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Support Free Speech About Science   12 y  
Legislation to Protect Your Right to Know About the Science Behind Supplements! The Free Speech About Science Act, H.R. 4913
”Consumers are largely kept in the dark about the potential health benefits of foods and supplements. Why? Because current law makes it illegal for food and supplement producers to share this information.”   visit the page

From Microbes & Oil Spills to Plastic Eating Fungi   12 y  
Several options for cleaning up oil spills + "Fungi Discovered In The Amazon Will Eat Your Plastic"
Gulf Oil Spill-Gutsy Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks ”... mycoremediation is a valuable component in our toolset of solutions. Mycoremediation has demonstrated positive results, verified by scientists in many countries. ” And listen to Paul on TED: Thanks to ”Wesley Roe and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network” Also oil collection with hay: Related: ”Fungi Discovered In Th ...   read more

Alternative Energy Options For California's Communities Under Threat By Monopoly   12 y  
Consumer Federation of California urges a No Vote on Proposition 16 - PG&E's Anti-Democratic Power Grab
”The initiative, if passed, would amend the California constitution to require an undemocratic supermajority before communities could break away from PG&E. It would also set a dangerous precedent by allowing a private corporation to use the California Constitution to restrict competition.” Also: It’s a ”constitutional iron curtain” ”Vote No on PG&E’s Proposition 16” Written by Dan Berman Wednesday, 19 May ...   read more

On "Presentment ... of a Grand Jury"    12 y  
"The Federal Grand Jury is the 4th Branch of Government" by Leo C. Donofrio, J.D. January 22, 2009
”... The function of a grand jury to ferret out government corruption was the primary purpose of the grand jury system in ages past.”   visit the page

Over 1 Million Gallons of Oil Into the Gulf Everyday!   12 y  
A group of Republican senators led by Lisa Murkowski of Alaska want to "Bail out BP."
”... As the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig continues to spill over 1 million gallons of oil into the Gulf everyday, Republicans are demanding less regulation for companies like BP and Transocean while also looking for a taxpayer-funded bailout of BP. ... After a month of oil spewing into the Gulf, the cost of cleaning up BP’s mess is $542 million and counting. But a group of Republican senators led by Lisa Murkowski of Alaska want the company to only pay for about the first five days of the cleanup and put taxpayers on the hook for everything else. That’s right, Murkowski and her pal ...   read more

Alternative News Sources   12 y  
News sources that report the news you won't hear on the 6:00 PM news. Above Top Secret Above Top Secret Above Top Secret AllGov AllGov AllGov American Free Press American Free Press American Free Press Blacklisted News Blacklisted News Blacklisted News Capitol Hill Blue Capitol Hill Blue Capitol Hill Blue h ...   read more

The "Commerce Clause" - "One of the Limited Areas of Power Given to the Federal Government"   12 y  
"Jury-rigging Federal Commerce Power - How legalistic baling wire, duct tape and flour paste have been used to cobble together a Rube Goldberg apparatus of legal precedent" by Gary Marbut © 2010
At Curezone’s ”Chef Jem by Chef Jem” there are blogs regarding a number of burning issues over food sovereignty and the need to know Fundamental Law to best preserve our Rights to our food. Here is an article addressing the legal controversy over the extension of governmental authority that is apparently exercised under the Commerce Clause. I count this as essential reading in everything from activism to zealous conversations for securing all local food systems regardless of any dietary persuasions. ”... One of the limited areas of power given to the federal government is the ’Commerc ...   read more

The Course In Human Design   12 y  
Opening thoughts on the arrival of "The Definitive Manual and Complete Reference for the Human Design System"
Introduction - The Story of the Revelation - Just got my course from Zeno this afternoon and I am so, so excited! Since I had my first introduction to Human Design (possibly about ten years ago) I have (what I believe is) a reasonable familiarity with the contents of this course, however I know that my understanding can go deeper! And so I am taking it all from the very beginning and not skipping a beat. ”The story” is that we all have two ”crystals of consciousness” within us. That consciousness has been ”traveling through our expanding universe since the beginning” going all the w ...   read more

"Anthroposophy - A Knowledge Produced By The Higher Self ..."   12 y  
What is Anthroposophy? by Dr. Carl Unger
”... he found in Goethe the first sounds of a spiritual language, and not in him as a poet, but in his works of natural science, to which he then devoted many years of study. Here he found a method of natural science which opens the door to the spiritual world.”   visit the page

Got Lawful Money?   12 y  
"The Global Settlement Foundation (GSF) is an independent, international non-profit organization that provides finality of settlement for global trade."
Where do I sign on? ” The GSF is registered as a Panama Private Interest Foundation on microfilm #26624, and is, by claim of right an international, free standing, non-profit organisation that exists for the good of mankind. Finality of Settlement – that which preserves the World™ Part I Introduction to the GSF System and A review of the world situation NOTICE OF CLAIM 6. No entity has the power to restrict lawful money. This is Natural Law. Operational effects of our rights and powers The GSF will operate under International Common Law: ’We shall not harm or cause loss ...   read more

Truth Is Not Beauty - But It Can Be Accepted Just The Same!   12 y  
Several reports including the importance of compassion (however it can come to us) and letting others speak for themselves rather than taking anything personally.
Last night I was walking down cement stairs outside where there is not sufficient light and I unexpectedly tripped over a water hose that others had left out. I am really grateful that I did not fall onto the cement stairs! I could not immediately correct the situation at that moment but did get to it this afternoon. When I finally got to it, another house mate was standing close by and mentioned something about the hose. I then began to tell what happened with me but immediately after I said ”I had tripped over the hose ...” they began saying how they were aware of it being left out - ...   read more

Self-Knowledge and "Truth of Self"   12 y  
Quoted from: "The Etherisation of the Blood" A Lecture By Rudolf Steiner
”... Let us ask ourselves the question: Why is the achievement of self-knowledge so difficult? Man is very a complicated being. If we mean to speak truly of his inner life, his life of soul, we shall not begin by regarding it as something simple and elementary. We shall rather have the patience and perseverance, the will, to penetrate more deeply into the marvellous creation of the Divine-Spiritual Powers known to us as Man. ...”   visit the page

"The Divine Plan Is Unfolding At Warp Speed"   12 y  
The 24th Annual World Congress on Illumination over the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence, August 14-19, 2010, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia.
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles 2010 has been declared the year of manifestation by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. This is a roller coaster time of miracles and challenges. These extreme experiences are waking Humanity up at warp speed, and our God Selves are not allowing us to go back to sleep. People in every walk of life are reaching out to make a positive difference and at long last we have reached a tipping point. Now it is time for our hopes and dreams to tangibly manifest. Listen to your heart. We are being called to greater ...   read more

The Nature of Nocturnal Dreams   12 y  
”Dreams are mental images experienced in the Subjective Mind during sleep and representing symbolic gratifications of wishes and desires which you have harbored at some time in the past but which have been repressed as unnatural or immoral.” Would you like a copy of ”REALIZATION - AN INTRODUCTION TO PRACTICAL PSYCHOLOGY”? Send me you e-mail and I’ll send you an invitation whereby you can download this e-book for free.   visit the page

The Grass-Fed Milk/Milk-Fed Grass Connection!   12 y  
Here's a "story ... to convince farmers and livestock producers ... to look into the possibility of using raw milk, compost tea, earthworm castings tea, liquid fish or sea minerals or some combination thereof to boost production at an affordable cost."
”Can raw milk make grass grow? More specifically, can one application of three gallons of raw milk on an acre of land produce a large amount of grass? The answer to both questions is yes.” I am envisioning living on a grass-fed small dairy farm and just like our man Wetzel (in this story) would be mostly interested in using the fats in the milk. Up til today I thought the skimmed milk would be great to feed hogs but now I see how milk-fed grass completes the circle of life!   read more

"The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America" That The U.S. Doesn't Want You To Believe   12 y  
Articles on and by "Cracking the Code" author plus an update from the author.
Update: ”... Showing the limits of lawful government authority in one area (and especially one so basic as taxation) shows its limits in all other areas.” I can hardly tell you how much I appreciate seeing these limits! The truth is there are defined limits and every American needs to know what the limits are in order to preserve or recover their freedom. Because these limits on government is part of what preserves our freedom. Below are the locations of where a lot of the limits are defined: ”After all, for over ten years now, I have pains ...   read more

Republic - Rule-of-Law; Confederation - Form of Government    12 y  
"A Republic works on the rule-of-law, only, because underlying that are a people who learn, understand, and carry out "self-government."
”think of it this way - you own a business, yet you’re allowing all your employees to direct the entire operation, including all decisions about the money and finances of that business!!” ”... most of us have no grasp and knowledge of a republic form of government that our Founding Fathers set up for us in 1787.”[1] ”For the first 200 years of this country, the only two textbooks in the hands of a student, were the Bible and The New England Primer. Five years into what’s become a 14-year study so far, of having read hundreds of books, thousands of pages of Congressional Records, Supr ...   read more

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