Atoms have consciousness
by Takashi
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Religious issues(by Mr. I.W)   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
Religious issues(by Mr. I.W) I think a lot of the Japanese people are non-religious and are not interested in religions. However the general public begin the year by visiting the shrines or the temples. We will do the events in Bon equinoctial week in summer. One year ends by hearing the temple bells on New Year’s Eve. We visit the shrines as soon as a baby is born. We celebrate the festival (on November 15th) for children of three, five and seven years of age in the shrines. Christianity as well as Buddhism and Shinto are involved in the wedding. We perform a funeral by ...   read more

Super-ancient relics | Locmariaquer   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
Super-ancient relics | Locmariaquer More than 150 relics of the temples, Are they the oldest civilization in Europe? …Reported by British newspaper ------------------------------------------------------------- June 11, 2005 〔London= Syuichi Dosyo〕 British newspaper Independent on 11th. reported more than 150 ruins of the temples which were excavated in the vast area of the central Europe as Germany, Austria and Slovakia. They were estimated to have been erected BC 4600-4800 years ago. According to Independent the department which was responsi ...   read more

The story of Stone humans   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
The story of Stone humans As the atoms of Stone gods were able to turn into any shape which they wanted to be, they formed the shapes along their purposes. They turned into a variety of forms ranging from great giants like mountains, angels and dwarfs. After many trials and errors, they found the shape of modern humans are the best of all. They turned into Stone humans whose components are made of the same components as Stone gods in the caves in the mountains or mounds of Stone gods or in the stone boxes . Various types of Stone humans turned up on the earth and they lived ...   read more

Where do we go when we were dead?   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
Where do we go when we were dead?   By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler) When I asked to the beings in the sky where do we go when we were dead, I was given the unexpected answer. ------------------------------------------------------------- You can know the answer when you are dead. ------------------------------------------------------------- When we cease to exist, our consciousness go to the unexpected big star. The star is made up of the atoms whose thoughts have the same purpose. I was told the consciousness which have the same purpose talk to themselves in order to ...   read more

Italy, The marble floor   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
Italy, The marble floor Is it possible for humans to make such fine patterns on the marble?   visit the page

The rock along the way of Siq in Petra   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
The rock along the way of Siq in Petra   visit the page

The relics of Petra,The crown?   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
The relics of Petra,The crown? By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler) Was it made by the queen of Cassiopeia? I was told the relics of Petra represents female genitalia.   read more

The mosaic of Petra   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
The mosaic of Petra By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)   visit the page

The relics of Petra | Pubis   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
The relics of Petra | Pubis The beings in the universe told me clearly then that it represents the pubic bone.   visit the page

Relics of Petra | Pubis No2   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
Relics of Petra | Pubis No2 Inner part seems to represent pubic bone and this side seems to represent the mouth of the uterus. A child was captured in the photo by chance.   visit the page

The golden ratio and the circle   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
The golden ratio and the circle   visit the page

The earth was rectangle box-type at first.   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
The earth was rectangle box-type at first. Obare Stone of Mt.Gozaisyo,in Japan The earth was like these two rectangle box-type rocks at first. Two rectangle box-type rocks coalesced into round shape. The reason why the rectangle was of golden ratio, is when it gets rounded from that shape of golden ratio, it does not crack easily. The protruded part from the circle is the Stone gods of four corners . The two rectangle box-type of Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere from which four corners were taken out coa ...   read more

Delphi(Greece)   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
Delphi(Greece) Del・phi=It means ’sigh comes out’. The above meaning was told. As it is far from Athens to come here all the way, we may be able to agree that sigh comes out . Moreover we can’t reach there without climbing the slope. It seems to have been built in cooperation with Jupiter, bird seat and Pleiades. It seems to be like the girl of Stone god who competed with Demeter. It is the familiar landscape and there is the ruins which I have wanted to see at the lower righ ...   read more

Delphi   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
Delphi   read more

The stone statue of the sheep in Egypt   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
The stone statue of the sheep in Egypt By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)   read more

The white Stone gods   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
The white Stone gods There are some places which have become only white rocks and sand in the wilderness of Australia. As the color of the *soup of Stone gods was white, those places were made white to let it know to people. When Stone gods died, they made their bodies white, was told to me through channeling. (*The juice or the soup is the liquid which contains the ingredients of Stone gods and it came out from Stone gods) The footprints of twe ...   read more

The square iceberg in South Pole   6 y  
Atoms have consciousness
The square iceberg in South Pole Stone gods in South Pole was warning about the energy body in the Underground cavity of South Pole. Stone gods in South Pole put the lid on the entrance to the Underground cavity so that the Ruler’s Stars would not enter from it. However North Pole became the fellow of the Ruler’s Stars, and underground cavity was dominated by the Ruler’s Stars.   read more

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