Trial and Error
by ren

Trial and Error...the Resurrection   9 y  
quick post on resurrecting my products review blog
I am thinking of resurrecting this blog and review hair products and styles and various things like soaps, sunscreen, recipes. I discovered I love making videos but I will post text too. Emphasis will be on natural, organic but not limited to because I used regular hair products over Motherís Day weekend and it looked fab!   visit the page

Homemade Laundry Soap   13 y  
Trying this soon for myself to save money with links included!   read more

Hoodia cactus revisited   15 y  
hoodia works!
Hoodia cactus does indeed work. I gave my sister my bottle to try it and my snacking has gone up substantially so Iíll be buying another bottle very soon. HiTechís brand was discontinued from so Iíll pick something else out. I advise to stay away from anything with caffeine and other additives. Stick with the pure hoodia cactus. Also, ethically sourced stuff is really important to some people. Most of the time it is to me. I couldnít find out whether the hoodia was ethically sourced but there are other companies who have pure hoodia products. Canít wait till I can get m ...   read more

Return of Trial and Error! The Hoodia Cactus edition   15 y  
hoodia hello!!!! I bought this for $23 on The first two days Iíve taken it on an empty stomach with my morning coffee for morning cardio. Each time Iíve not eaten till around 1pm. The morning cardio session was at 9am each time. Usually I get hungry around 11 am. Iíve tried at work twice now and it does seem to cut down on the snacking. When I do get hungry, itís true hunger and then I must eat otherwise I get bad gas. I did some research as there is SO much hoodia scammers out there. Right now Hi Tech Pharma seems to be one of the best. I w ...   read more

Product Review Updates   18 y  
some follow ups
Gabriel facial care products...Iím now using a new facial system. I also bought this from Whole Foods. ** This system absolutely works. I highly recommend it. The investment is worth it. The product really stretches out. The one that runs out first is the toner of course. Iím reading Greens for Life by Victoria Boutenko ** Iíve read the book. I disagree with basing a whole way of eating on the diet of chimps. Other than that minor thing, I enjoyed the book very much. I would recommend it to anyone. We all need more greens. I bought a Kitchen Aid Blender ** I love this blende ...   read more

new product reviews in the works   18 y  
my product review line up for June/July
Gabriel facial care products...Iím now using a new facial system. I also bought this from Whole Foods. Iím reading Greens for Life by Victoria Boutenko I bought a Kitchen Aid Blender I purchased the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. My future product is to grow wheatgrass outside with oceangrown solution. Iím saving my pennies for that project. I invested in a pair of birkenstock arizona sandals. What wonderful footwear! I now use sunblock because of my laser hair removal. This summer I donít look as tanned, I look my natural self with my natural coloring which is like the c ...   read more

trial roundup and a shame on you alert   18 y  
some things I've tried for a month
Thumbs up to Natureís Gate Acne pack. My face looks great and has no acne. This makeup is the makeup Iíve chosen to wear for my wedding. It looks great on camera. Itís not a toxic poison chemical sewer of cosmetic chemicals. Melatonin 1mg per day is ideal for me. 3mg has me tired the next day unless I work out and then oddly enough itís great. I have a BIG shame on you alert. Celestial Seasonings!! Shame shame shame for adding milk and soy lecithin to a DETOX tea of all things. I wrote them a letter expressing my dismay.   read more

Starbucks scones: BIG ERROR!   18 y  
the horror caloric content of scones
Wow I just found out that the scones I love have FIVE HUNDRED CALORIES!!!!! Omigod...thatís terrible. The banana nut loaf I ate yesterday had 360. I eat a scone every day almost. Thatís an extra 3500 if I include the snacks I eat. I exercise and the exercise is keeping my weight stable but Iím not losing weight. Iíve been feeling fat and disgusting all weekend. I know itís mostly mental because Iíve measured myself and Iím the same measurements. so no more scones...which is good because Iím likely to drink less coffee.   visit the page

Day one: Raw bodybuilding   18 y  
trial of the Raw Vegan Bodybuilding Diet
I weighed myself this morning and Iím 157. It was a bit depressing because when I fasted, I got down to 147. Plus I was doing bikram yoga. Intellectually I know that it was mostly water weight, it still is a little depressing. I had hit some very important personal milestones while fasting. Such as being at a lower weight when I met my so called íexí and also being close to the same weight I was in the Air Force. The minute I turned fasting into a weight loss tool, the minute I got entranced by the weight I was losing, I went off the rails. SO...Iím fogetting fasting. I canít take the weig ...   read more

Bodybuilding on an unprocessed food plan   18 y  
giving the raw food diet a try
I have a one day food plan prepared according to the precepts of the Hallelujah Diet. I am a devotee of the raw foodists Storm and Jinjee BUT Iím including a Vitamin Shoppe soy phytonutrient protein powder in this part of the program. My concern is divided between losing inches for my first wedding dress fitting and improving my health. If I was the type of person that returns opened items, I would but I think Iíll just use what I have while I develop nutmilk substitutes. I am using: Vitamin Shoppe brand soy protein powder brazil nuts from Whole Foods Market couscous from Whole Foo ...   read more

wheatgrass wars..the saga continues   18 y  
wheatgrass trial and error...more error than trial ;-)
I am going to purchase the frozen wheatgrass because right now my growing attempts have been lame at best. I am not giving it my all the way I am giving it to my kombucha tea so Iím going to experiment with the frozen grass. It was Lapis or someone else that talked about growing grass under lamps. When I move to my new home, Iím going to set up something outdoors using square foot gardening. Also, I noticed that WFM sells Sproutman wheatgrass trays for fifteen dollars. Iím going to buy one BECAUSE itís cost me that much to try to grow two trays and Iím not wasting my money. Next week I hav ...   read more

melatonin: product review and sleep wars   18 y  
a good night sleep or else!
I bought a bottle of Vitamin Shoppe brand melatonin 1mg dose. I find that 1mg is all I need to help rev up the engine of my sleepy time train. The first night I took it I was already tired from running around with my fiance. He took 3mg and it was LIGHTS OUT for him. I also took my dog for a long nighttime walk. Sophie is a big hindrance to my goal of a good nightís sleep. Whatís melatonin?   read more

New blog name   18 y  
new blog beginnings
I named this blog íWheatgrass Research Blogí because of my keen interest in wheatgrass and barley grass. I also brew kombucha tea and donít want to start yet another blog on that. Iím using apple cider vinegar too. I am going to post quite regularly about these things, using it as my KT brewing journal,etc. Whatever works and what doesnít, product reviews,etc. Finally, Iím going to use this blog as the clearinghouse for all my before and after pictures. I have plenty, including the ones from my first fast, my laser hair removal treatments,etc. Hope you all enjoy the new format.   visit the page

Wheatgrass research or marketing??   18 y  
early morning wheatgrass musings
I find that most of what is on the internet isnít serious science but marketing babble. I decided to do a pubmed search for wheatgrass and found some interesting extracts! Meanwhile, I am now sprouting my seeds and also growing my trays in my room. It has a significant portion of sun everyday now and the air is drier. Iím getting a spray bottle to spray water with a mineral mix onto the soil instead of the pour sprinkle method (encourages mold). I canít afford ocean grown solution (yet) but at some point in the future ...   read more

Rejuvelac experiment   18 y  
misc. things to do with my WG seeds Iím trying this recipe with some wheatgrass seeds I bought at Whole Foods. Iím going to use the mail order seeds that I have for growing as they contain less floaters and are organic. Iím not sure if the ones at WFM are organic but I suppose I could ask. I left my wheatgrass in the car overnight and it seemed a little frozen so Iím drinking it. Iím going to use it as a footsoak. Right now, Iím fasting on lemonade and kombucha tea but I do want to do a wheatgrass enema. ****************************************************** ...   read more

Some great wheatgrass recipes   18 y  
some nice recipes to try
I love my newest batch of wheatgrass having grown less seed in the same tray. I drink two ounces in the morning and I donít need to eat till about ten or eleven in the day! Simply Green * Stalks of celery * 4 large spinach leaves * Half cup parsley * 2-3 inch round of wheatgrass * 1/4 cup water optional * Wash greens thoroughly, cut up celery and juice * Dilute with water if desired Carrot Grass * 3 carrots * 2-3 inch round of wheatgrass * 1/4 cup water optional * A nutritious drink that tastes good Hawa ...   read more

Ann Wigmore- Patron Saint of Wheatgrass Growers and Drinkers Everywhere   18 y  
nice pic of Ann Wigmore
This is my patron saint. Being a Roman Catholic, there are saints for everything and Iím nominating Ann Wigmore to be patron saint of wheatgrass growing. Best links for education on wheatgrass and the living foods lifestyle can be found here:   visit the page

Mother Earth News article   18 y  
good article about wheatgrass Thereís more good to be had from grass than the ĒpleasureĒ of sowing, mowing, and showing it. THE WONDER OF WHEATGRASS Kelsey Clark Staff PhotoHave you ever watched cattle or horses grazing and wondered how such large, strong, and downright magnificent creatures sustain themselves on a diet thatís primarily composed of grass? Well, I have, and the notion never ceased to amaze me . . . that is, until I did some research and found out just how much food value chlorophyll-rich grasses offer. Of course, ...   read more

Ocean Grown Wheatgrass   18 y  
ocean grown solution
Here are some testimonials about using Ocean Grown solution. I first heard about it from David Wolfe. I am going to use this in growing my wheatgrass. My latest tray is being harvested now and I donít have nearly as much mold as the last one. I used half the amount of seeds in the same tray. ********* Dear OceanGrown, Over the last 15 years I have had great interest in the nutrition of myself, my family and those closest to me. In my lifelong quest for perfect nutrition, I have been introduced to OceanSolution. The first time I heard the Ocean Water concept, it immediately made per ...   read more

Spacing the Seeds   18 y  
summaries of the benefits of wheatgrass
I used half the amount of seeds in the same size tray and NO MOLD. Whoopee!!!! Yes it will cost a little more through the rest of this winter season but thatís okay! I have to order some bags of soil from so I can keep the wheatgrass going. Hereís some wonderful facts/uses for wheatgrass: Dr.Birscher, a research scientist, called chlorophyll Ēconcentrated sun power.Ē He said chlorophyll increases function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the uterus, the intestine and the lungs. According to Dr. Birscher, nature uses chlorophyll as a body cleanser, rebu ...   read more


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