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Who Are You - in relation to both the federal and the state government?

The "opposition" to having NAIS implemented continues to grow and now a plan of action appears on the horizon.

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Sent to the Weston A. Price Chapter Leaders (at Yahoo) group:

I appreciate seeing more thinking on this NAIS issue!
Having a plan of action is certainly a worthy consideration. The basic question on this subject appears to be one of content i.e. "what shall we do". I'd like to add another question: who are we? I ask this in light of the history of many people today who are following a kind of conventional "wisdom" where it is assumed that they are subjects to whatever federal (and other governmental) announcements come into public circulation. This is a lethal error! If the people who want to take some kind of action do not realize where they have these kind of assumptions then the "plans" I have seen so far will probably be very costly (at least) and may even fail all together.

What can we do about that? Some upgraded government lessons may be in order to help people free themselves from lethal assumptions. Firstly: the federal government has a Constitution that was created to clearly limit it's jurisdiction so that neither our state's or people's Rights are infringed upon. However, people are no longer taught just how limited the federal jurisdiction is and that ignorance has blurred the lines to such an extent that "federal" appears all over the "map" when originally it simply was not so. Yet the Constitution still exists, so that it can & needs to be studied; because it is worthless if people do not understand who they are.

So this is a real question: "Who are you in relation to both the federal and the state government?". If you proceed to make plans and think you are a federal (U.S.) citizen then IMHO you have already lost this "battle". As a federal citizen you only have the so called "rights" that the federal government will give you. To understand who we are in relation to the federal then we have to understand the Declaration of Independence. It is there that we find references to certain "Rights" that existed before the federal government was ever created and that these Rights can not be "leaned upon" nor alienated from the people in any way! That's because they came from the Creator and are inborn within who we are! When we repeatedly come back to that realization then whenever the federal proclamations come we will first ask "who does that apply to and by what authority"? (As far as I have seen that kind of lawful challenge of "authority" has been void in the talks on this subject matter since the issue arose a few years ago.) We also would know that "Acts of Congress" are limited in their application to only their lawful jurisdiction (within the "federal zone" and federal territories). We need to know the limits of any "Act" of Congress. (They are never all-inclusive of the states.) I don't know where the readers may happen to live but I do know that the California Republic is not within the Federal zone or any federal territory or possessions.

Who I am in relation to the federal government is an American National (and not a U.S. citizen as that legal political status has been known since the 14th Amendment where the federal citizenship was created for the former slaves who couldn't get state Citizenship). An American National is based on being born on "the soil" of one of the several states of the union as opposed to being born within the federal zone, a federal possession, territory or other federally owned land. These facts indicate that I'm not a 14th amendment citizen and therefore I am not a subject of the federal government. I also do not "volunteer" into that jurisdiction. People unknowingly volunteer into federal jurisdiction (usually through any number of adhesion contracts that they enter) primarily to obtain government permission to do things that they have the Right to do (if they only knew it)! It comes back to knowing who we are and we have all been told that we are U.S. (federal) citizens when all along that is an entirely different status from that of our birthright. (Some biblical stories could be included in the re-education process as well)

I really don't expect that these previous paragraphs will transform the conventional "wisdom" that has plagued the American people over the past (approximately 130 some years) but I am certain that people need to re-educate themselves and must know who they are before responding to the federal attack that we see in this subject matter. Holding the federal agents responsible for their actions makes sense in terms of "justice" but even then we need to know who we are, other wise the justice system will only recognize the status of a former slave who is not permitted to have his natural born, (God-given) Rights recognized.

May we all realize the truth of who we are
and bring the light of that knowledge into a new understanding of the foundational papers that authorized lawful government.

Best regards!

Chef Jem

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