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Prayer Surge for Peace   13 y  
Send prayers to your Congressmen and Senators, asking them for an end to the war in Iraq!
From: Jim Wallis Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2007 Subject: Urgent: Prayer surge for peace Next week, Gen. David Petraeus, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, will report to Congress on the troop ”surge,” in which the Bush administration has escalated the war in Iraq by sending an additional 20,000 American combat troops. As people of faith, we believe in the power of prayer to soften the hardest of hearts and open the way to peace and reconciliation. So, as General Petraeus testifies, we’re planning to match his surge with one of our own–20,000 prayers for Congress to bring ...   read more

Spiritual Art & Photography   13 y  
UPDATED: Art work and photography inspired by Ayahuasca visioning; NEW websites posted
Ayahuasca Galaxy: Braving another new world coming into the horizons through the Brasilian Amazonian tradition. Art work by Gregg Echols Perpetual Presence: The arrival of night in Sedona, Arizona. 2005 Photo by Gregg Echols See more of Gregg’s Ayahuasca Visioning: NEW WEBSITE: http://www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/gregg-echols.html View more of Gregg’s photography: NEW WEBSITE: http://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?artid=37022 Related Blog: Ayahuasca Ceremony: http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=28 Coll ...   read more

Spiritual Eclipses   13 y  
This week: Mars moves close to the Earth on Monday, lunar eclipse on Tuesday, and a solar eclipse occuring on September 11. Eclipses are seen as omens of spiritual transformation and change, but the going may be bumpy!
Upcoming Eclipses: An Oracle’s Prophecy Through the Eye of the Needle August/September 2007 Can’t sleep? Too sleepy? Dizzy, ill, or anxious? Irritable or numb? Stuck in old thoughts of the past? Too sensitive to others? Feeling negative? Food not digesting well? Frustrated, forgetful, stuck, drowsy? Emotional, having headaches, achy? Yes, these are feelings many of us have frequently, but if you are having almost all of them at once this is a sign of the times. You are not alone. In fact, we are entering into one of the most intense passages of preparation for the ...   read more

Arm Yourself w/Love   13 y  
To make Peace, arm yourself with Love.
Excerpt from: Like the Flow of a Great River Heavenletter # 2464 Published on: August 24, 2007 God Said: As it is now, you fault yourself. I thought you were giving up on faulting yourself. I thought that from now on, you wouldn’t think of fault at all. You would just love yourself. You would love yourself in sickness and in health...You simply would just love yourself. You have spent too much of yourself thinking that something is the matter, when all is well. What if you laid off attacking the world for its proclivities and enjoyed the world instead? For all that the world d ...   read more

FREE!Shaktipat Meditation   13 y  
Experience Shaktipat meditation with Steven Sadleir, FREE, from the comfort of your own home!
Hebrew Mystical Chant   13 y  
Two excellent CD's of Hebrew mystical chant
1) Mystic Convergence by Miriam http://www.MiriamsCyberWell.com CD’s: http://www.miriamscyberwell.com/CDhome.html Four lengthy mystical Hebrew and Aramaic chants, two from 3,000 years ago; some of the words are taken from the Zohar (mystical writings/interpretation of Torah--Jewish Holy book or ”Old Testament”) There’s one meditation that combines Hebrew and Sanskrit chants and I completely zone out listening to it. There’s another chant that invokes the Hebrew vowel sounds as sacred sounds of the Universal All and by chanting them one invokes the vibrations of ...   read more

Jesus Chant   13 y  
Jonathan Goldman, soundhealer, has put out a CD of 72 minutes of non-stop tuning forks and melodic chanting of the Hebrew name for Jesus! Wow!!
From the liner notes: The sacred Hebrew name for Jesus is composed of consonants only--YHSVH--and is pronounced ”Yod (or ”Yud”) Hey Shin Vav Hey” . YHVH-- the sacred name for God in Hebrew (Yod Hey Vav Hey); sometimes the ”Vav” is pronounced as a ”Wah”. ”Christians commonly pronounce it ’Yah way.’ The Latin version is Jehovah...The Hebrew letter Shin represents the ’eternal flame,’ ’third mother letter,’ and ’root of fire’ ” and when inserted in the middle of the name for God, ”represents the energy of spirit descended into matter”, and gives us the Hebrew name for Jesus--YHSVH ...   read more

Mystical Judaism   13 y  
This past month, I have received messages pointing me in the direction of Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism...
For years I’ve had a ”love-disdain” relationship to Judaism, the religion I was born into, primarily because as it is usually taught, it is so patriarchal and who wants to worship a jealous, vengeful, male deity? And, unfortunately, it is a faith, again as usually taught, that rejects not only the teachings of Ascended Master Jesus but rejects the man himself. Yet I have been recently receiving multiple messages involving the Kabbalah: A month ago an intuitive told me I might want to study Kabbalah; in one of my meditation teacher’s (Steven Sadleir) Self-Realization classes a couple ...   read more

Interdimensional DNA   13 y  
This is an ASTOUNDING and Astonishing audio channeling of Kryon by Lee Carroll on the 12 layers of interdimensional human DNA. I cried and sobbed all the way through it, had the shakes, felt painful prickles of energy all over my body...it was great!
http://www.kryon.com/cartprodimages/downloadShasta06.html In this free hour-long download, Kryon enumerates the 12 interdimensional layers of human DNA. In the process, She talks about Lemurians, Pleidians, Jesus the Christ, ascension, angels, duality, interdimensionality, Akashic record, a message for Jews, a message for Christians, peace on earth, the Divine Feminine, and more, all wrapped up into one channeling! http://www.kryon.com/cartprodimages/downloadShasta06.html from the webpage: ”This channelling is the one that itemi ...   read more

Change the Past, Change the Future!   13 y  
Kryon, a feminine group energy channelled by Lee Carroll, discourses on our ability to change the "past", tap into talents and energies from our "past lives", change our "future", all while living in the interdimensional "now" time, and it's all in our DNA!
The following is an excerpt from In the Spirit, a free on-line magazine featuring channelings, articles, and information from Kryon: http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/epub.html http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/questions/Q%26Acurrentupdate.html (bold: emphasis mine) QUESTION: I think that, even if the subject is complex, we are starting to get from different sources information about the past, present and future lives being lived at the same time... Last year, Kryon, you talked about the Akash and the Akashic record. You said that the Akash was an ...   read more

Change DNA   13 y  
Kryon, a group feminine energy channeled by Lee Carroll, tells us that we can change our DNA through intent, thought, and action.
The following is an excerpt from In the Spirit, a free on-line magazine featuring channelings, articles, and information from Kryon: http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/epub.html http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/questions/Q%26Acurrentupdate.html Most Humans, even the most enlightened ones, don’t think they are actually working with their DNA, but they are. I have recently revealed to my partner [Lee] the inner workings of the massive part of DNA that is the non-coded portions (RNA) that science still views as ”junk” or recently the ”dark matter of the Human Geno ...   read more

Dreams Lift the Veil   13 y  
Kryon, a group feminine energy channeled by Lee Carroll, tells us that our dreams bring us closer to the "Veil", our perceived divide between our 3-D existence and the realm of Spirit
The following is an excerpt from In the Spirit, a free on-line magazine featuring channelings, articles, and information from Kryon: http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/epub.html http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/questions/Q%26Acurrentupdate.html QUESTION: Are our dreams sometimes a possibility lived out by one of our other ”selves”? Recently, I seem to be having some different types of dreams (I’m sure others do also), like I am living a scenario without being asleep. And when I ”wake” up, I really don’t have the feeling that I was sleeping, but then when I close my eyes, the scena ...   read more

Triple Moon Photo   13 y  
Day-after Full Moon photos
I took these with a digital camera. Not too steady a picture taker, got this interesting effect--a ”triple moon”! Photos by Liora Leah 7/30/2007   read more

Fire Grid Followup   13 y  
Follow-up to Fire the Grid. Register your experience on the website. A new world-wide project, Project Cause, is in the works! This project will take our loving vibration as generated in the Fire the Grid meditation, and use that vibration to tangibly manifest changes in the world.
http://www.firethegrid.com/eng/home-fr-eng.htm Did you participate in Fire the Grid? If so, please register your experience at Fire the Grid Website: http://www.firethegrid.com/eng/home-fr-eng.htm (Click on ”Critical Mass” on webpage index, left side of your screen) Read About Shelly Yates’ new project, Project Cause in her ”The Twilight Before a New Dawn” and/or view Shelly Yates on youtube as she talks about this new Project (these give you a bit more information than what is on the website): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_6ajmdt39A&mode=related&search= ...   read more

Meditation Video!!   13 y  
Beautiful Fire the Grid Meditation Video!!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KeiuAhHbtk enhance the screen to full size by clicking on buttons to the right on the bottom of the youtube screen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KeiuAhHbtk For information about Fire The Grid, July 17 2007 at 11:11 GMT (4:11 AM Pacific Standard time, 7:11 AM Eastern STandard Time) see: http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=136 --- Heal the Planet! What can we do as individuals to help heal the planet? Join millions around the globe on July 17, 2007, Tuesday for ONE HOUR in prayer or meditation to FIRE THE GRID! Plan for Fir ...   read more

PLAN 4 Fire-the-Grid!   13 y  
I was able to get onto one page of the Fire the Grid website; this gives you a good idea of what it is we are doing when we Fire the Grid on July 17 at 11:11 GMT (4:11 AM PST, 7:11 AM EST)
The Plan  : http://www.firethegrid.com/eng/home-fr-eng.htm From the website Fire the Grid: For the past two and a half years light beings have been communicating with me frequently. At first, I was very uncomfortable with this, as it was so foreign to what I believed and how I lived. But as time has gone on, I have grown enormously in my faith in our creator, and my belief that there is much more to life than what we generally physically experience. There are other dimensions that are just as real as ours. And there are forces of good that truly want to help us  The light beings h ...   read more

TONIGHT:Fire the Grid!   13 y  
What is "Fire the Grid" all about? What can we do as individuals to help heal the planet? Read on for what we're supposed to be doing when we join MILLIONS around the globe for ONE HOUR in prayer or meditation or joyful activity to FIRE THE GRID on July 17, 2007 11:11 GMT (4:11 AM PST/ 7:11 AM EST)
WHAT IS FIRE THE GRID ALL ABOUT? When we ”fire our own grid” we fire the earth’s grid, because we are energetically connected to the earth. ”firing our grid” means elevating ourselves energetically, connecting to our spiritual selves. When enough of us collectively raise our own energy fields, we raise the energy fields of the earth, allowing her to heal herself. How do we raise our own energy field, fire our own grid during this designated hour on July 17, at 11:11? 1) Meditate or 2) pray or 3) find your joy and GIVE THANKS FOR THIS MOMENT (example: do an act ...   read more

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