Dreaming a New Reality
by lfire
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Welcome To 2014!   8 y  
New Energies for the New Year!
WELCOME TO 2014! Jumping off into a new beginning, the shifts keep coming without our permission needed. Either we are on board…or we’re not! Although many of us looked expectantly for a huge, immediate change at the end of the Mayan calendar, what we got was huge chaos! We got the tail of the Dragon swishing around, striking wildly at everyone and everything. The earth kept increasing in its shifts and changes bringing more typhoons, earthquakes, wind, rain, floods and more. More and more changes came into our lives. No magical sun shone on us in 2013! We ...   read more

Solstice 2013   9 y  
Happy Winter Solstice! More writings from the New Energies of the New Age.
SOLSTICE 2013 WRAPPING IT UP!   This has been such a year of "Groundhog" days! Our fears, problems and misadventures have played over and over. Every time we’ve thought,             "At last, we’re done with that!" ....nope! Here it is again and again, replaying the same tune.              But now... Here comes the Solstice,             the longest night of the year.  The dark night of the so ...   read more

The New Year: 2014   9 y  
Questions for the New Year, 2014
As we finish cleaning up the mess that has been 2013, we need to start asking questions for our new future in 2014. Here are a couple of good ones: What idea is able to immediately explode into the most brilliant light that radiates throughout your body with the anticipation of the fulfillment of its glory? Now, are you ready to allow the creation of the most loving, fun, empowering ways that allow this idea to be brought into manifestation? Related Blogs: 11:11 http://curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2123192 Today is 11-11. More writings from the New Energ ...   read more

11:11   9 y  
Today is 11-11. More writings from the New Energies of the New Age.
New writing for 11:11 11:11------ the doorway of Light between the pillars of materialized matter. How much Light are you willing to be? This is a time when the landscape of our perception presents us with the potential to discard the trash of the past we have been collecting and emerge into our True Self. It is the time where I am no longer who I was... yet...not quite who I truly AM! How do I experience myself as Light and Sound? How do I connect to my Greater Self? We are how we perceive us to be… I had a vision where I saw the landscape as cardboard. Fo ...   read more

MORE from the Inner Universe   9 y  
New Energy writings from ....wherever they come from...
More from the Inner Universe As I walk... I look...I try to SEE... See through the continuous gossamer silken panels that effectively block my path and vision. INITIATION! Oh my.....still...yet...again? Now what? What must I now learn, experience, ALLOW? I look back on my path.... (what a perfect thing to do during Mercury Retrograde!) Such a long, hard journey, with so many lessons...! It all seems so long ago. A voice whispers....”Why not decide that you are complete, whole and perfect already.... you don’t NEED any more lessons.... (unless you just want t ...   read more

Are You Sleeping?   9 y  
More writings for the New Age. More lunar eclipses bring yet more energetic changes.
Are You Sleeping? Are you still asleep? Maybe you are still in the 3-D stupor. Have you noticed that the world is rapidly changing right in front of our eyes? The SUN has risen! Its rays are warming the earth as it awakens to the new energies. The birds are singing a new song! There is no more waiting! This is the time when those who are stuck in the 3-D world of war, struggle, power and control part ways with those who dare to move into a place of co-operation, peace and love. We look around at so many who are still walking on the tightrope of struggle and pain ...   read more

Poem: Vision of Oneness   9 y  
Poem of a spiritual nature
Vision of Oneness There I was, climbing up from the Valley of the Shadow, with all the "D"s biting at my heels:      Discouragement      Disillusionment      Despair      Depression across the razor sharp rocks, and struggling over many mountains. I notice, over to the far left, a field of golden flowers basking in the warm sunlight. Now, suddenly, I’m riding the roan mare, the winged horse. I grasp its mane as it flies. We become the wind, merging with p ...   read more

MORE Shifts and Change!   9 y  
The strong forces of MORE change, more shifts appear! Another Spiritual message for the New Age.
How did it get to be September? What happened to July? Again.......the strong forces of MORE change, more shifts appear! We wonder each year from the turn of the century of 2000 forward, how much change can we stand? Each year going forward gets more and more intense. These last few years, 2010 forward, have been increasingly strained. Shifts of all sorts have been going on, changes to the country and the world as well as to ourselves. The energies have twisted us, tumbled us, and whirled us around continually. All our systems are changing, moving, falling apart. Yet i ...   read more

Letting Go   9 y  
Are we there yet? Spiritual message for the New Age.
LETTING GO Are we there yet? This month has been a month of crisis! Oh my, more "letting go”! We are told that we are not "there" (where ever THAT is)! This space is one of "letting go". WHAT? MORE letting go? Thought we were done with that! Seems we need to look at all that old crap AGAIN! ...(one more time for the Gipper). How do we cease to hold on by our finger tips when the 3-D world is all we have known? How do we move forward into the 4-D and 5-D worlds wondering where the safety net is? We have one foot in the 3-D and o ...   read more

The Aftermath   9 y  
What happens after the two months in hell?
The Aftermath   Ahhh.....the dark hole gulped us up and whirled us about mercilessly. The cycle seemed endless. Would we survive it?   There seemed to be a small glimmer of light far in the distance, but on approaching closer it turned into a mirage.   No more 24 hour days! Just endless blank time in which every conceivable past issue is reviewed, seen and cried over.  This is a time in which the emotions are supersensitive. Oh indeed, taking things very personally. ...   read more

Intensity   9 y  
(Two months in HELL!) The black pit bottom with a glimmer of light. More shifts in the eclipse series.
INTENSITY  (Two months in HELL!) The yellow brick road leads up and down and all around. Intense drama abounded. Drama of the transition kind kept spider webs that caught the fly in the big three eclipse sandwich. Sad to say, the sandwich was not delicious. Instead, creation gave a chewy mass of chaos. Seemingly no landing strip for the 3-D space ship. Destiny? We see what years of creation have ”magically” mixed together to our dismay. The envisioned new life and the promise of milk and honey actually brought burrs and rancid pancakes. We are not pleased wit ...   read more

Three Eclipse Cycle Energies   9 y  
Seems that lately I have been getting "messages" to write and have posted a couple of them already. This is the latest one.
                               The Three Eclipse Cycle Energies During this time of immense shift in energies I asked Spirit for a road map. Spirit laughed and handed me a large bag that contained lots of puzzle pieces. “Here is your map!” “Put it together yourself. See what pieces fit and which pieces don’t fit!” “You are in the middle      of a Spiritual RE ...   read more

The Gift   9 y  
We are told that this is a time of many changes. As I was sitting at my computer, suddenly I started to write. It is about those who are at the forefront of these changes from 3-D to 5-D and that there is a gift to help those changes occur.
GIFT: To disperse, dishevel, and confuse the 3-D systems and create the time and space for the initiation of wonderful 5-D methods. THE EVOLVEMENT: Immersed in the Buddhist concept of “detachment”, of watching those old processes become mired in their own rhetoric and paperwork. I progressively move forward from the heart. Ignoring all the advice of HOW ”Things are done”. Even in the face of everyone else running off the ridge, doing things in ”new” ways that are actually ”old” ways in disguise. The 3-D world still relies on mass opinions, power and fear to sustain them. ...   read more

Horse Story   9 y  
I have been dreaming and thinking a lot about horses lately.
MY HORSE STORY Once upon a time, magestic horses ran wild. They had free reign of expansive areas they called home. They answered only to their own needs for food, water and mating. Then came MEN. Men saw the beauty and grace in the horse. He saw their freedom. He saw their swiftness and was jealous. He said to himself: “ Here is a beautiful, free creature! I must subdue it. I must gain its freedom, its strength and swiftness for my own use!” The men said to themselves; “The horse can help me invade countries, to conq ...   read more

Photo: Red Rock Canyon   9 y  
This is a photo of a section of Red Rock Canyon which is about an hour from where I live. It is the most beautiful inspiring sight!
Red Rock Canyon Photo by LFIRE (c)2013 ABOUT RED ROCK CANYON STATE PARK, CALIFORNIA: "Red Rock Canyon State Park features scenic desert cliffs, buttes and spectacular rock formations. The park is located where the southernmost tip of the Sierra Nevada converges with the El Paso Mountains. Each tributary canyon is unique, with vivid colors. After wet winters, the park’s floral displays are notable. Wildlife includes roadrunners, hawks, lizards, mice and squirrels. Red Rock Canyon is an approximately 27,000 acres (110 km2) unit within the Mojave Sector ...   read more

Art: Memories/Family Shrine   9 y  
Art: A sailor returns home safely from World War II
”Memories: Family Shrine” by LFIRE (c)2013 This is a ”cut out” picture of a sailor just home from the war; since people took very few pictures back then, this was a monumental event as he came home safely. A picture of a battleship is beneath the sailor. For the ”cut out”: the photo is on a 1/2 inch thick heavy backing so that the figures stand away from the background and look ”3D” MORE of my Recent Art: ”Latin Works” http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=2031568 New assemblage using old packaging materials ”Oil Babies” http://curezone.com/blo ...   read more

Art:Latin Works   9 y  
New assemblage using old packaging materials
"Latin Works" by LFIRE (c)2013 Side View:  "Latin Works" by LFIRE (c)2013 The local discount store has a once a year $1.00 a yard fabric sale. I love it as I am able to get lots of material for not much. Using this fabric is a lot less expensive then real canvas and seems to do the job well as I usually glue it onto masonite board and paint it like a canvas. I was going through the big rolls of fabric at the store when I noticed a few pieces of packaging stuck in the display corner. "OH... I can see an art piece out of this stuf ...   read more

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