journal of my 30 day juice fast
by ausjulie
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day 19   16 y  
bloody cold
the juice fast is going well but unfortunatley i am very sick. did not sleep a wink last nite so exhausted and feel miserable today. really sore throat head cold and aches and pains now the hot and cold feeling is setting in. i want to take something but trying not to. i hardly ever take any medication maybe an advil rarely. but right now i feel like i could swollow a whole drug cabinet. will perservere with vitamin c juices and ginger. maybe we get sick once in a while just to remind us how good it is to be healthy. so to all of you....enjoy your health and i hope to be back on deck soon.   visit the page

day 18   16 y  
back on track
i increased the juices - 6 yesterday and i feel so much better. this is my first fast so i am constantly learning about what works for me and what dosent. so i am no longer hungry or so grumpy. and even if the scales arenet movign i know i am losing i can fit into pants that 3 days ago i couldnt. i am feeling a bit clogged up at moment so have to increase lax’s to get me going again. trial and error on my behalf. walking everyday and it feels great. only downer is i think i am getting a cold. my daughter had one and it really knocked her about for four days. i thought i would avoid it d ...   read more

day 17   16 y  
not such a great mood
i am very hungry today. i’ve got to try to increase number of juices. yesterday i had 4 but was hungry last nite too. i was so tempted to eat. so going to try to get 5 in today. sipping carrot, apple and spinach as i type...but not enjoying it. lots of BM’s again today even though i havent had smoothe move for two days. still nothing above normal coming out. i am getting sick of this fast but that is me, find it hard to stick to anything. i do feel good but not enjoying the hungry feeling. really want to eat. this has just popped up yesterday and today. hope it goes away as i increase jui ...   read more

day 16   16 y  
more juice for me today
woke up this morning with cramps and feeling like running to the bathroom i had a smooth move tea and some pshyillium husks capsules before bed which i have not done before. also slept later than normal. anyway determined to drink more juice today i was rather hungry last nite. probably because i made a yummy meal for the family. i thought the wanting food thing was gone but it still lurks in the back ground. smelling the food helps and then i can get over it. went for a walk today and actually managed to run a bit. plan is to run a bit further everyday and eventually run the whole walk ...   read more

day 15   16 y  
fourth milestone
i made it to the half way mark. unbelievable. 15 days gone and 15 pounds too, i wieghed in today. it sounds so silly though because 15 days is not much but for me -and my family it has been a long long long 15 days. and i have mangaed to bitch and moan most of my way thru it, unlike me i am usually a very positive happy person. but it is a hard thing to do to give up food. i do feel very ungreatful though.. god i am choosing not to eat because i overate and there are so many in this world who have no choice. i want to learn to live with less consume less. i am not a materialistic ...   read more

day 14   16 y  
two weeks yah hoo!
i made it to two weeks. there is no chance that i am going to break this fast now. last night i took my younger son and friend to hamburger place, the fries looked good and so did the hamburger but i was just happy to watch the boys enjoy it and didnt want to participate at all. then i took them to the movies and the smell of popcorn was pretty awesome but again didnt want any of it. i have been craving a really yummy asian noodle soup lately but even that is gone. anyway i feel fantastic and i am so pleased the constant want for food has gone. yesterday i had no juice again i only had ...   read more

day 13   16 y  
i feel on top of the world
thank goodness finally i feel fantastic. i slept like a rock woke up rejuvenated and light and full of energy. i tried on some jeans i have not been able to wear for 2 years and they fit. i have just been for a walk and i felt like i was gone for 10 minutes not an hour. actually today i had decided to give myself a day off walking but there was no way i wasnt going. i cannot get the smile off my face. im not sure why it took this long to get this feeling but i am just so glad i stuck it out. i have some thoughts on why it may have taken this long. one is that i was overeating over drinkin ...   read more

day 12   16 y  
no juice for me
yesterday i woke up and decided no juice for me. i just needed a day off. so i had water only with twist of lemon in it. i was not even hungry all day and honestly this is the best i have felt the whole time on this juice fast, i felt light and i did notice increase in energy during the afternoon/evening. on the way home from my sons b’ball game at 9 o’clock at nite i felt like goin for a run. usually i am done for the day and feel like curling up on the sofa. the problem for me with the juicer is everytime i start it up and put in the carrot i start dry reaching. even before i have dru ...   read more

day 11   16 y  
third milestone!
well i made it to my third milestone. i am feeling rather good. i only had 4 juices yesterday and lemonade in between. not too many BM’s but ok with that. i am sticking with carrot celery spinach and apple as my main vegie juice - i mix in cucumber and zucchini now and then. i have tried other veggies but can hardly stomach them. i mix up my fruit juices to try a variety, adn also to try to get different benefits from each type of fruit. i use, mango, pineapple, apple, orange, kiwi, peach, strawberries, watermelon, rockmelon and pear. apple and orange are the main ones due to cost effectiv ...   read more

day 10   16 y  
feeling pretty good
feeling better today. i laid off the herbal lax’s and maybe it is that, but have to go back on today to start BM’s again. i have decided not to weight myself until next week. then weekly from then on. the daily thing was doing my head in. i shouldnt base my mood on what the scale says. i put on pants today that are usually very tight and they are not tight so i must be losing some. this will be enough for me. i need to forgot about the fact i am juicing and just live normal life. it has kind of all beign about the diet and weight and BM’s. other good things are happening i have walked or d ...   read more

day 9   16 y  
this should be better than this!
made it thru yesterday. felt like crap in the morining and afternoon and got better that night. woke up today and you wouldnt beleive it i have put on weight???? what is up with that? gotta say i am feeling rather down about it. i need some positive confirmation that this is the right thing to do. right now i am just going on the fact that i said i would do 30 days. i am a bit stubborn like that. oh well will get thru day 10/11 adn see how it goes. maybe i just had too many expectations. but the way people talk about a juice sounded so great. i dont think i am doing anything wro ...   read more

day 8   16 y  
second week into fast
woke up feeling yucky couldnt sleep last nite which is first time since fast, i am sure it is because of BM’s not happening enough. feel really clogged up. i have slight intergestion too...burping up veggie juice not so good. i am drinking heaps of water...herbal lax’s make me feel disgusting. going to try to massage my stomach mmmm not sure how to do that??? gosh i hope i can work this out really not fun at all. lost another pound (9). still not hungry but miss food, chewing - although sometimes it is enough just to smell it. may write late not feeling so hot right now.   visit the page

day 7   16 y  
yeah made it to day 7, second milestone
i call this my second milestone because at the start i said i wanted to make it to day 5, where apparently you start to feel better- well i kind of did and then kind of didtn later at night. and then i wanted to make it to day 7 (today!!!! yeah!!! congrats to me)to see if i had lost any weigth - which i have. now my next milestone is day 10/11 when apparently i will start to feel calm clean and clear. my next milestone is day 15 half way where i will reward myself with massage. then i am goin for day 20/21 which hopefully should be when all this yuck comes out of my intestines and another ...   read more

day 6 -later   16 y  
saturday nite thoughts - if anyone reading sorry if confusing but you'll get over it!
i have a new obsession this blog! well healthier than my other vises. took my 14 year son and 7 friends to an all you can eat pizza place it was rather disgusting. not that i really wouldve enjoyed this in the past but tonite it was pretty bad. i had to wait in the car. although weird thing is i am craving food i dont even like. i felt like a hot dog today....wots up with that??? oh and when did i stop eating really healthy. why did i start eating fatty food and too much bread and bacon god i never ate bacon. when did i start ordering fries??? i loved healthy low fat food and still do a ...   read more

day 6   16 y  
weekend not so good!
woke up today feelign a little blue. last nite was friday nite and it was really hard. probably hardest nite i have had. my bad time is from 5 pm to around 9pm so i think i need to be busy in that time. today i am going to try to walk then rather than in the morning see if that helps. i missed the usual friday nite ritual a beer a pizza (homemade and usually pretty healthy)and a movie. but i really want to make this juice thing work. anyway got through last nite by having my movie and new drink of choice pineapple and mango juice yum. so first thing this morining i jumped out of bed and on ...   read more

day 5   16 y  
trials and tribulations
i gotta say i am feeling much better today. on other days i have had these really weird head rush almost like stoned feeling (but not a good stoned) soon after I juice. but they are lasting less time and less intensity today. last nite I went to bed thinking of food and all the food I want to eat. then I had a dream where I actually ate a veggie hamburger with mushrooms lettuce and tomato. I woke up with a guilty feeling but a really good guilty. I think this is how a teenage boy must feel like after his first wet dream. still only juicing 6 but going to try today to get 7 in. also need to ...   read more

day 4   16 y  
my joural so far
welll today is day 4 and i thought i was suppose to be feeling better. well i am feeling better than day 2 which for me was the worse. i felt like crawling into fetal position and staying under the covers. i will start from start. i started this fast primarily for weight loss. well i should be honest it is all about weight loss. friends of mine fasted last year and shed 40 pound in 30 days. i want to lose at least 30 pounds on this fast. it is important to me to cleanse my digestive system too. i want to do this fast to gain control over my over eating and other bad habits including alcoho ...   read more

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