Dreaming Alive
by greggechols
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Go Into Delight!   14 y  
There's nothing better than waking each morning with the realization that you are about to embark on your life's mission. There's sheer bliss in that experience!
Joseph Campbell is famous in the year 2005 for his eloquent works and his phrase ”follow your bliss.” This is a man who followed his heart’s passion and spent his life researching and meditating on the many, many myths from around the world—and then teaching and writing about them. For him, this was “following your bliss.” It was an act of love. That’s as sweet as finding yourself in a one-car parade where you and your good friend are ”Citizens of the Day.” I am finding myself on a path—-as many of us do-—that sometimes appears devoid of any seeming life ahead of me. It is as though I a ...   read more

Greetings from the Future   14 y  
It seems that our present day form of psychology deals so much with the past that it refuses to look at what's really behind our ills: our future! We're being molded by the blueprint originating from our future, not our past.
Despite what we have been taught and made to believe, our lives our created from our futures: not our pasts. It’s as though what our parents did to us as children does not impact our lives as much as what the future holds for us: the future holds the seeds for our lives. The psychological world that Freud originated taught us that our neuroses are caused by our past; hidden memories or traumas inflicted upon us in childhood are the origins of our present-day mental problems. Those events or experiences are the causes of today’s symptoms. Unmasking the root of those symptoms wil ...   read more

Time is Rapidly Flying By   14 y  
It's as though I'm in the passenger seat of a rocket ship, zipping through space in the comfort of my own Lazy Boy recliner. Or is it my imagination?
These are the days.   Time is rapidly flying by, and you can’t even keep track of the hours anymore.   What is it?   A shift in the Universal clock?   Time-space movement?   Or, simply a shift in the space of your own multidimensional being? I began to ponder these possibilities a few days ago, wondering what exactly was taking place in my small world of existence.   Why are the days turning into months?   Why do I barely have to move a finger and I’ve already hurdled into another week? Some of my own reading and dreaming and ...   read more

Is Anyone Up for an Inner Revolution?   14 y  
The French playwright, poet and essayist Aimé Césaire certainly had a great sense on the state of the world. And was he ahead of his time!
We think we are in a newly-created time, one that is far removed from that period experienced by our grandparents in the 1940’s, perhaps our great-grandparents in the 1910’s, and our great-great grandparents of the late 1800’s.   For that matter, we think we are in a time period of war and travesty that is unlike that of any other in history. Maybe not.   Here’s something from a magical man, a French writer, who happened to inspire a few people with these words.   Here’s from the book, Discourse on Colonialism by Aimé Césaire:   I make no secret of my opin ...   read more

Keeping a Foot in Both Worlds   14 y  
Holding a thought can be a little more work than anticipated at times--at least for me. I'll try to hold one long enough to share these thoughts.
Is it really a good idea to “hold” a thought?   Is it physically possible?   Do you need special equipment to “hold” a thought?   Can anybody do it? I was thinking earlier about the idea “I’ll hold that thought,” and I realize:   for me, right now, in this space that I am—no, that’s not a good idea.   If I “hold that thought” I will be floating off into some unknown, distant terrain. It’s like that for me right now.   I will “catch” a thought, and it is ...   read more

It Ain't Nothin' Like Art That Brings Us to the Threshhold   14 y  
Leonard Shlain writes that visionary artists are the first members of a culture to see the world in a new way. I'd like to imagine what kind of culture is ahead of us by imagining it in the art of such persons as Alex Grey.
What grabbed my attention this morning was a quote in an article I read last night by Joseph Chilton Pearce about a Californian surgeon named Leonard Shlain. This man has written a book, Art and Physics , in which he says “the most advanced visual artists have prophetically foreshadowed in their work all the key scientific discoveries later made by physicists,” according to a Los Angeles review of the book by John Wilkes in 1991. The synopsis on Shlain’s website says:   Leonard Shlain proposes that the visionary artist is the first member of a culture to see the world in a ne ...   read more

Dreaming Ourselves Alive   14 y  
Our dreams are a portal to our "larger" selves, and if we allow ourselves the freedom of opening to those energies from "beyond," we can experience much healing and learning as well.
            One of Sigmund Freud’s most famous lines was his description in 1899 of dreams as being “the royal road to the unconscious.”   I’ll go just a bit further in 2006 in proclaiming dreams to be the “royal road to our multidimensional selves.”             Pioneering psychologist Stan Grof writes that “in our everyday state of consciousness we identify with only a small fraction of who we really are.”   That& ...   read more

You Got It: The Magical Formula Behind Creating A New Day   14 y  
There's so much that makes up the world around us, and it pretty much starts with what we are bringing forward from within.
It is almost as though each morning we awake to a new world, one that is created out of the new emotions, ideas, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that we awake in each morning:   these are each composed of their own worlds, so, in that respect, since these are each arranged differently within us than when we went to sleep, we awake in a different world. I am suggesting that these emotions and ideas and thoughts and beliefs and attitudes carry imaginal worlds that place us in a different space than the one we were in the previous day.   That space is fluid, permeable, changeable, ...   read more

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Been Duped   14 y  
So much goes on in our lives on an "unseen" level that over 200 years of colonialism on our part as a nation is certainly being felt within the psyches of each of us. Perhaps in the not-too-distant future we will begin to recognize this in a profound--and healing--way.
We have been “duped” into believing so much about ourselves that isn’t true.   Our collective psyche in America is severely ill—the trauma we have inflicted on millions of people on the belief we are “spreading democracy” is coming back not only to haunt us—but to kill us , too. It is as though we are living the truth of “what goes around comes around.”   Heart disease is up, teenage suicide is rising, and half of our fellow citizens are on some kind of medication that is numbing some part of them.   We can no longer experience the fullness of being alive and human in this c ...   read more

The Passionate Goddess   14 y  
Our society has created a model for psychological health that is based on a rather limited scope and framework. Imagine if this model was based on a more planetary-inclusive ideal of existence. Then we might be a healthy society!
Our Western world has been created based on our relationship with our fellow man.   What has happened to our relationship with the rest of the planet in the process?   Take, for instance, our societal criteria for being a “normal” individual, a “normal” citizen.   Note how our determinants our often based on a medical model:   such as our psychological tests and standards, which have been based on our relationship with society. What if the standardized model for “sanity”—the psychological profile known as the DSM-IV—was created based on our relationship with all beings?   How ...   read more

Hold It, But Don't Squeeze It!   14 y  
"Holding" a dream can sometimes take some practice--especially those visiting from very distance spaces. But with practice, it's a snap!
            It’s a shame our modern world doesn’t offer us the ways of civilizations such as the ancient Greeks when it comes to working with the “other world” of dreams, visions, and mythologies.   The Oracle at Delphi and the Temple of Asclepius were wonderful means by which the Greeks attuned themselves to that “other world.” We don’t think we have direct links with that “other world” in ways that were commonplace in the days of the Greeks, but we do—through our ...   read more

My Spaceship Landed in Your Soup   14 y  
There are aspects of Our Selves that are calling us forward towards experiencing them in each moment. Listening, of course, is the key.
It is as though there are pockets of energy surrounding us, waiting for us to be “conscious” enough in order to recognize them and, hence, “wake up.”   The Universe is designed this way—It wants to be self-aware, and by that, self-aware means Self –aware— our awareness of Self. We are more attuned to the living Reality of all That Is than we ever imagined. There is nothing separate from us; yet we are separated by our individual thoughts that create divisions—illusions that do not reflect the true Reality of It All. Realizin ...   read more

A Paradigm Shift is Upon Us   14 y  
We are being asked to give up our familiar roles in order to assimilate new energies being brought to the planet. It is as though our work as visionaries, artists, writers, is to enter in to a realm of sacrifice through courage and trust.
     New personality types are created during social and spiritual crises of religious, political or economic origin.      --Otto Rank, Beyond Psychology , 1958. What kind of “paradigm shift” are we being prepared for in these days? What roles are we playing in this? What’s going on here? Theologian Matthew Fox writes that the “coming of the Cosmic Christ” is part of a paradigm shift, one that can be anticipated via various actions that are laid out by Thomas Kuhn in his book, The Structure of Scientif ...   read more

It's Time To Clean Out Our Closets   14 y  
It's time to clean our closets of our old, worn-out, discarded rummage--also known as our Worn Out Thoughts! Let's see how well we can
Are you ready to hold a rummage sale? Are you ready to discard all those worn-out beliefs that are no longer working for your advantage? Are you ready to remove them from your personal inventory, from your closet? Let them go! Give them back to the universe so that they might be reenergized, renewed, and replaced with higher energies and vibrations! They do not serve you any longer, so remove them, get them out of your closet! Please…..the longer you hold on to them, the longer it takes to remove them. How many of you are aware of the vibration you pass around to others by wa ...   read more

Whispers from the Ancestors   14 y  
Our relationship to the ancestors is a concept more foreign to us than our relationship with UFO's. The ancestors affect our lives, and if we were to consciously create a relationship with them, it might benefit all of our existence.
We are a goal-oriented society. We think in terms of moving forward in life: gaining success in our career; creating a strong and healthy family; achieving financial security and having great material comforts. And, of course, we want to be at peace with our Maker, and be cleared of all the sins that would otherwise keep us out of Heaven when that Day comes to pass. What if all of this was backwards? What if our every breath, our every movement was being directed through us by something outside of us—something foreign, apart from our egotistical mind, and inherently devoid ...   read more

Discovering Our True Nature   14 y  
The paradigm in which we live has given us a worldview in which we see ourselves as limited human beings with certain roles and definitions. Perhaps the day is drawing near when we are able to imagine ourselves as greater beings.
It is as if the challenge we face in this epoch is to transcend this seemingly dual nature and return to a wholistic lived experience of our greater beings.   We are not simply male or female, white or black, young or old, gay or straight, human or animal.   Our natures are of such a wide diversity that to have limited ourselves by our “classifications” will prove to be the greatest folly of the scientifically-oriented, male-dominated human.   For the truth is we have been blind in this age of science and Christianity.   Man does not hold dominion ove ...   read more

The New Psychology of the Stars   14 y  
We come from a place that is beyond the womb, beyond childhood; beyond our fears and our doubts...it is time we begin to recognize this truth about ourselves and relate to our world in a different way!
It is as though a new psychology is coming into focus for me. I see this through my readings in depth psychology; through my meditations, rituals, work with art, and through the experiences and dreams I have garnered the last decade. I am experiencing this new psychology coming into focus more and more, especially as new “information” is coming to me through my various readings and dreams. This is a psychology of man’s multidimensional self: not a self comprised of man’s various psychological selves such as his id, ego, superego; his shadow, anima, animus, ...   read more

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