Dreaming Alive
by greggechols
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Traveling on a New Frequency   15 y  
It's funny how music can take us to new spaces within ourselves, especially when it shows us how we've moved to a different frequency within. It's really a trip, so to speak!
I’ve been traveling about quite a bit while standing still here in Santa Monica, California, so pardon me if I drop in for a moment and share some thoughts. I haven’t been sitting in this realm long enough as of late to share much, so let me give this a try. I’ve recently connected with a song that I’ve heard on local station KCRW at times during the past six months or so, and it really caught my attention on the sound system at the hotel where I work. It is a song from Royksopp called Eple . It is a song made in 2001 and one I never heard until this past year. Why is this ...   read more

How I Fell Off the Planet   15 y  
It's quite interesting living "outside" the Working World for a year, then landing in it again. It's as though one is catapulted off into another planet, another world, and that's sure where I've landed!
I have fallen off the planet, so to speak. After spending several months of writing each and every morning, bringing to the written page my various insights and intuitions, dreams and visions, thoughts and mind-farts, I have found myself in the last month in another world—almost literally. It has felt like, and seemed as if, I had fallen off the planet: or, at least, the planet I’d inhabited for those several months. That is what a disappearing act is all about. And, if it is true that we are each a living planet, filled with all kinds of various energies and wild exotic ...   read more

This Page is Limiting These Words   15 y  
Our use of words and the English Language is sometimes a problem for truly communicating. It is as though it is not the right type of canvas for what we're trying to do!
This line containing the words you are reading is restricting me. This line is keeping these words from swimming on this page. These structures of sentence and form and line are keeping me locked, right here on this line, when these words wish to be dancing across the page without limitation. The words themselves, even, are preventing the true essence of what I am trying to convey from manifesting before your eyes. These words and this line of writing are keeping me locked in a container, and these words do not need a container: no, they need space, freedom, and volume. They requ ...   read more

Healing From Our Friends, the Plants   15 y  
Our ancestors knew of the healing power of plants, and we as a Western culture have been waking up to that fact over the past 30 years. Yet, we still have the mindset that many plants should not be used--despite their ability to connect human beings to the Divine.
What if the plants found throughout nature were each specifically designed to heal every other living being? What if the qualities found within plants were multi-faceted, rich in number, and full of abundance for all of Earth’s creations? Of course, we know that these questions are, in fact, true statements. When understood as statements, they represent the rich potency that the plants throughout the planet have in healing mankind—despite the Western-minded belief that plants have little value to human beings. Lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots—all plants that taste wo ...   read more

We Are Our Own "Nowcesters"   15 y  
Liora Leah brings up an amazing point in a recent note: "I am my own NOWcestor!" It's as though the idea of "ancestors" won't work anymore, because the past isn't the past because it is all "now." Anyway, check this out.
The timeless Liora Leah, who is a most amazing writer and servant of Spirit, has recently made some fantastic and very deep insights, and she has brought up a most amazing case in point: So, given the nature of "time" and of "multi-dimensionality", new hypotheses emerge: if one of my Spirit Guides is the Lakota medicine man, then there is no question that not only am I my own ancestor, but I am also my own Spirit Guide! This certainly accounts for my Spirit Guides telling me that "We are You are Us are One!" And, if there is no such thing as ...   read more

The Natural World is Waking Us   15 y  
Western civilization has silenced the natural world for over 500 years, and it is as though this "forbidden knowledge" is getting louder and louder. We are being asked to listen in ways previously unimagined.
I continue to experience “insight” into ways in which our modern, Western culture is a result of an incredible silencing of a completely different way of life. It is as though humans lived in such a different way with nature, until European expansion overtook the world between the mid-1500s to the 1700s. It was that power shift that not only silenced various aspects of ourselves, but aspects of nature as well. I have the feeling nature is asking us to awaken from this self-imposed slumber. It is as though the centuries of silencing women, West African peoples, Nat ...   read more

Listening to the Spirit of Things   15 y  
Our Western culture has ignored the things of spirit--the invisible realms that are as real as the physical, with even greater powers to help us. We are being asked to awaken to this reality, and the opportunities to grasp this awareness are abundant.
We each hail from a land that is as vast and plentiful as anything we’ve ever imagined. It’s the land of the ancestors, and it is the land that we will one day return. We each experience this land on a daily basis, although we rarely have the awareness that we are experiencing that land. This realm visits us in our dreams, in our intuitions, in our déjà vu experiences. It is experienced in the air, the heat of the sun, the salty waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is experienced in the morning breath of a tiny baby. We can awaken to a greater se ...   read more

Opening Our World to the Imaginal   15 y  
We were told as children that "it's just our imagination," yet we know it's not. We're told as adults that it's just a hallucination, but our soul tels us it's not. We've got an organic connection to the imaginal realm--that land of the ancestors and spirits--and it's time we treat it as a part of our reality!
We’ve got hospitals to heal our bodies, and within those hospitals are sites for us to recover from our illnesses and restore our health and vitality. Society has numerous opportunities for us to regain what was lost in our illnesses and diseases, and these are very good things, indeed. We need healing centers to help us regain our imaginal connections to nature, the spiritual world, and ourselves. Hospitals do not offer those services, and in a materially inclined world, such offerings aren’t likely to be provided. Yet, our disconnection from the imaginal world and our spiritual so ...   read more

The New Paradigm Seeks New Moves   15 y  
Our relationship with the ancestors is something that we must heal in order to properly move through the paradigm shift that is quickly moving us forward into our future. We are an ill society because we do not honor the Goddess, nor our ancestors.
Quite possibly, one aspect of this paradigm shift the world (and our society) is experiencing is returning to a relationship with the ancestors—the spirits of place, nature, the elements, and those beings who came before us. Modern day psychology would claim such relationships to be “animistic” or “infantile” or perhaps even “primitive”: but, we must admit, such relationships could be necessary to helping restore balance between humanity and the soul of the planet. Mary Watkins writes in Waking Dreams : We do not ask the plants and animals we eat for their permission to do so, ...   read more

The Ancestors are Calling   15 y  
Unlike cultures that Western society deem "indigenous," we as a people have ignored the ancestors--and continue to do so today. We have cut ourselves off from the spiritual realm, and are paying the price each and every day, from the White House down to the common man. It is time we begin to listen.
If you do not abide by the ancestral law, you tacitly ask for your own punishment. —(Maladome Somé, Of Water and the Spirit ) Do we in the Western world know what the ancestral law actually is? Do we even have a clue? And, in what ways have the ancestors perhaps been trying to impart this knowledge, this wisdom—and we haven’t been listening? Since the dawn of progress, of modern civilization—let’s say, since the 1500’s—man has continued to place himself above natural law, and above those things of which he cannot see. Science has created a form of belief that states, es ...   read more

Living Between Two Worlds   15 y  
Living a balanced life between the spiritual and physical realms is a difficult path, as psychologist Carl Jung knew himself. A visionary life is one where the individual must meet the demands of spirit--a difficult chore, indeed!
Prejudice cripples and injures the full phenomenon of psychic life— Carl Jung , Memories Dreams, Reflections. How do I clear the path that has been laid out for me? It is a path whereby I am being asked to live in between two worlds: that of spirit, and this, the material plane. I have spent the summer mostly engaged in the spiritual realm, neglecting the material. I now see how people get lose in the spiritual, unable to ground themselves in the earthly realm and, therefore, find themselves unable to fully exist. Everything goes to hell: job, family, finances, and—more than lik ...   read more

Let's Just Do It! (Mek We Dweet)   15 y  
Reggae artist Burning Spear sings about doing what all people are being asked to do to help Mother Earth right now: Just Do It! Blessing our lives with thankful, precious work directed towards ourselves and Mother Earth will benefit the entire universe.
Mek we dweet Mek we dweet Mek we dweet And if you ready mek we dweet And if you ready mek we dweet Mek we dweet for Jah. Jah Rastafari. Do the roots and culture. Mek we dweet. And if you ready mek we dweet. --Mek We Dweet (Let’s Do It), Burning Spear, 1990 This is the revolutionary message by a most revolutionary reggae artist, Burning Spear: Let’s Do It! He sings that all people must “do it,” and in the same light, “every nation have to dweet” as well. I most heartily agree. Let’s do it, and now. Let’s do it for Jah R ...   read more

The Spirit Helpers Are All Around!   15 y  
We are so enamored of our box-like existence on Earth that we have forgotten of our true nature--that of Spirit. My dreams continue to remind me of this reality, and I am especially thankful for a recent troll-like visitor!
We all have spirit helpers that come around in our lives, and are oftentimes experienced in our dreams. Of course, in this rational age of materialism, consumerism, political correctness and religious might, there’s no such thing as spirit helpers. So, with that in mind, let this be our little secret, okay? I am in the process of re-reading Carl Jung’s autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections . It’s an amazing compendium of this modern-day shaman’s inner journey. And it’s more revealing than one might think. A near-death experience at the age of 68 left Jung with this ...   read more

It's Time for an Earth Church!   15 y  
It is time we began taking matter into our own hands--literally!--and begin making a spiritual effort towards helping the Mother Goddess. Let's break out the rattles, the drums, and the voices, and have a little Church to heal the land!
Time is a-wasting; instructions have been given—it’s time to start an Earth Church. It is imperative that we heal the land, and the only way we are going to do that is through our intentions and prayers. We, as a people, are obligated to use the inherent force that lies within us to heal this planet. As the Bantu medicine man Mandaza says, “Why isn’t there a hospital to heal the Earth?” As humans, it is our responsibility to heal the planet, and the Earth Church is that vehicle. Let us begin by making a simple pledge: that we will devote our efforts and energies towards praye ...   read more

Time for a New Attitude   15 y  
It seems as though Mother Earth might be cleaning out old energy with the natural disasters occurring around the world. One thing we still have to clean out is our attitudes about race!
I’ve been thinking about my relations with race, and the collective attitude about race as well. This has been a result of dreams and visions I’ve been having over the last four months. A friend of mine had responded to these dreams after she saw the movie Crash , which I also recently saw. It, indeed, produces a very profound experience of how we treat each other in this country—and how much anger is underneath. It is my feeling that for this country—and the world—to move to a different level, we must all change the way in which we see each other. We must be able to go past ...   read more

The Earth Hospital is Open   15 y  
It seems as though Mother Earth could use a little attention after all of the recent tragedies from hurricanes and earthquakes. Perhaps the Earth could use some healing in a way the indigenous cultures have always known--a way we all can now take an active part in helping.
If the Earth Hospital was open, would there be vaccinations for the planet? Could we vaccinate the earth against humanity’s fear, greed, destruction, and inhumanity—the things that are cancerous agents damaging the planet, much in the same way ecological damage is destroying the earth? Would this vaccination be successful? Would it work? As I type these words, I am mindful of the fact that this vaccination would be, of course, a nice brew of assorted mixes: prayers, blessings, gratitude, and love. This would be the composite mix of the vaccination to help the planet ward off these destr ...   read more

The Goddess Is Alive   15 y  
We have been taught that the idea of the Goddess is an artifact of the ancient past; an image of days gone by that is no longer related to our modern world. This is the most erroneous belief we have in this culture today. The Goddess is alive and well!
The Goddess is in everyone, not just every woman; this means every man and woman. All humanity, all creation, all matter is feminine. Anything formed is the body of the Goddess—whether a fish, a stone, a planet. (Graciela Damewood, The Soul of Healing: An Autobiography , p. 91) We have relegated the feminine into a place of subservience, of darkness, of sin, probably out of mankind’s fear of the unknown. The Goddess energy is alive in each and every one of us, although our consciousness of it might be quite dim. We have the most amazing creative power within us, gi ...   read more

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