Dreaming a New Reality
by lfire
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Decorated Hands   14 y  
decorated hands
I started making these decorated hands some years back. They seemed to be quite popular although they are a lot of work and take a lot of time to make. thought I would show what one set looks like.   read more

Picture to post   14 y  
Well....here i am again, trying to post a bunch of my art...for some reason, can’t seem to get to the place to do the picture download. to get them onto this blog. Last time, I ended up without them getting posted at all. This blog site is very frustrating to me and I really wish the administrators would set it up so it was as easy to use as blogspot...where I have no problem at all posting or putting up amy art. My blog there is http://www.daughterofkali.blogspot.com .I did even leave this site for about a year as I was tired of fighting with the frustrating methods needed to do anythi ...   read more

Sculptured Books   14 y  
Sculptured Books
Some years back, I was facinated by sculptured books and thought I might try to make some...someday... well...I guess someday came, as I tried my hand at a couple of them recently. I decided to paint parts of them to make them stand out and these are VERY rough and I got paint all over everywhere as the pages wanted to stick together. But I satisfied myself that I could actually make sculptured books!   read more

Birthday card   14 y  
Birthday card
I have a couple friends who have birthdays at the beginning of November so I decided to make them cards. Here is the outside and inside of one and the inside of the other.   read more

Mandala....magic circle   14 y  
magic circle
Mandala.....”magic circle” What happens in the ”magic circle”? Wonder! Amazement? Exploding colors! The fairies come out to play! Anything is possible! Am I washed in the tide of discovery....or do I sink into the darkness of judgment? The unusual and the unknown show up! Rays of light play across the lily pads of creation. How do I allow the flow of creative ideas? How to translate them into images that reveal their inner meanings? Laugh! For in laughter is the breeze of unfoldment. Where is that creative genius hiding? Up a river in a boat without a paddle....... ( row, row ...   read more

Sitting In The Void   14 y  
Sitting in the void
Sitting in the void watching the chaos and destruction collapse in the wake of past footprints. The destruction lies behind.... still smoldering from the fires of transformation. The observer watches, Allowing the movie to play out. The ribbon of road stretches out into the endless destination. Nothing suspends it, no landscape is viewed, Just the unknown waiting for the traveler to ride. Both the road and the void await the traveler’s magical colors of creation to paint in the details, to decide the destination, to drive fearlessly into the sun.   visit the page

Universes in raindrops   14 y  
Raindrops and universes
Walking between raindrops, each one a universe. Each one complete. Each one different. Each one is real. Which one to choose to experience? Wanting to know each one, to perceive in different ways. How to choose? Each raindrop contains a universe each shimmering like a jewel. What surprises does each hold? Are the experiences to be had wonderful? Sad? They all seem so inviting. Each holds a different promise and deeper secrets. There is no music, no sound that can rival the possibilities of these universes. How to view them all? Each one holds a lifetime of experiences. They ...   read more

Latest Dreams   14 y  
Dreams and symbols
My latest dreams have been quite interesting. Both have contained symbols. The first one: a man was showing me some important papers. He was starting to explain what the symbols and writing that was on the papers ment. But then he said he was in a big hurry and I would be able to figure them out. He then put his hands on my head and said he would download” information to me. I only recognized one of the symbols as being a version of the sysmbols given in the ”Language of the Cosmos” book I have....but then it was upside down from the book version. the rest I did not recognize. In th ...   read more

Commitment to Path   14 y  
Commitment to path
Recently found this article on http://www.melora.org and found it of value, so decided to post it here. There are many other articles on the site that are interesting. Not saying I agree with everything, but gives good food for thought. COMMITMENT TO SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT Our perception is that the greatest threat to Ascension is lack of commitment. This has to be a 100% commitment--not a 50%; not a 70%. There is new information from Solara. . . . Solara is the one who brought forth the information about the 11:11 back in 1992. Recently she reiterated the need for 100% commitment. ...   read more

strings   14 y  
Well after attending small gathering to do the 8-8-08 day, I ended up thinking about strings. How we are attached to ”stuff” and the symbol that strings have in our life. So I decided to make a book ( that does not open) based on strings hanging. then I thought about the stuff we attach with tags and markers, so decided to add various tags to symbolize the things we allow to hang onto us and wth which we hang onto ”stuff”. Here is ”The String Book”   read more

8-8-08   14 y  
Well, here we are at the 8-8-08! It’s like another Harmonic Convergence like we had back in the ’80’s. Time of big shifts ( like we were not getting enough of those!) time to get ready for even more changes, more shifts. Great! R U Red-D- 4 this?   visit the page

shake and bake   14 y  
Well the long predicted Los Angeles earthquake shook a little the other day. 5.4, not the ”big one” that many predicted. For the people in LA area who are used to occasional ’shakes” went on as usual. Only when the shakes get up around and over do they become worht talking about. Shows you how adaptable humans are!   visit the page

Loving Eye   14 y  
Loving Eye
I seem to be in an art making phase right now. I have more ideas than time and energy. Here is the latest.   visit the page

In the heat   14 y  
High desert living
Living in the high desert does not seem to have any advantages. I would love to grow my own food, but with the high cost of water, it is expensive. the heat burns up everything or in the winter it is below freezing so growing things doesn’t seem to work out. Right now it is ranging from 105-110 degrees. In the winter it was a chilling below 20 degrees. ( brrrr) We just got over a week of huge thunder storms( after two years of hardly any rain) with crazy lightning that fried one of the phone cords and even had hail! I know we are in the middle of earth changes, but goodness this is cra ...   read more

Significant   14 y  
Latest art
As a multi media artist, I love to collect all kinds of handmade, decorative and other kinds of paper. I also seems to have endless images in plastic containers, drawers and bags. Occasionally I look through the various collections to get inspired. I found a black square with a hole in it, then the face that fit in it perfectly. As I moved on, the thing took a somber tone and ended up showing the grim reaper, a skull and various other images. Significant in that we all have to face death and since I do a lot of midwifing, helping people pass from this dimension into another, 5 felt this w ...   read more

Magical eggs   14 y  
I felt a little like I was living in the tale of the goose that laid the golden egg when I had this dream awhile ago. I drempt about ”Magical eggs” so I made an altered book page of the dream.   visit the page

24 hour dream   14 y  
24 Hour Dream
Well...Here I am trying to get the pictures of my altered book to show up. I discovered a method which I am hoping will work!!(It did not)had to go back to the old horrible way. I got two pages to post yesterday and I am hoping that I can get the rest here today. After many attempts and much frustration, this is the result..... I did not get all the pages up, but maybe these are enough to give the idea of the altered book. ENJOY! http:/curezone.com/upload/Members/LFIRE/24_Hour_Dream_Pg5.jpg   read more

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