have a heart, but I am NOT heart Heart is like the fuel pump that feeds the engine I am THAT Who DRIVES the Vehicle I am THAT Who Directs ITS COURSE I am THAT Who Sits at the Steering Wheel The INTELLIGENCE Who STEERS I AM THAT I am the MIND behind the mind I am the SELF behind the self ...   read more

I Breathe YOU   14 y  
I spent the early afternoon in Laguna Beach, in meditation with Steven Sadleir. Afterwards, I walked down to the beach, sat on a rock, stared out at the ocean, and "zoned". These words came to me from Divine Spirit
Laguna Beach--photo from: http://www.visitusa.com/california/photos/orangecounty-beaches/lagunabeach.htm       Even the rock on which you sit has Life the ocean and the sand the birds and the shore for all are part of ME as are YOU So breathe in this air that smells of the sea Take it into your lungs Knowing that as you breathe ME I breathe YOU Liora Leah October 10, 2006         for information about Steven Sadleir, see: Self Awareness Institute http://www.selfawareness.com/ ...   read more

Peace Parade in L.A.   14 y  
Parade for World Peace, led by Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, to take place in Los Angeles on October 28
    Dear Folks:     Finally! a Parade FOR Peace! (instead of AGAINST war)     My friend AriellaShira Lewis says: "It is important that we pray peace and be the peace we want. When we pray for peace we are focusing on the absence of peace now and perpetuate that, with peace always being in the future. When we are against war, we energize what we are against and begin to resonate at that same level. If we make peace our destination it will always be in ...   read more

Day of Peace   14 y  
International Day of Peace: Be the Peace that we want to see in the world
Dear Ones,   This is the most powerful and significant time for us to join hands and hearts around the world.     Today is the International Day of Peace through the United Nations and is being honored around the world.  There are 1500 supporting organizations in over 160 nations. Over 600 events are posted on http://www.internationaldayofpeace.org/    ( http://www.peaceoneday.org ).     The peace movement in the United States is using this time to bring their message out to th ...   read more

Gift of Life Prayer   14 y  
Prayer and Affirmation To Promote Consciousness, Health and Healing
The Gift of Life Prayer VI Prayer Of Complete Healing For All Relationships Divine Spirit, We Are Your Children, Your Humble Children We Give You Our Love And We Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings We Ask Spirit, Please, That You Lead Us, Guide Us, And Direct Us Into Your Life, Into Your Light, And Into Your Love We Ask Spirit, Please, That Your Perfection Become Our Perfection That Your Love Become Our Love That Your Life Become Our Life And That Your Light Become Our Light Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually And In All Ways Complete ...   read more

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