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The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (c) vs. The Real Americans (Jack   9 y  
The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (c) vs. The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Cesaro) vs. Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel (Fatal 4-Way for the WWE Tag Team Championship) Read more at: http://www.heavy.com/entertainment/2014/04/wwe-wrestlemania-xxx-30-results-highlights/
Curtis and Jey Uso started things off. After a heated exchange where Axel landed a stiff dropkick, Ryback entered the match. Ryaback was ready to go into a rampage, but one of the Matadores tagged himself in Los Matadores hit a beautiful Enzuguri/dropkick combo. After Cesaro entered, each man soon found themselves outside the ring. Once all of the competitors fell out the ring, both Matadores members did a plancha onto everyone. El Torito got to have his Mania moment when him and his Matadores team members dropped Axel onto everyone on the outside. Swagger eliminated one of the Matadores a ...   read more

wwe wrestlemania results   9 y  
yes yes yes vs triple h... daniel bryan vs hhh
With the winner of this match announced as a participant in the main event, it makes sense that Triple H and Daniel Bryan went on to open the event. But still, it’s tough not to feel bad for the performers that have to come after them. These entrances and the match absolutely tore the house down in a way that opening matches don’t usually do. The story of Bryan vs. The Authority has been central to everything that WWE has done since SummerSlam. Triple H appeared to have it won when he caught a flying knee attempt by Bryan and turned it into a spinebuster, then hit Bryan with the Ped ...   read more

royal rumble 30 man over the top   9 y  
gold dust eliminates brother cody setting up maatch at wrestle mania. new age hag laws already took wwe tag belts
Royal Rumble Entrant 1: CM Punk Entrant 2: Seth Rollins This is a hell of a way to get things kicked off. Punk opens up with a tackle into the corner but Rollins turns things around with some punches and he tries to toss Punk out. Punk comes out firing with some elbows and kicks. Punk goes for the GTS but Rollins escapes and hits a brutal kick. Punk returns the favor. Entrant 3: Danien Sandow Sandow hits the ring and goes straight for an elimination on Punk, but Punk uses some axe kicks to save himself. Sandow and Rollins try to double team Punk but he ends up hitti ...   read more

john cena vs military criminal orton   9 y  
orton has a dishonorable discharge. why is he even in wwe?
Randy Orton (c) def. John Cena (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)   visit the page

Bray Wyatt Daniel Bryan   9 y  
the wyatts really suck as wrasslers. they are worse than the hillbillies from hogan days
It was a match destined to be extremely personal from the start. Bray Wyatt came into Royal Rumble looking to punish Bryan after The Beard appeared to willingly join The Wyatt Family several weeks earlier, then turned on The Eater of Worlds inside a steel cage with absolute aggression. For his part, Bryan looked to replace Wyatt’s madness with some of his own. The scene spelled pure intensity from the moment the two Superstars stepped into the ring. Yet, even with the stakes being so personal, no one could have predicted the monumental match that lay ahead.   visit the page

big show a face los3es big show a heel is unbeatable..lol
away on The World’s Largest Athlete, Heyman slid a steel chair into his client’s clutches. Lesnar smashed the chair over Big Show’s back and arms repeatedly, mangling the steel seat over the giant’s massive frame. The official was able to temporarily stop the carnage and ask Big Show if he wanted to compete. The giant, unable to lift his battered left arm, the match finally started. Though Lesnar grabbed another chair, he did not get to use it. Charging at Big Show, Brock instead ran into a KO Punch that sent him crashing to the canvas and unable to get up. Unfortunately for Big Show, h ...   read more

wwe tag team championship
The high-octane bout was chaotic for sure, and The New Age Outlaws took advantage of the bedlam inside the squared circle. With neither pair securing enough momentum to maintain a prolonged advantage, Gunn seized an opportunity to tag himself in after driving Goldust into the barricade outside the ring. Cody,not seeing the tag had been made,focused on Road Dogg – thereby allowing Gunn to execute The Famouser and secure the championship win. After 14 years, The New Age Outlaws captured WWE Tag Team Championship glory, shocking themselves, the WWE Universe and ultimately, The Brotherhood. ...   read more

Healthy Eyes-N-Acetyl-Cystein   10 y  
tylonol overdose?
Has anyone ever though of including NAC in Tylenol? Don’t jump on that one too fast! NAC is more efficacious if taken as part of a full-spectrum vitamin/mineral/antioxidant multiple. It chelates heavy metals, including mercury, and it also increases the excretion of zinc, copper and other minerals if excessvie amounts are taken over an extended period of time. NAC should also always be taken with a host of vitamin and plant-based antioxidants to regenerate active glutathione and keep it from becoming a pro-oxidant. Again, we come back to the importance of micronutrient synergy. ...   read more

nac n-acetyl cysteine for eyes?   10 y  
eye mucus can it help
ral supplementation with N-acetylcysteine (NAC) may be beneficial for individuals with chronic posterior blepharitis, a common inflammatory condition of the inner eyelid, according to a recent report in Cornea (2002;21:164–8). In this study, 40 individuals with chronic posterior blepharitis were randomly assigned to receive standard therapy, either alone (control group) or in combination with NAC (100 mg three times per day for eight weeks). Standard therapy consisted of topical steroids and antibiotics, warm compresses to the eyelids twice a day, and the use of artificial tears. Compar ...   read more

Wrestlig Comment: We can be sure of one thing. Hulkamania is   10 y  
Tna is dead, Curt angle now has count em, 6 duis?
We have hulk hogan and bischoff swapping wives in the past, we have hogan badmouthing the macho man after his death. WE have hogan in sex videos with buuba the love sponges wife. what losers in tna. We will not even get into the hardees. ou would think by now Angle’s license would have been revoked forever. Kurt Angle is to Wrestling what DMZ is to Hip-Hop. It is true, it is damn true. TNA superstar Kurt Angle has been arrested for DWI again, TMZ has learned -- his 4th alcohol-related arrest in 6 years. According to law enforcement, Angle was busted Thursday night in W ...   read more

joHN cENA VS yES? nO? mAYBE SO? dANNY BOY bRYAN   10 y  
The crowd goes nuts as Bryan celebrates with the title. He and Cena face off in the middle of the ring and shake hands. After a few minutes of celebrating we see Orton comes out with his briefcase. He looks at Bryan from ringside and holds up the case. Bryan challenges him to come in the ring and try it. Orton turns around and Triple H pedigrees Bryan. Orton comes in and says he wants to cash in. OH MY GOD! WWE Champion John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan -- C.M. Punk vs. Brock Lesnar -- BROCKLESNAR wins by pinfall World Heavyweight Champion Alberto del Rio vs. Chr ...   read more

The Doritos ”Boldest Fan” was able to sit in front of the announcers table with three friends. He won a challenge to take a splash from Mark Henry in the ring during a Summerslam Axxess event. During the match, Kaitlyn managed to escape a sleeper hold from AJ, then crawled over to tag in Dolph. Moments later, Kaitlyn came in to break up a Big E pinfall attempt on Dolph. AJ came in and kicked Kaitlyn to the outside. The finish saw Dolph set up for a move with AJ grabbing Dolph’s leg from the outside. Kaitlyn speared down AJ, and Big E took down Ziggler for a near fall. Big E set up for a ...   read more

iN THE big one?   10 y  
CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar No Disqualification Match ARE WE NOT SICK OF LOOKINT AT LESNAR
Punk sprang to attack Brock as the bell sounded, but Lesnar quickly slammed him to the corner, then threw him into the adjacent corner. A huge CM Punk chant started up. Cole announced there were 17,749 in attendance at the Staples Center. Punk managed to recover and hit a series of knees. The first took Lesnar down to the ropes, and the second knocked him out of the ring. Punk followed with a suicide dive to take Brock down near the ramp, with Heyman looking worried. Punk took the top of the steel steps off and went to hit Lesnar with them, but Brock was up and rammed into the steps ...   read more

atalya vs. Brie Bella WHO REALLY CANNOT WRESTLE   10 y  
bree nella ? not good in ring
During the match, Eva Marie and Nikki got involved several times. At one point, Brie escaped a Sharpshooter, throwing Natalya into the corner. The Funkadactyls rushed around the ring and attacked Eva and Nikki to get involved. The crowd had several chants including chanting for each of the commentators, and then a ”We Want Ryder, Woo Woo Woo!” chant. Ultimately, Natalya was able to hit an Alabama Slam and get the Sharpshooter on in the middle of the ring for the submission win.   visit the page

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio World Heavyweight Championship   10 y  
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio World Heavyweight Championship Match mCmAHON HAS SAID IN A SHOOT THAT HE HATES CHRISTIANS FACE...LOL HAS HE LOOKED AT HIS? OR HHH?
Late in the match, Christian set up on the ring corner for a move but had his back turned to Del Rio who jumped up and hit him with a Backstabber. Del Rio grabbed a pinfall but Christian kicked out. Moments later, Del Rio hit a hard kick on Christian’s head in the corner for another pinfall attempt. Christian avoided another Del Rio move from off the corner, then hit a flying elbow to take him down. Christian tried to rev up the fans, but Del Rio backed Christian into the corner and kept ramming into him, before setting up for the Superplex. Christian flipped over and tried a Sunset ...   read more

2 excellent wrassler go it it. The mini dream and sanow Cody   10 y  
Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow
THIS IS NOT SANDOWS AMERICAN DREAM! MAYBE NIGHTMARE Sandow got the early advantage, taking the fight outside the ring and attacking Rhodes. Back in the ring. Rhodes backed Sandow into the ring corner to break a hold. Cody went for Cross Rhodes but Sandow blocked it and flipped Cody to the mat, before hitting a side Russian leg sweep. Sandow hit the Elbow of Disdain for an early near fall. Later on, Rhodes hit a Brainbuster move from the corner for a near fall of his own. Later still, Cody managed to hit the Disaster Kick and went for the pinfall, but Sandow kicked out at the las ...   read more

Summerslam opened with The Miz hitting the stage to welcome   10 y  
Kane vs. Bray Wyatt (Ring of Fire Match)..this match was a disappointment. NOt sure what theya re doing with Kane. he is now a jobber
Fandango’s music hit and he arrived out on stage dancing with Summer Rae to interrupt. Miz said ”Really?” several times, then welcomed everyone to Summerslam. A video package showcased the two big main events. Lillian Garcia introduced Jo Jo from ”Total Divas” to sing the national anthem. The U.S. and Spanish announce teams were shown right before the first match started. Kane’s pyro shot off and he came to the ring first, surveying the setup of the flame strips around the sides of the ring. His theme music cut out and the Wyatts were shown up on the screen. Bray lit the lantern a ...   read more

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