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We're All On Call Here on Mother Earth   15 y  
It wasn't too long ago, back before we began this life, when we were on vacation somewhere in the galaxy, taking it easy--and then we got The Call. We're here, now, doing our work.
I have a feeling we’re “on call” here during this lifetime, kind of like a doctor being “on call” when he is supposedly off-duty back at home—until that emergency surgery is required and she has to go rushing back to the hospital. It is as though we’ve come into this lifetime as a result of being “on call.” We were needed here on the planet during this time. We’ve had other existences, other lives, but during these particular days, months, and years, we were needed here on Earth. We were off on vacation somewhere in the ...   read more

The Silly Monkey Seen From the Ant Farm   15 y  
It's as though we're trying to figure out our world from a very limited perspective, like ants thinking their space inside an ant farm was THE universe. Perhaps our perspective is limited, just like the ants.
You had best, all of you, give up your old definitions of Santa Claus. In the same way that you discovered the truth about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, you are going to discover that there is a cover-up, a story, an idealized version around many of these energies that you have worshipped as gods. (Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn , p. 35) I remember the moment when my next-door neighbor’s grandson told me there wasn’t a Santa Claus. I was probably nine or ten years old; he was a year or two older. Thing was, he had a teenage brother: this brother dispense ...   read more

Pure Energy Going to Work   15 y  
It takes pure energy in order to create something that is going to work, and that energy needs to contain pure intent. No added ingredients, no foreign substances floating around. Give it pure intent.
I’m noticing what appears to be a fact: the thought that if we can fill an intention with pure intent—pure energy—then that intention will do its work. It’s like a cylinder, or balloon, for that matter: if it is filled completely with what you want, with the air of your intention, then it will fly off and do its work. If there’s foreign substance in there—like doubt, fear, uncertainty—then it won’t go where it’s supposed to, and won’t do its job. Imagine the psychic space where all those failed intentions are located! That&rsq ...   read more

Creating a Storm With Our Words and Thoughts   15 y  
We see the effects of the weather all around, yet our thoughts and the words we use create even more powerful effects all around us! We seem to forget how powerful these creations truly are in the world!
We do not pay enough attention to the words we use. It is as though words are like the weather: they can be hurricane-like in their effect around us; they can be as calming as the morning breeze; or, they can burn up those around us as quickly as the Death Valley heat in July. Our words are balls of energy. We direct energy with our words. They call forth other forms of energy around us. Our thoughts move our words, as they contain the inner energy behind the words. That’s probably why the New Thought movement had a lot of followers with their “positive affirmation&rdquo ...   read more

You Don't Need a Passport For Wisdom!   15 y  
Wisdom comes from all directions: small children, laughter, dreams, music, and unlikely reggae singers. Wisdom would certainly be the hallmark of a dreaming nation!
There’s a reggae singer/producer who is about 112 years old, and his name is Lee “Scratch” Perry. He produced for Bob Marley in the early 1970’s, and is one of the first producers to introduce “dub” to reggae—which, by the way, was a forerunner to rap. Anyway, this guy is about 5’0”, and despite his diminutive size (and real age, which is 68), he’s a force to be reckoned with on stage. Lee “Scratch” Perry is the kind of character you’d experience in your dreams, filled with zany antics you’d never see in this world. I think “Scratch” somehow escaped from the dreamworld and hasn ...   read more

It's Time to Take Our Medicine (International Version)   15 y  
Here's what the doctor orders: dance, sing, laugh, shake your booty, go to the forests and the oceans, and live!!!!!
It’s time to take our medicine. It seems as though we’ve been getting sicker and sicker, weaker and weaker; our days are shorter and are nights are painfully longer. We can’t get up without moaning and groaning, or stand up for too long without our legs becoming weak and frail. It’s time to take our medicine. Whatever we do, however we feel, we must take this time to do what’s right and take our medicine. Our medicine is waiting. It’s time to take our medicine. In what way can we be of service? How are we failing the others? How are we failing ourselves? ...   read more

Wanted: Good Recipes for Creating Thoughts!   15 y  
A strong, well-created thought can be as effective in the world as a good, well-created bowl of chili can be for the stomach. What kind of recipe are you using to create your thoughts?
Creating thoughts can be like creating a nice bowl of chili. You add meat, chile peppers, comino, oregano, garlic, and if you’re from San Antonio, maybe a half a can of Pearl beer. You simmer, sizzle, shake, bake, mosey, and sooner or later you’ve got a hot steamin’ bowl of chili. Now for a thought, what would you put into it? Maybe a strong intention, a little positive belief, creative energy, a dash or two of love, and perhaps a little wildness. Mix it up, shake it up, and let it fly. And if you’re lucky, it’ll come back to you twice as strong. ...   read more

Dreams are Works of Art   15 y  
We journey each night into the depths of our souls. And our journey into this landscape is equal to traveling into the landscape of a painting. Our dreams are paintings of the soul!
What if dreams were works of art, each representing various combinations of colors, lines, shapes, figures; each featuring a separate motif or intention. What if an entire canvas was displayed before us via the dream, painted in a way that best conveyed a certain message brought to us by our own soul? What would the feeling tone of the red, blue, violet or yellow open in us? How would certain combinations of lines vibrate within our own being? In what ways would the dream offer us new and unexplored sounds that we haven’t heard before? Yes, a dream can also be likened to a mu ...   read more

Let the Sounds of Life Carry Me Away   15 y  
It seems as though sometimes life can feel listless, almost too planned. What a great opportunity to explore such moments! With a little openness and some good scuba gear, a deep dive into the emotions and feelings contained in such a moment reveal some hidden jewels.
It feels as though I am living in a life that is pre-planned, almost canned.   I am living life as though it were coming from a can!   Am I really engaging myself in my life in these moments?    I think not.   I was remembering the excitement I felt earlier in the summer as I thought about creating a artistic project, one in which I would travel to cool little towns in Southern California and engage the townspeople with some performance art.   It felt great considering such a project.   Where has that excitement gone?   Where did I put it? &nb ...   read more

Mother Nature Reminds Us We Affect Each Other   15 y  
Each of us possess an "Internal Slaveholder" that keeps us locked into old ways of being, old ways of treating one another. It is time we release ourselves from our own prisons!
We still are walking the planet with “Internal Slaveholders” keeping us at bay, and I wonder how this is really affecting the world at large. In recent months, I’ve been catching images in dreams and meditations regarding racial relations in our country. And it seems to be that is a topic that is heating up again in the United States. In Austin, Texas, five Latino youths have been killed by police officers in the last year—something is brewing there. Something is brewing in Los Angeles where a constable was killed by a Latino and in New York, where a black ...   read more

Aren't We All Looking For A Little Om?   15 y  
It's funny how certain words carry amazing, hidden powers. Just like at the word "home" as an example...
Om! Home! As I was performing my morning meditation this morning, I was slowly chanting the “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra. I was making the sounds of this ancient mantra, my voice deep in resonance. I began to notice how these words sounded like the English word “home.” Then, I began to notice the words ET was crying out during his attempt to return to his spaceship: “Hoooommmmmme.” “Ommmmmmmmm.” That’s what “home” sounds like, isn’t it? “Om.” It is though we are usi ...   read more

Coming Out of an Eclipse   15 y  
While the horrific and painful story in New Orleans is reminding us of our own frail humanity, there is yet another story that has been unfolding on the planet. Perhaps each day is bringing us closer to a new epoch in the life of our Mother Earth.
Today’s feminist matristic artists must undertake the journey to the dark, split-off, underworld aspect of the Goddess…this journey also revisions patriarchy within an expanded 30,000-year framework as merely one darkening phase of the moon, rather than as an eternal or everlastingly absolute Dark Age. —Gloria Feman Orenstein, The Reflowering of the Goddess , p. 33   It is as though this epoch in time has been spent in a dark phase of the moon; as though we who are in that moon energy are beginning to feel history moving, the moon moving, back arou ...   read more

It's Been the Feminine All Along, Silly!   15 y  
I was raised by my mother and grandmother, but the story I've always told was that I was raised in my grandfather's house. Self-reflection over the years has led me to see the pitfall of this personal story!
It’s funny how I’ve always imagined myself the product of a patriarchal culture—especially, a patriarchal household. This is especially curious, considering my mother and grandmother raised me, essentially; my parents divorced with I was two and I never saw my father until I was ten. My grandfather was the one in charge of punishment. But it was the energy of my mother and grandmother surrounding me as I grew up. Whether this was purely “nurturing” energy or not is not part of this tale: the fact that I’ve never recognized my upbringing as having been feminine in nature is the curious s ...   read more

Conversation With the Stone People   15 y  
Being in harmony with nature is a return to the ancient ways, and to the knowledge that we aren't the masters of the planet as we've made ourselves to believe.
How can we as human beings say we’re not of the Earth? The Bible says that man was created out of the image of God. But we are born of the same materials a plant and rock and soil and water and air—we are one and the same! So how can one surmise that any of those elements wouldn’t have as much or more knowledge than us humans? They are much more ancient than us: wouldn’t that make them wiser , too? It took a good pope to convince everyone that man hath domain (dominion?) over the land and the seas and the animals. We have dominion over nothin ...   read more

Sorry, Mother Nature   15 y  
Society is still asking us to live on Earth as if we were apart from Her. This is crazy--as many of us know--yet at least many are waking up to the absurdity of this notion. Slowly, changes are on the way.
The world languishes and withers, The heavens languish together with the earth. The earth lies polluted under its inhabitants, For they have transgressed the laws, Violated the statutes, broken the everlasting covenant. —Isaiah 24:4-5, from Fox, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ , p. 86) So, even the Bible talks about humanity destroying the planet. Now I see how nature Herself is asking humankind to awaken, to come out of his slumber and realize the destruction he is causing Her. Perhaps the “new paradigm” which began in the 1960’s is bein ...   read more

Another View of the New Psychology   15 y  
Our psychologies and ideas we have about ourselves continue to fall short of the true picture: that we are multi-dimensional beings who are nothing short of crucial to Mother Earth!
Holotropic : “oriented toward wholeness” or “moving in the direction of wholeness” (from the Greek holos = whole and trepein = moving toward or in the direction of something. (Grof, Psychology of the Future , p. 2)   So this is a peak at what I could now be calling holotropic psychology: a psychology moving in the direction of wholeness. Stan Grof writes that “in our everyday state of consciousness we identify with only a small fraction of who we really are” (p. 2). This is much different from the holotropic states, ...   read more

A Message from Grandmother Moon   15 y  
Dreaming can oftentimes bring surprising experiences. Here's one where I received an unexpected visitor upon waking from a dream!
I am an avid dreamer. I’ll wake up at 2 a.m. and spend 30 minutes writing down a dream. It’s my nature. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a newspaper writer, and by the time I was 14, I’d accomplished that goal. I was always writing, reporting, interviewing subjects for my stories. I learned early how to take interview notes--and quickly! So, it seems, as I’ve learned over the last decade how to write down my dreams, that early apprenticeship as a journalist has come in very handy. I’ll come back from a dream with so many images and stories that it’ll sometimes take me longer than half ...   read more

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