Dreaming a New Reality
by lfire
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New Year's Message   7 y  
New Year's Message from Spirit
I am here on earth: Not to WANT Not to Desire NOT to suffer. But to BE! BE the highest expression of the Divine through whatever means I am given to the best I am able in the NOW moment. To feel. To feel the Presence of Spirit guiding me. To ALLOW the expression of the Divine to flow through me in whatever form It chooses. To laugh at my own follies and stubbornness and flow easily through change and transformation. To express the visions I am given through whatever form I am led. To be GRATEFUL! To be grateful for EVERYTHING!   read more

Trust Your Future   8 y  
Trust and Gratitude go hand-in-hand
Trust your Future Written by Jafree Ozwald http://www.EnlightenedBeings.com ”Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli Trust is something that you simply cannot live without. It is the essential core ingredient for manifesting a life you truly love. A life without trust is one of struggle, poverty and deprivation. It is only with trust that you can create abundance, be vibrantly healthy, have enriching intimate relationships, and open your heart to a higher purpose, mission and love. It is through the ene ...   read more

Blessings   8 y  
"To bless something means to give recognition to a positive quality or condition, with the intention that what you recognize will increase, and come into being." (Author unknown)
This list of blessings was given by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: ADMIRATION ~ the offering of compliments or praise to something good that you notice, ”What a beautiful sunset; you’re so much fun.” AFFIRMATION~ this is a specific statement of blessing for increase or endurance, like, ”I bless the beauty of this tree; blessed be the health of your body; I am grateful to share small acts of kindness today.” APPRECIATION ~ this is an expression of gratitude that something good exists or has happened, like, ”Thank you, Great Spirit for hearing me; I give thanks to the rain for nourishing ...   read more

Poem: STOP!   8 y  
Spiritual poetry for the New Age
STOP being caught in the roles you are playing in this 3-D illusion!           You have always been what you yearn to be!   We come kicking and screaming into our evolvement. We are at the stop point. This is the intersection of all the roadways of our possibilities. What have we feared to accept? What have we vainly “hoped”? What have we wished on stars? What now stares at us urging us now to fulfill? You stand as pebbles of sand, you hold the key to the future that is NOW! Instead, are you locked in the box cal ...   read more

Poem:Help Me to Release   8 y  
Spiritual Poem
(Note to Reader: ”Mother” is whatever form of Goddess you prefer.) HELP ME TO RELEASE Help me to release, dear Mother, from the birth imposed bondage of that linear time construct that is held within this earth plane. Help me to release, dear Mother, from that belief of the past, present, and future, of those ideas that we all hold tightly in those samsaric cycles we keep reliving. Help me to release, dear Mother, from all those negative patterns we  inherited from our genetic linea ...   read more

Energies of the 8-8   8 y  
We just passed through August 8, the Energies of the 8-8. What are we Creating?
OPENING TO THE 8-8 As we open the heavy drapes and see upon the mirror of ourself, we are even more confronted with the blank pages of the unknown. The images we see are magic indeed for it seems to be not yet real. We dream and wish, yet the material has not yet manifested. We hide behind the pillar for our fear has not subsided. We are afraid to step out and show our true Self, afraid to use the portal of the future Self. We peer into the future, thinking that our accomplishments are so far into the future that it seems impossible. We keep forgetting to ask: “What ...   read more

Patterns   8 y  
Caught in a pattern of self doubt
PATTERNS Ok so I was caught in the mess patterns of COMPARISON... Someone else’s art or other creative work is ”better” then mine. Someone else has more KNOWLEDGE than I do. Someone else has more ability (to market, connect to people, etc) And on and on. GOOD ENOUGH. ...Oh my...do we ever think that we are ”good enough”? How ”good” do we have to be in order to be ”good enough”? I am UNIQUE Being ”DIFFERENT” has been interesting. Doing things in a different way, thinking I need to do things the way others are doing them, then finding out over and over that ...   read more

Options   8 y  
Options: Making choices
OPTIONS Now that Mercury has gone direct, and some of the chaos has (hopefully) cleared, we find ourselves faced with all kinds options. We seem to be standing in the middle of roads going all over the place! They all seem exciting and interesting. We look at them all and wonder. Which one to choose? How can we choose when they all seem so good? So we stand here, stuck. So many options. So many choices. So, here we sit doing nothing. In overwhelm. Then there was an article that said, even no choice is a choice. However, no choice gets us nowhere and the same a ...   read more

Become a Money Magnet   8 y  
Recently I came across this article and loved it so much I decided to post it on this blog. Enjoy!
How to Turn Yourself Into a Money Magnet Written by Jafree Ozwald http://www.EnlightenedBeings.com ”If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life.” ~Abraham-Hicks We are all super powerful manifesting beings, who just have a bit of amnesia. We’ve forgotten how amazing, how incredible, how brilliant, special and extremely powerful we truly are. There is this mass hypnosis going on all around us, where all our friends and family have also forgotten their super manifesting powers and magnetic abilities. The hypnosis is so deep ...   read more

Questions of ourSelves   8 y  
Asking ourSelves questions
Better Questions I have thought many times that in order to get better answers, we need to ask better questions. How about these? Are my perceptions stopping me from really seeing? What am I NOT seeing? What is my heart’s longing? How can I let go of resistance? How can I allow the MORE of mySELF to emerge? How to let go of the stuff that holds me back? How to see how I block myself? How can I allow myself more freedom to express? How can I allow my art to evolve? How can I be more creative? How can I let go of the self imposed boxes I continue to put myself in? How can I ...   read more

Eclipses Upon Us   8 y  
More Energetic Shifts for 2014
Eclipses Upon Us Holding on as tightly as possible, our fists close on the seeds we have held for this year of 2014! It has been hard to keep our faith in those seeds as it seems at every turn, this year has not delivered the promise we had for it at its beginning. Instead we have been counseled that there would be more crises, and huge earth changes. We have been inundated with sun spots, sun energies and sun magnetics invading our world. Our bodies have rebelled at this invasion. We have been dealing with rising and falling body temperatures, listlessness, crying for no re ...   read more

What Color Are You Today?   8 y  
More Questions for the New Energies of the New Year of 2014!
What color are you today? (And what does it teach you?) Suddenly do you feel you can understand the trees talking? What are the birds saying? What is your heart leading you to do? You exist beyond what you think you are! What secrets is the wind bringing you? Stop giving life to the lies you have been taught, and the lies you tell yourself. Move forward… and move forward without fear are the next new chapters of the book you are writing about yourself! Related Blogs: Welcome to Moving Forward! http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=2160053  Spirit ...   read more

Welcome to Moving Forward!   8 y  
Spiritual Message for the new energies of the new year!
WELCOME TO MOVING FORWARD! We stand alert in the racer’s pose. Ready to move...fast! But we move cautiously, slowly, through a deep fog, not really able to see what lies ahead.  We are torn between dread and excitement. Only the faint light shows us one step at a time. Our bodies are complaining about weird symptoms. What is this about? Using force only brings chaos. All our old buttons are being pushed all at once! Those old patterns sick to us like crazy glue. Seems impossible to get rid of them. Past lives flip ...   read more

Art:Next Year in Jerusalem   8 y  
At last some art!
“Next Year in Jerusalem” by LFIRE © 2014 Mixed Media 20” x 16” It has been a long time since I posted any of my art! Time has flown! It seems I have been caught up with writing for some time now. I have missed doing any art and at last I managed to get some supplies to make this piece. I made it as encouragement for a friend who is going to Israel next year! The images for the four directions (East, South, West and North) are made by Susan Seddom Boulet. I found the images of the Holy Land online. The background is heavily textured to represent the desert. ...   read more

Unlimited Plenitude!   8 y  
New Energies for 2014...are you in Scarcity or in Plenitude?
UNLIMITED PLENITUDE! Love that concept! Here are even more questions for you. Why are we still wallowing in scarcity? Why are we deifying struggle? Why do we worship scarcity? Why do we keep perpetuating lack, limitation, war and chaos? Why are we so hesitant to accept prosperity? (We say we want prosperity, yet we do everything to remain in our old patterns, pushing it away). None of those things serve us (or anyone else). Even more questions: Are we following our highest excitement? Are we listening to our bodies? Are we being grateful? Oops...f ...   read more

Interesting Ideas/Living Intentions   8 y  
My intention for this New Energy of this New Year is to find a perfect living situation; I am asking my readers for ideas!
INTERESTING IDEAS   As we move into the faster energies of 2014, more and more creative ideas are showing up! More things are showing up that are exciting to us.   WOW! Things we never thought about are suddenly important. Many things we thought were not possible are becoming possible!       One of the ideas that has shown up for me has been to reach  out to the readers of this blog. Over the years over 2,000 of you have looked at my art, read my stories, or just hung out with what I have written.   ...   read more

MORE New Energies for 2014!   8 y  
MORE: New Energies of 2014!
WELCOME to your new energy of 2014! Interesting how we were happily anticipating the new year and the new energies. What did we get? WOOOOOOH........ Here are the questions for you...... Have you been feeling in overwhelm? (a LOT? For no reason?) How about feeling oversensitive? Feel like crying (again for no reason)? How about feeling not motivated? Want to just hang out in bed? BLAH feelings? WELLLLLL...... Guess what? There may be a really good reason for all this! Here may be the reason... THE SUN HAS FLIPPED ITS MAGNETIC POLES! First of ...   read more

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