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[video/audio] Hemp oil (cannabis resin) cures cancer and many other illnesses

Review of Rick Simpson's Video "Run from the Cure (second edition)", in which it is claimed that hemp oil cures many things including cancer, but the authorities and medical profession are against him.

Date:   3/4/2009 7:25:51 AM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 9220 times

58 minute video, Run from the Cure, second edition. Distribute freely.

Summary? Rick Simpson rediscovers the cure for cancer, and shares it with everyone for free. But the authorities don't like it.

2 mins
Take free medicine that is safe and works for a change.

3 mins
most medicinal plant known to man, was once widely used and produced. Drug companies - no patent, no money. The resin of the plenty is the medicine. Cures almost any disease known to man.

4 mins
Feels it is his duty to tell people how to make this, describes later in detail.

5 mins
3 ways to take the medicine

Interview with Eric and Debbie Donkin and Rick and Margaret Dwyer. Very quick cures

Cecil "Pooey" Hoag. Cured his cancer.

James Albert LeBlanc another cancer testimonial. "Hemp oil does work"

8 mins
List of illnesses which this stuff cures. "I would like someone to show me what it can't heal"

9 mins
Detrimental effects. Can't find any. Manuel Guzman.

I paused, did a quick google and found
"After reading the science and watching this video series I am certain that any sane person with cancer or any late stage chronic disease will want free and legal access to hemp oil with a maximum concentration of THC, the active ingredient that is illegal in most places in the world."
"For most people in the world it is illegal so the choice could come down to breaking the law or dying."
- Mark Sircus Ac., OMD, February 23, 2008

How crazy is that huh? Remember what Bonnie Little said of Albion PA? If you accept surgery or medication, "you relinquish your rights to control your health" If I ever needed hemp oil, I'd say f**k the law.

Oh and by the way, this stuff has a high concentration of THC. Now isn't that the stuff that Fuhrman goes on about in his radio broadcasts? Let me google that too... right I found it's called "delta-tetrahydrocannabinol" or tetrahydrocannabinol

I can't find any use of those words by Fuhrman however I did find

"There has never been a documented human fatality from marijuana." (can't quite say the same about cigarettes can we?)

Lots of research, he believes that people have been misled by scaremongering. It's crazy.

10 mins
Simpson says he is not a "drug dealer" because he gives his stuff away. He wants people to know how to heal themselves.

1975 report on on THC on CKDH radio - how it killed cancer cells - but he heard no more of it.

11 mins
He had a head injury. Treatment useless. Then he came across Doctor David Suzuki

(looks like he is another one worth checking out - another highly intelligent doctor seemingly on the right track). Yeah I like this guy
lots of videos on him too
including an autobiography which I am going to quickly play the start of... ha ha! he thinks he is near the end of his life at 70! Someone tell him about nutritarianism, please.

12 mins
He buys hemp after seeing Suzuki's "Reefer Madness 2", and it works great, but he can't get it legally. In 2001 the doctors gave up, but he treated himself with hemp oil and got better.

12 mins
He has a camcer removed from his face in 2003. He then remembered the 1975 radio report. Hew fixed them all himself with hemp oil. The doctor's receptionist went nuts. "The doctor will not go there"

14 mins
He felt he was in the "The Twilight Zone". Everyone ignores him. So he opens up, and gets on the TV. Lots of TV clips detailing his story.

17 mins
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confiscated his medicine.

Rick Dwyer again. Logan "Logie" Simpson. Rick Dwyer saw how Simpson cured people. He promoted it in the Royal Canadian Legion in Macann. Petition to parliament. They had lots of evidence. So they shut the legion office down because it was delivering a political message involving illegal drugs. Completely insane if you ask me. How dead are people's minds these days? Maybe they need to smoke some weed.

22 mins
Television reviews of the row concerning the closure of the legion branch.

24 mins
Dwyer is proud of what he did. Legion was put under "Martial Law" and their freedom of speech was taken away, they were not allowed to even say WHY the legion was shut down (legal term for this is a "gagging clause")

25 mins
"If they shut us down for a cure for cancer, who's doing the right thing? us or them?" - Dwyer.

TV clip "Canada is in a cancer epidemic"


Dr Sam Epstein Chicago - Book, "Cancergate"

Epstein, a pathologist with science behind him. He gets interviewed on TV. Good old Sam, he's a brit like me!

Mini review of the Youtube broadcast. Same theme again. Toxins etc. There is a lot we can do. Avoid cosmetics and crap like that. Mainstream cosmetics have 80 carcinogenic products. Stop applying them from birth till death, stop applying them to large scale areas of your body because the skin absorbs them. 1 in 2 men will get cancer, 1 in 3 women. Western, of course. Paradox, people in last 2 decades becoming uniquely more health concious (me me me) but this does not extend to personal care products (well it does for me now). Maybe I will just trash the contents of my bathroom.

"It's your fault when you get cancer" - Epstein. Epstien shakes his head to the statement that cancer societies are there to save lies.

Cancer money spent on damage control not prevention, "the more drugs bought, higher the profit".

28 mins
TV reporter attends drug companies conference in Paris. She wants to ask them what they are doing to help fight the cancer epidemic. "Big bucks at stake". "Business is great". One guy says 80% of profit from cancer. His father died of cancer.

29 mins
2 strains, Sativa and Indica


30 mins
The procedure outlined. I'll not comment on this as you are going to want to watch it anyway if you choose to make it, but be aware of the dangers of inflammable fumes. You can make it in a rice cooker. Keep temp below 290 degrees. A pound of good hemp bud produces 2 oz good quality oil. is treatment for several months, and will cure most cancers.

32 mins
Eric Donkin again, and his wife, saying how side effects of pills made him ill, now he says he is walking proof that hemp oil works. he was told that some things could never be fixed, at one point he was told he had 6 months to live. Oh hemp oil fixes glaucoma as well.

More interviews and reviews from the people who were at the start of the video, all very positive.

38 mins
Review of TV commercials, "hemp is bad." Question: "Who died from hemp?" Answer: We know the answer to that from above, the Wikipedia article, precisely no one.

39 mins
The government AND the medical system, do not want you to have the ability to cure your own diseases" - Simpson.

Big money in it. People should have a basic right to keep themselves well.

Its sad that people are being poisoned with chemo and radiation, it's so horrible.

41 mins
Jim LeBlanc - before and after pics.

This is god's medicine, a miracle. It works. It works, that's all I can say (LeBlanc)

42 mins
Lung cancer cured.

43 mins
Jim LeBlanc final CAT scan 14 December 2007

Nurse he met in corridor was visibly shocked, wished he had a camera, her face would have been worth millions. No cancer. All fixed. A very happy man.

44 mins
Cancer and disease today, a dose of reality.

Simpson goes through is history. His cousin Dave dies of cancer in the 70s, but it was very rare then.

He worked 1970s onward in a hospital and watched the exponential increase in cancer. He often wondered what the cause was. He now concludes it is caused by our environment, even our food supply. Hormones added to meat. Cosmetics. He thinks 90% of cancer caused by environment. Also Chron's and other diseases increasing.

he has found hemp oil to be a non addictive cure all. Why is the public being denied this medicine? 1923 Canadian law was a total sham. Now we are in the middle of a cancer epidemic. Appeals to people to stop this insanity. Corrupt laws. Changes must be made. To deny the truth about hemp medicine is a criminal act against the Canadian people. What hope for the people. What hope for the future.

48 mins
A good slideshow with music. Some horrid ones, some lovely ones.

50 mins
Statement "Rick Simson is to be sentenced in the supreme court of Nova Scotia February 8th 2008 for the crime of helping people and saving lives. Let me look at
and see what happened with that...

Okay, seems he went to prison for a short time
but now he is standing to become an MP, good for him
Hey, he's also running a tour

End of slideshow.

51 mins
System denied his access to the cure. You cannot get prescriptions for hemp. He is sickened by the system. Charter challenge, affidavits. 10 patients and six doctors were prepared to testify, but none allowed on the stand at his trial on September 7th 2007. Justice system not looking hard for a cure. Profits more important than health and welfare of people? Appeal for people to help. Future of humanity at stake.

53 mins
end near, test slideshow, music "I did it my way" explaining he had a 7 day trial, despite lots of testimonials in his favour, he was found guilty and went to prison.

Appeal for people to do something.

55 mins dedications and thanks to everyone involved.

58 mins

That was well worth watching.

Is this what I think it is?
cos if it is it's a fraction of the cost of
Mind you, if it is the same, have to admire Pagan Magic for selling bird seed at thousands of pounds an ounce. None of them specify if it's Sativa or Indica variety though.

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