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Heal the Planet!   13 y  
What can we do as individuals to help heal the planet? Join millions around the globe on July 17, 2007, Tuesday for ONE HOUR in prayer or meditation to FIRE THE GRID! Read on for more information!
Note from Liora: I tried to enter the main website and I think it crashed because of so many people trying to read it--- I was able to get onto only one page of the Fire the Grid website; this gives you a good idea of what it is we are doing when we Fire the Grid on July 17 at 11:11 GMT (4:11 AM PST, 7:11 AM EST): http://www.firethegrid.com/eng/home-fr-eng.htm -or-  if you can not get onto the webpage, I copied it onto my blog here: http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=138 if you can not get on the website, go to youtube and watch the vide ...   read more

FREE:Shaktipat:TONIGHT JULY 10!   13 y  
I've been doing meditation retreats and taking classes from Steven Sadleir, Shaktipat Master, for 6 months now. TONIGHT he is giving a FREE Shaktipat meditation VIA TELECONFERENCE--Get "high on God" in the comfort of your own home!! Just dial in!
http://innernetevents.com/SpecialMailing/Special7_11mailfile.html Tuesday, July 10, 2007 7 to 8 PM, Pacific Standard Time, 10 to 11 PM Eastern Standard Time Dial 1-605-475-8590, follow the prompt to key in the code: 5490316# (you will have to pay long distance phone charges--for Skype or European phone number, call the Self-Awareness Institute office: 949-355-3249) See flyer for more information: http://innernetevents.com/SpecialMailing/Special7_11mailfile.html   read more

Visions/Images/Dreams   13 y  
Spiritual Art and Poetry by yours truly
Art: Milk Paint on Rhimax 100% Recycled Paper by Liora Leah June/2007 I am beyond Words & Thoughts Visions, Images, & Dreams are now my Realm Liora Leah 6/11/2007 Milk Paint: The Real Milk Paint Co., eco-friendly, lead-free, biodegradable, non-toxic wall, furniture, and craft paint. See site for more natural products! http://www.realmilkpaint.com Rhimax: Durable Felt Paper, Green, Organic, biodegradable, non-toxic, 100% Recycled, multiple-use for natural weed-cont ...   read more

Drum/Dance4Peace   13 y  
Drum and Dance for Peace on June 25, 2007. Start an event in YOUR neighborhood!
DRUM DANCE AND DREAM FOR PEACE MONDAY JUNE 25, 2007 NATIONAL MALL, WASHINGTON D.C . BEGINNING AT HIGH NOON http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org/drumming/ WHO IS INVITED? All people, especially children! THE CEREMONY Drum Dance and Dream for Peace will begin at high noon, Monday, June 25, 2007 with a brief, Native American ceremony. Tribal people from the United States, Canada and Mexico are expected to attend. More... photo by Jodine Grundy    ...   read more

TONIGHT/Dream 4 Gaia May 21   13 y  
Collective Dreaming Night: Go to bed tonight (May 21)and ask for a living prayer to take to the Dreaming World on behalf of Mother Gaia.
Let’s Dream Together Night, Monday, May 21 at YOUR Bedtime!!!!!! http://collectivedreaming.com/zapata.aspx "The dreaming time offers humanity the opportunity to collectively “work out” its dayworld scenarios, in addition to moving us closer to our awakening into the reality of other worlds and dimensions. We as humans have been given the spiritual task of looking after the planet, and it is in the dreamtime that we collectively “vote” on how we will do this. Our conscious energies direct the dreamworld energies in this way, with the “votin ...   read more

Collective Dreaming   13 y  
With collective dreaming, the dreamer dreams not only for themselves but for humanity as a whole. I experienced this when working with Gregg Echols after a period of not being able to remember my dreams.
Last week I was experiencing some very intense dreams, and woke up with my bedding in total disarray, an indication of a very restless, toss-and-turn night. I felt exhausted, as if I’d been working all night. Unfortunately, upon awakening in the morning, I couldn’t remember my dreams! This happened for three nights in a row, and after the third night my exhaustion increased to the point that I was barely able to function during the day. Additionally, I was extremely irritable and was unlivable with (just ask my children and my friends!). I called up my friend Gregg Echols and asked ...   read more

Mothers for Peace   13 y  
On this Mother's Day, we pray for peace for ourselves, our families, our nation, and our world
THE ORIGIN OF MOTHER’S DAY Mother’s Day origins were not with breakfast in bed or a corsage or a greeting card; it began as a political cry for peace. In 1870, fearing America’s involvement in another war, Julia Ward Howe, the mother of six, penned a document known as “The Mother’s Day Proclamation for Peace,” that would bring a country to recognize a mother’s infinite love for her children, her husband, her home, her country and for peace. Mother’s Day began as a protest against war. Howe had recently walked the battlefields of the Civil War with her husband and with Abraham Linc ...   read more

Stand for Peace on Mother's Day   13 y  
The women of Ohio, U.S.A., call upon the women of the world, from day-old babies to our most senior elders, to stand with us on May 13, 2007, to save the world. Our project is based on Sharon Mehdi's book, The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering. If you can not join the women at 1:00pm your time for the 5 minute standing, do so when you can; you will join with all the women in spirit-time whenever you do this!
We will be standing for the world’s children and grandchildren, and for the seven generations beyond them. We dream of a world where all of our children have safe drinking water, clean air to breathe, and enough food to eat. A world where they have access to a basic education to develop their minds and healthcare to nurture their growing bodies. A world where they have a warm, safe, and loving place to call home. A world where they don’t live in fear of violence--in their home, in their neighborhood, in their school, or in their world. This is the world of which we dream. This is ...   read more

FREE!Shaktipat Blast   13 y  
Steven Sadleir, Shaktipat Master, gives FREE meditation sessions via teleconference and Internet radio programming. Get a SHAKTIPAT (Life Force/Kundalini) BLAST by listening in! Participate in World Peace Meditation!
The Awakening   In 1990 I received a calling to go to India with my good friend and partner Jim Smith. I closed down my business, packed away a few belongings and said goodbye to my family and friends to meet up with my first guru, Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi (”Swamiji”), a Kundalini Master from an ancient lineage in the Tamil Nadu state in South India . I had been apprenticing with Swamiji for five years and it had been at his suggestion we created The Self Awareness Institute back in 1985 to teach these methods of enlightenment to a western world in a western way.   Duri ...   read more

Who/What is God?   13 y  
Who is God? What is God? How can we know TRUTH? Kryon gives us a new parable for this answer.
Wo, and the Face of God The culture was maturing in ”The Land of Wo.” For the tribe that celebrated this great ancient warrior and holy man called ”Wo” had been evolving for about 500 years. Now it had its own councils, courts and even a library. The descendents of this great founder of their entire civilization were many, but those who had the pure bloodline were revered, and they were all called ”Wo.” Now, for the purposes of this parable, the name Wo is neither a man or woman, but a Wo-man. So you see, it is not gender specific. But for the purposes of language, we will call Wo a ”he ...   read more

New Year Love & Light   13 y  
New Year's Blessings of Love and Light

Pray Believing   14 y  
In this season of Light, how different would our world be if we prayed for Peace on Earth and Goodwill for All, absolutely believing that it was already so?
The Spiritual Law of ”Pray Believing” In this Season of Light we participate in the Mass Celebration of the Christ, or Christmas. Blessing the Light-workers, Peace-makers, Way-showers, Servants of the Most High and All of Life. That includes us all, praise God! Reporting the ways and means of recognizing, anchoring and magnifying the Go(o)d that is everywhere expressing. It is time to reflect on the Guidance as given by the One Who became the Christ and dwelt among and within us all. That One who instructed us to “Pray believing that you have and you shall receive.” Have you trie ...   read more

Native Solstice Prophecy   14 y  
Winter Solstice is December 21,2006. DAVID CARSON, Choctaw, and his partner Nina Sammons, have written a powerful prophetic essay about the significance of the death of “Miracle”, the White Buffalo Calf, on November 26, 2006 by lightening strike. The essay follows.
From: http://www.greatmystery.org/newsletters/2013whitebuffalo.html 2013 ORACLE WHITE BUFFALO CALF DIVINATION Thunder Beings speak with a loud voice. We received the news of the death of the White Buffalo calf ”Miracle’s Second Chance” caused by a lightening strike. This event happened November 26, 2006 on the Heider farm south of Janesville, WI. The Heider farm was birthplace to a female White Buffalo, Miracle, in 1994. Along with thousands of others, we felt a spiritual kinship with this Buffalo clan. Since the autumn equinox, there have been strange lights in the sky ...   read more

Native American XMAS   14 y  
Native American Traditionalists celebrate the Christ Consciousness and Christmas giving all year 'round
A Native Christmas by Looks for Buffalo and Sandie Lee European Christmas for Native Americans actually started when the Europeans came over to America. They taught the Indian about Christianity, gift-giving , and St. Nicholas. There are actually two religious types of Indian people in existence. One of these is the Traditionalist, usually full-blooded Indians that grew up on the reservations. The second type is the Contemporary Indian that grew up in an urban area, usually of mixed blood, and brought up with Christian philosophy. Traditionalists are raised to respect the Christia ...   read more

Little Holiday Prayer   14 y  
A young single parent of two girls ages 14 and 2, "Tonya" was depressed and stressed. I offered her a little understanding and prayer. Perhaps it is enough.
I met Tonya late yesterday afternoon, seemingly by chance, in a crowded parking lot next to a photocopy store not far from where I live. The parking lot was in chaos with cars zooming in and out and nary an empty space to be found, largely because the adjacent restaurant had a line out the door and around the block with people waiting to purchase their Thanksgiving hams and turkeys. Tonya was sitting in the passenger side of her car when the space next to her opened up, right in front of me. I pulled in. We both tried to open our car doors at the same time. I smiled at her as she let me g ...   read more

Jesus:Pro-Peace   14 y  
Episcopal Priest delivers a sermon calling for peace and an end to nuclear proliferation. The church is being investigated by the IRS for possible violation of its tax exempt status.
BELIEFS Pro-Peace Sermon Provokes IRS Excerpt from the sermon that provoked the IRS The agency still questions a Pasadena church’s tax-exempt status after an antiwar speech before the 2004 election that some saw as politicking. Los Angeles Times, November 18, 2006 http://www.latimes.com/news/la-me-beliefs18nov18,1,5303744.story?ctrack=1&cse... So what exactly did a priest say to get a Pasadena church in trouble with the IRS? The federal agency has launched an investigation into the activities of All Saints Episcopal Church, asking whether a sermon by a former rector befor ...   read more

YHWH-God-Allah   14 y  
"The Church of the LORD---YHWH-God-Allah---All Wars are Civil Wars", said the ad in the Los Angeles Times. Pictured with the ad was the symbol of a Jewish Star of David overlaid with the Christian Cross. Intrigued, I looked up the Church on the internet. Read on for the fascinating spiritual philosophy of the Church's founder, Abraham Sadegh, whose beliefs go beyond the limitations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
Excerpts from Church of the Lord website: http://www.churchofthelord-yhwh-god-allah.org The LIGHT of the World The Creator of the Universe and the GOD of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Christ as the highest manifestation of the LORD, Muhammad and other messengers is one and the same. Islam is the continuation of Judaism and Christianity and the Qur’an a continuation of the Bible. Therefore, the Hebrew Bible is incomplete without the New Testament, the New Testament is incomplete without the Qur’an, and the Qur’an is incomplete without the Bible. Indeed, Islam is the miss ...   read more

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