Dreaming Alive
by greggechols
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The Message Is Simple: "Let's Do It!"   15 y  
There's nothing than a little reggae to help lift our spirits and remind us of our connection to All That Is. As Burning Spear sings in his classic, "Mek We Dweet." Let's Do It!
Mek we dweet Mek we dweet Mek we dweet And if you ready mek we dweet And if you ready mek we dweet Mek we dweet for Jah. Jah Rastafari. Do the roots and culture. Mek we dweet. And if you ready mek we dweet. --Mek We Dweet (Let’s Do It), Burning Spear, 1990 This is the revolutionary message by a most revolutionary artist, Burning Spear: Let’s Do It! He sings that all people must “do it,” and in the same light, “every nation have to dweet” as well. I most heartily agree. Let’s do it, and now. Let’s do it for Jah Rasta ...   read more

You Have 10 Minutes to Leave Your Body!   15 y  
We take so much for granted with our bodies and our lives. But what kind of relationship do we create with death before that time comes? Do we live in awareness of this next phase of life?
Listening to your body is a marvelous way to be in tune with yourself. It is an ancient practice that only modern man has chosen to ignore. It is not natural to ignore the body. It is not natural to ignore the health of the soul. We are not doing our part, and we you can see this as a metaphor for why the world is in the state that it is in at present Ask yourself this question: If life were given to me in another form, would I take it? If I could live as vivaciously, energetically, and with abundant love in my life—but in another form —would I do it? Think about it. ...   read more

How About a Shot of Energy?   15 y  
Our emotions create much more of our reality than we think they do. Using the energy of our emotions to move our life into a better world is something we each have the potential to accomplish.
I am reading Barbara Marciniak and her comments in Bringers of the Dawn about feelings—“understand that your feelings are your ride into multidimensional realities, where you must go if you are seriously playing this game.” I read this with wonder, beginning to understand a little about what I’ve been “hearing” about living in two realities, two energies at once. It is as though feelings are vehicles, ones that can transport you into different realms of the psyche and everything else. “You need emotions to comprehend the nonphysical, which ...   read more

Releasing Our Own Divine Power   15 y  
History has always been interpreted in light of certain people's beliefs and attitudes. Nothing is as it might be, especially when it comes to us releasing a new history for ourselves.
Changing the course of history requires seeing what’s come before. History is humanity’s recording: its official (non-debatable) interpretation of events—mostly, certain people’s interpretation of events. We don’t always see or know what is hidden in the corners of history. It is in those corners we must search. It is a matter of looking deeply to see what we can find. It takes courage to do this kind of work, though: we never know what we might find! Nothing is what we thought it might be, especially when it’s found after being in a dark corner for hundre ...   read more

The Art of Listening   15 y  
Receiving letters from the soul is a beautiful, marvelous experience--and we get them every night in our dreams! It is as though we give poetry to our life when we listen to our dreams.
“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. It may even be assumed that just as the unconscious affects us, so the increase in our consciousness affects the unconscious” —C. G. Jung We imagine that we woke up this morning with our head filled with garbled thoughts, strange ideas and awkward images. Perhaps it seems like we had been in a room filled with weird surroundings before waking; but, no, we were right here in bed, beside our loved one. Meanwhile, there’s still that distant memory of a conversation… ...   read more

Living In a World of Community   15 y  
We are individuals in this culture, almost to the exclusion of community and brotherhood. Reading about the Aborigines people has reminded me of the beauty of cultures that value and honor community. I'm ready to make begin making my own change towards community!
I have the feeling this morning of looking at my relationship with the idea of community—of being able to share and live and commune with others. Certainly, our American society today isn’t designed for that way of living. Living in Southern California, too, is a reminder of this: traveling down any freeway, the 2-person HOV lanes are generally empty here in Los Angeles. Reading the classic Mutant Message from Down Under has been a real treat for me the last couple of days. That book is an amazing reminder of, essentially, the teachings of the Red Path, although from a diffe ...   read more

How About Some Paprika On That Salad?   15 y  
Getting lost in one's own self-imposed "trips" can be quite a powerful way to shut out Spirit. The amazing thing is that Spirit patiently stands by, waiting for us humans to overcome our own barriers and Be Spirit, once again. Such work!
Questions continue to come to me:   about my relationship to the world, to my work, to Spirit.   In turn, I translate these questions into how I may be relating to the world as the world relates to itself.   How am I moving with the wind? How am I trying to stay in one position, avoiding movement, as though I were a rock or a stone? Well, at least the rocks and stones breathe, huh? Perhaps that’s a clue: Perhaps I’m not breathing in an expanded form or, perhaps, not flowing; not allowing life to move in and through me. By staying in doubt and fear and worry, I am keeping l ...   read more

Questions for the Soul   15 y  
It seems as if we might be encountering a different kind of being when we experience a question--as opposed to an idea, or an answer. I hadn't really thought much about this proposition, until...
Are questions alive? I awoke early this morning with these words, and I wonder the purpose behind this question hovering in my mind between the space of the dream and wakefulness. How unusual a question, I thought: I’d never contemplated this one before. I began to imagine the kind of energy questions might bring around, and how they might be attracted to certain places or individuals. I know my relationship with ideas: I like them, and I tend to attract a lot of them. What about questions? Do I attract those as well? Do they carry a different psychic weight, a different t ...   read more

Can You Smell the Power?   15 y  
It seems as though we think power is held by the government and by large corporations, when in fact, power is everywhere. Other cultures realize this. Our own individual relationship with power tells the story of how we even look at it!
I’m impressed with the work Lapis brings to us through Collective Disease Incorporated ( http://www.curezone.com/blogs/f.asp?f=452&t=58352 ).   So many of the postings relate stories about power:   how the United States manipulates us and others.   The way the U.S. relates with the president of Venezuela, Chavez, for instance—it’s about power, pure and simple. This is power on a collective, national and world scale.   What about power on an individual basis?   And what about me:   how do I relate with power?   Am I in a right relationship with my own power?   I know my power is str ...   read more

The Joy of Our Own Wisdom   15 y  
Our dreams are a gift we receive each night from our inner teacher. What a joyous miracle that is ours for free, with no hidden costs!
How much of our lives do we spend wasting opportunities to venture inward and experience the truths that are seeking our awareness? What if we were to actually “go within” for only a few moments each day and learn from the “inner teacher” that is there, inside, waiting to share with us our daily assignment? It is as though our dreams provide us with this wisdom, but, even then, we must still consciously work to integrate whatever has been shared with us on that level. Our dreams contain the richest and most marvelous tools for us to further explore our development as human beings ...   read more

The Magical Gift of Entertaining Ideas   15 y  
I continue to find myself refusing to open up to higher possibilities, and it just might be because I'm afraid of the responsibility. On the other hand, the responsibility might not be what I think it is!
Am I refusing my call? Am I refusing to bring onto this plane the magical ingredients that are waiting on another level to be born here in this realm? Have I refused that responsibility? It is as though I sense things in the ethers that are hovering around me, wanting to be born through me. Why won’t I allow myself that gift, that possibility? It’s as though it’s an impossibility for me because I won’t open myself to it! I read an article in Rolling Stone magazine about the producer Rick Rubin this morning—finally, over a week after I first spotted it. My brot ...   read more

Riding the Wave of the Impossible   15 y  
I am being asked more and more to move into the realm of the impossible, and that's something that takes a lot of trust and courage to do. I'm also discovering the impossible is a She--definitely a feminine energy!
Through my dreams and meditations, I believe my inner wisdom is asking me to move into the impossible! That is the story right now—ridding myself of my shackles and blinders and chains, and moving into the impossible . That is now the theme for my life, ladies and gentlemen: Moving into the impossible. It takes guts, courage, strength and huge cajones to move into the impossible. It takes a huge trust in one’s own inner guidance and wisdom, for leaving behind the possible is a mighty huge risk—and investment. The possible is so secure, so firm—so concrete. There’s n ...   read more

Healing Through The Earth   15 y  
We all have the potentials to heal not only ourselves, but the Earth as well. Maybe a return to Earth religions will help facilitate greater awareness of this truth.
I keep meeting up with the idea of a “new religion,” or religious idea, that is to take hold of man. I experienced this idea during some work I did during last September’s harvest moon—a magical full moon, indeed. I learned about Earth Healers, and about how “churches” would be needed to teach Earth Culture ways and lead humans to begin healing the earth. Edward Edinger writes in Creation of Consciousness of Jung’s idea of a new myth—a myth holding the idea that “all individual egos will become potential vessels for the tran ...   read more

Playing Tricks on Ourselves   15 y  
Humans are hardwired with various archetypal energies within them, and one is well-known in many cultures: The Trickster. I find this character alive in my life, even in this moment.
Without a doubt, we spend so much of our lives playing tricks on ourselves. The infamous archetype of the Trickster is alive and well in many of us. I know it is alive in me. He’s always causing me to head in one direction and forget what I’m doing as I’m moving that way in the first place. What am I avoiding? What do I purposely avoid each day? I have a feeling that there is a lot that I am avoiding. What do I want in my life right now, and what am I avoiding in order to get it? There’s a question. What is it that I need to face in my life in order to get what I want? ...   read more

Giving Birth to New Images   15 y  
In order to truly be able to create a new world, we must move outside of our limited framework--especially our framework involving words. Artists and shamans are the "priests of the imagination" and by following their lead we must create new images for this new world.
Matthew Fox writes in The Coming of the Cosmic Christ that “images are closer to our experience than words” (p. 58). Living a life filled with dreams and experiences in other spaces, I find that his words are so true. How can I go about my life in a way that properly uses images in a way that gives them their role as “midwives between experience and language?” When engaged in ritual or dreams, I experience nothing but images and the “felt-sense” of things. These have a powerful healing effect. Why not this experience in actual, waking life? W ...   read more

It's Delightful To Go For A Walk!   15 y  
Exploring our inner minds is a wonderfully expansive exercise! Imagine traipsing through the most beautiful, the most exquisite golden hallways in the world--your own mind!
Have you ever taken a break from your day and found yourself wandering through the corridors of your mind? Have you ever tried this and gotten lost? I’ll bet there are plenty of hallways that have yet to be explored. Why wait any longer? It is as though we each have within ourselves many resources in which to tap the future potentialities of ourselves, and of humanity. Each of us possess these possibilities. It is not limited to any one single human. Each possesses these possibilities! Why wait for some great voice to come forward with the Good News when you’ve alrea ...   read more

Hiding Out On Earth Making Honey   15 y  
Like actors in a great science fiction movie, we're kind of doing our thing here on Earth in these costumes of the human kind. It's almost like making white combs and sweet honey from our old failures.
We can sometimes look at our lives to represent a sort of movement through time and space in “camouflage:” that is, we’re “hiding out” in these earth-costumes, doing our thing in these human bodies. It’s kind of like Hollywood actors walking around in their space suits for the movie 2001 Space Odyssey . They’re actors in costume. That’s us. Actors in costumes. My friend Lee and I had a great talk yesterday about esoteric matters: how our work in graduate school is really is meant to help society and our culture. It is as though in whatever role we take in life, it’s all camo ...   read more

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