Je Rêve de Toi
by JeSuisButterfly
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S'il vous plait   15 y  
Je suis Papillon.
C’est presque comme, vous êtes trop beau.. Le paradis dans les etoiles, l’univers dans tes yeux..   visit the page

Earthquake coming to Cali?   15 y  
So I’ve been reading lots on. Yes, very frightening; but remember what was told of us: Fear will only cause further incoherency. Be peaceful and clear of mind. Papillon Reposting from ’Consciousness and Awareness # 2’ forum. Thank you, Daizy4 Hopi Elders Say Earth Changes Are Upon Us By Simon Hunt From: During the past week, there have been a few events that deserve our attention, thought, and examination. In an unprecedented and totally unexpected way, Hopi Elders for the first time in history have openly shared their sacred, and heretof ...   read more

You Don't Have to Read This   15 y  
Love everyone, Brother, my brother. [This is personal.. I just put it here to store it and added commentary to get my feelings out of my system. Not intended for others to read, but read if you wish]
Hey des, whats up? Its good to hear from you!! So how have you been? So tell me exactly what you are sick from...what exactly is toxemia? Do you think they are going to be able to cure you or is there some kind of medicine they can put you on to get you better? Yeah Laughlin was fun, I got a little burnt so Im now peeling as we speak. Yeah it looks like DMV sent you a renewal for the jetta, but we didnt open it so im not exactly sure. How is the jetta doing by the way? Everyone at home is doing well...nothing new really, same old stuff ya know. Work is going well, I got promoted t ...   read more

Food Combination Suggestions   15 y  
"...when people eat fruit with or after a meal with starches, grains, meats, ect., they complain of bloating and stomach trouble. They blame it on the fruit, when it's really the other foods in the digestive system."
XxX- Avoid drinking beverages simultaneously with meals to avoid diluting digestive juices. XxX- Fruits and vegetables are generally best not mixed. The exceptions to this rule are avocado [a fruit], which combines well with vegetables, as well as celery and lettuce, which are combined well with fruit. XxX- Avoid combining acidic fruits with sweet fruits. XxX- It is best not to eat fruit for at least one or two hours after a meal, for it is digested quickly and can ferment if held in the digested process by more complex foods [That’s why, when people eat fruit with or after a meal ...   read more

*CoLoRs!* For Healing   15 y  
Life is crazy, take it in your hands
”Color is the radiant reflection of luminous energy in various wavelengths...” Red: [hot/yang] Exciting. Associated with vitality, strength, passion, and willpower. In food, red indicates the presence of lycopenes, quercetin and Vitamin C. {Red} is used to treat anemia, colds, low blood-pressure, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, weakness and depression. Foods with red: Tomato, apples, watermelon. Orange: A blending of red [physical action] with yellow [wisdom]. Symbolizes enthusiasm, outgoingness, optimism, confidence, joyfullness, and courage. Orange can lift the spirits, foster h ...   read more

Thoughts in your Heart   15 y  
And there will be Sorrow, Yes there will be, Sorrow, and there will be, sorrow No more!
Wow! I was curious about Near-Death Experiences, and I was searchin’ them on google, when I stumbled across this website: In it, the author said he had a dream that there would be a Spiritual awakening in two to three years in America. I cannot express how *excited* I am! When Mother told me not to worry, that those chemtrails would go away, I had the feeling that it would be in 2 years and such. Cool! ”hi all. Last night I had a dream where I was told that something is going to save America from ruin...In 2 to 3 years! I begin a new ...   read more

Bookstores are my Candy shops   15 y  
It's amazing how, as we go along our journey, the right things seem to come at the right time.
First, I would like to thank and send lots of love to the EnchantedGardener, Kerminator, 9thbody, today4th [Kiki irst, I would like to thank and send lots of love to the EnchantedGardener, Kerminator, 9thbody, today4th [Kiki 3], drofinnah, thomas, Oztin, Liora Leah, and to every Curezoner out there. You all make me feel so much better.. Drofinnah, Oztin, I promise I shall read that book, and Liora Leah, I will cherish those voices and the direction 3. Today I went to Julian for the first time. I was going to start my Wheatgrass diet but everyone says you haven’t lived until you’ve ea ...   read more

What're You Hearing?   15 y  
I still feel afraid, but I also feel blanketed, comforted.
I don’t know how to tell the difference between what my mind is telling me, and what Mother and the Spirit are. Or maybe, the voices in my mind ARE the Mother and the Spirit? I remember looking at some Chemtrail stuff today [my ultimate fear] and grieving about how there are new chemicals that were added to fight against a Chembuster when I hear a voice in my head saying ’Don’t worry. They will stop soon.’ I slightly froze, ... I had just asked Liora Leah what it was like to speak to Mother and her Guides and how you hear them. By the way, she has an EXCELLENT blog here ~~ http:/ ...   read more

Profound   15 y  
'Looking for a better life after death is for naught if the life we make in this physical realm is unbearable.'
”Looking for a better life after death is for naught if the life we make in this physical realm is unbearable. If it is hell on Earth, then it will be hell ”off Earth” as well. If the physical realm is heaven, then it will be heaven. It is the actions we take and the decisions we make ”here” that determine what happens ”there”.” ~ Edward B. Toupin Papillon   visit the page

13060 Visitors Online! NR!!   15 y  
I live in the past. I always have, and THAT'S my failure.
That’s the most I’ve ever seen! *UPDATE: 10:16 PM 17460* Today, as my friend drove us to Oceanside, we passed along the Middle school I used to go to. I found myself guessing the personalities of the young teens that had just gotten out of school and were heading to their respectable places. Head down.. low confidence. He looks bored.. must have a calm demeanor. She looks nervous.. insecurity. Of course, I could be entirely incorrect. I was going through old journal entries today, and it’s left me with a sense of emptiness and depression. I’ve never thought of myself as a bad per ...   read more

I don't get dreams   15 y  
'He looked so forlorn, and I actually felt really bad for him, like he didn't want to do it but someone was making him. Then I let them go.'
I had the oddest dream... My friend and I were hiding behind a car with two guns pointed up to the sky, and when a chemtrail plane came through, we were shooting at it. The plane landed and we just stood there.. and out came President Bush and his government official. They demanded to know what we were doing, and the next scene we were all in my room and Bush and his official were on my bed playing cards. My friend stood by the window, and I was halfway on the bed in this defensive position with the gun in my hand. I was questioning Bush why he did the chemtrails, and he immediately loo ...   read more

Check this OUT!!   15 y  
Feel the energy inside of you!
Lapis posted this awhile ago. I’m reposting it for those who want to go on an adventure! ”I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies/This is the dawning of the rest of our lives... On holiday!!”   visit the page

Life Points   15 y  
... or points for life.
”If you settle for less than what you really want, you will get exactly that.” ”The only thing you can’t afford to postpone is joy.” ”Don’t undermine yourself by being fascinated with [a] problem.” ”Come from your dream rather than heading towards it.” ”As soon as you become aware that something is not working, immediately shift your focus to the desired result.” ”Expectation is nine-tenths of manifestation.” ”Authority figures, you see, live not in their bodies; they live in your brain. It is impossible to defeat an enemy who has an outpost in your head.” ”You will ...   read more

Be a Hustler   15 y  
*Warning: This post contains explicit content known to the state of California to be called 'emo', 'whining', 'complaining', and/or a waste of time. Studies show reading the content that is to follow may cause headache, dizziness, and/or an extreme urge to kick the shit out of the author of this page. Please read responsibly.*
I haven’t been this scared In a long time and I’m so unprepared So here’s your Valentine Boquet of clumsy words a simple melody This world’s an ugly place, but you’re so beautiful... Before I continue, I post a farewarning to everyone.. this post does contain the use of swear words, and I will be doing some massive self-degredation and a lot of complaining. I’m sorry, I try to please a lot of people, I do have patience and understanding, and I try to make a good point to have manners and be generous, but for today I’d like to vent in my journal. Viewer discretion is advised from ...   read more

Teenage Cruelty!   15 y  
Drag me kicking and screaming, THEN I'll go willingly
My whole life, I am proud to say I’ve grown up in Southern California - San Diego. I love the overwhelming diversity of the many cultures, the rambunctious young adults on skateboards and at parties that wear the Quicksilver shirts and Oakley glasses. I love strolling through the rich streets of La Jolla, gazing at the beach from Encinitas, visiting the art museums in Escondido, and my favorite treat is getting lost among the maze of tall buildings in Downtown SD, neon lights of various colors spilling across the sidewalks. I love the competition, because when you receive that bit of kindn ...   read more

The Sky is a Mosaic   15 y  
Looks gorgeous to me!
”Wow, look at the sky! The blue.. how it fades into the yellow. Beautiful.”   read more

Speak UP!!   15 y  
Freedom of Speech
When you begin a blog, it seems like you have so much to type, but beginning is the most difficult. It seems so much easier to pour out your thoughts, your joys and personality, but mainly, your heartache into journals... but we want to spill as much as possible, as if writing it all down will explain yourself better, justify yourself better in your eyes and everyone else’s. As if, recording all the words in one area will allow you to run from them, be free of the burden that webs itself in the mind. We hide from so much, yet we thirst for people to understand. Reaching out seems so dif ...   read more

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