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Harmful Electrical Energy   7 y  
The harm mains driven electrical energy does to human energy systems.
Another form of dead energy is electric light, which includes television & computer screens, which appears to be a factor in insomnia, some allergic reactions and seems to stimulate rheumatoid arthritis through the eye. This is more a surface energy. Also dead electrical energy enters the body in food cooked with electricity. Passing mains electricity through an appliance releases it becoming random and erratic. Mains electricity is completely different from battery energy. Mains created, erratic, electrical energy combines with fungal energy where it passes from food into the sto ...   read more

Vital Energy   7 y  
Takes a look at vital energy.
When life supporting energy is processed by the bone marrow, part of its vitality is passed out through the walls of the bones, where itís filtered, and into the body where its absorbed and used for health and to regulate body functions. In parts of the world this vital energy is called chi or ki. The bones are made in part from calcium and have a filtering effect which the putty, also made in part from calcium, mimics. Fungal energy combined with chemical energy can cover the bones surface clogging them as a filter and making them brittle, so the body can run low on vital energy as ...   read more

More on Human Clear Fluid   7 y  
Clear fluid and the human body.
The difference between clear fluid and water is that clear fluid has absorbed the energies belonging to the body itís in. All water in the body needs to be part of the clear fluid system, but when drinking water is heavily contaminated with insect energy, including fluoride, this action can be blocked or reduced. This leads to water conditions in the body. Water is converted to clear fluid as soon as it makes contact with the skin. It doesnít need to pass through the windpipe, like food, to be changed. The lips act as super converters passing vast amounts of the bodies energy into water ...   read more

Insect bites   7 y  
The damage caused by insect bites
Where a person is bitten - wrists, forearms, neck and ankles, and by the type of insect, flea, gnat, tick, bug ect. and the type of energy contamination - is significant. The poison from bites on the wrists and forearms gets into the bone marrow where itís informationís extracted and passed on into the bodies blueprint. Energy from bites to the ankles gets into the energy system where it tends to stay as itís fairly resistant to the pumping action of the body. It can also absorb body energy so it expands. Energy from bites to the skin can get into the nervous system where it becom ...   read more

The Energy of Fungal Infections   7 y  
Fungal energy
Fungal infections includes spores, molds, blights, yeasts and similar conditions. These have been infecting humans for thousands of years and live on a lot of what is eaten including fruit and grain and yeast is used in brewing and baking. They can also be breathed in. Crops and fruit are sprayed to kill fungal infections and related conditions, but that only kills the physical part leaving the food contaminated with fungal energy which has combined with the energy of the sprayed chemicals, making it even more erratic, hostile and aggressive. Fungal energy is very absorbent of other ...   read more

Bacteria   7 y  
The contamination of bacteria.
Bacteria also absorb and combine with the contaminating energy of fossil fuels where they breed making them resistant to antibiotics. They also invade the bone marrow. Bacteria arenít really alive, but they can act as a carrier for fossil fuel energy and insect energy taking it deep into places in the body where it couldnít normally reach. Bacteria enter the holes in the skin caused by biting insects and even injections and is especially dangerous when they enter punctures in the wrists, neck and ankles, which is a favourite place for biting insects. Contaminated bacteria also mov ...   read more

Cancer   7 y  
The energy of cancer...
Insect energy and material combine with human in the DNA with each taking a strand where they come into conflict. At this level the insect part of the DNA is more in fear, and terrified, of the human part as its locked into the DNA and canít escape. Flight is the natural course for insects. Uncontrolled growth in a cell is caused by the insect part of the DNA. An insect, when alive will continually grow, and shed its shell until it becomes an adult. The mechanism for turning off insect growth depends on the size of the insect, but with the insect body gone, the control of inse ...   read more

Energy Packets   7 y  
Energy packet that repair damage in humans.
Growth and repair are normal functions of the body. The body is in a constant state of repair, renewal, and when young, growth. This takes a lot of raw energy from food, sunshine, air and water which is passed through the bone marrow, processed and programmed for the job of repair or renewal, when this energy is passed out into the body to stimulate and control repair or renewal in a general way. When the body is superficially damaged, such as a small cut, this repair process carries on unchanged, but major damage is different. When the body suffers major local damage it needs ...   read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis   7 y  
Looks at Rheumatoid Arthritis
Insect material and energy varies in it strength and ability to do harm depending on its content. It can be widespread and passive when it just contains insect material and energy. It doesnít attack the body directly, but its presence, and the body using its energy, it what does the harm. A third factor can be added to this insect material and energy: the insects life force, which we would see as vicious, active and having purpose, and itís this energy that directly attacks the body. RA happens when insect material and energy contains a lot of an insects life energy. Insect life p ...   read more

Cell Division   7 y  
The impact energies have on the cells,
If insect material and energy is present in a person cell division will happen under severe tension causing abnormal and unstable, but not rapid or uncontrolled, cell division and the more insect material and energy is present, the more cells are affected. This is especially true in the blood and itís passed on through transfusions. Insect material and energy causes an almost violent reaction in the human body right down to the cellular level and while insect material and energy can be spread throughout the body its life energy tends to concentrate and focus its attack on parts of the b ...   read more

Conditions that Start in the Womb   7 y  
Conditions we are born with or inherit
Many conditions are passed on in the womb, or start there, so a person is born and grows up with them - shaping their lives. Damage can be done through the placenta and the clear amniotic fluid surrounding the growing child damaging development. This damage done through the amniotic fluid can also be replicated in later life in swimming pools and spars. The damage looks different only because damage done in the womb affects a person very early in development, whereas in a swimming pool a person is further along, a child, or finished development, an adult. In the womb a factor ...   read more

The Problem of Illness - Artificial Heat and Cold   7 y  
The Energy of Artificial Heat and Cold.
An energy factor in chronic conditions affecting health is the residue of used artificial heat and cold. This is energy that has been processed by an appliance or device using up its vitality leaving behind, in food or water to be consumed, an undetectable energy residue or presence. Cooked food will contain the energy residue of the gas or electricity used to cook it and refrigerated food cooled by gas circulation and powered by electric will have the residue of both. Insect material and energy comes from a living creature, but the used energy residue of fossil fuels - gas, electri ...   read more

The Problem of Illness - Insect Life   7 y  
More on Insect Life
Insect Life Insect life, material and its energy is a totally different type of life to human and animal kind and works in a truly alien way to us. We are not the same species at all. As well as an insects material physical body and itís energy is its life force which is something completely different from humans and animals. When a human or animal dies something leaves the physical body and migrates or moves on, regenerates, or fills with energy, and sometimes returns to physical existence, probably as part of the Higgs boson effect. Sometimes, if itís done with Earth, it goes to ...   read more

The Problem of Illness - Insect Material and Energy   7 y  
Explains more about insect material and energy
Insect Material and Energy: Another problem that comes from insects is their actual physical material that for centuries humans have been consuming along with grain and cereal products. Even today this goes on and pre-industrial age the bodyís defenses, that is the stomach acid and the clear fluid in the body, dealt with consumed insect material and its associated energy which is incredibly strong. Insect material and energy is at its most dangerous when itís consumed, much more so than bites. The physical material of insects enters also enters humans through milk and dairy product ...   read more

The Problem of Illness - Human Clear Fluid   7 y  
An introduction to human clear fluid
Clear Fluid: The clear fluid of the body is the part of the physical immune system which deals with all harmful invasive energy, especially from living things. Water, which becomes the bodies clear fluid, makes up a large proportion of our bodies. This insect bites (see the last blog post) only purpose is to disable and inhibit the clear fluid preventing it from dealing with harmful, invasive energies from such as other bites to the body, artificial heat and cold residue and the energy of ingested insect material. In males, amongst other things, the bite to the back of the neck a ...   read more

The Problem of Illness - Insect Material, Energy & Bites   7 y  
Introduction to insect material, energy and bites.
B) Insect Material, Energy & Bites Humans have been bitten by insects for centuries and our bodies have built up a certain amount of resistance to an insect bite, however once insects were, like everything else, exposed to industrial pollution, their bites became much more toxic and able to inflict much greater harm. The bites of ordinary insects, bugs, tics, lice, fleas, parasites and any living thing that cuts, tears or punctures the skin has become tremendously damaging to human health due to the insects breeding and feeding in areas saturated with polluted environmental energy w ...   read more

The Problem of Illness - Fossil Fuels   7 y  
A companion blog to A New Therapy for Health & Energy giving the explanations
Hello and welcome to this companion blog to A New Therapy for Health & Energy which contains The Therapy which be added to as more is discovered. A New Therapy for Health & Energy is a free book available from Smashwords and in blogs on here. All references in this blog are to that book. There now follows a more detailed look at the energy factors of an illness or condition. Itís for information only, none of its need to use The Therapy or to make it work, but it may be useful for people wishing to develop The Therapy further. The Problem of Illness: Harmful environmental en ...   read more

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