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Tar Sands - Not the Whole Problem   7 y  
The Tar Sands are indeed ugly and awful and dangerous, but they are not threatening the entire world, whereas Global Warming IS. Our environmental groups are putting too much effort into protesting the Tar Sands, and we are being distracted from the bigger problem of global warming.
       Tar Sands - "a risk no sane person would take" - But Not the Whole Problem    Whereas the Alberta Tar Sands is an obvious focal point where our values can be defined, we should keep in mind that the Tar Sands is NOT THE WHOLE PROBLEM.     People who defend or invest in the Tar Sands are on the wrong side of so much that is wrong with our world. Some Examples:  - the assault on nature could not be more stark with the toxic pollution forest destruction, and that the tailings ponds are world' ...   read more

Simple truth - Prosperity via Public Banking   7 y  
"interest on borrowed money accounts for ONE-THIRD of everything we buy".
Economics doesn’t HAVE to be so massively difficult, as it is now where the average person cannot even have an opinion unless they have a University education in Economics. The simple fact we all can understand is not widely known - ”interest on borrowed money accounts for ONE-THIRD of everything we buy”. Really. Money is borrowed to pay for the machines that are used to make things, money is borrowed to meet payrolls, money is borrowed to buy the trucks that transport the goods, money is borrowed to open the store that sells them, money is borrowed to buy the store’s stock - a ...   read more

Canada's P.M. Harper Destroys Science Books, and Libraries.   7 y  
PM Harper orders science libraries closed - books destroyed
      P.M. Harper [Canada] has allowed, encouraged, and directed the destruction of a vast body of knowledge about Canada's rivers, lakes, and wetlands - covering 14% of our great nation - to be destroyed.    He has ordered that seven out of nine Fisheries and Oceans ["DFO "] regional Science Libraries are to be closed. The government website states that that materials from those libraries will be amalgamated into two remaining libraries, but it appears now that all of those valuable materials will be DESTROYED. What will ...   read more

Of Crimes and Perpetrators - NATIONS are not Perps   7 y  
Think about how easily we accepted "going after Iraq" for 9-11. Why was that? Who did it died, isn't that enough considering Islamic extremists only commit 6% of attacks?
                        Of Crimes and Perpetrators - Not NATIONS      It is time we started asking how it was that it seemed so "okay" to attack an entire NATION for the crimes of a few INDIVIDUALS.     Normally when a crime is committed we go after the perpetrators, and if they were killed during the crime they committed we say "we would have executed them if we put them on trial and found them guilty, but since th ...   read more

Rush Limbaugh - may I correct you, sir?   7 y  
Polar Vortex is a term created over 150 years ago, and not in response to the global warming agenda of the mainstream media. Rush Limbaugh makes a lot of money saying things that even I can correct easily.
  Regarding the cold snap that saw extreme low temperature in the eastern USA, Rush Limbaugh had a section of his radio show devoted to the subject, and he ended upsounding slightly foolish. Allow me to explain -    Normally  the 24-hrs./day darkness in the Arctic in winter time creates a cold air mass in a well-defined zone between that cold air and the warmer air further south. This dense cold air mass rotates counter-clockwise [due to the Coriolis effect] and it is what meteorologists have been calling the "Polar Vortex" for over 150 years. *[1] ...   read more

The Biggest story of 2013?   7 y  
Runaway global warming is likely when methane begins to be released due to warmer temperatures
The Biggest story of 2013: Huge methane releases from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean This diagram [below, or follow link] by the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) shows that in the Arctic, three problems are compounding one another: * emissions causing global warming, * sea ice loss causing accelerated warming, and * methane releases further accelerate Arctic warming. Diagram of Doom - Feedback systems in the Arctic Original source for the diagram ...   read more

Thoughts of a longer view as another year passes   7 y  
The enemy is omnipresent and omnipotent, and it is often us, ourselves, but mostly our leaders.
January 3, 2014 Thoughts on the Passing of Another Year [since 9-11]: America's childish bawling over a slap in the face   Well it is 2014, we made it this far, hooray hoorah and three cheers.    In our personal lives, marking another year off by the simple act of hanging a new calendar on the wall, is something to cheer about because we managed to navigate the modern world, we survived, some of us thrived, some took a big dive, but mostly we are alive. So, yay me.   If you have read my blog before, then you already knew this post wasn't ...   read more

South America - free at last!!   8 y  
America has backed down and South America is finally able to choose the socialist government it wanted for 5 decades.
There has been an amazing thing happening in South America in the past decade - they have gotten out from under America’s thumb!! For 4 or 5 decades the covert US agents were stopping South Americans from electing the government that the people wanted, thwarting democracy at every turn. In recent years Latin American nations have managed to keep their chosen leaders out of the line of American firepower and have elected socialist governments.... as they had done in the first half of the 20th C until America stopped it. ”America, the great defender of democracy”? - It would be a joke if ...   read more

"Pay us, or ELSE" - the empty threat of AntiVirus protection   8 y  
Antivirus protection is not needed, they just scare us into it. Create the Problem, Offer the Solution
December 15, 2013 Blog - would I feel good about ”joining in” on something with a ”zero-sum” benefit, especially if it costs me money? Or would I feel better about resisting the pressure to ”go along, everybody needs one”? I am talking about Virus Protection. This scandalous piece of salesmanship is a ”zero-sum benefit” in that the best we can hope for is that there is no damage done, that nobody plants a virus in our computer. And, even WITH the protection paid for, many computers are infected anyhow - it is said that a good hacker can defeat the most sophisticated anti-virus cod ...   read more

Hydrogen from Sewage and Sun   8 y  
Hydrogen Fuel from Sewage and Sunlight
Sorry folks, I have really been falling behind... I have several posts to get done, starting with this slightly ukky one, lol. This post is about some great news on clean energy research that did not make it into the mainstream news at all, not one bit, despite the fact that it is very newsworthy. Clean energy is being kept quiet!! Okay, here we go - [links below] - A novel device that uses only sunlight and wastewater - raw sewage actually - to produce hydrogen gas could provide a sustainable energy source [hydrogen] while improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment. ...   read more

Plants Exposed by Melting Ice - New Climate Change Evidence   8 y  
Plants exposed under melting ice caps show how long it has been since it was this warm.
* I have not seen this study in the mainstream media... Plants Exposed by Melting Ice A new study shows that the present warmth in the Eastern Canadian Arctic exceeds the peak warmth there in the Early Holocene, when solar energy reaching the Northern Hemisphere in summer was roughly 9 percent greater than today. As ice caps today recede they expose dead plants killed long ago when the ice cap formed and then preserved ever since by the ice. This summer, 2013, a science team collected some of those newly-exposeed plants, in the form of dead moss clumps from ...   read more

World's Dirtiest Oil and some Very Ugly Politicians   8 y  
P.M. Harper [Canada] is colluding with Oil Corporations to get their very dirty oil from the Tar Sands to China via the proposed Enbridge Gateway Pipeline. Our PM's lies and corruption are unparallelled in Canadian history.
                                World’s Dirtiest Oil and some Very Ugly Politicians    For those of you who are interested in the Canadian Tar Sands, and the "government-corporate corruption" issues of today, there are some interesting developments outlined in a report from Ms. May, the Green Party M.P. [Canadian Federal Government Member of Parliament].   It concerns the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline th ...   read more

Oil is Death   8 y  
Investing in Tar Sands, or letting pipelines carry Dilbit through a community, is not in the public interest.
                                                                                      Slow Death By Oil       Where the oil, natural gas, and co ...   read more

Sen. Kerry's "Rush to War" rings a bell   8 y  
Sen. Kerry is "rushing to war" with Syria - which is exactly what he was critizing Pres. Bush for doing with Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11
  Just 10 days ago, there was a suspected chemical attack in Syria. Right now there are far more questions than answers about exactly what happened, but what is clear is that the United States is rushing ahead with plans for a military response.     Maybe others have forgotten the US election campaign of 2011, but Sen Kerry’s repeated criticisms of ”Bush’s RUSH to war” should be remembered now as Sen. Kerry takes the lead role in promoting a military response against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.    It is disturbing, and it is eye-opening, to see how Sen. K ...   read more

Worsening Depression   8 y  
Positive thinking is enlightening - Negative thinking is depressing
With that title, ”worsening depression”, I am referring to the idea of ”making depression worse” - it is not good English perhaps, but it got you reading. I have learned some things from a person I know who suffers from depression. She shows very clearly how depressed people have a tough battle in keeping things from either getting worse, or simply ”being as bad as they can be”. From the moment she wakes up until she cannot go to sleep at night, she passes a negative judgement on everything she sees and hears: - ”that damn bird chirping woke me up” - ”the stupid Sunshine is wa ...   read more

Talking to Cars, lovingly.   8 y  
Cars respond to love
Lots of people will admit that they talk to their cars... but do the cars LISTEN? Do our cars hear us? Do they respond to what we say to them? Does positive energy help our cars? Although cars do not respond VERBALLY - at least mine never has - I am starting to believe that our cars do respond to the love and appreciation we show them. Coincidence cannot be counted out, but I have a little story to tell... After I own a car for a few years, I find myself talking to it. At first I didn’t really like the car I have now - I only bought it because I got such a good deal - bu ...   read more

Conflict resolution, or coping with conflict   8 y  
Changing other people's behaviors eats at your life. Be grateful for what you have.
An incident this past week reminded me of a life lesson that is VERY TRUE, but that despite it’s obvious nature, some people don’t seem to get it. What we have here are some neighbors who are intolerable drunken boors. They make too much noise, they have very little respect for boundaries [or even other people’s back yards!!]. And, then we have someone who is more polite than them, basically decent people, but who insist on trying to correct the boorish people’s behaviors by saying ”you are not allowed to do that”, and the classic ”stay out of my back yard!!”. So here is t ...   read more

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