The Wagon Juice Fast - On Again, Off Again
by sugardarling

Day 1, Take II...   16 y  
No, really I'm DEAD serious this time...
I know I know.. I should just change my blog to something like ’The Wagon Fast - On Again, Off Again’... I think I am! haha.   visit the page

Back To Day 1..   16 y  
Woo, I went 2.25 Days This Time!
I went out to breakfast yesterday afternoon. I started my meal with a glass of freshly juiced apple juice though! And then ate a small portion of eggs scrambled with salmon, pesto and brie, and a couple bites of potatoes. Drank a smooth moves tea later and then had a veggie salad with turkey on it last night too. But I woke up this morning and made a carrot celery apple spinach juice, took all my suppliments, had a headache, now it’s gone. I’m off to make another juice now and some light exercise... I found this 7 Day Juice Fast Plan. Sounds good. Day 1 Apple and celery juice: In ...   read more

Day 3   16 y  
Can You Believe It???!!!
Well almost. Noontime it will be the start of day three and so far, I’ve lost 2 lbs. Woo! I’m going out to dinner tomorrow night, so I’ll fast until then. It will be a sort of reward to eat tomorrow. Thank God it’s going to be a healthful vegetarian restaurant. I’m not tracking what I’m eating today, cuz I get too wrapped up in what I’m eating and not eating and it makes me want to eat. CIAO!   visit the page

Day 2   16 y  
I had to take drastic measures and post fat pics on my fridge
Last night instead of wine with friends, I had watered down cranberry juice with friends! :) And for dinner, instead of eating with mom, I drank my hot vegetable broth with cinnamon and cayenne pepper with mom! It was yummy! The only thing that really kept my spirits up were the pictures of overweight women with protruding bellies eating spaghetti and cake that I plastered on my fridge. Everytime I would open my fridge I would see these pics and start laughing. It made my deprivation a whole lot more humorous and, ewww - a lot more worthwhile! So I’m only 1 hr and 36 min into my SECOND ...   read more

TAKE 3 - Day 1   16 y  
Oops, I ate something again...
Yes, I had to restart my fast again. Hey, I’m just being honest here! I should atleast get a pat on the back for that instead of quiting and giving up completely! No but really, since I began adding fresh live juices to my diet, I have seen such an improvement in my skin, my appetite, my cravings and it’s very exciting! Plus I think I would have gained 10lbs if I hadn’t been juice fasting for a couple days during my caffeine detox. Woo, that was horrible. So I’m back on my fast. 3 Days at least... I can do it.   visit the page

Day 2 Morning   16 y  
I Eat In My Dreams
I’ll update this at the end of the day... ::Woke Up:: 8oz cran/water + 1 TBLS ground flaxseed ::15 min later:: 16oz Appple-Ginger-Celery Juice + 1 tsp flaxseed oil ::Noon:: ? Some sort of vegetable juice concoction... Thanks to the forum I got some feedback about flaxseed oil and vitamins while juicing! So that was great. There was also a call to question that flaxseed oil can act as an appetite suppressant. I read that flaxseed is in fact an appetite suppressant because it’s EFAs increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which decreases depression and as well as t ...   read more

RESTART Day 1   16 y  
Back to Day 1
All the party food killed me! I had to drink about 3 cups of Smooth Moves! So we’re back to Day 1. ::Woke Up:: 8oz cran/water + 1 TBLS ground flaxseed ::30min later:: warm water + juice from 1 squeezed lemon + stevia ::15 min later:: 16oz Carrot-Cucumber-Apple Juice + 1/2 tsp flaxseed oil ::2:30:: 16oz Carrot-Parsley-Spinach Juice ::3:00:: 4 oz Wheatgrass Shot ::8:00:: 30 minutes on Elliptical Machine in TargetHeartRate Zone. ::10:00:: 8oz of Smooth Moves Lax Tea 8oz Egyptian Licorice Tea ::Midnite:: Tried to stay up for Letterman, and Conan O’Brien, but ...   read more

Day 2   16 y  
My Dad's 60th, Oops!
Can’t tell you too much about Day 2 other than I had an intense headache, was extremely irritable, and all I wanted to do was look through recipe books. Of course it got better throughout the day, but at around 5pm I had to break my fast. It was my father’s 60th Birthday and there was no way I was NOT going to eat some pizza and have a slice of carrot cake. Not that I couldn’t have said no, but you know how families get when someone’s not eating at a party. Onto Day 3...   visit the page

Day 1 Afternoon   16 y  
Carrot-Orange-Watercress, yum!
::Woke Up:: 8oz cran/water + 1 TBLS ground flaxseed ::30min later:: warm water + juice from 1 squeezed lemon + stevia ::15 min later:: 16oz Carrot-Orange-Watercress Juice + 1/2 tsp flaxseed oil ::2:30:: 16oz Apple-Grapefruit-Pear-Carrot Juice ::5:00:: Chocolate Smooth Moves (lax tea) So far I feel good. Slight headache, lightheadedness, but no hunger. The juices are really yummy and kind of gives me a headrush. In addition to the juice, I’m taking ground flaxseeds in the morning and at night for fiber, and 1/2 tsp. flaxseed oil twice for it’s protein, fat burning, omega ...   read more

INTRO: Preparing For Treturous Seas   16 y  
Hello Everyone! My name is Mari. I’m 26, 5’4, Medium Frame, 125lbs. I’m looking to do some internal spring cleaning, and to clean out some toxins and food dependencies that I’ve accumulated throughout the years. I’m planning to embark on a Juice Fasting Journey for 3 Days. 3 Days of utter agony and pain. 3 Days of maybe not even getting out of bed. 3 Days of who knows what! All I know I know is I have to do this. Yes, I know, 3 Days is just a teaser - the real magic happens when you go for a week or two... or four! But to me, a novice, 3 days is an eternity and there is no way I could e ...   read more


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