Journey to Health
by midge
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Day 25.....morning   14 y  
Still sick, but down 22.4 pounds
I slept horrible last night. Didnít get much sleep. Laid there so long awake that I had a terrible headache. Iím feeling better now, except for the continual sore throat and gunk running down my sinuses.   Iím down 22.4 pounds. Skin brushed. Iím looking better and am glad Iím able to fit my clothes so much easier. My legs still rub together when I walk, but not so bad. Going shopping today with my mom, sis, mil, and my 2 girls. I hope Iím up for it. Iím sure Iíll be fine; except when my mom finds out that Iím fasting. Oh well, Iím almost done anyway ...   read more

Day 24.....end of day   14 y  
Still sore throat, sinus infection, but had ENERGY!!
Another one bites the dust!! Woke up this morning and my throat hurts worse than it did yesterday. Lotís of gunk coming up out of my throat and now a sinus infection. Skin brushed. But, I had energy today!! I got a lot of housework done, went to work, church, and now Iím pooped! I hope I feel better tomorrow, Iím going shopping with mil, mom, and sister. At least Iíll get some walking in. Actually, Iíd like to go walking before we leave. All depends on the weather. 6 more days!  Good night, Iím off to bed to be up at 6am. "We are not passive spectator ...   read more

Day 23.....end of day   14 y  
I have a viral infection
I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Yesterday at work a family of four came in and they all had viral infections, along with 2 other people. I skin brushed and then went to see my chiropractor. I have a viral infection also. I donít know if itís because of being around those other sick people, or because of detox, or both!! So I took some lysine for the viral infection. Iíve been having all this gunk come up out of my throat. Iíve been fatigued and weak today. I looked at my tongue today and thereís only a faint layer of white!! Almost gone!! WooHoo! I ...   read more

Day 22.....end of day   14 y  
Just a blah day
I didnít do much today, just kind of a blah day. Stressed out over a situation here, Iím trying to deal with it in a healthy way but it doesnít always work out that way. I had a taste of my sons tomato soup today, it tasted funny. I had orange juice for breakfast and watermelon juice for dinner. 8 more days!! I really wanted to eat today, being stressed out and all, but I didnít. "Find your true path. Itís so easy to become someone we donít want to be, without even realizing itís happening. We are created by the choices we make every day." Midge   read more

Day 21.....end of day   14 y  
Down 20 pounds and one size smaller
Well, I got on the scale and I hit 20 pounds !! YAHOO!!! It made my day. I skin brushed. I didnít do my weight workout this morning because I had to leave early and I was up late last night. I went with my friend to her sons state wrestling meet. There must have been 3,000 people there! It was so noisy. And the thing is, I always get a headache in really loud places, and I didnít!! WooHoo! I was lethargic though. My face seems to be lightly breaking out today. My tongue still has 2 white lines on it. My mouth is dry and yucky tasteing. My body was pretty achy today ...   read more

Day 20.....end of day   14 y  
Feeling fatigued, but not too bad
Iím feeling ho-hum again, actually I have for 3 days, ever since my last ígreatí day which was day 17. Iíve been having this thick, sticky mucus in my throat. I skin brushed this morning. My friend is visiting from up north, so I didnít go walking, but her being here kept me busy. She wonít be leaving until tomorrow. Iíve been thinking about my post-fast, more seriously. I should, I only have 10 days left. "Happiness is always a by-product. You donít make yourself happy by chasing happiness. You make yourself happy by being a good person." Midge   read more

Day 19.....end of day   14 y  
17 pounds down and 3 inches off waist
I finally lost some weight after 5 days of going up and down. Iím at 17 pounds and 3 inches off my waist. I skin brushed and left for my colonic. It went well. I passed a lot of mucus and some old stool. It wasnít black, but it was dark brown. Iíll be going for another one and the end of my fast...which is in 11 days!! She said that I released really well. She did a lot of tummy massage, I liked that. I havenít wanted much juice the last couple of days. Today it was all water. I did get another small headache this morning when I got up, but I didnít have it long. I have a ...   read more

Day 18.....end of day   14 y  
Headache in morning, but better by afternoon
I gotta make this brief Iím on my way to have a colonic (itís actually morning of day 19). Day 18 morning I woke up with a terrible headache because I layed in bed while awake. Itís been like that for about 3-4 years, I have to get up right away or headache!. I skin brushed, weight workout and then left to buy fruits and veggies. Going out usually helps me to feel better, and it did!! Later I walked 2 miles in 32:06 minutes. Felt real good!! WooHoo! Mouth is dry. ĒIf you donít like what youíre getting back in life, take a look at what youíre putting out.Ē Midge   read more

Day 17.....end of day   14 y  
I'm so glad for a great day
Had a great day! But I was short tempered a few times. I went for a 2 mile walk which took me 32:25 minutes. The sun did not shine like it was suppose to. It was cloudy by 11am, oh well. Tomorrow itís suppose to be 65* and partly sunny! WOW! Thatís not normal for us this time of year. My tongue isnít so fuzzy, but itís still a bit white. Iíve only had water today. This evening Iím real tired and a slight headache. Iím so glad that I felt good today, makes all those other days worth it. 13 more days!! Iíve been thinking about what Iím going to do after my fast but haven ...   read more

Day 17.....morning   14 y  
WooHoo! It's an awesome day!
Went to bed last night and was talking to hubby about my Easter dilemma. And come to find out, I was wrong!! I thought Easter was on the 9th, but itís on the 16th!! So Iím ok!! I wonít mess up my 30 day fast!! WooHoo! While I was skin brushing this morning I noticed that my lower legs were swollen a bit; edema. So THATíS why I havenít lost weight, Iím gaining it in my legs! And I think itís because I havenít been drinking enough water. So, today is an all water fast. Yup! Actually, I donít feel like fixing juice anyway, so itíll give me a break. Now, why does my body want to hang o ...   read more

Day 16.....end of day   14 y  
I made it through the day
Well yíall, I made it through the day! It was tough. *whew I started to feel a bit better around 3pm. I made an appointment for a colonic for Friday morning. My mom just told me that Iím having Easter. I donít know if I can take being on the fast for Easter. Cooking the food, looking at it, smelling it, and then all the comments from the family!! I may stop a day or two sooner. I donít know!!! What do you all think?? I really would like to hit 30 days, but itís going to be extra tough. And I could always do another fast in April or May. Expec ...   read more

Day 16.....noon   14 y  
Another low day, with a headache
I woke up groggy this morning, and then got a headache and still have it. I hope my body is doing some heavy duty cleaning; because I feel so low, fatigued, cold, weak, and lazy.  My weight is still around the same, just goes up and down a few pounds. I guess that veggie broth hurt my progress. I wonít have it again, Iíll get back to my cold juices. My thinking has not improved about eating. I still want to eat what ever I want after the fast is done. The question is: will I let myself have what ever I want? Will I fall back into the horrible eating pattern I wa ...   read more

Day 15.....end of day   14 y  
Fatigued, short tempered, PMS time!
This morning was ok. I think I have a vag. yeast infection, maybe. Healing crisis? I skin brushed and did an enema. I did go for a 2 mile walk, but I was slow, took me 35:30 min. Iíve been fatigued all day. I think PMS is hitting me. I just wanted to EAT something! And Iím short tempered. Thatís PMS. I havenít wanted to do anything. Blah, blah, blah. I hope this donít last too long, Iím weak minded right now. I donít even want to juice anything.   Well, Iím half way done, unless I decide to go longer. I havenít had that many ígreatí days. I donít think Iím asking to much ...   read more

Day 14.....end of day   14 y  
Made veggie broth, feeling a little better.
I did my skin brushing and weight workout this morning. The sun never shone like it was suppose to; it didnít come out to stay until 6pm. :( I didnít go for a walk. I did make some veggie broth. I had to have something hot with a good flavor. So I put potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, 2 boullion cubes, tomato paste, parsley, salt, pepper, & cayenne in pot with water. Simmered for an hour. YUM!! I hope all the ingredients were ok, I hope it doesnít mess up my detoxing. I drank quite a bit, it did upset my tummy a little bit. So I didnít juice but only once today, the r ...   read more

Day 14.....morning   14 y  
15.6 pounds lighter, feeling better
Iím down 15.6 pounds. Really hasnít moved much the last couple days. The sun is shining, Iím feeling much better. I skin brushed and did my weight workout. Enjoying a tall glass of fresh orange juice. The sun is suppose to stay out all day (thatís rare around here) and temps will be in the mid to high 40ís. So Iíd like to go for a walk later. My tongue is still white covered, but not as much. My mouth is still yucky tasting and dry. Yesterday my body was achy. Off to a great day!   "Listen to your dreams---those are the sounds no one else can hear. ...   read more

Day 13.....end of day   14 y  
Low energy and fatigued all day
Boy, today I was fatigued all day.  Didnít do much, just a bit of house work and that was it. Everything is smelling so good, looking good, and I bet itís tasting good too! I guess not much to report, Iíve just been so low energy today that not much is going on. Hopefully tomorrow will be a high energy day. "Refuse to accept the many reasons why it canít be done and ask if there are any reasons that it can be done." Midge   read more

Day 13.....morning   14 y  
First time that I gained weight
This is the first time that I gained weight. Itís no big deal, I just try to figure out why. Maybe my body is hanging onto more fluids right now. This morning Iím having a tough time getting going. Donít really feel like doing much. But I know that once I get started, Iíll be fine. "When we stop dreaming, we stop living." Midge   visit the page

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