Wedding 2007: Getting in Better Shape
by tambee
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Preparing for a 10 day fast   13 y  
starting this coming Monday
I have decided I am going to do a 10 day Master Cleanser Fast starting this coming Monday.... April 9th. I want to do it to kick my Starbucks habit again and also to drop a few pounds. I have gotten to a lower weight that I haven’t seen for about a year.... last week. But, due to my future mother in law being in town we went out for some meals and I gained a few pounds back. No biggie... I’ll probably be back down again by the weekend and after eating lean again all week. But, It would be so nice to drop some additional weight and see those lower numbers. It’ll give me some inspiration to ...   read more

Core Training is Kicking my Butt   14 y  
The day after I could barely roll out of bed!
Since I was 5 I have been in all sorts of activities, sports and dance. Nothing in my life has gotten me this sore. My tummy muscles are really shocked at my new training program and it feels good. I guess my body has just gotten immuned to running so it doesn’t even make a difference in my shape anymore. Probably just good for burning off some calories! My trainer is also making me keep a daily log of what I am eating, how many calories and the nutrition value in each. He told me about this great site that gives you the nutritional value for just about everything....... ...   read more

First Training Session   14 y  
How will I measure up?
So, I met with the trainer once already this week and as I mentioned got a good feeling from his energy and passion in getting people in shape. And the new gym atmosphere is much more inspiring. At the gym I go to now it’s a very relaxed and non-competitive environment which is nice..... but I also don’t have many role models there who look great and lean/thin. Honestly I am a little intimidated but need to get over that. My personal goal is to loose inches and fat. Definitely don’t want to get muscular. The trainer I talked to is very lean but not built up... so I think he knows his st ...   read more

Getting in touch with myself again   14 y  
Sometimes life gives you new challenges
I am sitting here drinking a glass of wine with The Biggest Looser on tv behind me in the background. I love that show because it is so inspiring. Great people doing their best to make the most of themselves. I can’t even believe how much progress they make in such a short period of time. I have 6 months to make a major transformation, myself. That same 20-30 pounds that I have been complaining about for months. I am obviously doing something wrong..... including drinking this glass of wine. I have decided that I need help. I went to a new gym close to home which I was very impressed wi ...   read more

Friday Master Cleanse   14 y  
Had a small Dinner last night, YES... food, but am back on the cleanse for today
Hello, Hello........ It’s Friday and I am feeling so much better today than I did on Monday. I am so happy I decided to fast this week. My skin looks glowing, I feel mentally much clearer, I feel like I have a reawakened grasp on staying on track with my food choices, and I am about 5 pounds lighter. Sure, might be water weight... but it does give me a smile to see the numbers come down. And they will continue to drop... with or without muscle gain. I made it through all day yesterday sticking strictly to the cleanse and decided to break it for a small dinner (a small salad, an egg and ...   read more

4/5: Master Cleanser   14 y  
Ran 16 miles this week!
Made it through to round 4! And feeling like I could actually go on to finish 10 days... but we will see. It is so true that the first 2 days are the most difficult. I did my 4 mile run this morning. That makes 16 miles this week! It was actually difficult because my stomach was growling and I felt like I had bricks in my shoes. But I did feel clear headed and great to be out running. Last night was really hard. It was so cold and I just wanted to have a warm meal when I got home for the comfort part of it. But, I stayed strong.... and grumpy. And my Fiance made himself these yummy garl ...   read more

3/5: Master Cleanser   14 y  
Woke up feeling light on my feet
Well, kids.... I think I had a MC breakthrough today. I slept amazingly and woke up feeling like I had already had a cup of coffee. I know.... it just seems crazy to think that ”depriving yourself of food” would actually give you more energy. I still am curious to know what exactly causes this energy boost. My theory is that your body spends less energy on digesting and more on activities. So, I went for my 4 mile run this morning. I felt really good on the’s my meditation. I either completely clear my mind and focus on my body, movements and breathing. Or, all the clutter in ...   read more

2/5 Afternoon   14 y  
Goals, Goals, Goals
Today at work we had a Halloween potluck. I didn’t bring anything because I am doing my fast and just tried to stay out of the kitchen to avoid people asking why I wasn’t eating. It’s funny the reaction people have if you tell them you are fasting. It’s like they think you are crazy or have a serious problem. So, I just know now not to tell anyone when I am fasting. I went into the kitchen with tons of potluck food and had to really talk myself into staying on the fast. I was having thoughts like.... ”ahhh, I’ll just restart tomorrow. it’s Halloween I should have fun.... I should restart s ...   read more

2/5: Master Cleanse   14 y  
Little groggy on my run
I went home last night and had a long shower. Love showers and baths while on the MC!! And had a great and peaceful night sleep. I have been having a bit of insomnia lately because I have so much on my mind with the Wedding, Work, getting in shape, and general life stresses. I do notice that when I am in shape... suddenly all my general stresses seem to fade. I woke up this am feeling like I could still sleep but forced myself to go for my 4 mile run which I haven’t actually done for a couple weeks. Doing the MC makes me want to work out a lot... which is great. Another reason why I am ...   read more

5 day MC fast   14 y  
Short Master Cleanser to get back on track..... again.
I know that you are supposed to do the fast for a minimum of 10 days. I have done 2 x 10 day fasts in the past and really got a great feeling during and after my fasts. I am doing this fast to get me back on track. It seems I have been overindulging the last couple weeks and want to get back to eating moderately and lean again. I guess to break from bad habbits and try to gain controll again. Felt really excited to wake up this morning and know that I will be fasting this week. So, we’ll see! I have counted 250 days until the Wedding. Wow. Kinda crazy! That’s about 8 months.... which ...   read more

Need a Lemon Tree!   14 y  
Possible MC addict.... haha
Well, it’s been a few days now since I have been off the Master Cleanser. I still feel pretty good and have managed to keep about 8 of the 10 pounds I lost off. I have slipped up in the diet department and have had some dairy. But I am trying to be very aware, meal by meal, what I am eating and drinking. I am not saying that I have avoided all the foods that I need to try to cut out..... but at least I am trying and am being aware of what I am eating. I feel like I need to do another Master Cleanse in the next few weeks to go over what I learned again and to give me another boost. I rea ...   read more

day 10   14 y  
adding some orange juice
Okay.... 10 days since I started the Master Cleanse and I am officially ready to switch over and expand my food choice horizons. I am starting to add back in some orange juice and even add some raw veggies and fruit later on. I thought about buying some more lemons in order to make more juice to get me through to the end of the day. But I have decided instead that once the lemons runs out.... it’s time to start adding in food again.. Tonight I am gonna make some soup for tomorrow. I used to think that I would like to try doing a 2 or 3 week Master Cleanser. But, after doing this one I h ...   read more

9/10: Master Cleanser   14 y  
getting bored with lemonade
Well, here I am again... another day of lemonade. I have to admit... it’s not difficult at all anymore. Just starting to look forward to a change in flavah! I feel great today. Did my usual 4 mile run and light weights for 10 minutes. Made my lemonade. My clothes fit much better. And my skin is glowing. People have made comments today that I look more vibrant. Definitely something in my diet that is not agreeing with me. Need to figure that out. Also need to order the detox box diet. I think that should help with getting rid of foods I don’t need or I guess shouldn’t have. I know I a ...   read more

8/10: Master Cleanser   14 y  
Almost there guys!
Made it through 100% sticking to the program again yesterday. Felt good to be back on track all the way. I definitely know that 10 days is my max on this because of all the running I like to do. It’s good because the fast encourages me to get back on track with loving to run and going to the gym. But at the same time when doing that I feel like I need a little more than just lemonade. I will do just fine for the next few days. Almost there. And with any luck when I weigh myself on Friday I will be down some weight which will encourage me to keep on sticking to the program and eventually ge ...   read more

7/10: Master Cleanser   14 y  
a confession to make....
First of all, I have a confession to make.... I stopped off at Whole Foods on my way home from work and bought a pint of organic lentil soup and ate it!!! If that is the only confession I ever have to make in life... I am doing okay. heehee. It was not because I wanted to break my fast or because I was having a food craving..... but because I felt like I physically needed it. The sodium and protein? Keep in mind I ran a total of 8 miles over the weekend and went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday. I think it is possible that for the amount of exercise I have been doing for the past week, I ...   read more

6/10: Master Cleanser   14 y  
good day, sad day
Feels good to be on day 6. I went to the gym this morning and had an easy 30 min ride on the bike. Felt really sad watching the coverage on the anniversary of 9-11. So very sad. Really made me want this week to go by so I can be with my Fiance this weekend. This time he has been away for work has really made me appreciate him that much more. So, yesterday after going for a run, my skin on my face started to mildly burn. I am not sure why but my initial thought was that the cayenne pepper was coming out in my sweat. Is that even possible? My skin got red in blotchy spots on my face and s ...   read more

5/10: Master Cleanser   14 y  
Detox Box?
Yay! Half way there. By this coming Friday I should be feeling great. I have been emailing my Mom every day about my fast just to keep me on track. She got inspired and is on the 3rd day of her fast. See, fasting is contagious. So, I found out what the diet is that my friend is on which I am going to transition into after this Master Cleanser. It is called ”The Detox Box” by Mark Hyman M.D. I am thinking this may be a good way to get into a structured eating plan rather than falling back into my usual ways of moderately healthy eating. I do know how to eat healthy but I tend to sneak in ...   read more

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