Master Cleanse - A Fresh Start
by Moriquendi

Day 14 - I've decided this is my last day   15 y  
Soup sure smells good..
This is it. Coming to the end of my last night. I’ve decided that I am going to end it now. The Cleanse that is!! (What were YOU thinking?) I have decided that 14 days is quite sufficient for this time and I think my body needs to recover now. It’s too late to turn back, I’ve already started my soup for tomorrow night! Bwahahaha! Today was a rather ho hum day cleanse wise. I am STILL passing darker matter but the rest of the detox has been rather low key. My energy level is extremely low too. Anyway, I’m going to call it a success this time around again. I will be doi ...   read more

Day 13 - A very ..err.. productive day   15 y  
Director's cut.
Okay, I went to bed a midnight last night, fell asleep quite quickly. And wouldn’t you know, I was instantly wide awake at 4:43am. No particular reason, unless you count the fact that my intestines were making interesting noises and giving me a sensation of champagne bubbles rolling around. So, naturally I turned over and went back to sleep. Then it came time to do my SWF and crawl back into bed. I slept until 9:30. This is NOT good! Since I have to be at work somewhere around 10ish and I still had to shower and get my daily feed mixed up. Well I wasn’t TOO late, and I ended up ...   read more

Day 12 - I am VERY hungry now   15 y  
Nothing new.. detox symptoms minimal
For the first time in a week, my stomach has reached out and literally made its presence felt in a real, non-psychological way. It’s being loud and obnoxious about it too. But I will be stronger than that. Not much new to report today. I worked late to make up for the fact that I didn’t get to work until after 10am. Even though I did go to bed 45 min earlier last night, I suspect I need to make it ALOT earlier. So 12am it will be. I’m not having any trouble getting to sleep at all, it’s just really hard to get up. Probably just the lowered energy that I have these days. My s ...   read more

Day 11 - Just call me the Eveready Bunny   15 y  
I don't think I talk quite so much in the real world..
My coworkers are HORRIFIED! Ever since I started to cleanse, I have heard nothing but just how insane I am and that this can’t be good for me. Then I get the lowdown on what everyone had for dinner last night, what they had for breakfast, and what they are having for lunch and dinner. Most of which involves alot of bread, grains, and pasta. :insert eye roll here: Anyway, this morning’s SWF went exceedingly well. I added a bit more salt to make the full rounded teaspoons, I suspect I was skimping the last couple of days. My stomach has gone from this ’buddha belly’ look to a n ...   read more

Day 10 - Now I Have to Decide..   15 y  
..whether or not to continue.
Day 10 is almost over for me and it was, again, an indifferent day. My SWF didn’t quite go as smoothly as usual though. I woke up, drank my Litre of water and salt and went back to bed. Luckily I had taken this extra day off to extend my long weekend. Anyway, at the time that I usually took my first ’feed’, I was still waiting for the intestines to do their little swishy, gurgling, action that usually sends me running for the biffy. Hmm.. I am wondering if I should up the salt slightly. So I gave it another hour and finally forced myself to go and of course it did, just not qui ...   read more

Day 9 - Waiting for the other shoe to drop   15 y  
This is almost getting repetitive.
Today was rather an uneventful day again. It was officially Thanksgiving but I decided to make myself scarce, for the reasons given in Day 8. I am finding this cleanse quite a bit easier than my last one. The one I did in June was a trial and only lasted 14 days. The biggest problem still is that I’m not drinking enough water. I find that my hands actually start to get a slight shrivelled look and that is what clues me in. I am drinking about 2 litres over and above the 8 cups of lemonade so perhaps I will attempt to do 3 litres tomorrow. I see on the forum boards that alot ...   read more

Day 8 - And still going strong. *Warning* Graphic food desc.   15 y  
Detoxing cinnamon rolls.
Now I know what it’s like to fixate on food. I went to the mall today with my friend and we decided to stop for beverage. I had a nice cup of tea while she had Diet Coke. It’s funny, I couldn’t help think of the aspartame and all it’s associated problems while she drank it. I’ve tried to tell her about aspartame in the past but she gets all defensive and angry that I would even dare tell her that there’s something wrong with what she does, that I just don’t bother anymore. Anyway, she’ll have to deal with the outcome herself. So, there we were sitting having beverages in, of al ...   read more

Day 7 - And all is well..   15 y  
A normal boring day. Thanksgiving.
Well this was the most boring day of my cleanse. Didn’t feel hungry, the cayenne pepper didn’t get up my nose, and felt pretty much no pain. Had so much energy too.. wasn’t quite running marathons but I was out for most of the day walking and shopping.. I told my mother on Thursday night that I was doing this cleanse and that I wasn’t likely to head over to her place for Thanksgiving on account of this cleansing thing. Then she calls me up today to invite me over anyway even if I wasn’t eating. I had to gracefully decline. There was no way I was going over there to be torture ...   read more

Day 6   15 y  
ANother day, hungry, decisions made, good thing my head was screwed on...
OKay this day was strange. I forgot to put cayenne pepper in my stock of juice today. It wasn’t so bad but I am tired now. The body didn’t get a chance to warm up any. I am hungry too. Not painfully, but just enough that my stomach feels like it’s a deep pit and it’s talking to me too. Or.. of course that could just be the intestines doing their little rockin’ & rollin’. Or both. I’ve decided to stop the P&B shakes for now to see how things fair. I have an feeling that it wasn’t really doing me any good. I really like the SWF’s too. With the right bottle with warm water, ...   read more

Day 5   15 y  
My day. In short.
OKay, day’s almost over, drinking my senna tea and of course, sitting here at the computer at 10:30pm. I didn’t get a chance to do my afternoon b&p shake thing so I will attempt it again tomorrow. Work was hosting a BBQ today, for which I had paid my $5 for last month, then promptly forgot it. So I didn’t attend, just stayed and worked in my office. Sometimes my friends annoy me. I have one who phones to just talk. And we talked tonight for almost an hour, well, she talked, I listened with the appropriate ’uh huhs’ in place. Good thing I had to go to the bathroom and cut into ...   read more

Day 4   15 y  
Supercharged and ewww... Obsession!
Today was incredible. I felt fantastic!! This morning I woke up at 167.5lbs, then I did my SWF and shot up to 170. And this was AFTER of the SWF. Okay I can live with this. Didn’t drink near enough water today but I’ve determined it’s because my water bottle is not big enough (500ml), and I can’t locate a reasonable non-chlorinated source of water at work. But I’ve just bought 2 one litre bottles of water, which I am drinking now, and I can use the bottles for work tomorrow. Did a workout tonight. Not too much, only about 50 minutes. 10 min cardio and lo ...   read more

Day 3   15 y  
My tapeworm woke up and I can't bring myself to get those fruitflies drunk.
I must be feeling better. My stomach decided that it was time to politely inform me that it hasn’t had solid food now for awhile and it’s getting anxious. I told it to shut up and fed it more sweet and sour water. Need to drink far more normal water though. Going to try the bentonite/psyllium mixture tonight and see how we fare tomorrow. 1 cup water 1 Tbsp Bentonite 1 tsp Psyllium Now I have to determine whether to drink it before or after the senna tea. Found out that fruit flies love lemons. I have about 50 of them hovering over last night’s pile of rinds. Go figure. ...   read more

Day 2   15 y  
Major Migraine from Mars, and all that sweet stuff
Did I mention I was a coffee drinker? Last night, after day 1 I had the most horrific headache in my life. Since I don’t actually get headaches, it was pretty bad. I couldn’t decide if it was coffee withdrawal or the fact that still have the flu. (this is the first flu for which I’ve actually had headaches from). Anyway, since I have the flu I haven’t felt much like eating. This is extremely good as I suspect I’ll get over that craving hump very quickly without alot of self-torture. Have you ever noticed just how many food commercials there are on tv? Or when you walk down t ...   read more

Introductions   15 y  
Abstract? Simple introductions here.
Hi! This is my 3rd kick at the Master Cleanse. The first time went for 21 days, it was extremely easy. The second time was an incredibly difficult 14 days. This time starts tomorrow. I currently have a low-grade flu I just caught on Friday. Symptoms include upper back muscle stiffness, foggy head, and lethargy. I’m not tired, just not willing to do anything. Current stats: 5ft 2inches 173 pounds 36% body fat Size 14 My normal diet includes high protein and low carbs. No bread or sugar, or other related products. Or, at least, no more than once a week. I don’t ...   read more


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