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Day 6...A Bump In The Road   14 y  
Deciding From A Point Of Balance
Greetings... Yesterday, from about 3 pm on, was an extremely challenging time for me.  I wanted so bad to stop the cleanse and just eat.  I am not sure where these overwhelming feelings were coming from, but it was a real battle to suppress them.  The day was no different from any of the other days so far, in that I was drinking the same number of lemonades and the same amount of water.  I ended up drinking one additional lemonade yesterday to help quell the intense urge to eat and drank the peppermint tea as well.  I have decided that I like the tea after a ...   read more

Day 5...Hitting My Stride   14 y  
Nothing Much to Report
Greetings... Nothing much to report today other than the fact that I have hit my stride in this current cleanse.  I feel like I’m on cruise control at this point.  My energy level continues to amp up and I am sleeping better and better with each passing night.  I am still experiencing the conspiracy of the cayenne and lax tea awakening me in the middle of the night, however, it feels great to continue to expel the built up gunk in my colon.  I am nearing 1/2 teaspoon of the 90,000 hu cayenne per drink.  I had a slight bit of discomfort after last night’s ...   read more

Day 4...Contract for change   14 y  
Our decisions ultimately are our own.
Greetings... It is day four and things are moving along quite nicely.  Yesterday proved to be a breeze, despite my worries about the widely documented day three struggles.  So far I have not experienced and ill-effects, sometimes associated with the release of toxins.  This is definitely a plus.  However, the cayenne and smooth move tea seem to have decided that 3 am will be the time that major eliminations will take place.  Once again, I was in the bathroom, half-asleep, disposing of accumulated gunk.  I was not really able to ge ...   read more

Day 3...Back In Touch With Wellness   14 y  
Our bodies send us signals, which we need to listen to.
Greetings... It is day three and I’m feeling quite good.  I awoke this morning at 5 am as I have to work half of this week.  This in itself is a first as I have never gone to work while doing the cleanse.  Fortunately, it is only for Monday-Wednesday, and then I have 18 days off to completely focus on the restoration of my body.  The increased cayenne and the lax tea really kicked in last night at 3 am, as I was up twice, eliminating  some very noxious waste.  The early morning SWF helped to clear out even more toxins.  I am already feeling more alert and lighter in my step.  I have re ...   read more

Day 2...Willpower Kicking In   14 y  
It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion.
Greetings... I have to admit that day one this time around was a bit more difficult then before, but I made it.  It probably didn’t help that I had a large pot of red beans with ham hocks and sausage simmering on the stove most of the afternoon.  My kids love red beans and rice and they still need to eat.  I drank six lemonades yesterday and was content with that amount.  I started with about 1/8 of a teaspoon of the high powered cayenne, but by the fourth drink I was up to 1/4 teaspoon.  It caused a bit of heartburn but quickly subsided.  As Zo ...   read more

The Winter Cleanse Begins   14 y  
My newest journey with the Master Cleanse
Greetings... Once again I find myself back to familiar territory and one of my comfort zones.  Today begins my newest journey with the Master Cleanse.  I have one under my belt at this point and am excited to be doing my second.  For the last week or so, I have been using Oxypowder to start the cleansing process in my colon.  As always, that stuff really does the trick.  I  mentally started preparing for this about two weeks ago, as I personally feel that this is the most important aspect for a successful journey.  Other than that, I di ...   read more

Liver Flush #2 Results   14 y  
The results are in.
Greetings... The results are in for my second liver flush.  Everything went very smoothly but with slightly different results.  I did the epsom salt drink at 6 and 8 pm last night and a straight olive oil pink grapefruit drink (4 ozs. of each) at 10 pm.  I then stretched out on a recliner for an hour and a half and watched TV and went to bed at 1130 pm.  Just prior to going to bed, I made the decision to take four Oxy-powder caps.  In the morning (8 am) I had my final epsom salt drink.  I decided to forego the 10 am drink.  Between the three ...   read more

Liver Flush #2   14 y  
Liver Flush #2
Greetings... I will do my second liver flush tonight.  I am following the same protocol as the first time around when I yeilded exceptional results.  I am hoping for similar results with this flush as well.  The last few days I have been passing what appear to be stones from my liver.  The only thing I can figure is that the malic acid is already pushing these things out.  Hopefully the flood gates will open up tonight and tomorrow morning. I have completed my heavy metal detox and am not really sure if it accomplished anything significant for me b ...   read more

Heavy Metal Detox and Parasites   14 y  
Heavy Metal Detox and Parasites
Greetings... The heavy metal detox and parasite cleanse is progressing well.  I am having plenty of bowel movements, so the elimination of any by-products is not an issue at this point.  I am not noticing any parasites this time around, but the fact is that 70% can not be seen by the naked eye anyway.  So I am sure that something is coming out, just not as dramatic as the first time around.  I have also been taking malic acid three times a day in preparation for a liver flush I will do Sunday night.  My last liver flush when I used the malic ...   read more

Heavy Metal Nano-Detox   14 y  
Today begins the one week heavy metal detox.
Greetings... I decided to move the start date of my heavy metal detox protocol to today instead of tomorrow.  The product I am using is Heavy Metal Nano-Detox.  It is a nanized Chlorelle tincture for deep-seated, heavy metal detox and whole body cleansing.  It calls for 1/2 teaspoon with water or juice twice a day.  The smell and taste is rather strong, but when mixed with lemon water, it is hardly noticeable.  I will do the heavy metal detox for the next seven days. I also decided to resume my parasite cleanse today.  I have decided to use 30 ...   read more

Days 14 - 15...And so it ends...for now   14 y  
A truely wonderful journey.
Greetings... I made it to the 14 day point and have decided to break my fast today, day 15.  This has truely been a life changing experience and something I will incorporate into my lifestyle in the future.  Since beginning this journey on June 17th with all the pre-cleanses, I weighed in at 227 lbs.  This morning the weight was 197 lbs.   There is still a bit to go to my goal weight but no worries as I know I will get there.  Ultimately, I am convinced that this journey has improved my health and shown me a better way to deal with health related iss ...   read more

Day 13...Fear of the future   14 y  
Should fear of the future strike you as you strive to create, to excel, to grow, and to evolve, assert your courage.
Greetings... Day 13 and I’m still chugging along.  I spent the majority of the day out on the island with my Dad tending to the landscape.  I really over-exerted myself this morning and was quite out of sorts for about half an hour.  I forgot it had been 12 days since I had eaten and the yardwork really took its toll on me.  I experienced a rapid pulse and went quite pale.  I had to take a break for about 30 minutes to regain my composure.  My Dad was a bit freaked out.  I had a lemonade and was fine.  Overall, I managed to p ...   read more

Day 12...Change what isn't working   14 y  
The key to making changes that work is to accept the necessity of change as part of life.
Greetings…     All is well in the Puget Sound.   We finally had some sun after four day of rain and clouds.   I was extremely happy to be able to get out in the sun this afternoon with my kids.   I was quite busy this morning however as I went to the beauty shop and had my daughter’s hair cut, and then off to the optometrist to have my son’s eyes checked for a new pair of glasses.   I also stopped by CostCo and picked up another bag of lemons and a bag of oranges for when I break on either Monday or Tuesday…perhaps. &nbs ...   read more

Day 11...Self-Worth   14 y  
Human beings are very much like drops of water in an endless ocean.
Greetings… It’s the first day of my extension, and frankly, I feel I am finely experiencing some physical detox.   Since last night and into this morning, I was feeling kind of crappy, however, as I type this, I am feeling much better.   Yesterday I was bloated and retaining water for some reason.   I drank my usual quantity of lemonade and lots of water, but I just wasn’t eliminating any of it.   I drank the lax tea in the morning (9 am) instead of the SWF, as I am currently alternating between the two, but didn’t have a BM un ...   read more

Day 10...Success!!!...& some statistics   14 y  
What is success?
Greetings… Woohooo!!!   I made it to my original goal of 10 days.   I am so proud of my success and meeting my original goal.   Once again today, I feel fantastic.   However, I have decided to go another five days on my cleanse.   Here is the reasoning for my decision.   First and most importantly, I am still eliminating a lot of diseased gunk out of my body.   Last night at 2:30 am, I woke up and had another huge mudslide.   The fact that I am still passing this much old fecal matter is an indication to me that I need to press on ...   read more

Day 9...Goals   14 y  
Our desires act as fuel, propelling us toward new horizons.
Greetings… When I began the Master Cleanse, my original intention was to do 10 days, as it was the first fast I have ever done in my life.   Day 10 will be tomorrow and at that time I will have to reconsider my original goal and if to push on for another five days.   I suspect that will be the case but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.   I feel at this point that I have accomplished many of the things I set out to do when I began this journey, but at the same time, I feel that there’s a little more road for me to travel before this particular journey ...   read more

Day 8...People That Support Us   14 y  
Behind each of us stands at least one supporter.
Greetings… Well I think I’ve finally hit the zone that I’ve read so much about.   I feel incredible.   I have absolutely no food cravings.   In fact, I don’t think of food at all.   I have great energy and my mind is as clear as it has ever been.   I wish I had discovered this cleanse years ago, but I somehow believe it was not meant to be until recently.   Life has a way of revealing things when the time is right. Once again, the smooth move lax tea went through me much quicker then normal.   I was up around 4 am and I had an ...   read more

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