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ron paul president? the truth about ron a-apaul-ing    16 y  
paul is endorsed by the kkk, arian nation, nazi party
Ron Paul said Blacks make good criminals because they are fleet footed and can run fast. Ron Paul said he would have voted against the civil rights act of 1964 Ron Paul said, when fascism comes to this country it will be wrapped in a flag And a cross. Ron Paul said Americans are as responsible for 9-11 as Al Qaeda Ron Paul Said that Abe Lincoln was a dismal failure as President. Ron Paul said that Ronald Reagan was a dismal failure as President Ron Paul’s best friend “Alex Jones” believes that Bush and Jews were responsible for 9-11. Ron Paul said he would cut all fun ...   read more

My Girlfriend left me for steely dan from yokohama   16 y  
here i am now reeling in the years
what is a guy to do when his girlfriend is ”born to be wild” ? is it any surprise that she chose steely dan over me? I was too busy being a mugwump to notice. So know i am alone , queer in a way that i did not catch on to her oddities. So now i can sit alone to a naked lunch or a lunch naked? For awhile i became a ”junkie” to tv and fast food... Now i am ready to find a person who loves art, poetry, jazz, blues, culture with a tall, dark, italian man   visit the page

Artist Tells America to "Say No to Goods Made IN China"   16 y  
Why would we support a country that tortures its citizens, has refused to let Tibet have equal rights, has acted in the interest of terrorist nations.
Former NYC , award winning Video Producer Don Iarussi MFA has been in Yellowstone Park region for 5 months and was tired of seeing merchants tell customers to buy local only to find that buy local merchandise is actually ”Made In China” Don Iarussi MFA has been called an ”Activist” by the Deseret News in salt Lake City, Utah. While an MFA Candidate at Brooklyn College, He challenged the Faculty and produced the first rape awareness public service announcements in Spanish and American Sign language. Mr Iarussi who currently resides in Bozeman , Montana was tired of going into retail sho ...   read more

Who is reducing our dependence on foreign oil?   16 y  
speak up for Israel on progressive Green 960 AM BlueStarPR is spreading the truth about Israel where it is needed most. Listen to our director touting Israel's green technologies on one of the most liberal radio stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click on this new design and listen to the interview on YouTube.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvkiG6ssvNI Who is reducing our dependence on foreign oil? Israel. Israel is helping America develop renewable, environmentally-friendly energy. Israeli solar power plants located in southern California already produce 90% of the world’s solar thermal power. Israelis are working on a new Mojave Desert site that will boost California’s renewable energy portion to 18% by 2011. According to Israeli experts, a solar thermal plant built on just 1% of the surface of the Sahara Desert could provide the entire world’s electricity demands. Learn more abo ...   read more

USO Entertainment Tours Continue to Bring Smiles   16 y  
A medley of A-list celebrities made their rounds so far in 2007, entertaining more than 110,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and other overseas locations. The USO is sending more entertainers overseas this holiday season, a time when our troops need a morale boost the most.
The December tour schedule kicked off with country music singer/songwriter Kellie Pickler entertaining troops in Iraq and Kuwait. Later this month, the Sergeant Major of the Army, along with nine celebrity guests, will embark on the sixth consecutive “Hope and Freedom USO Tour” to visit troops in the Persian Gulf, followed by mixed martial arts favorites Tito Ortiz and Justin McCully. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will also touch down in Korea on their 65th USO tour. In November, several entertainers gave of their time and talents to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with the troop ...   read more

Remember Our Troops during the Holiday Season   16 y  
As the holidays approach, it is important to remember our troops, who have left their sons and daughters, their brothers and sisters, their mothers and fathers and their friends to face unknown dangers while defending our flag and our freedom.
Show your support for these brave men and women by supporting the USO. We need your help in bringing some holiday cheer to the more than 2.6 million active duty service members, Reservists and National Guardsmen serving worldwide. The USO’s special brand of programs and services include: USO Centers: More than 130 USO centers worldwide work to provide a home away from home to troops and their families. Operation USO Care Package: USO care packages can contain prepaid international phone cards, snacks, sunscreen, toiletries and other items requested by our troops along with a person ...   read more

Steroids and ethics in Pro sports, the double standards grow as morality and honesty slip away   16 y  
Pro sports like all of USA society is breaking down.
Steroids and ethics in Pro sports, the double standards grow as morality and honesty slip away from our culture. I do not see very much difference in professional sports and professional Wrestling. Maybe one difference, the WWE admits that it is nothing more than entertainment and the ending is scripted. What’s that you say, Are you suggesting that professional sports is fixed? In 1919, the Black Sox scandal rocked professional baseball, in the 1960’s , some Green Bay Packers players were suspended for betting on pro sports. Professional sports took a stand on players who were tr ...   read more

Pot Sales Bullish at Bozeman High School, youth suicide risise in Monta, as does racism   16 y  
What can be done to prevent the tragedy of youth suicide probably the same as drug abuse, racism, shut up the messenger and pretend it does not exist!
On eleventh and main street in Bozeman, The stench of Marijuana wafts stronger than the smell of Christmas trees in this small predominantly White Upper middle class community On Radio station KMMS in Bozeman, the host and hostess tell me this has been going on for years and the corner actually has been nicknamed ” getting high corner or something similar to that. I have written a book about a Bronx persons experience in this predominantly white Rocky Mountain Community Marijuana is readily available throughout Montana. It is the most commonly abused drug in the state. A recent su ...   read more

The Night I spent With William Burroughs is now a book.   16 y  
It was the Fall of 1986 and i had just jetted to NYC from Texas to check out the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village when low and behold I would have a night that would turn out to be a wild story .
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=130168911055&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=003 Description It was the fall of 1986 and the Mets had just won the world series, I was living in Houston Texas and had taken a NYC vacation to visit friends and to check out the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village. I ran into my actress model friend Magen and we checked out the parade and ended up at the alcatraz bar . It was a punk bar on the corner of St. Marks and Avenue A. Right across Avenue A is Tompkins Square Park. Alcatraz served their poison to the punk and th ...   read more

Israeli PM Makes Urgent Trip to Russia to Discuss Iranian Threat   16 y  
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arrived in Moscow on Thursday (Oct. 18) to address Russia's support of Iran's nuclear program and arms sales to Iran and Syria.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Oct. 18, 2007 http://www.theisraelproject.org Israeli PM Makes Urgent Trip to Russia to Discuss Iranian Threat Israeli PM’s Office Communiqué on Olmert-Putin Meeting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arrived in Moscow on Thursday (Oct. 18) to address Russia’s support of Iran’s nuclear program and arms sales to Iran and Syria. The previously unannounced trip, described by a senior Israeli official as ”a last-minute, urgent meeting,” comes two days after Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Tehran and vowed to support Iran’s pursuit of nuclear e ...   read more

Pat Buchanan gets doused with salad dressing    16 y  
I dont know if I ever posted these photos/video I shot. Thought you might wanna see how liberals act.
http://www.woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=3153391&nav=0RceYA7H ”I was startled, I didn’t know if he had a gun, or know what he was gonna do,” Don Iarussi, the man behind the footage, told 24 Hour News 8. ”You could clearly see he (Buchanan) was shaken by it. And there was pandemonium for 15 seconds.”   visit the page

Mr. Son Scheduled to be Publicly Executed.   16 y  
A few months ago, The Voice of the Martyrs launched a campaign to help secure the release of Mr. Son, a missionary to North Korea. His story is both tragic and inspiring. Mr. Son Jong Nam was an army officer in North Korea. He witnessed the brutality of the government when secret police kicked his pregnant wife in the stomach and she miscarried. Not long after this, Mr. Son and his family defected to China. It was in China that Mr. Son met a missionary and gave his life to Christ. In time, he felt called to be an evangelist to his homeland of North Korea.
Before Mr. Son could make plans to secretly travel back to North Korea, he was arrested by Chinese police and extradited. Back in his homeland, he was convicted of his ”illegal” Christian activities and served three years of imprisonment and brutal torture. After his release, Mr. Son made his way back to China and continued his biblical studies. Once again, he felt called to share Christ with the many lost souls of North Korea. Mr. Son’s friends begged him not to return to North Korea -- it was just too dangerous. But with the call of God on his life, he returned to share the Good Ne ...   read more

How Ta Tawk New Yawk Jus nother Guy From Da Bronx   16 y  
Written from my experience growing up in the Arthur Avenue Section of The Bronx
How Ta Tawk New Yawk Jus nother Guy From Da Bronx By Donald Iarussi MFA Jus’nother Goy Frum Da Bronx! Copyright 1993 HOW TA TAWK NEW YAWK! by Don Iarussi Jus’nother Goy Frum Da Bronx! A A goof: ”Dat party was a goof.” A hack: A NYC yellow cabdriver A white castle: A little hamburger Adjada: ”My stomach don’t feel good. I got adjada.” Alluh time: ”I’m tellin ya alluh time how ta do it.” Ascared: ”What are ya ascared of, the dark?” Avenoo: ”I live up on thoid avenoo.” ...   read more

Underage Girls Allegedly Forced to Disrobe as Part of Sexual Hazing for Bingham High School Champion Drill Team. (press release) Check out Fox News   16 y  
Four-time state championship Bingham High drill team, the Minerettes, has been accused of forcing underage girls to disrobe as part of an initiation party--or else eat dog feces.
http://www.myfoxutah.com/myfox/pages/Home/Detail;jsessionid=AC1BF66D1704F8C0D4094A7ADD709002?contentId=4560825&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1 A Bingham High Drill Team alumnus has come forward out of the quiet to reveal a sexua| hazing at a beginning of the year traditional sleepover last summer where she witnessed the captain of the drill team forcing girls to stand up alone and disrobe in various poses in a truth or dare game. ”It’s one thing to undress in the locker room preparing for a performance--but it’s another thing to be held up in ...   read more

Notes: Torre appreciates support   16 y  
"There are times you have to swallow hard sometimes and feel that this is unfair a time or two," Torre said. "But in the big picture, you can't pick and choose the parts you want to keep. It's one package, and you have to deal with it."
One day after most of the fallout from principal owner George Steinbrenner’s comments to a New Jersey newspaper, Yankees manager Joe Torre said that he had appreciated votes of support and confidence from members of his clubhouse. Most Yankees, asked about Steinbrenner’s insistence that the club advance to the American League Championship Series, said that their focus remained on winning games in the ALDS. ”We all know the last thing we need at this point in time is a distraction of some kind,” Torre said. ”We all need to be solid. I’m sure not everybody wants me to come back ...   read more

Mets buyout Tom Glavine for $3 million   16 y  
will they buy out or fire Minaya? Pray Tell?
To the surprise of no one and, probably, to the delight of Mets followers with short memories, Tom Glavine told the club on Friday that he would not exercise the option in his contract, a decision the Mets understood to mean the lefty would file for free agency and explore returning to the Braves if, indeed, he decides to pitch next season.   visit the page

Ahmadinejad Calls Again to Destroy Israel   16 y  
Iran's President and Top Leaders Threaten "Zionists and Their Supporters" Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday vowed once again to destroy Israel and called for a referendum to transfer Israel's Jews to Canada, Alaska or Europe.
Ahmadinejad Calls Again to Destroy Israel Iran’s President and Top Leaders Threaten ”Zionists and Their Supporters” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday vowed once again to destroy Israel and called for a referendum to transfer Israel’s Jews to Canada, Alaska or Europe. ”Canada and Alaska have vast lands, why don’t you relocate them over there and keep helping them over there with (aid of) 30 to 40 billion dollars per year for building a new existence over there,” [1] Ahmadinejad said during a rally in Tehran to mark Al Quds Day, a political holiday Iran created to prot ...   read more

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