Dreaming a New Reality
by lfire
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Created a New ART Website!   6 y  
Been busy creating a new art website!
Random Acts With Art http://www.randomactswithart.com On my website: ”An artist leaves works of art in public places for people to find,” and ”Collage Gallery. All collages shown below are available for purchase, CHOOSE YOUR PRICE ! Email info@randomactswithart.com with your selection of picture and price.” This is a way to both show my collage art and to give back to the community. As a Shamanic Practitioner, I kept asking Spirit about my next steps and was shown this whole website, including what name to give it, how to lay it out, and what it was to say. I am so gratefu ...   read more

THREE May Messages!   6 y  
Three May Messages from Spirit
HOW I WAS CREATED I was created out of moonbeams. I ride the waves of the 28 day cycles of the moon that help me dive deeply with introspection and visions. I was created out of flowers and their abundant blossoms that spill all over the world with their glorious colors. They happily greet the sun each day and give life to birds and insects. I was created out of bird songs. Their melodies bring joyous music to the world. The trees and animals all are given wonderful concerts each morning. I was created out of the soil, the minerals that make up the earth that everyone and ...   read more

Busy Making Art!   6 y  
Nine new collages!
”Beyond Decodable” by LFIRE(c)2016 ”Buddha” by LFIRE(c)2016 ”Fairy” by LFIRE(c)2016 ”Fashionable Lady” by LFIRE(c)2016 ”Owl” by LFIRE(c)2016 ”Robot” by LFIRE(c)2016 ”Si” by LFIRE(c)2016 ”Super Alien” by LFIRE(c)2016 ”The Thinker” by LFIRE(c)2016 CHECK OUT MY NEW ART WEBSITES! ****Random Acts With Art http://www.randomactswithart.com ****Art is Breathing: http://www.artisbreathing.com Art Blogs: Creative Burst! Collage Art: http://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2290402 Seeds Are Sacred http://www.curezone.o ...   read more

My New Art Websites   6 y  
I have one art website up and running, and am working on another one! Hope you stop by and take a look!
It is already well into March! The first of March slipped by me and I didnt get anything posted then. Just realized that that date has gone by and I need to post! I was busy with a septic backup and having lots of plumbing issues. It has taken some time to figure out what was wrong and get everything working again. I have also been working on a new art website and I am planning to make a lot more entries of photos of my art there soon. My current art site: http://www.artisbreathing.com I will probably be moving over most of those pictures to the new site as well. Hop ...   read more

3-D Chaos/Spirit's Mysteries   6 y  
Written after spending a day in a pre-op room at a hospital with a family member.
I met myself as I was coming back from the 3-D chaos. I stood in the Center of the 3. Yes, the center of the Knot of 3, in this case, the intersection of the 3 roads of yearning (Heath, Peace, Love). Drawn by all of them and dizzy from the directional choices. I want my drum. My body aches to move with its beat. I question...everything...again. Oh, that magnetic 3-D world! Caught yet again in the lies of its fears. They crush my energetic state. SLAM! “Take that!” they yell. Inside myself I council myself to rise above this onslaught. “HA! You cannot resist us!” they sneer. ...   read more

New Year's Message 2016   6 y  
New Year's Message from Spirit
I am here on earth: Not to WANT Not to Desire NOT to suffer. But to BE! BE the highest expression of the Divine through whatever means I am given to the best I am able in the NOW moment. To feel. To feel the Presence of Spirit guiding me. To ALLOW the expression of the Divine to flow through me in whatever form It chooses. To laugh at my own follies and stubbornness and flow easily through change and transformation. To express the visions I am given through whatever form I am led. To be GRATEFUL! To be grateful for EVERYTHING!   visit the page

Creative Burst!Collage Art   7 y  
Having a big creative burst and hope to soon have a new website for my latest project. More to come later.
”Automaton” by LFIRE(c)2015 ”Get Real-Dance!” by LFIRE(c)2015 ”Looking for Home” by LFIRE(c)2015 ”I AM the Master” (One)by LFIRE(c)2015 ”I AM the Master” (Two)by LFIRE(c)2015 ”Visions on Earth” by LFIRE(c)2015 ”Mystical Objects” by LFIRE(c)2015 ”Visions” by LFIRE(c)2015 ”Three Muses” by LFIRE(c)2015 ”Finished” by LFIRE(c)2015 ”Eyes” by LFIRE(c)2015 ALL IMAGES AND ART COPYRIGHT LFIRE(C)2015 CHECK OUT MY NEW ART WEBSITES! ****Random Acts With Art http://www.randomactswithart.com ****Art is Br ...   read more

Vision: Go To The Bones   7 y  
Listening to the beat of drums, I went into a vision state, and was left wondering as to its meaning...
Vision: GO TO THE BONES I could hear the drumbeat. As I listened, I was transported into the sky and I could see the earth below. Then I noticed I could see my bones scattered on the desert floor. They must have been there for a long time as they were bleached white. They were no longer in the form of a skeleton, but were heaped into small piles and scattered about. Some were partly buried by the sands as they were moved around by the winds and animals as they nibbled at them. As I looked at my bones, I saw a crow land near them. Crow was pecking at the ground looking for bug ...   read more

Taking a Vacation   7 y  
Away on vacation for October 2015
Sorry, away from this blog for October. Will be back around November 1, 2015 so check in then!   visit the page

Art:Seeds Are Sacred   7 y  
Art collage: Sacred Seeds
SEEDS ARE SACRED photo and art by LFIRE(c)2015 As a Shamanic Practitioner as well as a graduate of Permaculture Design courses, naturally I have a great love for trees and plants. Growing your own food ranks really high on my list of things to do as well! Recently, someone who has spent a lot of years promoting non-GMO seeds saw some of my art. The Enchanted Gardner, here on Curezone, asked me to make him something for his booth at the Heritage Seed Festival held in Santa Rosa. This is one of the art works I sent for the Seed Festival. Links: Enchanted Gardener Curezone bl ...   read more

Snake Dream and Art   7 y  
Powerful Medicine Dream and Art
The Western world often does not consider dreams and thinks of them only as a hodge-podge of rehashing the day or other activities. Yet, Native cultures honored dreams and many would set aside times for everyone to share their dreams. It would be decided which ones would be acted out, examined, or put into stories or art. I was taught as a child to honor my dreams and I have kept a dream journal for years and years. I was taught that dreams were in several different categories: --Daily dreams, that talk about the emotions and activities of the day or time period. --Then ther ...   read more

Things are Changing   7 y  
Message for the New Age: we are continuing to shift and change
We have been walking through our shadows.... our shadows of fear and negative patterns. Nothing remains the same. We cannot remain stagnant. Our choice. Do we stand to face ourselves and allow us to reveal all our shadows? Or do we shrink back into our little box of limitations? We either go backwards or we go forward. Do we recognize the changes we have already accomplished? Do we congratulate ourselves in our shifts? Do we notice that we are becoming more and more multidimensional? Do we notice that things appear differently? How things that used to bother us, no longer pus ...   read more

Are you a spiritual "Caterpillar"?   7 y  
Emerging from your cocoon of illusion
Image by LFIRE (c)2015 ”An illusion is like a cocoon that you create around and within yourself, while you are growing your wings and learning how to fly.” --Suzanne Lie* Do you keep the illusion because it is so scary to even think about the alternatives? The caterpillar slowly climbs along the branch and makes its cocoon. Does the caterpillar understand the momentous task it undertakes? Does it know its whole life is about to change? That nothing will ever be the same? Then it rests inside its cocoon, slowly changing. Does it realize that changes are occurring? D ...   read more

Spiritual "Fast Track"   7 y  
We are well into Spring. What seeds are you planting NOW to harvest later in your life?
Photo by LFIRE(c)2015 Spring has already sprung! We have gotten past the solstice, the eclipses, the blood moon, a string of earthquakes, and proposals to change our economy. NOW is the time to plant our seeds for the next section of life! WHAT is it you wish to claim? Here is the thing... We have been told to stay open, to see what Spirit has in store for us. That advice has been fine... up to now. Now we are into the “fast track”, the “fast shifts” for not only us, but in the world as a whole. It is easy to see how much, and how fast things are shifting. So now, ...   read more

Spring Message   7 y  
Spring Equinox message
http://curezone.com/upload/Members/LFIRE/GL_Iris_2015_smaller.png ”Irises” Photo by LFIRE (c)2015 Happy Spring! There is a lot going on with the advent of spring! We are going through the spring equinox with all the wonderful energy that brings us. Then we had a lunar eclipse and also a solar eclipse. To make matters even more fun...we have a bunch of crazy astrological stuff going on. (Do we want to hear about the ”blood moon” that just passed?) What does all this mean? WELL...Bigger shifts, bigger changes... The blood moon usually brings earthquakes a ...   read more

Living in the NOW   7 y  
Living in the NOW. More musings for the New Age.
  Burrowing down, deep into the soft cushion of NOW, and endless comfort. The hands of the non-existent clock point to nowhere and everywhere. It is all US. We walk in the maze of it All. We pick and choose our path. A new discovery arrives! It is knowing that everything is multi-dimensional! (Including ourself!) Even in the comfort of our NOW, we feel a push to release into a greater BE-ing. A greater expression. To BE more of our Self.     Oh no!  That will never be so! That is a scary thought! How would we manage to be more free? More aware? How ...   read more

ART: New Self Portrait   7 y  
New Self Portrait for the New Year!
Here we are in the new year...and already time has gotten away from me. I had ”intended” that I would be more consistent in posting to this blog this year. Oops...so far not doing so good as you can see. I was thinking that I wanted to post something near the beginning of every month. Well...so far we are way into the middle of the month before I am getting to it. Last year I don’t think I posted any art. But right away, I am starting this new year with some art! This month I am posting a new assemblage that I did near the end of last year. The idea itself came sometime earlier, but ...   read more

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