Cosmic Harmony
by Orgone

Healing with Turpentine   29 mon  
An overview of the medicinal qualities and possible toxicological effects if overdosed when consuming natural turpentine oil for healing purposes.
compiled by Gillabel Dirk, 2017 this article is also available in PDF format On the internet there is a lot of confusion about taking natural turpentine for its healing benefits. Some people report that small doses of turpentine have healed them of their ailments or diseases. Others claims that you should never take turpentine orally, it will kill you. The latter seem to make that statement based on the wrong information, as turpentine has a history of healing benefits, and it is allowed by the FDA as a food additive, and as an ingredient in certain medicines. The vague ...   read more

The Bee Machine, or Electrotherapy Teslatron   3 y  
My experiences with an unusual healing device, based on Tesla technology, superluminal shock waves, which also makes visible the aura or prana energies from the body's meridians.
  The ”Bee Machine”, or Electrotherapy Teslatron: my experiences with an unusual healing device based on Tesla technology, superluminal shockwaves and prana or chi. The inventor claimed that his device was similar to the Magnifying Transmitter that Tesla had built in Shoreham, Long Island, New York, also known as the Wardenclyffe Tower. I called it the Bee Machine, as it sounded like the sound of a thousand bees when the device was turned on. In a quasi secret way the inventor was healing people with cancer and other serious diseases. However the Teslatro ...   read more

Calcite Crystals in the Pineal Gland   3 y  
The conclusions of a research in the calcite crystals discovered in the pineal gland, and the sensitivity of those crystals to microwaves from cell phones or GSM.
  When you are on a spiritual path, you need a clear and aware consciousness. So, what does that have to do with calcite crystals in the pineal gland? First, microwaves are not good for the human body, or any other living being on this planet. This has been known in military studies from the time they started developing microwave emitters and receivers. People are now hooked on their cell phones (which are called GSM in Europe), not knowing or not wanting to know that the pulsed microwaves they emit are damaging to the brain/blood barrier of the brain and ...   read more

Protection with Orgonite   4 y  
The power of orgonite as evidenced by energy sensitive people, and also by those who are electrosensitive.
  I have been making orgonite for years now, and it still amazes me what it does for people. Recently I got an email from a woman who got a pendant a disk, She is a hypnotherapist and very sensitive to energies : “The package arrived today. I have been eagerly anticipating your kind gift to me. Wow! I did not read very much from the bismuth piece because the aluminum piece was shouting and jumping up and down!!! I began trembling and shaking when I picked the aluminum piece up. My arms and hands especially. I immediately felt more protected when I put on the orgonite. I would not have ...   read more

Why White Sugar Is Devastating To Your Health.   5 y  
The health problems caused by consuming white sugar present in foods and non-foods.
The foods that natural man ate contained only small amounts of sugar, and as these were absorbed from the stomach and intestines, his appetite disappeared when the sugar reached the bloodstream. Some would be the sugars contained in the food, but most would come from the breakdown of starch. Starch is a complex chain made up of sugar units which are broken off one at a time by the digestive enzymes so that they reach the bloodstream over a period of time. As one digests the starch he also digests and absorbs the numerous other nutrients which he needs. Later, when man discovered how to e ...   read more

How I took care of my Restless Leg Syndrome   5 y  
My personal experience with RLS and how I solved it to a great degree.
Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one’s body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations. It most commonly affects the legs, but can affect the arms, torso, and even phantom limbs. Moving the affected body part modulates the sensations, providing temporary relief. RLS symptoms vary according to the person. It is an urge to move, usually due to uncomfortable sensations that occur primarily in the legs, but occasionally in the arms or elsewhere. The sensations are unusual and unlike other common sensations. Those with R ...   read more

The Origin of Disease   5 y  
A short overview of the origin of disease and how the establish a cure.
What is the origin of disease? The alternative community has long held the belief that disease, that is, the physical symptoms we observe, are the result of disharmonies in the energetic body of the person. These disharmonies originate in emotional upheavals, like traumas, fears, shock, or other emotional events that made a deep impact on a person's psyche. If the emotional 'blockage' gets resolved by therapy, then the disease will disappear. We have heard a lot of anecdotal stories, but is there a science behind it? I recently stumbled on information from a German doctor w ...   read more

Kefir, How to make it   5 y  
An explanation of what kefir is and how to make it at home.
Kefir is a remarkable culture of about thirty beneficial microbes that is known to have been around for at least a thousand years. They live together in a special structure they create, it looks a little bit like like soft bits of cauliflower. They multiply at room temperature (between 18 - 30° C (65- 86° F) as they turn milk into kefir. Drinking the cultured milk, called kefir, replenishes the intestinal flora as there are always small 'grains' of the kefir microbes passing over to the kefir solution. An improved intestinal flora will alleviate a lot of common ailments. ...   read more

Herpes Simplex   5 y  
A simple solution for the symptoms of Herpex Simplex.
Herpes is a virus that almost everybody has. Usually contracted in childhood, it can stay dormant for a very long time. The medical establishment will tell you that they don't know why Herpes decides to become active, and that there is no cure. However my experience is different. For many years I would have cold sores (herpes simplex type 1) inside my nose (cold sores). They came and went. Then I had a period of several months when they just did not go away. Big blisters, full of pus inside the moist lining of the nose. They just liked it so much in there, that they kept on partyin ...   read more

Grapefruit Seed Extract   5 y  
Grapefruit seed extract is a strong disinfectant for a wide range range of microbes.
Grapefruit (citrus paradisi) is a member of the Citrus family. Grapefruit seed extract is processed from grapefruit seeds and pulp obtained as a byproduct from grapefruit juice production. Always be aware that grapefruit seed extract is very concentrated. Wash your hands after you have handled it, in order not to accidentally rub your eyes.  In the years since its discovery, grapefruit seed extract has been tested and validated by the FDA, USDA, the Pasteur Institute in France, and numerous physicians. The active ingredient of grapefruit seed extract is non-toxic and is syn ...   read more

Garlic   5 y  
Garlic, one of the best herbs  available. Historic and present use of garlic as a medicinal herb.
An Overview Garlic can rightfully be called one of nature’s wonders. It can inhibit and kill bacteria, fungi, parasites, lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar, prevent blood clotting, protect the liver and contains anti-tumor properties. If that wasn’t impressive enough, garlic can also boost the immune system to fight off potential disease and maintain health. Garlic is a broad spectrum antibiotic, killing a wide variety of bacteria. Many pharmaceutical antibiotics kill only a narrow range of these germs. Dr. Tariq Abdullah, a prominent garlic research ...   read more

Flax Seeds   5 y  
A short explanation about the health benefits of flax seeds.
Always use freshly ground up flax seeds. The moment flax seeds (and all other seeds and nuts) are ground up, the vitamins in them start to oxidize and the fats are getting rancid. Buying ground up flax seeds (or other seeds and nuts) is a waste of money and health, as it is a deteriorated product. You have to grind them up yourself, in a coffee grinder or seed grinder, and immediately put them into your food and eat them. Do not cook, heat ruins them too. Flax seed is one-third oil, the remainder consisting of fiber, protein and mucilage. Flax seed oil is a rich source of essentia ...   read more

Comfrey for Healing   5 y  
The healing properties of comfrey.
The other day I mistakenly applied concentrated grapefruit seed extract to an irritation on the inside of my mouth. An hour later it became obvious that I had made it worse, not better, and the delicate tissue of the inside of the mouth had become burned. It was hurting badly. I even thought I might not be able to sleep because of the pain. Luckily my wife reminded me of the healing properties of comfrey. She went into the garden, picked some comfrey leaves, took the stems and put them in the blender with a little water to make a thick juice. I put the juice on the delicate tissue, holdi ...   read more

Calendula   5 y  
The healing properties of Calendula flowers
My wife likes Calendula: "Calendula officinalis, Calendula is one of my favorite herbs. It will save your skin, and make you beautiful. When I make a tea to drink or for use as a hair rinse I take the strained out flowers and rub them directly over my face, it gives me a golden glow and the circulation seems to immediately improve. Every year the Calendula patch in my garden is getting bigger and bigger. It is an annual, you have to plant it again every year, so let a few go to seed. The flowers are bright yellow and orange, like the sun, some have lots of petals, like the picture, ...   read more

Nausea Relief and Brewer's Yeast   5 y  
How Brewer's yeast solved years of nausea.
I was very sick for many years. To spare you the details, After one stressful day, something snapped in me and I became nauseous, twenty four hours a day, for many months, after which it came on and off for many years. The doctor couldn't help me, and alternative practitioners neither. After about two years, a friend came by. I told him about my problems, and the extreme tension of my eye muscles I was having at the same time with the nausea. He said that the eye muscle tension was probably the result of a lack of Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). I immediately went to the health food s ...   read more

Aloe Vera   5 y  
The healing properties of Aloe vera.
I have noticed that Aloe Vera (the concentrated form as bought in health food stores), mixed with a little bit of water, sooths and removes intestinal irritation. Aloe vera juice or gel has aloin removed, and is widely promoted as a digestive healer (stomach and intestines). Unprocessed Aloe vera, containing the aloin, has a laxative effect. Aloe vera has a long history of medical applications, primarily for wounds, burns and other skin problems. As a child my mother taught me to peel a leaf from an Aloe vera plant (we had it growing in our garden) and bandage it to minor skin cuts. It ...   read more

Nausea and Brewer's Yeast   5 y  
How brewer's yeast relieved my nausea of many years.
I was very sick for many years. To spare you the details, After one stressful day, something snapped in me and I became nauseous, twenty four hours a day, for many months, after which it came on and off for many years. The doctor couldn't help me, and alternative practitioners neither. After about two years, a friend came by. I told him about my problems, and the extreme tension of my eye muscles I was having at the same time with the nausea. He said that the eye muscle tension was probably the result of a lack of Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). I immediately went to the health food sto ...   read more

JALA NETI, or cleaning your nose with a neti pot   6 y  
Jala Neti is an important part of the yogic system of body cleansing techniques that is an integral part of Hinduism. It is intended mainly to the cleaning of the air passageways in the head.
We have been using the neti-pot for a couple of years now, and we are very happy with it. We use it on a regular basis as a preventive method, and actively when a cold strikes. The real advantage in using it for a cold is that the cold never has a chance to enter the nose. No stuffy, running, or inflamed noses. Breathing clear all night without any medicines! Considering that our environment is full of pollutants, both in the house as well as outside, using the neti-pot improves our health. Examples of neti pots:           INTRODUCT ...   read more

Getting Healthy with Orgonite   6 y  
Experiences with the healing effect of orgonite.
In 2004 I stumbled upon the word orgonite. It was widely claimed that it would neutralize the harmful effects of chemtrails, microwave radiation from cell towers and even the pulsed microwaves of smart meters that appered later on. However I was more interested in the effects on the human energy field, also called biofield, or aura, and thus by extension on the physical body too. The healing aspect on both the energy body and the physical body intrigued me. Orgonite is very simple. It is a mixture of metal particles, shavings or powders in a matrix of casting resin. It is so s ...   read more

Solutions to Dental Problems   6 y  
Information and ways to keep your teeth and gums in good shape.
Who likes to go to the dentist? Nevertheless we go because we have to. Almost every year I had dental work, cavities, or putting a crown on a tooth. About eight years ago (around 2000) I read up about what causes cavities. Wikipedia puts it as follows: ”Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or cavity, is a disease wherein bacterial processes damage hard tooth structure (enamel, dentin and cementum). These tissues progressively break down, producing dental caries (cavities, holes in the teeth). Two groups of bacteria are responsible for initiating caries: Streptococcus mutans and ...   read more


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