30-40 day juice fast to pry open my third eye
by fungivore

Post fast day 4   17 y  
Post fast day 4
Well, obviously Iím getting lazy about blogging. So the first day I ate 3 apples, the next day I ate grapes, apples, a banana and a salad for dinner. Yesterday I ate about the same, all raw. Iíve got to say I donít think Iíve ever felt better IN MY LIFE. My passion for life has been reignited like never before. I got through something in those really horrible days from about 17-22 that I didnít get to last year. For the first time ever my breath really is fresh, and I havenít had any body odor whatsoever since I broke fast! My wife would never stop telling me how bad my breath ...   read more

Post fast Day 1   17 y  
Post fast Day 1
Well, I didnít end up posting again yesterday. I went for a 10km run, at the end of which I think I was higher than Iíve ever felt in my life. I had a veggie juice right after and added a bunch of pulp back to it. At 2:30 I ate an apple. I had been savoring it in my hand for an hour before I skinned and ate it. I had another skinned apple at about 6:30, and one more at 10:30. That was my last apple, so this morning I just had a carrot juice, then had to go run errands for a while. And, just opened today, a Planet Organic store in my end of the city!! So I picked up a bunch of g ...   read more

Day 24 - Breakfast!   17 y  
Day 24 - Breakfast!
So I just got up and made a carrot/apple juice (no pulp added). Iím going to go for a run in an hour or so, then make a juice with pulp, and eat an apple soon after. Iíve got to run one more time while fasting, it feels so good. Like Iím a light little kid again that could run forever. The few other times Iíve run on this fast Iíve cut it to 3 or 4 km, not wanting to push it too hard, but today I think Iíll go 10. Get my circulation going deeper than ever before and loosen up the remaining crap in me. Speaking of which, I still had mucus etc. coming out last night, but not nearly ...   read more

Day 23   17 y  
Day 23
Well, I think the end has come. I wanted to finish this fast on a high note, and Iíve felt really good today, so I plan to break fast tomorrow. In the morning Iím going to add the apple pulp back to my carrot/apple juice before drinking, and an hour or two later eat a skinned apple. Iíd like to just eat apples and pears for a couple days at least to scour my digestive tract out, as I still have plenty of waste coming out. I could definitely go longer, but I think ending a fast on a down is the primary cause of overeating on the return to food, so Iím finishing positive with a clear ...   read more

Day 22   17 y  
Day 22
Day 22. Iím definitely feeling better than yesterday, but still not that great. Last night was the hardest night of the entire fast. It took me over an hour to get to sleep; it was like the night of day 3 times a thousand. A constant barrage of negative emotions and thoughts telling me to eat. Iím still having bmís, maybe when I start my week (minimum) of raw food itíll do more to push everything through than the swfís alone. One good thing was I had an amazing long dream last night, and became lucid a short way into it. I managed to retain my lucidity and explore the dream wo ...   read more

Day 21   17 y  
Day 21
Well, Iím still goin! The night of the 19th I didnít have time to do a swf, so I did an enema instead. Made me feel a bit better for the rest of the night... Yesterday I felt like absolute crap...Had to work again and just felt tired and weak. A couple times when I stood up quickly or walked fast I got a bit light headed, and felt sort of sketchy. I hadnít done a swf for 4 or 5 days, so I did one when I got home, and yes, another massive mucus load. Iím hoping that was the last big one. Iím drinking lots of senna tea today to make sure. Went to a concert last night, Alexiso ...   read more

Day 19   17 y  
Day 19
Hello again. So last night before bed I had another senna/gingko tea. I donít know if Iím putting to much in my teas, but I was awake for the last few hours before my alarm went off with diarrhea. It was pretty much all heavy silt kind of stuff, then at about noon I dropped this massive load of mucus. If I had been at home I wouldíve taken a picture. So thereís still no end in sight! Obviously Iíve been really looking into the mucusless diet for when this is done! I think it worked out really well how I did swfís 3 or 4 days in a row, then took days off. Doing the swfís put a l ...   read more

Day 18   17 y  
Day 18
So here I sit at day 18. Into uncharted territory, as my longest to now was 17 days. I havenít done a swf since 3 nights ago, but Iíve still been having plenty of elimination going on. I only drink 1 senna/gingko tea at the start of my work shift and even today I had a decent amount of mucus and that silt kind of stuff come out. I drive around all day at work, and usually stop at McDís when I have to use a washroom. I havenít eaten there in 3 years, but I stop there twice a day at work! Itís weird enough seeing people mowing down on that crap when Iím eating, but two and a half wee ...   read more

Day 17   17 y  
Day 17
So Iím at day 17, which is how long I went last year, and that was my longest fast ever. Iíve been feeling a bit light-headed and weak at work today, for the first time. I didnít do a swf yesterday, but I just had a bm and still feel pressure on my colon. I think this is sort of how I felt last year at this stage and part of the reason I stopped. At that time, Iíd taken a trip to see my sister and didnít have access to fresh juice. So I was just drinking store bought organic juice, which made it feel a lot more like a water fast. I thought that was why I felt weak, but maybe it w ...   read more

Day 16   17 y  
Day 16
Hi again. Day 16 now... again a copy/paste because Iím lazy! Ya, itís really weird that I still have all this mucus coming out. Iíll do a swf in the afternoon, and by the end of the night the last few movements are just yellowish water - no fiber, no mucus, nothing. Then the next morning/day, sure enough more mucus makes it way down. I was kind of wondering about frequent swfís myself, but I was reading on one site to do it 7 days in a row, so I didnít think it could hurt. Iím not doing one today though, because Iím sick of having felt full bowels for the past 5 days. Last night I di ...   read more

Day 15   17 y  
Day 15
So itís about noon on day 15 here. Working another day of overtime. Iíve been feeling really good since Iíve been getting the mucus out; did another swf last night. Had a substantial bm this morning, too, which seems to happen if I do a swf the evening before. For a week or so my lips were really chapped and my nostrils were dry and cracking a bit, but thatís totally cleared up in the past few days. I usually have really oily skin, so I didnít worry about it too much. It was just uncomfortable always wiping off my carrot mustache! Last night I had my first small release in con ...   read more

Day 14   17 y  
Day 14
Well today has been another day of mucus elimination. Three times so far, itís almost 5:30 now. I worked 8 hours today, which I donít need to get into but I felt like crap when I got home. So I went for a 4km run and now I feel amazing!!! I felt like I could have kept going forever but Iím trying to minimize weight loss as Iím already about 139lbs (I was probably around 145 or so at the start). Just drank huge juice of carrots, beets, beet greens, celery, zucchini squash, and an apple. What a rush that was going down! In an hour or two Iím doing another swf. Hopefully my run ...   read more

Day 13   17 y  
Day 13
So I just responded to a comment and I figured I might as well copy and paste it for my day 13 post: Hey there. Thanks for the response! I was starting to think I wouldnít really get talking to anyone! In response to your questions: Ya, Iím still goin strong, not feeling hunger at all but definitely craving flavors! I just keep telling myself, ĒItíll be there when youíre done, and the longer you wait the better itíll taste!Ē Day three was definitely the hardest for me, if you can get past that you should be in good shape. Iíd recommend doing warm-hot saltwater flushes oft ...   read more

Evening Day 12   17 y  
Evening Day 12
I canít believe the amount of bowel movement Iíve had today. Probably had to go 10 times at work today, and the first few were huge. Did another swf when I got home tonight, and even more of this stuff came out. Iím guessing thatís why I felt so bad for a couple days. Even though Iím sure thereís more to come, Iím really feeling clean right now. Itís like the opposite of nausea. If there was a scale with Ēfeeling like Iím going to puke violentlyĒ on one end of it, Iím at the other extreme! Had a carrot/beet/celery/cucumber/green lettuce juice for dinner!   visit the page

Day 12   17 y  
Day 12
So after I blogged yesterday morning I had a couple solid bmís, so I figured why not another saltwater flush? Since I started Iíve been doing swfís with room temp. water, this time I made a weak wormwood tea, then added the salt and drank it hot. I canít believe how much came out of me! And there I thought I barely had anything left inside! I need to start using a colander or something though; all I ever get to see is the dark water and I wonder what solids have come out. I picked up a bunch of organic veggies last night; more carrots, apples, beets, celery, green lettuce, cucumbe ...   read more

Day 11   17 y  
Day 11
So, because yesterday was so rotten, I went to bed early, around 10 oíclock. I think I had the best sleep Iíve had all year - slept til 9:30, didnít get out of bed til 11! I felt like I woke up from a coma, and I had such long, deep dreams I had to lie there for a while reflecting. I just drank a carrot/beet/apple, and Iím feeling pretty damn good. Iím done my second 25lb of carrots, so today Iíll be picking up a bunch of veggies for the next week. All week until yesterday Iíd been feeling much clearer in the head, always feeling really calm, almost to the point of feeling sedated ...   read more

Day 10   17 y  
Day 10
So Iím writing this on day 11, I was in no mood yesterday for blogging. Simply put, yesterday sucked. First really bad day Iíd had in a week. 7th day in a row of work, and a crappy one at that, plus what I hope was a period of strong detox considering how awful I felt. Hopefully Iíll now have a few high days... Also, I did a swf the night before last. By the last half of it there was only orange fiber and water coming out; had me feeling really clean by the end. Maybe thatís why I had such a strong detox yesterday.   visit the page

Day 9   17 y  
Day 9
Well, itís morning of day 9. I feel way better today than yesterday morning. I think it helped to have 4 juices instead of just 3, with my last one about a half hour before bed. I havenít had a swf the last 2 days, but Iíve started having beets in my dinner juice and Iím getting plenty of bm. It happens every time like that. Iíll go for about a week needing to take swfís barely getting anything out, then I start drinking beet juice and have a few solid bmís! I think itís because it releases stuff from the liver? Thatís what I read anyway. And I just had another bm with a bunch ...   read more

Morning Day 8   17 y  
Morning of Day 8
Hard getting out of bed today. I went for a 3km run yesterday after work and this morning Iím feeling pretty drained. No muscle soreness, just an overall tiredness. Maybe Iíll just run on days when I have the next day off. Iíve also only been drinking 2-3 juices per day. Yesterday I had 4, but I guess that wasnít enough to offset the run. 3 more days of work (of 7 straight) to get through before some time off to relax. Looking forward to lounging around and reading for a bit.   visit the page

First post of month+ juice fast (Day 7)   17 y  
First post of extended juice fast; background on myself
So I figured this time around I should keep a log of the journey, a 30 day+ organic juice fast. Iíll start out by giving a quick background on myself. I am a 25 year old male living in Calgary, Alberta. When I was 18 I got heavily into body building, and basically ate nothing but protein and carbs (usually fast food and 8 liters of milk per day) for about 3 years, until my stomach couldnít take it anymore. I didnít have a solid ĒmovementĒ for about 3 years, even after having ĒhealthyĒ dinners like a chicken breast, rice, and a salad. So I started cutting things out of my diet one ...   read more


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