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12 Assertions - "In Defense of Humanity"   6 y  
“Researchers think that if humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness, they would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth!"
Here are some of the reasons why humanity is amazing and wondrous and can never be replaced by The Corporation’s robots (machines) or any other bizarre ‘pseudo-form’ of Post-Human. [See Aaron Frantz’s documentary The Age of Transitions.] 1) Humans have an infinite capacity for love throughout their entire lives. The ‘love list’ can be quite long: parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends, pets, nature, music, poetry, and art et cetera et cetera. It is our unlimited ability to love that saves us and brings us back to life when we’ve suffered a severe loss. [See Love is Just a Series ...   read more

Rethinking BRCA Mutation   6 y  
Are so called "BRCA Mutations" to be feared and responded to medically?
After about three inquires with the National Cancer Institute I finally got two cites they apparently relied upon to update their fact sheet on cancer. However those ”science” papers need to be translated into non-scientific language so that most people can easily understand the conclusions. This need for understanding is motivating me to research the science that apparently is supporting the medical interventions for cancer. I’m questioning one idea that I believe is at the root of a lot of needless suffering. Are so called ”BRCA Mutations” to be feared and responded to medically? ...   read more

Applying The Organic Laws of These united States of America   6 y  
The need for Americans to know and understand the four "Organic Laws" of The United States of America and especially whenever confronted with any governmental presentment!

March 7, 2019 - ”Ours v. Theirs” - By Anna Von Reitz - Even today, among sincere patriots, there are many misunderstandings. I had one such man who has devoted his life to restoring the lawful government owed to the people of this country describe the Federal Constitutions as our ”Founding Documents”. They aren’t our Founding Documents. They weren’t even anticipated when our Founding Documents were forged. The Federal Constitutions establish the Federal Government and our States are Parties to those agreements, but no, folks, the Federal Constitutions --- all three of them --- ...   read more

The Life of An Ethical Individualist Is Based On Inner Truth   6 y  
From “The Philosophy of Freedom” - "A Science of Human Freedom."
February 21, 2021 - “… Steiner himself explicitly stated, his account in The Philosophy of Freedom did not seek to be universal, but only to map out for himself how he, the individual Rudolf Steiner, had walked that path. That is, each person … must make it his own.”: “The light of the I - guidelines for meditation” - edited and introduced by Christopher Bamford; Georg Kühlewind. - *** July 25, 2018 - Emerson and Steiner - “…both men emphatically trust human thinking for its intuitive nature … both Emerson and Steiner see freedom as a matter of self-reliance and see selfhood as ...   read more

Let's Clear Our Thinking About The National Debt   6 y  
Are you subject to the "U.S. Debt"?
According to this clock I estimate that the so called ”national debt” increases more than $10,000 per second: What does ”US National” consist of in legal terms? Who are the ”citizens”? Who are the ”taxpayers”? Write down your answers and return here in a week for what may be unexpected answers. *** April 16, 2017 - If you considered the three questions posted above and did not write down any answers then I recommend reading the following to give you a beginning of some lawful reference: ”Public Notice Provided to All Federal Employees and Agen ...   read more

Conspiracy Theories - Fact or Fiction?   6 y  
"Government Leadership has been engaged in a Nefarious. wicked or criminal monstrous conspiracy for decades, going back to the beginning of the United States." "Scientific research, and in turn our regulatory system, has become infected by corporate influence."
December 8, 2022 - ”A Conspiracy of Silence”[12]* - *** April 10, 2017 - Just starting a new read that came to me the day before in response to my email signature: ”Without the ’United States’ yet most certainly within the ’United States of America’. Do you know the difference?” However, I do not yet know whether or not the individual that gifted me with their ”book” actually knows the difference as he refers to the ”United States” as where he (and the rest of Americans) lives. In any case I am inspired by the content I’m reading now including the following: ”I’m certai ...   read more

Los Alamos Study Finds Airport Scanners Alter DNA + "5G"   6 y  
The "5G Roll Out"! Examples of how unconcerned the organization that claims to be your government cares about your health and safety.
Can we ever believe what our government tells us about airport security devices? Apparently not. First they told us those X-ray scanners (that showed way too many naked body parts) were perfectly safe. Even the manufacturer of the device, Rapidscan, openly admitted the scanners had not been adequately tested. The truth was later revealed that the safety tests turned out to be totally rigged, as reported by NaturalNews. With fabricated results, the technology was quickly rushed into every airport worldwide. No one listened to what the scientists in the field of radiation were tryin ...   read more

"To Create So Much Mischief, Unseen and From The Shadows"   6 y  
"A strong immune system is what keeps us well, not the absence of germs."
The presentation (by one of the witnesses for farmer Michael Schmidt and linked below) may appear to be just about (what I call) real milk however it is really about freedom! The Canadian location may appear to be outside the concerns of the American ”neighbors” however American farmers and their communities have also had their share of ”intimidation and harassment”, ”raids”, takings of personal property without just compensation and then some! The ”witness” writes: ”If a revolution there must be, it will more likely come from the general public, the majority of whom, when polled, think ...   read more

Thank You Omraam!   6 y  
"Those who want to be master of their destiny must not attach so much importance to what comes to them from the outside: difficulties or opportunities, gains or losses."
May 27, 2023 - ”Nothing is more precious than to be visited by the Holy Spirit. ...”[26]* -- Comment: This blog-writer can testify that the two lines that conclude the above quote (on the source page) is absolutely true! - *** May 26, 2023 - ”The most profound revelations about life are given to us by the sun. ...”[25] - *** May 25, 2023 - ”It is possible, by means of thought, to get all the elements we need from the universe, and to reach all the beings we wish to contact. Thanks to the law of affinity, our thoughts go directly to the elements and beings we are seeking. ...   read more

Thank You Ra Uru Hu! Thank You Chaitanyo!   6 y  
A way to gain insight into the unconscious where healing awaits.
September 12, 2021 - Still Grateful! - Added ”The Human Caste System” To: ”The Truth of Self and Other” Here: Chaitanyo presents a critical perspective on Jovianism with some caustic commentary on its founder. Nevertheless I continue to be all-grateful for Human Design and all that it has revealed to me! - *** March 26, 2017 - This is the start of expressing my eternal gratitude for the Human Design System that came to be known by way of direct revelation through Ra Uru Hu. Firstly - I am most deeply grateful to have the kn ...   read more

A Covenant with Self and Source   6 y  
Everyone is obligated to "speak for himself." If one does not proclaim his own position, no other being in the universe, including God, can do it for him.
OUTLINE & OVERVIEW OF A SPIRITUAL CORPORATION SOLE by Lightbringer I. Basis of Independence and Sovereignty. A. Real Law. All of manifest existence is expression of the laws of being. The ”laws of being” might be defined as the inherent laws by which creation subsists and functions. A thing and the laws by which it functions are two aspects of a single reality. B. Spiritual Nature. Each of us has an intrinsic, inviolate, immediate, imminent obligation to function in accordance with the laws of our own being. Both we, and the laws by which we exist, emerge from, and ...   read more

Spring Is When 2017 Begins   6 y  
The new year from an astrological perspective
”...begin now where we are energetically and astrologically and recognize that after Monday March 20, 2017 at 3:29 am PDT …Spring begins and to me as an astrologer the Sun into the FIRST sign of the zodiac ARIES signals the year TRULY BEGINS: SO, I have NOT had my NEW year yet folks..” Carol Barbeau I have great affinity for Spring as the beginning of the new year and also for the fact that many different seeds can be planted before the first day of Spring. With Spring we see the new expressing above ground however there is much preparation that needs t ...   read more

Earth-Based Dyad Intensives   6 y  
Possible Dyads: Tell me what Mother Earth is. Tell me what your relationship to Mother Earth is.
Based on the Enlightenment Intensive (searchable online) I’ve found what I call Dyad Intensives to be just as ”enlightening”. One such three day intensive I participated was totally focused on what Gaia (or Nature) is. On the third day I experienced a most profound connection with the Living Earth! In that experience I realized my relationship to Mother Earth in terms of a ”priest” to Her. If I were a co-creator/co-director of an Earth-based community/group I’d highly recommend that we all join together in a three-day intensive on the land! I do not know if there ever was this kind of inte ...   read more

Who Needs T.V. When You Have 36 Channels On Board!   6 y  
The strength of the Human Design Channels.
The Human Design System is probably my very best encouragement to view life as one enormous world stage of amazing entertainment! My outer world might be likened unto a ”shrunken skull” in the sense of geographic dimensions yet my social world goes far and wide when in ”close encounters” with fellow ”travelers” as we are all passengers in our ”vehicles” and the Human Design System’s purpose is to enlighten us as to how these vehicles operate. Everyone is a unique Individual and Human Design shows this in the BodyGraph. Every Individual has nine Human Design Centers that are either Defin ...   read more

There Is No Liberty With Innocents in Prison!   6 y  
We implore President Trump to grant pardons to these aforementioned people and restore them to their families.
July 21, 2017 - I just signed this petition: *** February 12, 2017 - ”National Timeout Day” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 18 March 2017 Contact: CSPOA The Freedom Coalition announces ”National Timeout Day” to free political prisoners in the US. The Freedom Coalition ( is a nationwide group of professionals and average Americans who have united to call for the release of many people who are currently in prison or who have been victimized by ...   read more

Robert F. Kennedy Best To Chair Vaccine Safety Commission   6 y  
The CDC is not doing its job of monitoring our vaccines for safety.
Here’s a link to a powerful 7 days with ”The Truth About Vaccines”; vital information for parents to fully understand the vaccine issue and make the best decision for their families. Register to watch for FREE!: *** January 14, 2017 - ”There is not a better choice to chair a vaccine safety commission than Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He has a command of the issue and, most importantly, he is not bought and owned by Big Pharma like most of Congress and the CDC. Folks, the CDC is corrupt. Our children rec ...   read more

Quaoar   6 y  
The need to return to source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society.
Just discovered that when I was born there was a planetary object about half the size of Pluto and larger than the major asteroids in the constellation of the scales just a few degrees from where the Sun was located. I then searched for an introduction this and found a good read.[1] Growing the general significance I then turned to the Sabian Symbols for a more in-depth reading (following) on the significance of this placement. LIBRA 9°: THREE ”OLD MASTERS” HANGING ON THE WALL OF A SPECIAL ROOM IN AN ART GALLERY. KEYNOTE: The need to return to source during a confused search for n ...   read more

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