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Our Healing Vegetables III   16 y  
MUSTARD GREEN JUICE Traditionally Used For: Asthma Bone Health Menopause Muscle Relaxant A Good Source Of: Magnesium Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin E     Freshness Test: Look for leaves that are free of yellow or brown spots. They should be cri ...   read more

Our Healing Vegetables II   16 y  
GINGER JUICE - GINGER ROOT JUICE Traditionally Used For: Colds Digestive System Expectorant Immune System Mucous   A Good Source Of: Potassium     Freshness Test: Ginger is a bumpy root. The ends are normally dry, but that’s okay. If you cut off the ends, you get t ...   read more

Our Healing Vegetables I   16 y  
Healing properties and traditional uses for various common juicing vegetables...
CELERY JUICE Traditionally Used For: Asthma Constipation Fluid Retention Gout Insomnia Kidney Problems Liver Problems Lung Problems Nervous Problems Weight Loss A Good Source Of: Sodium Chlorophyll   Fresh ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Nineteen   16 y  
Would anyone think I'm insane if I added five more days to this fast?
    Today on Day 19 of my 30 day juice fast,  I actually wore a mini skirt I’d not been able to wear for more than five years!  That’s half a decade, people!  And my husband told me I have beautiful legs.  So, I floated all day long.  Even when my stomach growled (YES! It actually growled this morning! First time since my digestive system shut down)  I didn’t mind because I felt too good psychologically (though I did drink a large juice).  I have accomplished something!  And I still have 11 days to go on this fast, so that’s another po ...   read more

The Ups and Downs of Juice Fasting   16 y  
Knowing what to expect by researching before embarking on a prolonged fast can go a long way towards reducing stress and anxiety when the cleansing crisis occurs...
     I t’s very important to understand how a fast works in general and how a juice fast works in particular before commencing a prolonged juice fast.  One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen people make who embark on a juice fast, or any fast, is they fast primarily for weight loss, without understanding that, while the loss of weight does occur during a fast, the true purpose of fasting is to detoxify the body and to heal the body.  Weight loss is merely a by product of that process. Fasting is a roller coaster ride full of ups, downs, sharp swer ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Eighteen   16 y  
Today my 200 gig harddrive arrived...
I have unexpected guests right now and unfortunately don’t have the time to write as I usually do, but I wanted to drop in, before I forgot, and record that this is Day 18 of my 30 Day Juice Fast Journey.    Today my 200 gig harddrive arrived!  So I am hoping I will have my computer up and running this weekend, allowing me access to my files and article archives.  That is if there are no emergency sleep studies where my husband would have to be at the lab.   I hope everyone has a most beautiful evening...   I’ll ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Seventeen   16 y  
Gawd, the head games I have to play with myself. Am I the only who does this?
    I slept like a healthy, robust newborn baby last night.  I’ve noticed my sleep has been so good.  Even when I didn’t feel so chipper, I still slept deep.  Sleeping well is one lovely benefit I have noticed on all the fasts I have done.  Has anyone else noticed their sleep has become deeper and more restful as they’re juice fasting?    It’s a good thing I’m sleeping deep because as I mentioned to Liora Leah in her blog ( http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=75 ) I’ve been leery of sleep since I discovered in my early 20s that we sleep a third of our lives away.  If we sleep ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Sixteen   16 y  
I wonder if I can get my husband to build for me a sun drying rack and do it like the Natives did 300 years ago.
    Today is one day past the halfway mark with two weeks until I reach Day 30!  I could break that down to hours and minutes, you know, 13 days, 18 hours, 22 minutes, 5 seconds... but, I figured I’d wake up on Day 31 and just eat a banana (or maybe a sun warmed fresh grapefruit or two) and leave the minute details to Father Time.   I woke this morning feeling so much better than I have in the previous two days.  Musta been toxins passing through.  I took a detox bath last night using moor peet extract.  I really like how I fe ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Fifteen   16 y  
I've reached the halfway point of my 30 day juice fast journey...
    Wow, today is Day 15 and  I’ve reached the halfway point of my 30 day juice fast journey.  Even though it may seem that this fast has been a breeze, and for the most part, it has been good, there have been many moments of weaknesses.  Food weaknesses, such as the walk where I smelled various neighbors cooking their dinners.  That was painful.  Then when I went produce shopping I stopped at the grocery store for food to cook meals for my husband and picked up the store’s fresh fried chicken for when my son visited that day.  I put ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Fourteen   16 y  
I'd get together with girlfriends and have Clothes Swap Gatherings...
    T his is the fourth day I’ve been without my computer.  It’s a real drag having to borrow someone else’s computer because they usually want to use it when I do.  Like right now, my husband wants to use his computer and here I am writing this blog.  I reminded him that I cooked him a lovely dinner this evening of which I could not partake and the least he could do was allow me to moan to people who would listen and understand.  He bowed out graciously... darling man.  But I will keep this short and sweet.   Today is Day 14 o ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Thirteen   16 y  
If the second half of this 30 day fast goes as smoothly as the last thirteen days, it sure will make getting to the end so much easier.
    Today I went produce shopping as planned and blew a hole in my wallet.  Then I came home and it seemed I spent the entire day preparing the produce, for both juicing and brothing.  I washed everything and chopped veggies like carrots and celery and stored them in plastic bins.  Then I chopped veggies and fruit for broth and let them burble all day.  The house smelled almost like Thanksgiving, sans turkey.  Then I strained the broths and then let them sit for a while so the sediment would settle, then I poured them into pourable plastic containers and stored them in the fridge.  All I ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Twelve   16 y  
I never understood why Wimpy, on Popeye, went around begging for hamburgers when he could have begged for cheeseburgers...
   I want to plant a garden.  I have the area in my backyard already picked out.  It would be a small  10x15 foot plot, which could be huge as far as production is concerned if the garden is well planned out.  The last time I had a garden was when we lived in Yadkinville, North Carolina, about sixteen years ago.  Oh, I’ve grown edibles many times, but, I became a pot gardener.  And for you cannabis connoisseurs, I mean pot as in container .  But now I want a real, genu-wine, in-the-ground garden.   A dear friend of mine, Jenn, subcribed me to a fabulous catalogue that specializ ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Eleven   16 y  
I think the RAW crowd may have a new semi-convert...
    I was bummed out all day (still am) because of the computer crash.  Just pokes me the wrong way.  And think, yesterday I was saying how more tolerant and patient and sooooooothed I’ve been feeling, blehhh.  Not so now.  My husband is ordering me a new harddrive, a 200 gigabyte.  Maybe he was funning me, do they come that large?  Yep, I’m computer illiterate.  I have absolutely no aptitude, interest or patience with electronics and computers.  I leave that to my husband and son.  So, it’s doubtful that my computer will be up and running before next week.  Oh, how that hurts!  That’s w ...   read more

Computer Crash!   16 y  
It really, really happened!
Well, it happened.  It really, really happened!  <groan> My hard drive crashed right in the middle of copying onto my husband’s Metal Gear Box external hard drive everything I could get off my 100 gig hard drive.  And yes, you guessed it, I was unable to get everything off before it finally went to the Big Byte in the Sky, but I did manage to get my virtual post office copied to the external drive... but sheesh... And, I did get all my documents and pics off last week, but I’m still not sure if there is anything else besides my mailbox that I missed.  I hope I don ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Ten   16 y  
In essence, we don't lose our vitality when we grow up. We kill it.
    Day ten!  One third of the way through.  Whooo Hoooo!  I celebrated by having a Juicee’s pink champagne by juicing green grapes, peaches and adding sparkling water to the mix.  Gotta play around with it, but it works.  Except the zero alcohol content won’t go to my head.  And that’s okay, I’m already on a high.  Ten days gone.  I feel terrific.  Vital, energetic, yet peaceful and tranquil.  When I’m not fasting,  there are some days when I wear my nerves on the outside of my body and that’s when every ...   read more

Juice Fasting: Clearing Our Minds and Bodies   16 y  
Coming into "Right Relationship" with your Food thru Fasting
    In today’s America, 65% of the population is either overweight (10 to 30 lbs. over a healthy weight) or obese (30 or more pounds overweight). In fact, America is the sickest and fatest nation in the industrialized world. America leads the World in the "Diseases of affluence" ie. Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and of course Obesity. We can not truly be healthy and be overweight, as disease and obesity go hand in hand. Overeating is a national epidemic used to suppress our feelings and our awareness. The refrigerator has become our favorite way to cope ...   read more

30 Day Juice Fast Journey -- Day Nine   16 y  
Today I lived off Ginger Ale...
    Today I lived off Ginger Ale.  For some bizarre reason I really loved it today.  Bizarre, because seriously, I’m flat out not a soda person.  I probably haven’t drank a sodapop since I was a teen.  I’ve never really liked anything in my mouth to drink except water, teas, or juices and as an adult, now and then, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.  Everything else invariably leaves a filmy feeling in my mouth.  Even as a kid, the fresh, organic milk we drank left a film in my mouth where I needed to drink a glass of water to clean my mouth out afterward.  I tried it warm, right from ...   read more

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