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Mind over Matter

YouTube video that postulates, among other things, that what we as individuals think, we as individuals create. I have problems with this "theory" that I have heard many times before...

Date:   8/4/2008 8:24:33 PM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 2532 times

Mind Over Matter

RE: the postulate that what we as individuals think, we as individuals create

We have over 6.5 billion people on the planet. If it is the case that what we as individuals think, we as individuals create, then 6.5 billion people have had to come to consensus to create a "reality" that exists in front of all of us right NOW or else none of us would have any commonality with each other and the world as we know it wouldn't exist--nor would the solar system, the galaxy, the Universe, the Universes of Creation. There would be no "rules" at all, no "physics", and everything would be in chaos.

I, for one, believe in "Divine right order", a Creation that has certain rules in order to function, even if us humans are not yet aware of all of the "rules" (certainly what we currently understand as "physics" is flawed). The "rules", or "The Law" or what I prefer to call the "Universal Physics of Creation", are created by the Creator of the Universes for everything in the All-That-Is to follow, not just the mere concerns of human beings on one small planet in one Universe.

For an example, if I, as a Creator-Being, choose to think of a "reality" where humans have purple skin, blue skin, bright orange skin, and yellow skin, then why don't I see this when I look at the world? If I am such a powerful "creator-being", then I should be able to manifest this just by thinking it.

If someone else, for instance, wants to manifest humans with 4 arms and 4 legs, then why doesn't this exist in the world? The person "thought it", therefore it should exist.

Shouldn't it?

If 6.5 billion people on the planet are all "creator-beings", each with their own unique vision of "reality", each manifesting whatever it is they think with only the limits of their imaginations limiting their creations, then Creation would be absolute chaos, shifting constantly, with no common "reality" among any of us.

Alternately, we could have 6.5 billion "realities", meaning there would be NO commonality among any of us, and therefore, this computer I type on, the Internet, YouTube, you the reader and everyone else in "MY" personal reality would be something I made up, and not "real" at all...NOTHING in my "reality" would be "real", and YOU the READER would not "exist" outside of my imagination...some people postulate this as true, while I think it is utter nonsense.

This does not mean that we humans can not influence reality with our consciousness, but each of our separate individual consciousnesses are not as powerful as our "collective consciousness" (or "collective UNconscious", as Jung refers to it) of all of us together. According to Kryon, we humans make collective decisions as a species that our individual human minds are not even aware of. Through this process we bring about world-wide shifts in human behavior and human consciousness that occur over a period of earth-time, sometimes over generations. We are also able to influence the elements, as Dr. Emoto shows through his experiments with water, such as when large groups of people pray over a body of water in order to cleanse it of pollutants; and collectively, as a human species, we influence the planetary "earth movements" of Gaia. And, again according to Kryon, as individuals with intention we are able to change our own DNA.

Given what we know about the Masters that have walked the planet, the Masters could manifest certain things--food, money, clothing, housing, could heal people, could perfect their own bodies, etc.--but even they had to follow what they called The Law, meaning they had to function within the Universal Physics of Creation that governs All of Creation. They couldn't, for instance, mess with the Creation by manifesting 4 legged humans or purple or blue or bright orange people, or anything else "outside" of Creation's "norms", because this would NOT be within The Law as they perceived it.

Again, I believe it a major fallacy to make statements implying that we as individual humans can create into reality, or manifest, whatever it is we think. This is way too broad a statement, has no limitations, and gives us power that would supersede that of the Creator. We have sparks of Divinity within us, we are indeed angels in human form, but we as individuals are NOT the "Creator" nor can we bend or break Creation's Universal "rules."


Kryon: Feminine group energy channelled by Lee Carroll

Kryon: Change DNA

Carl Jung, psychologist, student of Sigmund Freud:

Dr. Masaru Emoto: "From Mr. Emoto's work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water"

Isaac George: Hurricanes and other "natural disasters" are manifestations on the earthplane of our individual and collective human consciousness and unconsciousness.

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