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Year's End   4 y  
Last Blog for 2018!
Collage Art by LFIRE(c)2018 May the Five Energies of Love,Prosperity,Happiness,Health, and Peace be yours in the New Year! Goddess of the night Nuit Nye She silently envelops the sky as the quiet descends on all. Her garments are dotted with the stars and she holds stars in her hands. Her hair has millions of stars shining amid her tresses. She comes quietly singing as she lulls me into that awake/sleep that has been so common lately; those awake/dreams that are so familiar-- Times of those past lives (that seem so much in the ”now”). They roll by blending into the ...   read more

Art,Consciousness,Dreams,Fire   4 y  
My brain still recovering from last year's stroke, I continue to make art, dream, ponder
Assemblage by LFIRE(c)2018 This is an assemblage: a painted frame that incorporates rollers at the bottom, a metal cabinet door pull at the top, rusted hinges on the sides. The main elements are distressed packaging, wooden frame covered with sparkle ribbon that holds a rusted gas cap, a rusted saw blade and a small pipe. The background consists of acrylic paint and collaged magazine pictures. Yes, I have done many collages since the stroke, but this is the first assemblage I have attempted. ”Space Perceptions: Vision is its own authority. Direct perception unbounded ...   read more

Vision   4 y  
Recently I found out that I need to have cataract surgery. I have been freaking out. Lots of thoughts and worries.
"Vision" collage by LFIRE(c)2018 Perception. I want to see! I think about my perception. How long has my perception been skewed? I worry at the thought. Like a cow chewing their cud, my brain goes over and over the same issues. Can’t seem to see any new answers... Can’t see beyond the current reality. I WANT TO SEE! I NEED TO SEE! My eyes, now blurry, are not focusing well. What if they are never able to see well again? Worry. I play over and over that worry. Out of the depths I have cried ... Is it possible for anything to grow in ...   read more

Surrender and Trust!   4 y  
More post-stroke insights
//www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_Collage_Card_01cz.jpg front //www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_Collage_Card_02cz.jpg back //www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_Collage_Card_04cz.jpg interior Collage Art Card by LFIRE(c)2018 Surrender Surrender to the thought that maybe a different healing can take place. What? I am not in charge? I need to remove all ego from the healing that I seek. It can come about in a different way, Surrender! [use the misspelling to chart the course.] A NUU DAZ. A new day. A new purpose, or a different perspec ...   read more

Insights,Runes,& Fire!   4 y  
Surrounded by fire, I've been having more insights and revelations in this difficult month
//www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_04cz_6_2018.jpg Art by LFIRE(c)2018 I was asked for a more complete version of the experience I had in the hospital after I had the stroke last December. It seems I had given a really superficial version. So here goes: I was in the hospital bed; the nurses were busy hooking up equipment. I was really cold. I asked for more blankets, but still felt cold after I received more. After awhile, the nurses completed their tasks and I was left alone. I felt ”funny”. Then I started to feel a point of heat at the bottom of my spine; it began to m ...   read more

Smoke and Fire   4 y  
Smoke and Fire all around me, I continue to make art, write poetry, and gain insights since my stroke.
Art since the stroke by LFIRE(c)2018 It is dark. It seems that it has been dark a long time. Endlessly waiting for some glimmer of light on the horizon. The imagination constructs clouds and rainbows; These flash a reminder of wishes of a distant past. It is quiet. The ears strain for any small sound. There is none. Silence. Silent motion creeps around. Wait! Is there some hint of light? Is this only imagination? It seems that a tiny breeze blows. Yes! A small light seems to appear. The light grows larger. Beyond all hope or expectation, it is true. The light is ...   read more

A Tale from Long Ago...   4 y  
A Story from long ago...
Art by LFIRE(c)2018 This is a tale of long, long ago and far, far away. I am just the story teller and it is up to you to believe the story or not. Once upon a time there was a planet up in the sky. It was merrily drifting along, and the people on it were content. However, there came a time the planet had a big problem. The planet’s air was lacking an essential element...gold. So they sent scouting parties out to the nearby planets to find a good place to mine for gold. They found a great place which they called Earth. On Earth, they set about mining gold. As more peo ...   read more

Seeing Beyond the 3-D   4 y  
Seeing beyond the 3-D world: More insights and art post-stroke
”Chocolate 2” by LFIRE(c)2018 Walking on the mirror lightly wanting to leave no footprints. But, looking back, deep impressions can be seen where the path has led. Like dry mud caking on every step the past journey leaves the tell-tale marks, some footprints deeper than others, but the journey is clear. The quest now seems to be to leave even smaller footprints, to leave the mirror unscathed. Ego how it seeps into everything! It lurks around convincing that it is not there. It hides in the corner innocently smiling sweetly yet its tentacles ever snipping in ...   read more

Questions   4 y  
More art and spiritual musings since I've had my stroke.
Recent Collage Art ”Chocolate 01” by LFIRE (c)2018 QUESTIONS            What is in-between            where we are            (where we THINK we are            where we imagine we are.....)            and where we think we are going? Why do we think that the star brothers /people are not real when there are ancient writings, and buildings that prove this? Why do we think that they were not here, or that the knowledge they passed on to us is not on-going? Or that there is far more than only this galaxy and the dramas of this 3rd dimension, the curren ...   read more

Time Has SLOWED   4 y  
Difficult month, time seems so slow!
  read more

More From the Stroke   4 y  
More messages from Spirit since I've had my stroke.
https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE002cz.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE001cz.jpg Here are two art pieces that I’ve done since my stroke Art and Photos by LFIRE(c)2018 Love is the answer Gratitude is the vessel And the song is you. The answer is not in DOING The secret is in BEING! Since the stroke, more and more awareness of things I have wondered about are revealed. Knowledge just seems to show up. Things that no one seems to talk about and that people think are true (that people KNOW are true) really aren’t true!!! We ...   read more

New Year Message   4 y  
Strange things are happening...
It seemed like an ordinary day. But then, I started slurring my speech and not being able to say words. My son rushed me to the hospital. I was having a stroke. Later in my hospital room, I slipped into a deep “trance” state. Large volumes of life passed by. The 3-D no longer had any hold and I watched it pass with no concern. I was here, yet I was not here. Great Spirit, show me the next step! Show me the path. Do I move on to a different world? A different dimension? I could hear the clamber of things moving. Then, silence. Now, I am again in the hospital room. Thank ...   read more

ART: 2017 Year in Review, part 3   5 y  
Third and final post looking back on 2017 through a year-long art project.
Last photos of my year-long art project, a collage journal for each month of 2017 depicting whatever was going on in my life, created on a month-to-month basis. Months August through December, and on into the Future! https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/2017_LFIRE_32.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/2017_LFIRE_33.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/2017_LFIRE_34.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/2017_LFIRE_35.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/2017_LFIRE_36.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Mem ...   read more

Art: 2017 Year in Review, part 2   5 y  
Second post looking back on 2017 through a year-long art project. The next four months of April through July...
Continuation of my year-long art project, a collage journal for each month of 2017 depicting whatever was going on in my life, created on a month-to-month basis. Here are photos of April through July: lower flap up flap down All art and photos by LFIRE(c)2017 Art: 2017 Year in Review, part 1-- January through March: https://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2396921 Art: 2017 Year in Review, part 3--August through December, and the Future: https://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2396927 ALL of the MONTHL ...   read more

Art: 2017 Year in Review, part 1   5 y  
A look back on 2017 through a year-long art project. The first three months...
Art is a process...sometimes things don’t start out too well and need alterations. The first of the year, I had planned to do an altered book for the whole year...a collage or more for each month depicting whatever was going on in my life. I completed the month of January, started on February...and ran out of pages in the book I was using! After figuring out what to do, I was able to remove the art I had completed from the first book and put it into a new, multi-paged art journal, and then kept on making collage art month-to-month. Here are photos of the first three months--January thr ...   read more

State of Our NOW   5 y  
Moving into the higher dimensions. Experimenting with mixed media abstract art.
Ever since the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, we have been in a very uneasy state. In a way, we were unhappy that everything didn’t change overnight, yet at the same time, we were afraid of the tiny changes that were happening. Our bodies and emotions seemed to be going through immense stress and strange contortions. Then we started to notice that those in power were getting caught in their wrong deeds. The mighty were starting to fall. Emotions were boiling over and all kinds of mass shootings and violence were headlines in the news more and more frequently. It is interesting to ...   read more

Cat,Chants,and Art!   5 y  
Our cat has grown up quickly, I've been doing tons of art, and still receiving "chants" from Spirit
http://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/Max_the_Cat_2017.jpg Max the Cat photo by LFIRE(c)2017 Here is an updated picture of Max our cat. Even though he has a nice, comfortable bed, he loves to nap here in the bathroom sink! You can see how much he has grown in just a couple of months from this older kitty picture of him here: http://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_kitten_04cz.jpg Max the Cat photo by LFIRE(c)2017 This month has been a mass of art-making. I’ve been making a bunch of Holiday cards and this month’s assemblage. After viewing a YouTube vid ...   read more

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