Collective Disease Incorporated
by Lapis
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Media and Propoganda   18 y  
Here is a film that looks at propoganda in the media.
Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land - Part 1 - Part 2   visit the page

CIA Fakes   18 y  
Fintan highlites the psy op war to fragment the 911 truth movement.
Fintan Dunne’s latest broadcast covers the CIA fakes desiged to cause framgmentation between left and right as well as movements to look into the Iraq war and 911. He points out the psy op war very clearly. There is also some very real accounts from soldiers reporting b ack from the Iraq war. Fintan Dunne Broadcast ~Lapis~   visit the page

Bad Laws/Police State   18 y  
"It is the end of a nation. It is the end of decisions by ourselves over ourselves. It is a reduction of our standard of living: a decline of the middle class, an increase in poverty, homelessness, destruction of our social safety net. It is the militarization of the country. It is the creation of a police state. "
Part Three: The Effect of All the Bad Law, Some History, and What To Do written by Connie Fogal, Leader CAP/PAC, November 2005 ”Connect the dots. Year 2010 is the target date of the Canada/US/ Mexico task force’s planned North American Union. Year 2010 is the year by which Canada will have had a $54.5 billion total surplus over 5-6 years. How is that ”surplus” to be used? Not to restore the social programs our government pillaged to create the surplus. It will be used to pay for the ”architecture” of the ”paradigm” for cooperation, i.e. the North American Union, or as they call i ...   read more

Agreements & Laws   18 y  
Governmental arrangements made which throw away our sovereignty, independence, and our civil liberties.
Part 2 of Meta-Morphosis and Sabotage of Canada by our own Government - Laws, Arrangements and Agreements written by Connie Fogal, Leader CAP/PAC, November 2005 Lets look at some of the other incredible arrangements our government has made, all of which throw away our sovereignty, independence, and our civil liberties. 1. The Canada -U.S. Smart Border Declaration with a 30 point action plan signed Dec 12,2001 2. The Public Safety Act, 2002 with despotic powers to certain Cabinet Ministers 3. The Anti Terrorism Act currently under review 4.The North American Security and Prosperit ...   read more

North American Union   18 y  
North American Union (part one)
Summary and Part 1:The Metamorphosis and Sabotage of Canada by Our Own Government- The North American Union written by Connie Fogal, Leader CAP/PAC, November 2005 Summary: The North American continent is being transformed from three sovereign nations (Canada, USA, Mexico) into one regional corporate power base, the North American Union. Unlike the creation of the European Union, there is no public political/ academic discourse on the merits, or pros and cons of a North American Union building up to a vote within each nation as to the wish of the people to join such a union. Instead ...   read more

North American Police State   18 y  
A North American Police State is being crafted.
The Metamorphosis and the sabotage of Canada by our own government, written in three parts: written by Connie Fogal, Leader CAP/PAC, November 2005 The North American continent is being transformed from three sovereign nations Canada, USA, Mexico) into one regional corporate power base, the North American Union. Unlike the creation of the European Union, there is no public political/ academic discourse on the merits, or pros and cons of a North American Union building up to a vote within each nation as to the wish of the people to join such a union. Instead the union is being created by ...   read more

Freedom To Fascism   18 y  
"harness your grief, your pain, your fear, your anger to action." Read on...
Video trailer of documentary America: Freedom to Fascism (a must see) Connie Fogal., Leader of the Canadian Action Party urges everyone to watch this promotional video of this documentary film . Connie Fogal says the following: ”This documentary started as an expose of the fact that there is no law in USA requiring income tax be paid. It exposes the money power scam against people. It repeats the kind of information CAP has been presenting about money power since our inception. Then the investigation led the producer to the horrifying information of what now exists in the USA.” ”The ...   read more

Window Is Closing   18 y  
The pattern is clear for those who are aware. Read on...
Why Americans Should Be Packing Their Bags NOW By Ezekiel It is now time to think about the unthinkable. Americans who have been raised to love their country and trust in their leaders’ commitment to democracy need to be considering--even planning for--emigrating to escape before full-blown tyranny arrives in the United States. You and Your Family Can Be Trapped in a Matter of Hours Don’t be lulled into complacency because neither you nor your friends have been hauled out of bed by the Gestapo in the middle of the night. The he ...   read more

Racial Manipulation   18 y  
It's happening again right under our noses. The same people that funded Hitler's fascist ideals are at it again. This time they are infiltrating many countries all at once.
’How’d They Do That?’ Racial Manipulation - Can it be Stopped? June 13, 2006 Op-ed by Catherine Whelan Costen, Canadian Action Party President Authors note: ’Recent comments on the internet, in letters to the editor and even in mainstream news broadcasts has caused me to examine the purpose of racism, its roots and its use in a civilized society. My hope is that the reader will explore this ‘touchy’ issue with me, using their own experiences and a critical mind, for the sake of peace for themselves and for future generations.’ Catherine Canadians are being manipulated by the ...   read more

Spying On Canadians   18 y  
The New World Order is alive and well in Canada as our leaders take their orders from the same masters as the USA and other Countries. Our privacy is in jeapordy just as our fellow americans are losing theirs.
Canada’s Sweeping Law to Spy on Canadians Canada prepares a sweeping law to spy on its citizens called The Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act. The sweeping surveillance bill introduced in Parliament November 15,2005 called The Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act is a gross violation of Canadian civil liberties, of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and of our Constitutional entitlements. It must not be tolerated . Every politician who supports it is an enemy of Canada, our people, and our freedom. Every Canadian who cares about his/ her liberty must take a stand ...   read more

Canadian Census   18 y  
"We the people of Canada need to unite and stand together for our future and the future of this country. We do not have any legal obligation other than to provide the minimum information required."
Love is Blind - The Census Threat Opinion Piece by Catherine Whelan Costen, President of Canadian Action Party Our new conservative government has returned from their honeymoon with a new best friend. Canadian Action Party along with the people of Canada weren’t invited to the wedding. Canada’s new ambassador Michael Wilson is rekindling his love affair from the Mulroney years. As a key player in Mulroney’s government when the Free Trade betrayals began, he is now playing the role of soothing the border concerns by offering up sweet talk on the National ID cards,perhaps as barter for ...   read more

Federal Reserve pt2   18 y  
The bankster's federal reserve plunder act, part 2 ;-)
Acceptance Banking The Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks have been international bankers from the beginning, with the United States Government as their enforced banker and supplier of currency. But it is none the less extraordinary to see those twelve private credit monopolies buying the debts of foreigners against foreigners in all parts of the world and asking the Government of the United States for new issues of Federal Reserve notes in exchange for them. I see no reason why the American taxpayers should be hewers of wood and drawers of water for the Euro ...   read more

Federal Reserve Pt1   18 y  
The Federal Reserve is responsible for the power structure that continues to fund the gutting of the American Constitution. It was a con perpetrated by the biggest loan sharks in history and is one of the main power feeders for the global elite. In tryong to reverse this fraud, Kennedy lost his life.
Louis McFadden on the Federal Reserve Speech by Rep. Louis T. McFadden denouncing the Federal Reserve System -- by Louis McFadden, 1932-06-10 source: Congressional Record, 1932, pg 12595-96 .: with hyperlinks to entries from the MHP database :. [Editor’s note: Louis T. McFadden was the president of the Pennsylvania Bankers’ Association (1914-15) and president of the First National Bank of Canton, Pennsylvania (1916-25). He had been Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee for over 10 years when he made this speech denouncing the Federal Reserve S ...   read more

Corps Use Youtube Covertly   18 y  
PR and spin knows no boundries. The controllers know that perception is reality and that the media is the message, and they use it to their advantage.
Where did that video spoofing Gore’s film come from? Thursday, August 03, 2006 By Antonio Regalado and Dionne Searcey, The Wall Street Journal Everyone knows Al Gore stars in the global warming documentary ”An Inconvenient Truth.” But who created ”Al Gore’s Penguin Army,” a two-minute video now playing on In the video, Mr. Gore appears as a sinister figure who brainwashes penguins and bores movie audiences by blaming the Mideast crisis and starlet Lindsay Lohan’s shrinking waist size on global warming. Like other videos on the popular YouTube site, it has a home-made ...   read more

Who Killed John Lennon   18 y  
Things are not what they seemed in the perceptionally controlled world.
Behind the pop culture media machine is the agenda.... Food for thought concerning the pop icon Lennon. Who Killed John Lennon? It is quite ironic that the man who penned the words ”Give peace a chance” and made it a mantra for the sixties generation should have come to such a violent and untimely death. It was, indeed, an assassination and not a murder. But why? What made this man so important, gave him such influence, and, in the end, made him so dangerous to those who, ultimately, created him? There are direct links which tie many pop music groups together in an ongo ...   read more

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