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Ancient Wheat Harvest will continue   5 y  
Ancient Wheat Harvest will continue
UPCOMING JULY 1 TWITTER @GrowAHealthierPizza Win Back Our Sacred Seeds is center on PaulEckeStage, 10:30 AM, July 1 @SDFair @thewholelifefestival 10:30 AM, Saturday, July 1, on the Paul Ecke Jr. Garden and Flower Stage San Diego County Fair @thewholelifefestival!! Receive free seed from the Good ’0l Days, a gift from the upcoming National Heirloom Exposition (7th Annual), sept 5-7, at the Sonoma Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA ...   read more

Kidney Function needs to be improved   5 y  
Kidney Function needs to be improved
Partial nephrectomy Suggested today June 16, 2017 10:54 am Entry ”Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy provides patients with a safe and effective way to remove a small renal tumor, while preserving the remainder of the kidney. This is a minimally invasive technique, which provides patients with less discomfort and equivalent results when compared to the traditional open surgery.” SHRINKING TUMOR NATURALLY 12:43 pm June 16, 2017 ...   read more

Kidney Stone movement   5 y  
Kidney Stone movement
Kidney Stone movement IMPROVING KIDNEY FUNCTION 3:33 pm Tuesday Almost dysfunctional. 12 amino activ so far today Call Danielle 2:50 woke up from nap. RCC?   visit the page

Visiting the heavenly beer bar--inspired by Tes   5 y  
Visiting the heavenly beer bar--inspired by Tes
Yes! I relate! There is a place called #TheHeavenlyBeerBar. The Universe, speaking through Guides in Spirit, sit around a long wooden table, with wooden stein mugs filled with brew fermented from Ancient Wheat. They get bored. So few of us consciously ask for guidance or help. It’s like we imagine they do not exist. So ever so often, as in a reality TV show, they stretch, looking over the side through the clouds. Sometimes they say, well, We might as well check in on #YourEnchantedGardener and see what kind of drama or fun or growth pattern he’s going through now!!! They are ...   read more

Flea Remedies--Natural and Chemical   5 y  
Flea Remedies -Natural and Chemical My decision to use a chemical pesticide in my home was a moment of weakness, a test of blind faith in a system that was supposed to protect me from harm. No one knows why I was affected and others in my household weren’t. Thankfully, I am completely recovered. Yet, the desire for quick, no-fuss ways to get rid of bugs will never fade. Without additional protections, unwary consumers will continue to turn to chemical products they assume are safe. They will find that they may be protected from bugs — but not from harm. Eisenfeld is a writer and editor in the Washington area. This article was excerpted from the May issue of Health Affairs and can be read in full online at From the link on this Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog
FLEA CURCUS FROM LIMELIGHT by Charles Chaplin FLEA REMEDIES FOR HUMANS/H2 This mentions numbers of remedies for pets and humans. 20 MULE TEAM BORAX FOR FLEAS Based on my personal experience and feedback from my readers, using borax for flea control really works. The powdered form has absolutely no smell and doesn’t get absorbed by the skin when touched. It kills fleas by acting as an extreme dehydrate and by making tiny cuts in their exoskeleton which results in their eventual death. It can even be ...   read more

Signs of the Times-- New Gddesses on the Block   5 y  
Some of the ideas here need to be simplified and clarified. This is a draft. This sign had a big message for me... Goddess Fest Pre-Party at Seaside Bazaar... I want to tell a story and share a teaching. ”Bringing the Goddesses in.” -Rae Irelan NEW GLOSSARY TERM FROM Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog Q: What is an #NGB? A: An #NGB is a #NewGoddessOnTheBlock THIS IS THE STORY THE ORIGINS OF THE GODDESS PRAYER Somewhere in the 80s I ...   read more

Reflections on a moment of healing   5 y  
I am in a deep healing thanks to recent events over the last ten days. I wrote a poem last summer I was inspired by watching Golden Drake do her yoga at a Jen Peters Shamanic event. One of the lines was, I am too young to be old. How does a person stay young? My spiritual teacher and spiritual father Dr. Bernard Jensen stayed young into his 90s, through his world search to study the lives of men and women and who lived to a ripe old age. There is a video of his world travels that I have permission from Art Jensen, one of his sons, to release on the internet. I will do this one of these days. My own strategy to stay young is to round myself with vitally alive Young people, many of them in periods of self discovery. I'm able to stay alive because of the depth of my passion to leave our world and more beautiful than I found it. I'm also staying alive through the grace of many peers and sponsors who find value in The contributions that I seek to make. One of my commonly known passions is saving and educating about our sacred indigenous seeds. It is that passion each year that drives me to take on more than 1700 mile journey to help elevate The National Heirloom ...
”This is the true myth of America. she starts old,old wrinkled and writhing in an old skin. And there isa gradual sloughing off of the old skin, towards a new youth. It is the myth of America.” --D.H. Lawrence, I am in a deep healing thanks to recent events over the last ten days. I wrote a poem last summer I was inspired by watching Golden Drake do her yoga at a Jen Peters Shamanic event. One of the lines was, I am too young to be old. How does a person stay young ...   read more

Goddess Fest Pre-Party Followup   5 y  
Goddess Fest Pre-Party Followup
THIS Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog was inspired by Kennedy Carr. See his post below. Tributes to a Trooper, Kennedy Carr, who for many years helped orchestrate the predecessor to the festivals that your generation is now holding. It is good to acknowledge the work that present works dances upon. For me, the Beet goes on thanks to Rae Irelan, Sabella Lichtman, Aweli Juls Partyka and the Goddess Fest Pre-Party at Seaside Bazaar #1 and my dear friends at Terra Madre Gardens, one important place where seed dreams I care about are planted. Remember, the ...   read more

Goddess Fest Pre Party Update   5 y  
Goddess Fest Pre Party Update
Goddess Fest Pre-Party at Seaside Bazaar this event. 9 am tll 6 pm June 4, 2017. #PlantYourDream and be part of a whole world growing that honors the feminine mystery. Rae Irelan has an authentic joy and insurmountable spirit. Many blessings on her endeavors. In you, I see the flowers I love so much in the garden. Nature has smiled on you, to make this world beautiful. Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog @GODDESS FEST PRE-PARTY GARDEN JUNE 4, 2017 CONTINUES #GF17 #GoddessFest #goddessfest2017 #goddessfedtsd #godde ...   read more

Ancient Wheat harvest 2017. #PlantYourDream Now!   5 y  
Ancient Wheat harvest 2017. #PlantYourDream Now!
LESLIE GOLDMAN POETRY #LessonsLearnedFromTheDivineFeminine #WordsMenNeedToKnowAndWomenWantToHear #MyGoddessPrayerForYou HOW TO PLANT YOUR DREAM MANY EARTH TRADITIONS CELEBRATE THE HARVEST OF ANCIENT WHEAT NOW Weekend of June 3 and 4, 2017, i’ traveled with the beginning of a local harvest of ancient wheat. The wheat was a gift from the land at @Tetrra Madre Gardens. The wheat shared ”Lessons Learned from The Divine Feminine.” The wheat was a gift from Demeter, who brought wheat and cor ...   read more

Shavuot and the Harvesting of the Wheat Crop--Research   5 y  
Shavuot and the Harvesting of the Wheat Crop--Research
Shavuot and the Harvesting of the Wheat Crop--Research Wikipedia... Shavuot and the Harvesting of the Wheat Crop--Research   visit the page

The Stillness of Terra Madre Gardens captured me   5 y  
The Stillness of Terra Madre Gardens captured me.
Goddess Fest preparation May 29, 2917 Entry The Stillness of Terra Madre Gardens captured me Spent time at Terra Madre Gardens Sunday late afternoon till Sunset, May 28, 2917. My presence has been drawn to participate in the Goddess Fest that begins June 2, because it will be held on land where my ceremonial and spiritual work is grounded. There is a stand of Ancient wheat on the land, two large rows. We planted it with intention and I would like to begin a bit of the harvest and shucking of the wheat at my class and likely at other times at the Goddess Fest, if that is in ...   read more

Sports medicine physical therapy up to speed   5 y  
Sports medicine physical therapy up to speed.
Sports medicine physical therapy up to speed   visit the page

Pacific Symposium 2017 #SeedDreams   5 y  
Pacific Symposium 2017 #SeedDreams
Pacific Symposium 2017 #SeedDreams The dates of the Pacific symposium 2017 are October 31 to November 7, The event has pre-and post conferences The actual main conference is Thursday November 2 to nov 5. I’m going to collect my ideas here on this Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog   visit the page

A little SoCal locally grown Strawberry history   5 y  
A little SoCal locally grown Strawberry history,
Spent time with Stephen Clark at North Park, San Diego farmers market held each Thursday, 3-7 pm. J R Organics CSA Farm produce is located right at the corner of the 30th street on north park way. Strawberries, that I called the Love Berries, are in the peak of the season right now and generally available throughout the year thanks to mastery of the organic growing techniques. Strawberries are one food that should always be purchased organically due to commercial pesticides. The Rodriguez Family strawberries have a rich history in Southern California agriculture as I ...   read more

Ancient Wheat To be Harvested 6/3   5 y  
Ancient Wheat To be Harvested During Goddess Festival June 3
Ancient Wheat To be Harveseted During Goddess Festival June 3 10-11 AM At the Ancient Wheat Field Saturday, June 3, @Goddess Fest @Terra Madre Garden BEGINNING HARVESTING OF OUR ANCIENT WHEAT & SHAKE YOUR SEEDS CEREMONY LESLIE GOLDMAN, YOUR ENCHANTED GARDENER, SHARES ”LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE DIVINE FEMININE” Ceremony to deeper understanding between women and men and further influence the Ending of the Drought in Our Lives Winter 2018 An Honoring of Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture, who gifted us with wheat and corn and inspires our fertility. NOTE UPDATE ...   read more

Leslie Goldman, Bio Update, Summer 2017   5 y  
Leslie Goldman, Bio Update, Summer 2017

Leslie Goldman, ”Your Enchanted Gardener,” Plants Seeds of Success for super Ripe People and their Dreams. A noted ceremonialist in the eyes of Mother Earth and a full time blogger, he records his ongoing activity on the Plant Your Dream Curezone Blog (19 million page views). He writes about his Campaigns and Sponsors on the Non GMO, Organic & Fair Trade Shopping Guide on Plant Your Dream Word Press ( 1 million or more page views).
He is a frequent visitor on Facebook where his latest campaigns and daily activi ...   read more

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