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Day 7...Honoring Your Body   14 y  
Our physical body is amazing.
Greetings... Day seven and going strong.  Last night, I drank my smooth move lax tea around 11 pm, just prior to going to bed.  I don’t know what the heck happened, but I was up at 3 am, and again at 3:30 expelling that putrid gunk that is still inside of me.   The lax tea usually doesn’t kick in until around 6 am.  No worries however.  Last night and this morning, I am passing alot of mucoid plaque.  I think the increase in cayenne is starting to pay off.  I am up to a heaping 1/2 teaspoon.  However, I am still waiting ...   read more

Day 6...Broadening My Horizons   14 y  
We can achieve greater growth and advancement in our lives.
Greetings... It is day 6 and things continue to go well for me.  I did have some difficulty getting off to sleep last night for some reason, but I eventually dozed off to dreamland.  This morning, I noticed that the inside of my bottom lip is a bit tender.  I am not sure what is causing this, other then perhaps toxins being expelled out of my body.  I was up early this morning to help my Dad at his other house on the island.  It’s a large property, two acres, and I get a bit stressed when he tries to take on too much.  Granted, he’s in g ...   read more

Day 5...staying positive and some statistics   14 y  
Here are some statistics regarding my journey so far.
Greetings… I’ve made it to day 5.   I continue to amaze myself at my ability to press on with this healing process.   I believe the fact that I view it as a healing process is motivation enough to continue my quest towards a healthier body and being a happier person. I was reading some posts on the Master Cleanse forum yesterday and ran across a thread mentioning how an individual had noticed a difference between the McCormick cayenne pepper and organic cayenne.   Her point basically was that the McCormick cayenne paled in comparison to the organi ...   read more

Day 4...A Calm Detachment   14 y  
Day 4...a calm detachment
Greetings... It’s day four and things are going well.  I have been sleeping incredibly well the last week, since doing my first liver flush and subsequently beginning the master cleanse.  In the past few years, I have generally averaged 6-7 hours of sleep per night.  The last week, I have been sleeping about 10 hours per night.  This is just another indication to me that my body is going about healing itself.  If you read my post from yesterday, you will remember that I have increased the amount of cayenne pepper I use per drink from 1/4 teaspoon to 1 ...   read more

Day 3...Pushing Past My Fears   14 y  
Day 3...Pushing past my fears.
Well...It’s day 3 and things are going well.  I am amazing myself that I am able to do this, being that it is the first fast I have ever done in my life.  Having read many posts where people expressed difficulties, especially during the first three days, I am pushing past my fears.  I have not really experienced any problems so far.  I haven’t had any real hunger pangs but I have had a few cravings, however, they went away rather quickly.  Additionally, the release of toxins hasn’t adversely affected me so far.  Frankly, I feel good.  I am ...   read more

Day 2...A Quiet Confidence   14 y  
Day 2...A quite confidence
Happy Fourth of July... Yesterday was a great day, being the first day of my cleanse.  I really didn’t have any food urges to speak of.  When I felt the need, I had lemonade, and that did the trick.  I had six lemonades yesterday, as well as about three quarts of water and the smooth move tea before going to bed.  I was really surprised how good the smooth move tasted and how satisfying it was.  I suspect I will be looking forward to the tea each evening.  After my first lemonade yesterday, I increased the amount of cayenne per drink to 1/4 teaspoon.  ...   read more

Let the cleanse begin...Day 1   14 y  
Day 1 of my first Master Cleanse.
It’s offical, I have began my first ever fast using the Master Cleanse.  I am so psyched to do this and really have a clear focus on my goals and one day at a time philosophy.  Last night, I took Oxypowder rather than the lax tea.  That will be the last Oxy I take for about three weeks or so.  However, this morning, I did drink the quart of salt water.  That’s a lot of water to chug all at once,  but boy did it do the trick.  I was going to the bathroom about every five minutes.  After about an hour, I offically had my first lemonade with cayenne.  I used about 1/8th of a teaspoon and ...   read more

Here are a few pics of me and my two masters   14 y  
Some pics of me and my teachers.
These pics are from two years ago when I was still residing in Korea.  The monk, Kwang Won Seunim, was my teacher for several years in both meditation and Gwan Seon Moo, a buddhist martial art.  I have a 2nd degree black belt in this form.  The other Korean man, Master Kim,  was my master in Soo Bahk, which I currently hold a 3rd degree black belt.  I am forever indebted to both these individuals as they helped shape who I am today.   It has been tough having moved to Germany and being away from my teachers, after 14 years in Korea, but I had no choice.&n ...   read more

T minus 2 days and counting   14 y  
Two days until the Master Cleanse begins.
Greetings... Wow, what a beautiful day in Washington State.  I spent the majority of the day at my parents second home on Camano Island helping my dad knock down about three weeks of growth on their property, about two acres worth.  What a chore but it was good to be in touch with nature.  They have so many magnificant trees on their property.  It truely was a great day. Yesterday, I continued to pass a small amount of stones up until bedtime.  I took some Oxypowder caps before turning in and passed a few more this morning, but by noon, that was it.  The liver flush was a great suc ...   read more

The results are in from my first liver flush.   14 y  
The results from my first ever liver flush.
WoooHooo!!!  I did it and what a success.  Although I am not completely done as I type this, as I took my third epsom salt mixture at 8 am and will do my last at 10 am.  I suspect I will be seeing results for the remainder of the day. Yesterday I ate half a cantalope, two bananas, and a nectarine, in addition to 3200 mg of Malic acid.  I stopped eating at 1:30 pm but continued to drink as much water as possible up until 5:30 pm, as I have heard that the epsom salts can be dehydrating.  At 6 pm, I drank my first epsom salt mixture (with water) followed by the second at 8 pm.  At 9:45 pm ...   read more

The day of the liver flush!!!   14 y  
Today is the day of my first liver flush.
Greetings...Today is the big day, my first ever liver flush. I am so ready to do this, especially after the results I have achieved doing the colon and parasite cleanses. Yesterday, I only ate fruit and two pieces of whole grain bread with a bit of jam on it. Two observations. Number one, I am realizing that I have an addiction to food. I have read many posts where different individuals have referred to their addiction to food and I am coming to the realization that I fall into that group as well. Secondly, despite eating fairly light yesterday, I had four large bowel movements t ...   read more

Proceeding as planned   14 y  
It's the day before my first ever liver flush and I'm psyched!!!
Good Day All, and a beautiful day it is. I woke this morning at 5 am and immediately started eliminating gunk from my body. I actually had to buy some Tucks pads yesterday as it is getting a bit sore down there from all the bowel movements. I read somewhere in a couple of posts that this was an effective means of alleviating soreness. It seems to be working. In addition the the extra virgin olive oil and the grapefruit I bought yesterday, I also stocked up on alot of different fruits; grapes, oranges, plums, apricots, nectarines, a pineapple, and a cantalope. Strictly no-fat today a ...   read more

Flusing out those flukes   14 y  
The flukes are flowing today.
Well I don’t know what is happening inside my body with this parasite flush, but this morning I passed a large amount of flukes. From just what I could see without poking around, in my first BM alone, there were between 50 and 75 floating on top of the water. Additionally, I saw several worms as well. The worms were about an inch to an inch and a half in length. I also noticed lots of eggs. My second and third BM yeilded even more flukes. Since I began the Clarkia tincture 10 days ago, this is the first real break through as far as the flukes are concerned. I passed a few in the las ...   read more

I got the critters on the run   14 y  
The Clarkia Tincture is really doing the trick.
Well, it’s day 10 of the process of doing a colon and parasite cleanse, followed by a liver flush, and then on to the Master Cleanse. Last night I took my Oxypowder as usual prior to going to bed. Initially when I started all this, I would be up in the middle of the night with several eliminations. Then the last few days I was able to get through the night and the bowel movements would start in the morning. Well last night I reverted back to the middle of the night bowel movements followed by several more this morning. It’s amazing how much gunk is coming out of my body. The interes ...   read more

The details and week one results   14 y  
My adjustments to the two cleanses I'm doing now and the results so far.
What a beautiful day in Washington State! I’ve enjoyed some sun today and had a great time outside with my kids. Unfortunately, I had forgot how nice it was to just bask in the sun for a bit and soak up life’s energy source. Yet another thing I am coming back in touch with.’s what I’ve done so far and what the results have been. I started this all on Saturday, 6/17, with four Oxypowder caps in the evening before going to bed. I had relatively good success but decided to up the dose to six caps the next evening. This meet with even greater success. I must warn you however ...   read more

The Game Plan   14 y  
How I plan to proceed with all of this being a first time cleanser.
I began this journey about two months ago when I stumbled across the cure zone. Rather than jump into something that sounded really good, I opted to read as much as possible in order to make an informed decision. I believe this was benefical in putting together a plan that I thought was best for me. Prior to returning to the U.S. last Saturday, 6/17 (I live and work in Germany), I ordered basically everything I felt I needed online and had it delivered to the house where I would be spending the summer. My initial order consisted of the following: Oxypowder 120 ct. Clarkia 4 oz. ...   read more

An Introduction   14 y  
A short intro of a new person to all of the cleanses.
Well...if it wasn’t for Zoe, I suspect this blog wouldn’t exist. She has been quite the inspiration for me, as well as others, to actually attempt this. Okay, from the beginning. Perhaps two months ago I stumbled across this site. I like to think of it as karma. I do not use that term lightly as I studied with Buddhist monks for many years in Korea in both martial arts and meditation. This recent discovery has led me down a new path...a path I have been searching for for quite some time. I am a single father, with an eight-year old son and a six-year old daughter. I have had ...   read more

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