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The Healing Drum   14 y  
If you can't beat them, beat it!
Drumming has been a passion of mine for my whole life, so far. In the past few years, the popularity of drumming has increased in leaps and bounds. Men’s groups, women’s groups, belly dancing, tribal functions and the like have all come to the plate as sound methods (pun intended) for connecting with one’s deeper self and with others. Drumming, to me, is Sacred. Life is rhythm itself. From the rotation of the Earth, stars and planets to the beating of our hearts. It is the one sign of Life that can never be mistaken! To drum alone, on a beach, in the park, near a construction site o ...   read more

Juggling   14 y  
Balancing the Hemispheres of the Brain
Most of us relate to the world around us with habitual patterns of perception that are developed early in life. Some of us are more ’right brained’ (creative) and others are more ’left brained’ (intellectual). These aspects of perception are geographically located in areas of the brain that we get used to using through daily life, but over time, we may find difficulties arise because of our self limiting manners of perceiving. For instance, if a situation should come up that requires a creative and spontaneous reaction from us, in order to resolve a problem of some kind, we might find d ...   read more

Between You and Me   14 y  
The Vision of Self
Between When I look through the differences All that I see are the eyes of my self looking right back at me- If not for the act of our Imagination we hardly would notice a slight variation- It stands between you and the world that you know, It shapes and defines us and helps us to grow- Without it we never would know one another, there would be no family sister or brother- There would be no reason to play out the game, we win and remember we all are the same- When I look through the differences All that I see are the eyes of my self looking right back at ...   read more

Inner Peace   14 y  
There is a very good reason why no one ever has, or ever will, think their way to inner peace. It can’t be done. Inner Peace is beyond thought. Thought is like the wind on the surface of the water. The wind blows harder and the waves flow higher and higher. No wind, no waves. Only this. love ~LL~   visit the page

Suffering   14 y  
Will the Real Self please stand up?
Who are you? What defines you? Are you your body? Your mind? Your possessions? Your family? Your Race? Your Nation? Your opinions? Your happiness or sadness? Your religion? Your profession? If change occurrs to any of these,and it will- you will suffer. Could it be that suffering is a case of mistaken identity? LOVE ~LL~   visit the page

The Secret   14 y  
There Is No Secret
The ’Secret’ fad appeals to the mindset of the masses, it seems, who expect and believe that all it takes is a certain thought to fulfill their dreams miraculously, whether it be financial abundance or ’enlightenment’ - This is the mentality that feeds the lottery corporations and is not really the fault of the publishers and writers of the ’Secret’ book and movie, but is a natural result of the many who have lived in fantasy, honouring the illusions for so long. The parts of human culture that have come to believe that they are nothing but the physical body look to money as the m ...   read more

Lucid Dreaming   14 y  
Be Careful What You Ask For
A few years ago I was well into the practice/discipline of ’Lucid Dreaming.’ My main motivation was to seek direction in my life and path as a ’Healer’. I had been teaching tai chi, qigong, meditation and healing techniques for a number of years, and the successes I had experienced with the healing of several of my friend/client/students, over the years, inspired and motivated me to want to do more, as a healer. Two students, in particular, were dramatic indications that I was on the right path. One, a gentleman who had been on heart medications for 12 years, was told by his doctor th ...   read more

The Essence   14 y  
Where Life Begins
LOVE is the essence of life and is a frequency of energetic vibration that is available to all who would take the time to develop an awareness of it. The problem many have to this subject is due to painful associations we make through the mundane and erroneous suppositions about the nature of LOVE. Disappointments in romantic love (lust) can obscure and warp the vision and perceptions of one that is unable to let go of their experience. Emotional attachment can add to the confusion and obscure the purity of LOVE, preventing one from accessing the potential benefits of receiving ...   read more

Children of Heaven and Earth   15 y  
The Infinite Play,
One of the great traps of the ego-mind is our human desire to ’know’ everything. The ego says ’I’ll be happy and secure if I understand how I got here and where I’m going, but not until then....’ It just doesn’t work that way, as history and a glance at the current world situation shows. It doesn’t matter HOW we got here. We’re here, and if we want to grow and survive, we have to learn to get along with each other. If humans are at the ’top’ of the evolutionary ladder, at least on Earth, then we must recognise the incredible, and to date, the largely ignored responsibility this i ...   read more

Me and Dialysis   15 y  
surviving in the world
Life on dialysis is not quite as depressing as some may assume. For now, I must go to the hospital 3 times a week for 4 hours at a time. This is the procedure known as ’hemo-dialysis’- which is a process of hooking up to 2 tubes that are surgically imbedded into my jugular vein, into my heart. My blood is sucked out through one tube, one cup at a time, into the dialysis machine filter, cleaned, and pushed back in through the other tube in my throat. This process is repeated 6 times in 4 hours and will be increased to 8 times per 4 hours in the coming weeks. After 3 months of this procedur ...   read more

* Love *   15 y  
The word ’love’ is one of the most misunderstood and misused words in the entire english language. So many feel unloved and unloveable, so they tend to live their lives longing for that which they believe they lack, or are ’unworthy’ of. Movies, television and novels fan the fires of romantic love as being the end-all and be-all of human existence. Romantic love is just a taste of what is possible when one opens their hearts to the beauty and glory of Life and the True Miracle that it is, and indeed, that we are, as well! If you are curious about this all-pervasive love, let ...   read more

Why Are We Here?   15 y  
The Way Home
’Why are we here’? So many ask, wonder, ponder, create theories and seem bent on making it all into some kind of exclusive club of ’Knowers’ that they belong to. Really, it’s quite simple, but due to the complexities of the human mind, it is not simple to see. We are NOT here to ’experience duality’ - as some suggest. We do experience ’duality’ while here, of course, but that is not the ’reason’ we come here. We are here to experience what cannot be experienced on the Higher Levels of Vibration; corporeality. What we do while we are here is up to us, unless we allow the conditi ...   read more

Edited   15 y  
The Question
Who are you, really? What is it that makes you, you? What do you think and feel are the components that make ’you’? Are you your body? Are you a soul temporarily encased within a body? Are you your thoughts? Who thinks those thoughts, then? Are you your strengths or your weaknesses? What do you Identify with? When someone says; ’let’s go dancing tonight!’ Do you answer, ’I’ve got two left feet, I’ve never been a good dancer.’ Or, if someone offers to show you how to play a musical instrument, do you respond with; ’I was born with a tin ear, I can’t do it!’ ...   read more

Soul   15 y  
the Light of Consciousness
’What is the soul?’ Some call it ’essence’ - that greater part of us which is non-physical, energetic, ethereal, eternal. It holds the experiences, patterns and personalities of all of the life-forms that we have explored and integrates them into itself in order to grow, expand, learn and have fun! The ’holographic universe’ is not a ’bad’ model of the universe, but it is incomplete! Anything that comes from human ’intelligence’ is incomplete. The soul cannot be understood by the intellect of humanity, it just isn’t possible to contain the glory of the ALL in the limited, huma ...   read more

~The Perfect Mantra~   15 y  
Blessings of Bliss, {{{Blissings!}}}
’Thank You’ is the perfect mantra. Say it every time you breathe out in meditation. Say it as you walk down the street, watching people pass by. It’s like you are expressing gratitude for every breath you take, every face you see that reminds you of the incredible diversity of humanity, which is really a powerful reminder of our One-ness. Who are you thanking? You don’t need to consider that, but you could be thanking god, the universe, the Earth, your lungs, for doing such a good job of keeping you alive, the air... You are keeping the Wheel of Gratitude rolling. ...   read more

The Real Warrior   15 y  
Jackie.... I have been blessed to be able to share my knowledge of taiji and qigong for a number of years now. To be able to live off of one of my greatest passions is a joy and treasure that I pray all find in this lifetime. Most of the places I teach at are community centers. A few private students and some senior retirement residences. Jackie is at one retirement center that is an extended care facility. Meaning;’ last stop before returning to the light.’ Few of these aged bodies can stand for long, so I have adapted some exercises that are done seated to help with their respiratory ...   read more

Eternity Consciousness   15 y  
The BIG Picture
Recently, as some of you may know, I had an experience that I find is so similar to John Wren-Lewis’s experience, (which I just came across last week) that I have become enamoured of the phrase and concept of ’Eternity Consciousness.’ There are methods and techniques to reach this seemingly mysterious state, but most do not have the self-confidence or disipline to achieve it for themselves. The NDE ’phenomenon’ is one way, and for some, the only way they will ever see such a wonder. But, belief systems, strongly held in the conscious mind can, and will often seep into the su ...   read more

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