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by Chef JeM

Heaven on Earth and a Place for Rebirth!

It is my intention to create heaven on Earth. It is the marriage of my heavenly ideals with a real down-to-earth-building, soil-building way of life.

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It is my intention
to live sacredly on shared land
lush with green pastures
a heaven on earth
and a place for rebirth

It is my intention
To celebrate life with others
knowing full well that we are interdependent
now loving our interdependence
as if all life depends on it

It is my intention
to be grateful
not only for all my present good
but for the good to come
the good I am intending now

It is my intention
to do good deeds today
with joyful heart
sometimes with song
always giving thanks

Gratitude has the power to transform as it renews the mind!

The mind is like the body in that it works better with higher quality "nutrition".

How high do you want to go?

I want high grass growing out of the most fertile soil!

A salad bar pasture for holy milk making!

A land that is flowing with milk and honey!

Honey, I'm Home!!!!

New Year's Eve of 2011

Got insight on the necessity for my household to at least look at our living from a three-fold perspective. Three separate spheres that may consist of a self-governing sphere, a house "business" sphere and a social sphere. At present the house hold has begun to claim it's voice to the house "management" which has had exclusive control over the financial business. The voice of the household is in a discovery process.

January 6, 2017 -

The Year of the Black Swan – Brexit and Trump

"On 6 April 1917, 4 days after the USA entered the war into which British propaganda had worked so hard to drag the country, Senator Robert La Follette, Sr., one of only 6 senators who voted to stay out of the war, addressed Woodrow Wilson directly in a speech in Congress:

'There is always lodged, and always will be, thank the God above us, power in the people supreme. Sometimes it sleeps, sometimes it seems the sleep of death: but, sir, the sovereign power of the people never dies. It may be suppressed for a time; it may be misled, be fooled, silenced. I think, Mr. President, that it is being denied expression now. I think there will come a day when it will have expression. The poor, sir, who are the ones called upon to rot in the trenches, have no organized power, have no press to voice their will on this question of peace or war; but oh, Mr. President, at some time they will be heard — there will come an awakening; they will have their day and they will be heard. It will be as certain and as inevitable as the return of the tides, and as resistless, too.'

But as the people awaken, they will need new ideas if they are not to fall once more for the tricks of the Establishment and its media lackeys. Michael Lerner wrote in the article quoted earlier (see link): 'We are left with a world filled with people who know there is something deeply wrong but have no overarching framework to help them understand the depth of their internal suffering.' Anthroposophy knows of this 'overarching framework' which can address 'the depth of their internal suffering'. It needs to put it before the people, not to seek to shepherd them like a flock but to inspire them with a vision that they, understanding it, can put into practice. It was written about extensively in several articles in the last issue of New View (Issue 81 Oct-Dec 2016). It is called the threefold social organism. Its time has come again – if we will but recognise and grasp it."[1]

My "High Ideal" is co-creating a new living woking model of "the threefold social organism". I'm envisioning this model under the working title of Cheeta.[2]

January 7th, 2017 -

"Owen Barfield (1898-1997) was a great exponent of Steiner’s work ... he said ... he had been to many lectures and meetings over the years where Steiner’s threefold ideas were spoken of and discussed, but he had come to realise that no proper understanding of these ideas would ever happen within a person unless they first had a grasp of the meaning of their own threefold nature – that of body, soul and spirit; with capacities of thinking, feeling and willing. Without this, the very concepts of threefolding would never take root."[3]

October 15, 2019 - "Discovering a Genius: Rudolf Steiner at 150" By: Frederick Amrine -

“The ‘middle sphere’ of rights and law[i] should be governed by the principle of … equality, and Steiner insisted unequivocally, at a time when many were unsure, that democracy is the only appropriate political form.[ii] This is the proper sphere of politics,[6] and the only sphere in which politics should be determinative; moreover, Steiner also locates here not only labor and the wages of labor, which he views as fundamental human rights,[iii] but also – even more surprisingly – money and banks, whose proper function is to allocate capital justly for the good of all.[v] Steiner’s thoughts on money are fascinating: …"[iv]

A Critical Commentary -

[i] This 21st century American writer (and researcher of anthroposophical subjects) reserves his Rights to challenge the idea of a “sphere of rights and law.” As the idealist that he recognizes that such a sphere does not now exist and he does not see the likelihood that such a sphere will be co-created by and for the American people. Today the legal realm that does exist is both Lawless and consequentially blind to the “Rights” of the American people. The truth of the matter is that the American people have disregarded the warnings of their forefathers to be eternally vigilant for their freedom. However the people can recover right knowledge of The Law, of their Unalienable Rights which include the Right of self-government. As far as this writer/researcher can tell these fundamental American Principals are not fully addressed where they are most needed in American studies in Waldorf High Schools.

[ii] Who can say what nations of people Steiner may have been referring to with regards to “Democracy.” One thing is certain and that democracy is not an “appropriate political form” for the American people because “Democracy” was completely rejected by the founding fathers and instead the Rightful self-government that was most truly “of, by and for” the American people was “republican in form.” Democracy is absolutely incapable of securing “equality” for the people. This is why there is no mention of any democracy in the Organic Laws!

[iii] From the perspective of Law (based on The 4 Organic Laws for the United States of America) and the perspective of unalienable Rights (as declared in the first Organic Law: The Declaration of Independence) the only “rights” that people have are the Common Law Rights by which they can make private agreements/contracts with others and as such they have a right to “trade.” If their “labor" involves the US government or occurs in any territorial or municipal jurisdiction there are no rights because those realms are under the exclusive legislation of Congress extends what is best identified as privileges rather than “rights.” The Jefferson Memorial set the matter in concrete when it altered the Declaration of Independence by translating “Unalienable Rights” to “inalienable rights”. There’s a world of difference between “unalienable” and “inalienable” as there is a world of difference between “Rights” and “privileges”.

[iv] From the present day perspective of this 21st century writer there is no “money.” The Constitution of September 17, 1787 stipulated no other “money” but gold and silver. FDR got American’s gold. The “Federal Reserve Notes were declared “legal tender.” The were supposedly backed by gold and now they are backed essentially by oil and that is now questionable. In any case Federal Reserve Notes are most certainly not money! They are notes of debt and they are part of a system that in reality is destroying the lives of millions of Americans (loss of home from fraudulent mortgage defaults) as well as the lives of many millions of other nations of people (See: “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”).
If any one wants true equity of Rights in regards to “money” then they will have to face the true nature of this monetary system, as well as the private banks that are based on that system. The notion of applying a so-called anthroposophical idea onto the existing monetary system (that Woodrow Wilson bitterly deeply regretted having endorsed and that JFK was assassinated in part - for his Executive Order to issue United States Notes without the fed’s imbedded debt virus) deserves to be considered. We need personal transformation and a re-creation in our thinking, feeling and willing in regards to “Rights and Law” and then maybe we can co-create the recovery of our Lawful Right-imbued “sphere.”

[v] The resolution that is urgently needed regarding all the fraud, duress, etc. inherent in the federal reserve private banking system is in a totally different form of banking that is chartered by original States (Maine, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas, etc.) and that is based on real hard assets. That will require the people who live on the land and soil of that state to recover their true standing as Americans (vs either their US citizenship or their citizenship of the US) and reclaim their state’s land and soil jurisdiction (vs the federally “franchised” fictitious corporation dba "the state of _________".

[vi] "Of The Four Organic Laws, The Declaration Of Independence and Articles Of Confederation foster freedom and The Northwest Ordinance and Constitution Of September 17, 1787 establish Politics and that is why Freedom and Politics Don't Mix." Posted on July 16, 2011 by Ed Rivera.

"Freedom is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Ed. as, 'The state of being free; liberty; self-determination; absence of restraint; the opposite of slavery.' Politics is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Ed. as, 'The science of government; the art or practice of administering public affairs.'

My Students learn how to use the foundational and basic law the Organic Laws of the United States of America to define themselves as free inhabitants under the authority of the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777. Historians, alleged legal scholars and conventional wisdom must claim the Articles of Confederation repealed or replaced by the Constitution of September 17, 1787, but that fourth Organic Law merely permits the fake federal courts to refer to the Articles of Confederation as the federal Constitution. The Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777 is the first and true Constitution of the United States of America.

Don’t be confused by written law. Learn the Masonic secrets planted in the Constitution of September 17, 1787 and the rest of the Organic Laws of the United States of America."

Chef Jem (Ed's student) says:
August 20, 2019 -

Thank you Ed for the thought: “Freedom and Politics Don’t Mix”!
It deserves sufficient contemplation to fully realize the truth of this!

In addition to Black’s definitions the non-legal definition for politics is also worth including here:
“the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.”

Due to the possibility that men can express their lower human nature I recon it was inevitable that politics entered the arena of “governance.” That “fact of life” only underscores why this student is all-grateful for receiving the lessons on Freedom and that the first two Organic Laws foster our unalienable Right to choose to be self-governing as free inhabitants!:

For more information see the articles of Anna von Reitz and Dr. Edward Rivera/Organic Laws Institute.

From: “being human” - a quarterly publication of the Anthroposophical Society in America, 1923 Geddes Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 View it online at





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