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Morphine and Chronic Pain   5 y  
Morphine cannot be reduced, only increased
    Say what you will about Chronic Pain People     read more

Medical College - new rules are killing patients!!   5 y  
The College of P and S is killing people
  Is what we are seeing now simply an Unexpected Outcome resulting from new rules put into place by the Medical College of B.C.?    - or maybe they WANT their patients to suffer and die!!?!     The New Rule is for patients who are being prescribe morphine - Dosages of morphine are to peak at 120 mgs per day,      To put that into perspective, after 10 years of "gradual increases to match tolerance" [which was the protocol for 100 years until recently] I was prescribed 120 mgs of morphine FOUR TIMES PER ...   read more

Modern Telecom - Poor Sound Quality   5 y  
Telecom sound is poor quality
Madness, pure INSANITY I say!! The ”telecom industry” has become the 4th largest industry in the world, and it helped spur the economy globally. It helped a few people become $Billionaires too. Wires strung across the oceans floors, 100s of new satellites, and billions of new phones and phone-capable gadgets. huge. HUGE HUGE. But there is a catch - THE QUALITY OF THE SIGNAL IS CRAP. Listening to those ”TEXT MESSAGES” spoken by a computer voice are 90% unintelligible. Garbled, garbage, gadgets galore rendered USELESS by the poor sound quality. More importantly ...   read more

Truth Emerges in 2015   6 y  
Lies of our Leaders are being exposed.
Truth Emerges The FACTS may be the facts, but when we had the former leader of our nation [Canada] telling us one thing, and scientists are telling us the opposite, and then the scientists get a gag order.... well then things become clouded. NOW, however, in ”the technology age”, we have an alternative source for news and although there is obviously still political control over the mainstream media, now we are able to get information from other sources [eg. the alternative news]. Also, for the benefit of truth, in Canada, for the first time in 7 years, all the Pro ...   read more

The Biggest Question of our Lifetime   6 y  
The BIG Question of our lifetimes is....
This question has been asked many times, and I heard it again just a few days ago: ”If it is going to cause hardship to their own kids and grandkids, why are they letting it happen?” The question remains the same, but the ”it” in ”why are they letting it happen” has been various controversial issues such as: * Lead pollution - from leaded gasoline, from coal and from various industrial processes. There is no doubt at all anymore about the damaging effects of lead pollution, especially in children [lead causes a noticeable decline in scholastic abilities]; * Ozone depletion fro ...   read more

Rage Against the Hurt   6 y  
Life can get us down
My moods tonight are alternating between pure and wholesome SADNESS, and then utter RAGE. Although I did recently end what seemed like a loving relationship with my sweetheart, it isn’t the lost love and loneliness that is affecting my moods tonight - it is that harsh reality that so many people are stupid enough to believe that their lives are being made better by USING others, by HURTING others, and by COMPLAINING about other people. Yes, I am feeling RAGE, but I refuse to act on it. I just want to try to HELP by GIVING and SUPPORTING and by being COMPASSIONATE towards other people ...   read more

Don't forget about FUKUSHIMA   6 y  
Radiation from Fukushima
A ”conspiracy of silence” shrouds the world’s most dangerous situation at present. Radiation continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean off Japan’s coast, and the WEST COAST of North America is being hit harder and harder as record numbers of ocean animals and fish lay dead or dying on the beaches of California, Oregon, Washington state, and in Canada on British Columbia’s coast all the way up to and including Alaska. Quote: Japan’s press looks on silently due to the real threat and constraints of the government’s secrecy act… The true human, financial, and environmental costs of t ...   read more

The extreme weather of a RADICALIZED CLIMATE   6 y  
Coined terms
There you are Jon Stewart - go ahead and use it!! The phrase that is the Headline here - The extreme weather of a RADICALIZED CLIMATE - is for all to use, go ahead... It came up when comparing the threat of Islamic terrorism to the threat from climate change. and so I digress... Control C, Control V - that is not my coined term, but it is a good one that comes from the Kopimism Church of which I am a member and our doctrine is freedom of information, no copyright, no patent.   visit the page

Federal Govt is the BIG Threat   6 y  
Our Federal Govt is the BIG Threat - certainly in Canada, and especially in the USA, the threat from terrorists is a tiny fraction of the likelihood of dying from actions or policies of our own government.
Federal Govt is the BIG Threat   The nation’s government - ”Federal Government” - has become an entity that is very much separated from it’s constituents, the people of the nation.  I am Canadian, but I am also thinking of the U.S.A. where that separation is  well entrenched and there is no hope of citizens having any influence over the politicians who pretend to be representing those citizens.   That separation becomes not only more evident as we see out Federal Governments take away our freedoms, human rights, and our access to the TRUTH about whats going on [fre ...   read more

Drug War Violence - law   6 y  
Police will often refuse to get involved in assault cases if the assault had anything to do with illegal drugs.
      It is a crazy thing, but it seems that police won’t get involved in assult or theft cases if both the victim and the assailant are ’drug addicts’.        What is the message behind that [unspoken] policy? - It seems to me that it means that drug addicts will have to take matters into their own hands - they would have to punish, seek revenge, and recover their property themselves!!        And that means there will be more violence on the streets and in your neighborhood.   &nb ...   read more

How to [not boil] an EGG!!   6 y  
Boiled Eggs done better
A ”better boiled egg” technique? Again? Just a year after I learned how to keep boiled egg yolks from going grey, as in: ”place eggs in the cold water and ALMOST bring to a boil but don’t let them boil just remove the pot from the heat and let sit for 10 minutes” ... NOW I learned an even BETTER way, More simple!! Steam the eggs. Yup, you heard it here first folks, and I got it straight from the Doukabours [who seem to know more about traditional ways to grow and prepare whole foods than anyone else].   visit the page

Oil money keeps the Elites in power - not for long?   6 y  
Oil prices are falling, and that could change everything
Oil money keeps the Elites in power, but what happens if the price of oil keeps on going down? Energy is the world’s largest industry. Oil [and other fossil fuels] are the main source of energy. We might have wished that sensible reasoning [such as saving ourselves from global warming] was behind the end of oil dominance, but the most likely scenario for the end of oil but of course it will be all about MONEY. The price of oil went from around $10 per barrel to $100 per barrel over the first 10 years of the new millennium. Nobody can explain exactly ”why and how oil got t ...   read more

Are "Messengers" innocent?   7 y  
The mainstream media [MSN] is the messenger and they are spreading the essential propaganda on False Flag attacks.
   How is it that we allow mainstream media to do BOTH the screaming headlines and detailed reporting on certain events,  and then NOT ask the crucial, obvious, essential follow up questions?     Right now Canadians are being told a story by Harper, CSIS, The RCMP, and the Corporate Media about the ”Ottawa Shootings” - More on that in the next post but first a word about the Messengers of the Message:      On ”Don’t Shoot the Messenger” -     We are so EASY to fool... We just accept stuff because it makes sense, but we miss the hidden, and ulterior, motives behind ...   read more

GMO Food Labelling - Why Not?   7 y  
GMO foods are not identified in grocery stores - if it isn't harmful then why NOT label them? Ahhh, but Grasshopper, GMO foods ARE harmful.
    Election night - November 4th, 2014 - and the GMO labelling question is being raised by some of the Indepenent candidates. It says a lot about American politics that none of the Democrats or Republican candidates are willing to debate the GMO labelling question!!     What else does not smell right about the GMO labelling issue? Is that smell coming from ”people who have something to hide”? First - lets take a look at the bigger picture:    Does anybody remember the old adage about ”don’t tinker with nature or you will ...   read more

Old enough to say "no"   7 y  
Pressure to have sex at an early age.
 I have had my sensibilities shaken by the stories I have heard from the addict community I work with. One of the more stunning things i heard was from a lovely middle aged woman who told me about what life was like for here when she was growing up.   Despite having a solidly christian family, and despite the strict limitations on what kinds of modern culture her parents would allow her to see, by the time she was 13 she was partying and drinking. The ”older boys” - age 16 with a car I suppose - would be very intimidating for these new recruits to their party scene. & ...   read more

Possessions Possess Us   7 y  
a man's blog is not something to be googled with unless you know what you are getting into - there could be MILLIONS of results!!
Hello again - I have been writing of geo-political issues so much I forget that THIS BLOG is about ”the path of my life”. Geo-political issues only mean one thing anymore - WAR... ... and my greatest curiosity now is ”what insanity makes ordinary people fight and die FOR OUR LEADERS” ??? I wouldn’t kill anyone just because the Kings and Queens and the politicians are calling them ”THEM”. Nope, I wouldn’t... not even if they have different skin, clothes, or bathing routines - ”them”, or the dreaded ”THEY” are humans, and humans kill far too many humans for us to consider us as a viable ...   read more

Ukraine Genocide   7 y  
America is behind the planned GENOCIDE of eastern Ukrainians. And it is already beginning.
Ukraine - July 2014 - Genocide ”subhuman”  ”Parasites”  ”to be exterminated”   When have we heard terms like that to describe our fellow human beings? These are the terms Hitler used to describe Jews in preparation for their genocide.     Or how about ”burning their crops”, and ”shooting at farmers attempting to harvest their crops”? Why is this happening? - because they INTEND TO STARVE THEM ALL TO DEATH this coming winter.     This is what is happening in east Ukraine RIGHT NOW....    This is the first stage of an all-out GENOCIDE ...   read more

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