Je Rêve de Toi
by JeSuisButterfly
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Portions for Foxes   15 y  
A caress of twilight.
I went to bed last night curled in a tight ball ... ohhh how my stomach hurt! The pain and illness carried onto this morning. I followed my father’s advice - eat bread, drink water. Being a professional cook, he would heal with food. Yes, I know, SAD diet is the polar opposite of healing, but the bread expands in one’s stomach and acts as a buffer against the acid. It helps to an extent. My stomach is still horribly upset - I hate spending most of the time sick in the restroom. MH’s comment that chronic unsettled stomachs are one of the easiest things to fix is comforting, but in the wake ...   read more

Back to the Middle of Nowhere..   15 y  
Just give me something to go on...
The last week has been thrilling, dramatic, exciting, depressing, shocking, adventuresome.. I woke up at 3:00 this morning and all of my doubts and fears came rushing to my mind ~ What if I don’t sell my car? What about all my bills? Is today the 14th? Oh no.. the Collection Agency.. what now? What now? I have 4 paths I can take, but which one do I step onto? If it was my choice, I’d stay huddled right here, where I can just stare at them, make sure they don’t go anywhere so that I may always have a chance with all of them - to make sure I don’t mess up.. no choices are good choices, na? [ ...   read more

WEIGHT ISSUES? Just Venting!   15 y  
Do you need him? I could be him...
It is now officially evening. Not too long ago I came back from clothes shopping. What a nightmare. Now, many ladies will tell you that while clothes shopping is fun, it’s also the greatest excuse to bash yourself and work yourself into such a self-loathing tizzy you bring yourself to tears in the dressing room [I did today]. I’m lucky the family I’m staying with wanted to buy me clothes. I have hardly anything. For the past year I’ve been shuffling around 3 skirts and one pair of pants with 4 shirts. Everytime I move somewhere else, I have to weed through my clothes and keep the most ...   read more

Incurable? Do you really believe that?   15 y  
An article about Uropathy. A month ago, I laughed and brushed off the idea, but as each day gets harder to work through because of my illness, I've decided to jump on in. Whatever healing modality you use, use it with peace, gusto, self-respect, and with the utmost joy of the Spirit.
I, Martin J. Lara, am not a physician nor a medical doctor, and I have never been in a medical school or medical college. I am a self taught alternative medicine consultant who has been studying medicine on his own since 1987. I study and research medicine without the supervision of teachers or mentors. What you are about to read is what I discovered while trying to determine why I was susceptible to recurrent throat infections searching for a way to improve my health and live disease free. I had many health problems since I was born and they placed many restrictions on what I did throu ...   read more

Can you look yourself in the mirror?   15 y  
"Gaining a new self image is not easy but it can be done."
Mirror Mirror on the Wall At 24 years old, I was a woman who made headlines across the country for fighting city hall. A woman even lauded by NEWSWEEK for winning. You probably think I was swimming in self confidence. Wrong! My lack of self love blinded me. How many of us are blinded by our internal self image? Dr.Maxwell Maltz, M.D., F.I.C.S., author of Psycho-Cybernetics says, ”Our present self image is built from our personal imagination pictures of ourselves in the past, which grew out of our interpretations and evaluations.” Dr. Maltz has done cosmetic surgery on thousands o ...   read more

Mmn.. Do YOU drink Coke?   15 y  
Ah, the good old American drink.
COKE No wonder coke tastes soooo good: 1. In many states (in the USA) the highway patrol carries two gallons of Coke in the truck to remove blood from the highway after a car accident. 2. You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of coke and it will be gone in two days. 3. To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and .......Let the ”real thing” sit for one hour, then flush clean. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china. 4. To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers: Rub the bumper with a crumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap alumin ...   read more

Red was the rose   15 y  
I don't feel so good.
Last night was the most ill I’ve been in a long time. It’s carried onto this morning. I have a party to go to tonight.. I hope I’m better by then. I made the same mistake many others have.. you take the herbs and do the cleanses, and when you feel better, you go back to your old lifestyle of eating whatever. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.. this morning, I dutifully swallowed my herbs and skipped breakfast. So, I may not have much self-esteem, but I CERTAINLY don’t want to remain this ill. I literally feel how I used to when I first discovered curezone. I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m afraid ...   read more

Uck.. here we go again   15 y  
Ex boyfriends and illusions don't mix
Saw lots of scary white lines today - my 2nd time since Washington.. and I thought I was safe here. It was a traumatic experience all over again. I went walking with my best friend in a Nature preserve and followed the we-Guides advice with staring at the ground, making lots of contact with the plants. I chanted over and over to myself, ”They’re just an illusion. It’s just a very convincing illusion.” I hope the panic dies down soon... I hate being traumatized over something. I hate having fear control my life. My heart was thudding in my chest and my stomach was literally in spasms. I was ...   read more

Are we the waiting Unknown?   15 y  
"Why? If they have a defect, squander them. Rather than waste money on the cure, send them to the heaven they believe in." I used to think people said that for money. Maybe it's just anger
Papillon (2:45:12 PM): Educating instead of medicating. Ryu (2:45:13 PM): Learning is temporary Ryu (2:45:46 PM): Why? If they have a defect, squander them. Rather than waste money on the cure, send them to the heaven they believe in Ryu (2:45:51 PM): they should be happy to go Ryu (2:46:24 PM): This world is too forgiving now. Survival is a thing of the past Ryu(2:46:28 PM): It shouldn’t be Papillon (2:47:15 PM): why..? Ryu (2:47:24 PM): because we’ve ruined nature Ryu (2:47:31 PM): we’ve ruined ”God’s master plan” Papillon (2:47:44 PM): what if this is part of it ...   read more

The Black Dog of Inlé   15 y  
I've got a cupboard with cans of food, filtered water and pictures of you, and I'm not coming out until this is all over...
I feel so awful! Last night, there was a loud [and bright] thunderstorm here in San Diego. It was so loud that my room reverberated with every roll of thunder. At about 12:15 a.m., I had this sudden urge to open a can of soda. Soda, at this time of morning? I don’t even want it.. I thought to myself, but nevertheless I followed my intuition and popped open a can, taking a tiny sip. I heard the click of paws and claws and turned to my open sliding-glass door. To my surprise, I saw a medium-sized black wolf-looking dog on the patio. He began to enter my room, and, freaking out, I threw m ...   read more

Interesting   15 y  
What we normally study on CureZone.. ill emotions can lead to ill bodies. is Procovery?   visit the page

Dee dee dadee.. and that is why...   15 y  
Poor tummy. EFT isn't helping.
I don’t like being stressed out.. it makes my stomach sick sick sick.. My friends and I had an argument because I didn’t want to visit someone. Intuition told me not to, and I’ve been in trouble enough by not listening to it. My roommate is fighting with me and wants me out out out because of last night. I wish he could just wait a month, then I could go back to Washington with my mother. I asked Spirit and God to help me yesterday afternoon, help me figure out what direction I should take and where I must go ~ then my friends and I quarreled. I don’t know if the Universe is practically ...   read more

Power of Words!! [You!]   15 y  
Pens at the ready, and...
*~The following is a true story~* A teacher in Sunday school took two bottles filled with water. On one bottle, he wrote the word ’Hate.’ On the other bottle, he wrote the word ’Love.’ He set these bottles aside and they were left untouched - the only altering they had received were the words that were written on them. One with ’Hate’, and one with ’Love’. The children returned, and the teacher retreived the bottles that he had written on the previous week. The bottle that had the word ’Hate’ inscribed upon it contained water that was putrid, the color of vomit. The bo ...   read more

Mmn...   15 y  
My best friend just called in tears. Her father won’t permit me to live with her in her Escondido apartment. We theorize it’s because her abusive ex just left. :/ Back to Washington... I’m crushed.   visit the page

The Enchanted Garden, Pictures, and Thoughts   15 y  
Chi chi chi =^..^= ~~ Look, it's a cat!
Today I was browsing the internet when I fell across pictures of Leslie Goldman and the Enchanted Garden - What a beautiful place, Mr. Goldman! And all that you’ve done [and are still doing] adds heavily to the magic and lustre. Did you contribute to Chicken Soup for the soul? When I saw it mentioned, I realized your name sounded familiar.. Liora Leah, tu es belle :) I am blessed to have the friends that I do. After a compelling argument and tears of joy, I find that by next month I will be [hopefully] residing within a friend’s apartment in beautiful Escondido. We’ll live right by ...   read more

Are you Seeing?   15 y  
"Open your eyes" He said. "...And?" She asked searchingly. "See."
Do we really appreciate what we have around us? For weeks I’ve been frightened of having to go back to Washington, for fear of chemtrails, for fear of losing my friends, for fear of moving away from my hometown of almost 19 years now. So it goes, I must go back to Washington, I do have to leave my beloved San Diego, my adored California - and though I hold that fear, though I feel numb and cold and afraid, I must thank it for opening up my eyes. I see the gorgeous lights of the city, twinkling, pulsating with life. Rain falls like starlight, the night sky a rich blue against the dark ...   read more

Writing   15 y  
Another wonder of the world.. in my mind?
Why do people write in public journals? Obviously, some want to share information with others. But when we write our thoughts, our dreams and our days. Why? Are they easier to track? Do we want people to read our feelings and experience them as well so that we have someone who understands? Do we want the company without having to actually show ourselves in person? Do we write them with the mindset of ’I don’t care what people think of this...’ when in reality, we really, really do? Do we write because we’re self-conscious, or overconfident? Or is it just writing? [No. It’s never that]. ...   read more

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