Juice fasting for the 5th time
by Disturbance

The juice fast, Day 12/12   7 y  
All in all I'm very pleased!
Iím writing this a while now after the fast. Blogging surely isnít my thing any more. Juice fasting just might be, though. I have to say the experience was really necessary and helpful in terms of easing some bothersome ailments such as a stubborn need to clear my throat, and my mood swings. These two have probably improved the most during and since the fast. I no longer need to blow my nose all the time while indoors (an all-year-round problem Iíve had for a few years now) but only occasionally and while exercising outdoors, and all in all I have now lost 8kg from what I was two month ...   read more

The juice fast, Day 10/12   7 y  
Everything's ok, still going! Feel free to comment!
Yellow kiwi fruit, 500g Cold pressed blood orange juice, 1 liter Green grapes, 1kg Carrots, 2kg 2 x avokados (for breaking the fast in a few days) Galia melon (whatever that is), 1,4kg Celery, 500g Cherries, 1,8kg Cherry tomatoes (for breaking the fast) = Ä27,51 -------------------- Keeping a journal has become a chore for me years ago for some reason, and I surely have been having a load of time and motivation problems with this blog, too. Iíll try to make a little summary here. Nothing overly exciting or important to report has happened. I have been consuming the same ...   read more

The juice fast, Day 6   7 y  
Finally, a day I'm experiencing hunger - and found a possible solution for my exercise dilemma! Feel free to comment!
Today has been a nice day all in all. My tongue was slightly coated in the morning and for once I was actually glad at the sight. A small cup of hot lemon water in the morning, and the juice of 6 pears (about 300 ml of juice but a whole heap of foam). I had happily slept till late so it was already afternoon when I got up to my juicing. I felt my hands and feet were cold, like yesterday and the day before, but the rest of me found the indoors very warm. I did have an overall feeling of being hungry and kind of craving for something to eat, watching Easy Rider last night didnít help wit ...   read more

The juice fast, Day 5   7 y  
Serene state, an empty calmness today. Feel free to comment!
This morning I remembered to check my tongue again, and it wasnít really coated at all after brushing it last night. Good or bad, am I cleansing or not? I had half a mugful of hot water with lemon in the morning, and juiced the honeydew out of which juice I consumed 300 ml for breakfast. Today I wasnít anywhere near as physically drained as yesterday, I seem to have entered some sort of a serene stage where nothing in my head works. This can be seen positive if I donít worry too much about the absent mindedness - Iím calm, my thoughts donít race, my emotions are under check and my mood is ...   read more

The juice fast, Day 4   7 y  
Exhausted but happy, a calm and stable day of rest. Feel free to comment!
Today Iím finally up to date with the blog. It has been a very tired and exhausted day and thereís no surprise in that, yesterday was demanding. Iíve had a cup of chaga mushroom tea with African rooibos, a cup of herbal tea, a big portion of self-pressed apple juice and some diluted buckthorn juice. I feel like I need something more soon, and weíre about to head to the grocery store in a bit. I donít know what it is but I woke along with my boyfriend after 8 am, which is unusually late for him and incredibly early for me. I usually rise between 11 am and 2 pm because of whatever this co ...   read more

The juice fast, Day 3   7 y  
A lot of exercise today, but feeling better than on the 3rd day generally. Feel free to comment!
Iím writing this on day 4 of the fast as yesterday was too busy until late in the evening to concentrate on writing. So yesterday I and my boyfriend went picking bilberries (small blueberries) in the woods a short way away. I had hot water with lemon in the morning and some veggie broth from the day before. I was relatively tired and felt it in my body yet we thought berry picking would be a good combination of relatively light exercise and utilizing the season and filling the freezer with something to put in my smoothies later on during the year. Iím not quite sure how long a trip we made ...   read more

The juice fast, Day 2   7 y  
Feeling better today and able to do nice things! Feel free to comment!
Day 2 of this fast was considerably better, the headache and nausea were gone - thank goodness! I really donít know what more I couldíve done to get through. Today I and my boyfriend decided to do something nice together, so I juiced the same kind of a batch as yesterday (three cucumbers, six tomatoes, a small bit of ginger and four apples all in separate containers) and took them with us to an olden-time fair in the country not too far away. The weather was lovely, we spent a good couple of hours there, and I didnít feel hungry or too weak at all. Instead I was perfectly capable of resis ...   read more

The juice fast, Day 1   7 y  
Severe detox symptoms, a bad day. Feel free to comment!
As one might notice Iím writing this on day 4. The first three days have been relatively full of activity, and Iíve been away from home and computer the whole time. But Iím still on the fast and committed to report, worry not! The first day of the fast kicked off rather well, I had some hot water with lemon in the morning and the remaining double-diluted vegetable soup for breakfast (yes, a tiny cheat there). The soup was really a calculated plan, though, since I needed to ride my bike to town for an appointment and I was confident plain juices wouldnít provide me with sufficient energy ...   read more

Pre-Day Summary   7 y  
Easing into the fast and slowly realizing what I'm getting myself into again. Feel free to comment!
Hello all. I have just finished reading my four past fasting blogs here. Itís been such a long time, and in all honesty I feel so stupid. It seems like back then I had nothing to complain about - I was happy, I had a social life, my weight was just fine and I was interested in things. Today absolutely all of that has been turned to the complete opposite. Iím deeply depressed and sleep mostly all of my days not being able to do much, not that Iím even willing to. I have virtually no social contacts apart from the man Iím dating, and I have absolutely no interest in obtaining any. Iíve ju ...   read more


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