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New Earth Energy

The Solar Grid, Golden Sun Discs, and the Crystalline Grid of the Earth explained! Mind-blowing and bending Sacred Geometry!!

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Children of the Sun
New Earth Energy: The Solar Grid and Golden Sun Discs

Children of the Sun  Ambassador of Light
Metaphysician, geologist, visionary, speaker
Metatron channel
Children of the Sun extends
sincere appreciation to our
beloved brother, Tyberonn,
for the great amount of understanding shared on the planetary Crystalline Grid.
This has greatly supported our efforts in the global Planetary Grid Project.
Thank you Tyb!
As a professional geologist traveling to all of the world's sacred hot spots, Tyberonn gifts a wealth of information to us on the energy activation of our new planet earth.
He shares with us today on the current state of the planetary Crystalline Grid, the emerging accessibility of the Solar Grid and its Golden Sun Discs ~ our grid focus for the upcoming New Moon!
We hope that this brings increased clarity and understanding to our unified efforts on the Grid and the significance of  energies that we are opening into as a collective.  
Thank you everyone for
your continued support and participation in this dynamic program of New Earth activation!
Love and blessings, 

tiara shasta

Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun
The Planetary Grid Transmissions
Thursday's New Moon
July 3
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During the new moon Planetary Grid Transmissions, we are unifying on the Crystalline  
Grid to receive transmission from the Great Central Sun through the planetary Golden
Sun Discs.
Our intention is in collective activation of our own "golden sun disc" to enable the full expansion and radiation of our heart center into a gateway of universal, unconditional love.
We then transmit this intention for "golden sun heart activation" for all of humanity.


It's a Great Central Sun Solar Activation! 
Please join us on the
New Moon, Thursday,
July 3
A 24 hour transmission period of New Earth energy with Unified Meditation and/or Ceremony at 3 world times:
Sydney, Australia 8 pm
Paris, France 8 pm
New York, USA 9 pm

This Thursday... 
       ...on the GRID!!

Children of the Sun 

sun power 

New Moon Meditation Teleconference:

New Earth Energy:  
The Solar Grid and Golden Sun Discs
    By Tyberonn
As we come into the quantum leap of our levels of consciousness and achieve a greater dimensional access to the grid system of our Earth, we can also tap into the cosmic grids. These grids are, in essence, the galactic server or computer program of higher consciousness and quantum reality. They adhere to the geometries and accelerated light velocities of higher dimension.
The planetary Crystalline Grid from which Children of the Sun unifies its global efforts is the program that vaults us into the ascension. This planetary grid, which encapsulates the Earth is not yet in full- thrust operational mode, it is about 2/3rds there. 
The 144 Crystalline Grid
Now, at this point, let us review the geometry and activation process of the 144-Crystalline Grid. The grid is a complex geometry, the double penta-dodecahedron, which by specific design includes 144 pentagonal and triangular facets in a symmetrical crystalline matrix.


The double penta dodecahedron is stellated, which means that each of the major twelve facets are raised in the center to form five sided pyramids. Thus there are 12 pentagonal pyramids. Each facet is counted both on the base and pyramidally raised portion. So if you consider that each pentagonal surface contains 5 isosceles triangles and one pentagon, you have 72 facets. Additionally, each of the twelve stellated aspects have 5 triangles and one five sided pyramid, thus you, combine the surface and stellated portions to achieve the Master Number frequencial of the twelve squared-144.
Now the aspects of the triple dates, is quite interesting. After the millennia, there is a unique sequence of dates that occur from 2001 to 2012. The triple dates are numerical frequencies that uniquely occur in this abbreviated format, occur sequentially for twelve years as:
1 January 2001, 1-1-1
2 February 2002, 2-2-2
3 March 2003, 3-3-3
4 April, 2004, 4-4-4
5 May, 2005, 5-5-5
6 June 2006, 6-6-6
7 July, 2007, 7-7-7
8 August, 2008, 8-8-8
9 September, 2009, 9-9-9
10 October 2010, 10-10-10
11 November, 2011, 11-11-11
12 December 2012, 12-12-12
The grid significance is that the frequency of each triple date portal is designed to be the 'activation trigger' of one of the 12 major dodecahedrons surface base plates of the grid. Accordingly this axiom infers that the 144-Crystalline Grid is launched into functionality by one twelfth each year from 1 January 2001 up through 12 December, 2012 when it achieves full programming input. 
In the interim between 13 December and 20 December, it integrates full programming, and reboots into full launch on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012, the heralded and prophesized Ascension. In aspect, a key piece of what takes place on the triple frequencial portal dates is around the 'human - grid' alignment to the Crystalline 144 Grid. That is why these dates are being recognized by empaths as important dates for spiritual alignment gatherings across the planet. Indeed it is not specific astrological alignments that specialize the triple date portals rather it is the vibrancy of the numbers themselves that correlate to the 144 Grid.
This kinetic is also impelling the renewed 12-strand helix of the Sun Disc to furbish a design schematic into the 144 Grid, that provides, what may be termed the DNA programming of the pentagonal  facets of the double penta dodecahedron.
Now, it is important to understand that the geometry of higher dimension is base 12 although mankind still employs the base 10 system.
It may surprise you to know that the conversion to base ten mathematics, which occurred in most societies after the fall of Atlantis, was chosen because humans count with their ten fingers! The exceptions were the Sumerians and Mayans who used base 60 and base 20 respectively. It is interesting to note that we humans still measure time within the duodecimal remnants of the Atlantean Base 12. We count hours in phases of 12, as well as the months of the year.
Metatron tells us that in the future mankind will change to the base- 12 system of mathematics to more closely align to the changing cycles of time. As mentioned previously, time sequence is speeding up due to the altered ratio of inner core counter-spin to the earth's rotation. The time unit cycles occur more rapidly now, and are no longer in alignment. The time cycle units are vibrating faster, but our measurement has not shifted as yet.
Now, as we have spoken about time cycle acceleration and the need to convert to a base twelve duodecimal mathematical system, you may have questions about the validity of the triple number dates, which we have told you before are numerical portals that activate the major dodecahedronal facets of the 144 grid.
The answer is that although we are still in base ten, our measurement of time is in a base 12, of sorts. Our measurement of the annual solar return is a twelve-month system, the count of the triple dates is a 12 count, there are twelve of these correlating to the 12 major facets of the 144 grid. So in brief, yes the validity of the triple date activation portals is intact.
The Solar Grid
The Solar Grid is poised to amplify and increase the frequency of the earth by working in synergy with and through the lens of the 144-Crystalline Grid. The Crystalline Grid acts as a step down transformer for the high frequency energy beamed through the Solar Grid. The Solar Grid has a much greater frequency than the Crystal Grid, thus, the necessity for the step-down processing.
The higher energy emitted through the Solar Grid, is in the form of gamma rays. This is an energy far too potent for the earth frequency. The apparatus of the requisite transmutation are on the higher level, the Solar Grid, and within the Earth Plane the Golden Sun Disc.
solar ballThe Sun itself is a great source of the Ascension energies for the Earth. The increase in x-class coronal mass ejections (solar storms, sun spots) and the resulting massive solar winds that have been bombarding the Earth since the Harmonic
Convergence, are one of the key mechanisms of the higher energy being received to drive the frequencial increase required to create the graduation of energy levels for what we call the "planetary ascension". These are amazing occurrences, and more x-class coronal mass ejections have taken place since 1992 than the sum total of all those recorded before. 
The Solar Grid is the magno-geometric highway that funnels these energies into the Crystalline Grid. The Crystalline Grid a stellated double pentadodecahedron and its 144 facet-points will correspond in streams to the Golden Sun Discs now activating around the planet. This is an enormous circuitry of Divine software!
Gamma Rays
The Great Central Sun of the Cosmos emits gamma ray burst into our universe. Coded within the photo units of the gamma ray is a frequency of Unconditional Love. Yet Unconditional Love is more than a frequency, it is in fact a resonate language. It is the higher form of love. Yet Unconditional Love is of such a high frequency that it cannot manifest in the 3rd dimension.
heart rubyUnconditional Love can be imagined in our current dimensional reality, but not truly grasped. This is  because the 3rd dimension is a conditional dimension. Our existence in the 3rd dimension is conditional but, as we go into higher dimension, we open into the potential of manifesting and experiencing Unconditional Love, not just as a feeling, but also as a language and an encompassing field that allows us into the higher frequency of multi-dimensionality. This will occur within the 5th dimension of the Ascension.
So what is the manner, what is the mechanism of infusing a palatable form of these higher energies that will allow us to rise to our destiny, to rise to the level of Unconditional Love within the Ascension? The magical transformer is a energy vortex that takes in one form of energy and weaves it into another. These weavers that spin light into gold, are the sun discs. They are far more than we can imagine.
Golden Sun Discs Emit Zero Point Energy 

It is my understanding that the Golden Solar Discs were originally placed within the Earth plane during the Golden era of Mu and Atlantis, and that they are Arcturian and Pleiadean in construct, and Pleiadean and Sirius B in placement and maintenance. There were 12 major Golden Sun Discs, and each of the 12 were satellited by 11 smaller Golden Sun Discs, making 144 in the global system. These assisted in modulating both the space time sequence, gravity field, and the frequencial dimensional ratio potentials of the planet.
These began to fall into disarray at the second fall of Atlantis and the sinking of Mu around 28,000 BC which was the end of the "Golden Phase of Atlantis". They are currently being reset and rebooted and will continue to activate again to their full potential as part of the New Earth energy field.
The reactivation process has been to adjust these discs into a new harmonic and resonance and thus flow within the new geometry of the 144, which is the frequencial code of the Crystalline Grid. Accordingly, Metatron tells us, that there are in fact 12 succinct patterns of the 144 Golden Sun Disc.
The GSD are forming the very DNA, for the blueprint for the crystalline field and indeed for the planetary Crystalline Grid. The Golden Sun Disc discs are now emitting a 12-strand helix, in a spiraling energy that will serve, as the prototype of the DNA for the planetary grids. They are also emitting a divine energy of zero field, of pure love, unconditional love, a light-code that can only exist in the higher dimensions.
Light is received into these swirling eddies and emitted in optic wires of an etheric golden fiber. Those that can see them, the ancients perceived them as such, and thus the name. They are both celestial and earthen.
They are golden transformers.
The Golden Sun Disc are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, similar to the DNA of the Earth itself. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc- like when viewed.
Each Golden Sun Disc is, in effect, anchored and axialtonally tied to twelve satellite energy sources that are in harmonic oscillation to the frequency of 144. Each of the twelve are as single helix aspectual energies that are axialtonally tied to the center integral discs and as such contribute the individual energies that compose the 12 strands. 
Imagine their function then, as swirling in a disc like motion, somewhat like a miniature hurricane with an eye in the center. A beam of celestial light is fixed pillar-like to the center eye, infusing unconditional love. Infinite golden wires are emitted from the swirling eddy, encompassing the earth and connecting to the crystalline grid. Each of the 12 succinct patterns are fixed to one specific facet of the 12 major pentagonal surfaces of the dodecahedron, and then to the next, in sequence from the 1-1-1- to the 12-12-12.
The Golden Sun Discs are the foundation, the blueprint that will assist the earth in synergy with the planetary and cosmic grids for forming what you term the New Earth.
The Sun Discs are, in truth, an aspect of the grid and an aspect of heaven and earth. Upon the completion of the grid, their function will evolve into harmonizing the greater dimensional access. They will assist in lessening what is termed duality, lessening the swing of the pendulum of polarity.
They will assist in creating a greater sense of peace, of well being on the planet. They will do so by merging the dimensional fields within the crystalline network and quantum crystalline field. The effect will be one of a sense of unity. There will not be a tangible sense of differentiation between the planar frequencies of the 3rd and 5th dimensions. It will rather be a blending. You will have a greater sense of well being, a feeling of being more supported, and indeed of supportiveness within the self. The hemispheres of the mind will also be more closely merged. Humankind will not be as prone toward negativity. Choices will be more apparent.
Each of you contribute to this process by tuning into the frequency of the crystalline field, and emitting and receiving pure love. To do so is to tune into the golden weavers of the harmonic, the Golden Sun Disc.
Many people are and will increasingly be drawn to this as the activation process of the Golden Sun Discs intensifies. The Golden Sun Discs are but one of the players in this process, but an intricate piece of the evolution of the planet. 
They are the supreme alchemist,
the philosopher's stone.

For more information on the energy activation of the new planet earth, please view Tyberonn's website at:


 With Love,
Children of the Sun
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Children of the Sun Foundation


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