Fasting & Detox: Juicing for first time
by RedFizz
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2.5 years after the fast   14 y  
An update of my post-fast life 2.5 years later
Hello, I don’t know if anyone will really read this, but I wanted let everyone know that I still enjoy the benefits of the fast from 2.5 years ago. I have so much to say! So many things I wish I would have known! Basically, the fast/detox/cleanse wiped the slate clean for me. It broke all of my addictions to caffeine, sugar, and so on. At the end of the fast I was faced with a decision: Will I go back to my old ways and go back to my old level of ”health” and weight, or will I never look back on that old way of life and learn a new one? I chose to start a new life. Diet: I ...   read more

No entry   17 y  
No entry
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I'm back! 3 weeks post fast   17 y  
This is very long, but I have nothing but great things to say about fasting!
Fasting was the best thing I have ever done!  It has completely changed my life! When I started eating again, I gained about 1.5lbs and it fluctuated back and forth.  Now I understand that my weight before I started eating was without any food in my body.  I have to take into account that there is food in my body now.  However, it has taken about 2.5 weeks, but my metabolism is starting to pick up again.  I was so afraid of my metabolism going into starvation shock that it would hold onto anything and everything.  But I have been very careful and eating r ...   read more

Day 1 Post fast   17 y  
My before and after stats - I was suprised!
It was the strangest thing today. I hate to use the term ”anti-climactic”, but knowing I could eat today was kind of like Christmas morning: Half the fun of Christmas is the excitement leading up to it. Once the presents are open, then that’s it. Anyway, last night I had my last juice for the fast: pineapple, apple, ginger and strawberry. It was awesome! By far one the best I have ever had. This morning, I took all of my post-fast measurments and packed--my lunch! I brought an apple to work for breakfast and peeled it, because I was concerned that the skin would be little much f ...   read more

DAY 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met my goal!!!!!   17 y  
I feel awesome!
Yeah! Woopie!!! Hoorah!!! I am soooo happy!!! It is day 40 and I met my goal!!! I feel like I can do anything! I didn’t lose one ounce since yesterday, which is fine. I am going to start cycling next week anyway. Wow. Tomorrow, I plan to have pureed apples for breakfast, fruit salad for lunch, and probably a banana for dinner. If anyone has any suggestions/warnings I would love to know. I put my before and after pictures together, and I really cannot tell that much of a difference. However, my office-mate said that it’s probably because I am looking at myself, because s ...   read more

Day 39...almost there!   17 y  
I believe I can fly...well, except for that silly picture I accidentally took...stupid technology
You know what is funny? As soon as I hit my euphoria, (which I am assuming is my body saying, ”Whew! Boy that took a while to clean house! Now I am going to relax and get on with my life”) I suddenly became hungry. It’s not even cravings. It’s genuine hunger. I am assuming my body is ready to begin eating again. I will, however, finish the 40-day fast. I am sipping on a great juice right now: orange, lemon and ginger. Yum! It’s soooo rich. I am wearing a pair of pants that I haven’t worn in almost 3 years. Yeah! And I ordered a new suit from Ann Taylor. It’s white/cream c ...   read more

Day 38   17 y  
I would like to invited anyone who is getting ready to reintroduce food into their lives to join me in continuing their juicing/fasting blog. Also, I talk about some things that I have noticed that are not about anyone or any group in particular.
Day 38. I am in awe. So I have had some realizations. Yes, I do intend to go as raw as possible, but I am overwhelmed with the air that certain diets seem to come with. Please let me start off by saying that the people I have met in CureZone--raw eaters, juicers, fasters, etc.--are an incredible group of people. There is so much support and I haven’t experienced any pompass and arrogance whatsoever. Everyone comes off as projecting, ”We’re all in this together, so let’s work together to make sure everyone succeeds,” and I really appreciate everyone along with those who have respo ...   read more

Day 37 and rockin'!   17 y  
I feel so good!!! I am also afraid of eating again.
Ever since I have hit my high, I have been so happy and energetic. I had no idea it would be so wonderful! Even the whites of my eyes are...white! I never realized how rare that is. So uncommon, that when I saw myself in the mirror, my eyes look like they are! I really don’t have a lot to say. I am just so very happy. The depression hasn’t shown its ugly face for 3+ weeks. I am so calm. I feel great. I am very scared about eating. I don’t think I will have problems going raw, but I really want the cheese my mom brought from Amish Country...yum! But I am just s ...   read more

Day 36??? Can it really be???   17 y  
Several things: Energy finally here, personal thoughts, and a little girl talk to wrap things up.
Something incredible has happened! I have FINALLY reached that euphoric feeling! I suddenly have a ton of energy. I have heard of this and everyone talks about it who fasts for prolonged periods of time, and I was wondering if I would ever experience that. A lot of people experienced it at ~20-30 days. It took me 36 days. I guess what I can learn from this is that everyone’s body is different, yet similar. We share the ability to heal, but some people’s bodies take a little longer. Part of it, I am sure, is the fact that I am fasting after 27 years of eating the SAD. This includ ...   read more

Day 34...Defended my proposal   17 y  
Confidence level on the rise!
I defended my proposal today, and it went well. I am going to a Front Page Follies meeting tonight...I might actually perform, which is scary. But I really think this fast has given me such as new sense of confidence. I really feel that I can do anything now. Day 34! Wow. I went to lunch with some friends and my professor. It didn’t bother me not to eat. I just has some apple juice. I know, I was pasturized. I am wearing a beautiful suit I bought on wishful thinking...and it fits now! I have a great story to tell all of you juice fasters when I have time. It wil ...   read more

Day 33   17 y  
It's Wednesday--hump day--and I cannot believe it is day 33
I turned in my paper, and I defend it tomorrow. I am so exhausted. And I have to make up work on Saturday. Sleep, I need sleep. Enough whining. I feel good otherwise. I am trying the Arise and Shine Chomper and Herbal Nutrition. We’ll see what happens. Yesterday, I had a minor detox. My nose ran and my ears clogged. But that was about it. I am looking forward to eating again, but I am also scared of it. I just don’t want to gain this weight back! I wish I could meet people in my area who eat raw foods. Have a great day!   visit the page

Day 32...well, I thought it was almost over...   17 y  
I had no idea how much food impacted you psychologically and your overall moods!
Still working on that proposal. I need sleep!!! Why, hello there waist! Hello there jaw line! Who knew I had both? So I turned in my proposal, which was ~5 pages, which is what the guidelines called for. My professor called me telling me she didn’t think I was ready to defend it, and I would have to wait until next semester...What??? So I managed to write ~22 pages in 12 hours. It’s a kick ass paper, but it just about killed me. Shame on me for not going above and beyond initially, but I do know that my professor has been approaching my Masters like a PhD. I guess that if I ...   read more

Day 31...last day of stress (for a while)   17 y  
*sigh* The research proposal is almost over...
Day 31. There really is a big difference at ~30 days. You really hit your stride. Interesting. I keep learning more and more about raw diets, and I am more and more interested in it. I cannot wait. I am wearing a jacket I have not worn in a long time. I have lost 22.5lbs. Can I make it to 30 by the end of me fast??? We’ll see. Anyway, I have to turn in my thesis proposal today, so I need to finish that. I have been up since 2:00am today finishing it. I know you shouldn’t normally do this to your body while you’re fasting, but I am really starting to believe that I would n ...   read more

DAY 30!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooo-hoooooooo!!!!   17 y  
I am now having to face my ultimate fear: being the subject of men's attention! Ah!
Day 30!!! Lalalaaaa! Day 30!!! Lalalaaa! Okay. That’s out of my system. So I have had to face something that I have been hiding behind the fat: Guys are looking at me, and it scares me! So I am afraid of being vulnerable. I was a wallflower in high-school and I hid behind the fat. Yesterday, I wore a black dress that’s very low cut. I went to the department store to get a food processor (so I can eat raw meals when I begin eating again). Every man would walk circles around me and kept looking at me...even the ones pushing their kids around in buggies looking for Mother’s Da ...   read more

Day 29   17 y  
80's flashback...what a great decade!
Once again, I am super tired. And once again, that’s because I am getting no sleep due to trying to meet deadlines. It will all be over on Monday, but I am going to take a nap this afternoon. I have lost 21.5lbs. Very excited. I am watching the old Press Your Luck on the Game Show Network. I used to love that show when I was a kid. The clothes and hair crack me up. Do any of you girls remember giving your hair ”wings” (making the sides fluff out)? The 80s were great. They had the best cartoons! Voltron, He-Man, Transformers, GI-Joe, She-Ra, etc. Anyway, I hope everyone is ...   read more

Day 28 - Cinco de Mayo!   17 y  
Finally officially hit the 20lb weight loss mark!
I am super-tired, but it has nothing to do with the fast.  It has everything to do with being over-extended and super-stressed.  Livingwater and Raddish have both really given me so much hope regarding my hypothyroidism.  I am looking forward to getting it tested when this whole thing is over. I am almost to the end of my fast, but not quite yet.  I would really hate to start eating after having made it this far.  How much would I regret that!?  I know I would beat myself up over that one, so it is not worth it. Oh! And it’s official: 20.2lbs ...   read more

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