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Journey Into Hi-Vibrational Nutrition Awareness

From "food as commerce" to "Food-as-Medicine".

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Interview by Barbara Minton (formerly with Natural

1.) Chef Jemichel, you have a background working as a mainstream chef including working for the Conrad Hilton Hotel and at Northwestern University. Although you've always loved working with food you lost interest in this kind of cheffing and became a nutritional therapist. Why?

While I was at the Hilton in 1977 it happened to become quite a center of gold-medal culinary art accomplishment complete with all the finest sculptures of chocolate, butter and ice! However another whole new world was trickling into my awareness that at least pointed me to something much more meaningful for me! All the sculptured "food" displays left me completely unsatisfied (not because I wasn't eating them)! Now consider this: isn't there something more to food and it's enjoyment than just it's artistic sculpturing? My gut sense knew the answer and so I was compelled to search beyond the culinary pinnacle that I saw at that time.

The draw for me towards that greater meaningfulness was in the idea of "food as medicine". That concept was calling to me along with the idea of organic foods. Keep in mind this is in Chicago back in '77 when just a very few organic foods could be found in only a couple health food stores. In order to pursue these other "callings" I just had to make some changes. I moved onto an organic farm (the only local source I knew for organic produce in Chicago) and pursued my new vision towards a higher vibrational nutrition awareness! Up till that time I had been orienting my work according to the conventional (which gave me a lot of good experience). But now I needed to travel on a new course that required a new orientation; a new way of seeing and relating to food.

When I reflect on where I've come from when I started out on this course I easily recognize how my new orientation came from seeing and relating to the body as sacred; as a living temple that is divinely designed for our own indwelling presence! That alone can be an unconventional paradigm shift! It was what gave me the capacity for rethinking everything about "food" including how it works for our body/temples. Some years earlier I had consecrated my life to a "recovery" of our divine presence through the body. It was that path that brought me to a kind of fork in the road at a time that was just right for me to make a new choice. I made the choice for a life of sacred relationships, including the relationship we have with our body/temple. The light of my own life's purpose out-shined the "shiny gold medals" glimmering in the world of culinary art! My choice eventually led me into nutritional (and other) therapeutics. All of the course changes that I have experienced, starting from my entrance into mainstream culinary and into nutritional (and other) therapies were the outer manifestations of many personal growth processes that have taken place over an extended period of time. What started out for me just as "work" eventually become a whole way of life!

This is not to say that I would never work in a "restaurant" again. Occasionally I have "dreams" about that! The catch here would be that the place of my dreams would be a private dinning club for members only. I've had a number of dreams of this dinning club and the latest one included having a Russian banya (sauna) attached to it:

During the cool-down periods there would be lacto-fermented drinks available like beet kavass, kombucha and lacto-fermented ginger ale (all prepared according to Nourishing Traditions; more on that later). The idea is that people would first have a cleansing and very relaxing sweat and after that whole experience enjoy a wonderful dinner! The dinner menu of course would be all Nourishing Traditions. The club would be run by a private community with it's own farm so that the food would be unparalleled in freshness, vitality and especially all the love that is put into it by people who are devoted to making the kind of foods that can heal!

2.) You are a devotee of nourishing traditions, which you say go hand in hand with nourishing agricultural practices. Please explain nourishing traditions.

My introduction to "Nourishing Traditions" begins with the book by the same name, written by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD:

This book offers a critically needed reeducation on real food and sound nutrition. The title refers to the wise cultural traditions that were being practiced long before the advent of modern industrialized food processing. Over the course of a decade Dr. Weston A. Price visited and studied a number of these cultures and then documented his findings in his book: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration:

Dr. Price found that the native people who lived according to their cultural heritage (and especially on the nutrient-dense foods that were eaten by their ancestors) all exhibited virtually perfect health! You can readily see the expression of radiant health in the myriad of photos he took! He further documented how the traditional people who were exposed to the modern processed foods and veered away from their traditional foods developed the diseases of modern society. However, if those people returned to their nourishing traditional foods they then recovered their health! These two books spawned dozens of others that come with similar testimonials. "Nourishing Traditions" for me is about recovering these life-sustaining wisdom principals so that we know how to live well through these post-modern times!

I really love that Nourishing Traditions (NT) emphasizes the connection with where food comes from. People who may not have concerned themselves with "agricultural practices" often have an awakening to their food source connection through NT and then bare that in mind whenever they do their food gathering. One of the agricultural practices that I have an especially deep connection with is Biodynamics:

In addition to being a training center for Waldorf teachers, Rudolf Steiner College offers training in Biodynamic Agriculture. I first came there in 1990 to find others interested in starting a Biodynamic farm-based community. The subject of Biodynmaics can be a whole additional conversation!

3.) You prepared a brunch of nourishing traditions for Sally Fallon (who is the founder & president of the Weston A. Price Foundation) and later you co-founded a chapter of WAPF. What is the connection between Nourishing Traditions and the findings of Weston Price?

Virtually all the different cultures that Dr. Price (and his wife) had visited prepared their own native foods. Many food preparations were demonstrated to Dr. Price and he recorded the process that people used in order to make their foods optimally nutritional. The Nourishing Traditions book has included many of these optimal food processes and applied them to recipes that include both familiar foods plus some foods that will be new for those who have only known the Standard American Diet (SAD). That makes Nourishing Traditions the practical, at-home application of "the findings of Weston Price". And when one knows the NT principals they can possibly prepare many familiar traditional American recipes according to Nourishing Traditions. Therefore someone who has a strong preference for "meat and potatoes" could continue on that fare with "impunity"! Their meat would come from grass-fed animals and there potatoes would be grown in compost- enriched soil of certified organic quality or even better! Then there's the butter! (My favorite part of the meal!) The butter would come from grass-fed cream, be unpasteurized and ideally cultured!

4.) You have said that food choices are the way we vote for the world and its future. What do mean by that statement?

This can go into a controversial arena where a lot of truth needs to be told. What now has become a global food and food-related industry has by and large established it's agenda within the governments of the world. It's no wonder since this has been developing well over the past century! Here's one history track: On May 15, 1862 "An Act to establish a Department of Agriculture" came into existence. The original act appears squeaky clean of any encroachment upon the states (not to mention the people directly). It said "the general designs and duties of which shall be to acquire and to diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and to procure, propagate, and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants."

Although that original act appears beneficial to people I don't recognize the spirit of that intention in what exists today! (My have times changed!) The inroads by the global interests are so well paved on both sides of the political fence that there is less of a real difference for the people between one party and another once the politicians are elected! The exorbitant election campaigns require big money funding for most politicians and that support typically comes from vested interests. Then the payoff begins when the politicians are in office! Truth be told - the alliance between corporations and government has been referred to as a form of fascism. (See "America: Freedom to Fascism" for some real evidence to this:

Now the alliance is enveloping the whole planet with trade agreements and other agreements where countries surrender their sovereignty to "a new world order", a phrase that was mentioned in several speeches by George Bush Sr.

I'm somewhat sorry to say that "voting" at an election booth simply does not and can not create real change (as it pretends to offer) since these trade agreements and the like are not even available for consideration at the voting booth! However, supporting local food is making a tremendous difference and is viewed as a threat by the global food industries. The truth of this lies behind the current "food safety" bills (that are now going through the Congressional process) as they are intended to eliminate the small farmer competition. However, Congress can still be reminded about the Constitution and the fact that it is granted relatively few enumerated powers written in that founding document. There appears to be is an urgent need to get this message to Congress as it is in the process of expanding it's jurisdiction through a certain provision that I'd like everyone to know about. I blogged about that here:

Our food choices will either support the continued corporate takeover of our food systems (and government) or they will support the local independent traditional farmer (and say no to usurpation). Food security was traditionally mostly local. America began with about 95% of the people living on farms! "Today, less than two percent of the population works on America's farms, down from 50 percent in the 1930s."

As global corporations take over traditional farms (and what were once sustainable food systems) they typically are displacing the families and the connections with the communities they supported. Traditionally "culture" came out of our local "agriculture". Altogether the formerly celebrated local cultures are being replaced by a paradigm of commerce that appears to be completely disconnecting people from life. People, especially urbanites, may not be so aware of this but most farming communities know the difference. One of the main problems here is that corporate charters were originally issued for limited terms and required to have state oversight. That was rejected by the corporations who claimed the legal status of a "person" with rights that now often exceeding those of real people!

The operative term here is "corporate person-hood" and through that corporations have transformed themselves into monstrous proportions and virtually without limitations. It's time that we stop feeding "corporate person-hood"! The truth of this situation is "corporate person-hood" is based on fraud and usurpation! We need to abolish "corporate person-hood", feed ourselves with new awareness plus nourish our relations with local farmers like the ones you can meet at your local farmers markets! We all vote for them when we buy their farm products!

Another matrix of relationships in our food choices is: the extent that we have food as our medicine is the extent that we can begin to minimize the illnesses of poor nutrition and the subsequent turning to health care professionals to "make us well". The more that we prevent illness (through an emphasis on learning how to best nourish ourselves) the less health care we need. It not only makes sense it is more economical for us both as individuals and on a state level as well. Speaking of states both Texas and Alaska are opting out on "Obama Care" with this economic factor in mind:

Government health care can be seen as a state sovereignty issue and especially focused on financing as this article shows:

5.) Somewhere on your blog I read a quote from Louis Pasteur's death bed, "...the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything." This is a very definitive statement for someone's last words. What do you suppose Pasteur meant by it?

I beleive that you probably read that here:

Also consider that Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp declared: "Microorganisms become 'pathogenic' as the health of the host organism deteriorates. Hence, the condition of the host organism is the primary causal agent":

Supposedly just before he spoke the words that you have quoted Pasteur was also reported to have said: "Béchamp was right"!:
"... Pasteur called over one of his students. The young doctor bent over towards his dying teacher, and in a nearly inaudible voice, Pasteur whispered into his ear, "You know, Bechamp was right. The terrain is everything."

In any case I think this is a line that crystallizes the well accepted thesis/anti-thesis of thinking/scheming plus the forces of will that existed between Pasteur and Béchamp. It is a fascinating story that I believe sheds light on the current "world health" events! If Pasteur recanted his position on what is essentially the germ theory then it is amazing to me that people today live a considerable part of their lives based on an unquestioned belief! The entire Western medical paradigm is built on this belief. Doesn't it deserves a reevaluation by anyone really interested in health?
See: "The Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteur" here:

6.) In your current work creating meals for those trying to regain or keep their health, you probably have the idea of improving their terrain as a primary focus. How do you go about assessing an individual's needs from that perspective?

Improving the terrain is definitely a worthy idea to have in mind. Before making any assessments I think people need to know that their terrain improvements may require self-assessing one's life/life-style. Some people may have already made some self-assessments and then simply report what they already know. That can often be the beginning of an on going discovery process that I encourage in people. (Know Thyself!) The ideal here is for people to reconnect with their body and especially with their innate intelligence as much as possible. Guidance through that learning process is always available for the asking and the need to recover one's own abilities to self-assess is really essential, IMO! However, when the "mystery" or the urgency seems too much for an individual to go through or maybe they don't have the patience for what can be a great learning process then there are many ways to look more directly into the terrain. I may offer options for showing certain terrain perspectives depending on the needs and preferences of the individual. These could include lab work and/or several other more natural methods. Sometimes I can work with people's doctors and especially when the doctor is really open to nutrition.

If the interest for "terrain improvement" comes out of having already been diagnosed with a "disease" such as cancer, heart disease or the like then I would encourage forming a history for the purpose of seeing the bigger picture on how that "disease" developed. I'd like to cover that in a separate interview primarily focused on a new medicine paradigm that I am just starting to work with. In the meanwhile there is an excellent introduction to that here:

Dr. Chris, DC offers public seminars in German new Medicine:

(See: side link USA GNM Events)

Most medical schools have very little nutrition included in the curriculum. I blogged on this at:

- "Why Medicine Is A Failure When It Comes To Real Health".
People need to make up for that on their own and I recommend reading the first section in Nourishing Traditions as it can give people more understanding in nutrition than many doctors have! And if people read Dr.Price's book they would have the science to back up the kind of nutrition that is in their favor!

The nutritional "terrain improvement" would be based on meals that feature "food as medicine" according to the individual. There is truth in the saying that "one man's meat is another man's poison". Part of the task of a real healer/therapist is to know or be able to find the medicine/therapy that is the right match for the individual. When speaking of "food as medicine" the first threshold to cross is knowing that no one diet can possibly work for everyone. So the task of identifying the right foods that will be one's medicine is not necessarily easy. Before the nutrition therapy "prescription" can be written nearly everything else about the individual can be considered for "assessing an individual's needs" including one's mental diet of "food for thought"! Subsequently all possible "improvements" are highly individualized. And everything depends on how much an individual wants to know, invest in themselves, and their willingness to change, etc. Some people have a well defined goal and just want to achieve their objective and then may gladly turn-over their kitchen to have the right food prepared for them. Others want to learn how to take care of themselves in better ways. The short answer on this question is that my way is to get to know the individual the best I can, to discover what path they are on and work in harmony with that!

7.) What can most people do to improve their terrain, particularly in light of the possible coming of the "swine flu" pandemic in the fall?

The later part of this question is a topic that I believe urgently deserves more truth-telling and I'll begin with that and follow with the first part! First let's talk about the "swine flu pandemic". If I were having a private session with an individual and they asked me this very question I would ask them what exactly are they referring to when they say "swine flu pandemic"? I would imagine that they would mention what they may have heard on the news over the recent months. I would really want to hear them on this and get their personal "reading" on what the "swine flu pandemic" is. Then I would possibly have some understanding of what and how they are thinking in regards to this and be able to relate to them on that basis. I don't believe that I can over-emphasize one thing here and that is terrains are individual and fairly unique. For the sake of this conversation I would like to think of them being as unique as our fingerprints or even more like the iris of our eyes. Next thing is to bare in mind about this is that our whole "terrain" includes our psyche:

At this point our beliefs come into consideration and that is the point where I would really be asking for further introductions to the individual and what they believe about this! Before I would begin to address "improving their terrain" I would need to know what they think and believe even about what the flu is. If they believe that the flu is a virus that people can catch from other people who have the flu and that a way for them to prevent "catching" it is to get a flu shot then I would ask if they are willing to look at that from other perspectives. If they ask me, I would point them to articles on the internet that have investigated this. Some of these articles reveal that there is a very well orchestrated campaign behind the so called "swine flu pandemic" that is being waged now. I've actually been following this for some time yet the most revealing reports have only recently begun coming out with specific facts implicating special interests in a way that I think people can begin to take it seriously. The breakthrough came from an investigative reporter who then filed a lawsuit. Mainstream media is avoiding this and that is because (according to Gary Webb) "Authentic journalism is telling people something that the government doesn't want them to know." In light of all of that this is the best article I have found by a researcher who has traveled back and forth down "the rabbit hole" for many years regarding this:

From this article anyone can note names and find other articles and websites that substantiate everything.
A lot of questions can be legitimately raised all the way from the conception to the execution of this campaign. I think people who are inclined to get flu shots need to ask these questions in the interest of their personal health (& freedom) and for the sake of knowing the truth! This is one instance where the truth is required for health, freedom and life itself!

People certainly have a choice as to how they want to think about all of this. My first consideration in working with people is whether or not they want to verify these kinds of things that they have heard through the public news media. If people are interested in the idea of improving their terrain then that too requires honesty and possibly a search for truth within. I'd suggest people start taking a close look at what they think the "flu" is. If you think about it, everything starts with a thought so lets start there. If people believe in the "germ theory" and they want "protection" from the virus then that kind of thinking would dictate a certain path of action. It seems to me that a belief in the "germ theory" creates fear in that individual who holds that belief. Fear is obviously the dominate emotion supporting the "swine flu pandemic"! IMO it is this fear that is possibly going to turn out being more dangerous than the actual "damage" that the so called "swine flu" gets credit for. (BTW the reported number of "outbreaks" is now going to be a lot larger than actual incidences because the numbers will be including unverified cases that are simply declared as such over the phone.)

From a holistic therapeutic perspective my inclination would be to encourage people to let go of the fear so that we could possibly consider other ways of looking at what is happening including what a flu virus really is. Not everyone has the open mindedness to begin considering another perspective outside of conventional wisdom and I accept that! Personally I appreciate what has been presented by Aajonus Vonderplanitz regarding what the flu virus is. I'd suggest that the first thing to realize is that colds can be seen as the body's natural way to cleanse itself. I have proven this to my own complete satisfaction many years ago when I first changed my own diet and stopped having "colds" in the Winter (that earlier were appearing to last all Winter long). This kind of realization can then empower us to cooperate with the health promoting biological programs that are already designed within the body. In addition I discovered that I could choose my own timing for activating the cleansing programs consciously rather than have my body activate them unexpectedly. We can view the flu in the same way, only with the flu the body/temple is manufacturing a more powerful "cleanser" than it does with a "cold". Aajonus says this happens when we have not allowed the body to do the lower grade cleansing and consequently the terrain becomes so polluted that it requires a more intense cleansing! Here's an interview with Aajonus on the swine flu:

So the second "improvement" of the terrain that people can make is to consciously choose their own cleanses rather than wait to "catch" something. As it's been said "the best defense is a strong offense". Cleansing is an essential and therefor an inevitable function/program of our body/temple. However you can choose to consciously cleanse your own temple or you can experience "the program" running it for you and on it's "terms". If we choose to we can have considerable choice about when we activate this function. In either case I don't think we can avoid this essential physical need without consequences. Every cell of the body is continuously creating wastes that need to be released from the body and when the wastes are released the cell is virtually immortal! (A scientific fact that is not fully taught in medical school!) The vitality of the terrain will greatly improve when it has been cleansed of the waste that it has to contend with, largely coming from the typical SAD diet and our modern-day stressful lifestyles!

In any case (aside from beliefs regarding the flu and the need for cleansing) I would definitely recommend that people stay away from GMO foods and soy! These foods are implicated in compromising the immune system and the rest of the terrain:

This article also shows why Citizen oversight is required for food corporations. Choosing non-GMO foods is also largely where we can stop voting for the NWO of food control.

Last but not least I would avoid getting any flu shots! The risks are simply not worth it! Injecting all the biological and non-biological substances that are contained in these secret cocktails into one's sacred bloodstream is absolutely not nature's way for building up one's immunity!

And for those who have any of the "true blue", genuine American Spirit then they may want to consider collective peaceful non-compliance (suggested by rabbit hole master David Icke).

8.) You are a big fan of raw dairy products, including butter and cream, in the Weston Price tradition. What health benefits do these foods have to offer?

Grass-fed dairy products are just some of the traditional foods that are included "in the Weston Price tradition". Before we talk about health benefits I'd like people to know that there are essentially two kinds of dairy products. One, quite frankly, comes from disease-producing dairies whereby the milk must be pasteurized! However the diseases, that would naturally manifest in the animals on these particular dairies, are being suppressed with drugs. The million dollar question that needs to be asked here is "do those drugs correct the terrains of the animals?". If not then are the animals really healthy? It appears that the commercial dairy industry knows the answer because pasteurization became an essential requirement as that milk is not coming from animals that are not feeding on their natural health-producing diet out in the pastures with all the forces of mother nature supporting the animal as well as the sunshine and fresh air! The milk is coming from sick animals and if you sever saw the living conditions you could see why they are not and can mot be healthy. It all goes back to the nutrition of the animals. Dairy animals are ruminants and that means their natural diet is the grasses that are growing in sunny green pastures.

The other healthy dairy operates in a whole different paradigm where, in addition to the animals own preferred diet, they are cared for in ways that minimize their stress and this environment/"life style" is reflected in their milk! There is an innate immunity actually living in that milk! That milk has the immune power to keep bacteria in a healthy balance. This balance is essential for life because life and most all of biological life's functions depend on bacteria! By contrast whatever immunity there is of the other "milk" has been destroyed through the pasteurization process. But then we really wouldn't want to have that milk in a raw state because truth be told it is an unhealthy milk even before it is pasteurized! The unhealthiness is not only because of the way the animal was fed it is also because of all the antibodies, immunizations, growth hormones and everything else given to the animals suffering from the environment of all the whole factory conditions they are living in virtually 24/7! When the animal is on a grain diet then it's digestive process is stressed beyond the limits that it was designed for and that disease-producing diet consequently gets reflected in the poor health quality of the milk! So if we just say "raw' that alone does not reveal the whole picture that is needed to begin appreciating the potential "health benefits". (All of this is also explained very well by Mark McAfee, founder of Organic Pastures Dairy and Dr. Dale Jacobson, DC in a very informative DVD called "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth". People can view four video clips online at:

Back to your question - if we continue in terms of "terrain" then the benefits of raw dairy firstly are the benefits of a whole, nutrient-dense source of nourishment from the living and life-giving immunity that milk has verses an immunity that has been intentionally destroyed! (If a reader can fully Grok that they will understand where health comes from, what Price and others discovered and why the modern medicine/drug industry does not use health as it's teaching model!) All the other myriad of health benefits are ones that have been supported by real nourishment and in instances of health challenges raw pasture-fed dairy is the kind of nourishment that can actually support healing and has! These benefits are possible because the body is getting a real food that it can easily digest and assimilate. An important addition to the ease of digestion is that the traditional peoples who included dairy would culture the milk in ways that allowed for pre-digestion before they consumed the dairy product. (The DVD elaborates on this!) All in all what I am saying here a bout dairy foods is that they are a culmination of an amazing continuum of life that travels through several kingdoms of nature before it becomes good for us to consume; starting with the sun radiated pastures as nutrient-dense nutrition for the animals and culminating with the care of the animals through the milking process and finally the various culturing processes before it is finished as a cultured milk, cream or butter product!

9.) In the video you produced on raw dairy there is extensive explanation of why and how people have been turned against these foods. Please give us a summary and your thoughts.

The whys and hows is a really big story and our readers deserve to be know that. Fortunately it has been told here in: "The Untold Story of Milk: Green Pastures, Contented Cows and Raw Dairy Products"

My first tier on a summary regarding the poo-pooing of raw dairy is certainly (once again) the commercial influence. Soon after the time that Pasteurization began being applied to milk it minimized the "milk problem" (a problem that resulted from the compromised conditions at those dairies that had gone the route of converting their pastures to grain fields and then feeding what became "distillery slop" to the animals who were now in horrible confinement conditions). The outbreaks of "diseases" were such that although pasteurization essentially killed the milk it was welcomed as a "savior" at that time. However there was also the "medical (raw) milk" that was used at the Mayo clinic as part of their nutritional protocol for those suffering from the "diseases" carried through the sick milk . But the commercial dairy interests did whatever they had to do to "win" with their inferior milk and from that time forward that product could be sanitized enough for the public's acceptance. But when one knows everything about just how inferior that liquid has become it is not a stretch to stop referring to it as milk. No wonder that the other milk, from the animals who are healthy and happy grazing on green pastures, becomes known as the "real milk"!

I can understand how a (dairy) business that operates in commerce, growing into a corporation that enters interstate commerce under the protection of the federal government (and soon world trade agreements) can become what all these food corporations apparently become. Corporations do not have a soul and therefor they absolutely must have Citizen oversight! I'm presenting that as my opinion regarding the root of "the commercial influence". However that influence turning people "... against these foods" has apparently seeped through the very institutions supposedly dedicated to health and healing. Enter "Western Medicine"! I don't fully understand how human souls and especially those who have taken the Hippocratic oath to "do no harm" to their patients, have wound up so far removed from the examples of radiant health that Price documented and from real healing! Their's is the "one profession, the followers of Aesculapius (God of medicine, healing, rejuvenation and physicians), ... dedicated completely to life under all circumstances"

However, so many of these professionals incorporate their practice! If the present day purpose of incorporation is in large part to limit the liability of the professional then my thought is that every adult still needs accountability. (Originally the share holders in state charted corporations were all liable.) Otherwise I see a risk and possible danger in that the liability cover/corporate shield may potentially "cast a shadow" within the psyche of the individual and that shadow may allow a part of that individual (that does not live in the light) to act in it's own darkness, allowing things like deception (giving less than full disclosure on matters that deserve to be revealed) to occur. Once again all corporations need Citizen oversight! Do not unconditionally agree to a waiver of liability with anyone where your life, health, etc. can be at risk!

Corporations aside, doctors typically have acquired the status of "gods" in what they tell their patients and here is possibly one of the best spokes persons for any commercial interest! Just have doctors tell you to drink your pasteurized low-fat milk and don't even acknowledge the existence of the other milk!

Yet the truth of the real milk was known among real healing communities and although it was not completely mainstream it's very presence and all it represents has been a constant threat to the monstrous commercial interests and therefor battles have been waging over the years that continue through the present day. But now the voice of reason appears to be getting strong enough to be recognized and I expect that we will see greater legal acceptance of real milk in places where it has been outlawed across this country and a number of other countries as well.

10.) How can people view these videos?

I have uploaded a few clips from what I produced however to view everything people can get the DVD.: "Raw Milk: The Whole truth". They can be ordered directly from me by first emailing me: chef AT thesetruths DOT com

11.) I assume that information about finding raw dairy products is available through the Weston A. Price Foundation. How can people locate a chapter of the foundation near them?

Local Chapters are an excellent support for local nutrient-dense foods:

Real Milk DOT com is also a resource specifically for dairy products:

Do you have a high Summer sort of recipe for terrain improvement?

Wouldn't that be nice! Hey a recipe like that could make me rich! ; ^ )

There is a lot of truth to the old "chicken soup" as penicillin cure! (Campbell's Soup made their millions. ;^)
However the secret key here is to get the whole chicken and one that has been pasture raised!. We have an excellent source here in San Diego from Curtis Wolmach. He will even include feet and more if you want! You can search online and also read this excellent article on the subject that includes additional sources:

July 4, 2017 -

"The way you approach food can change your health for the rest of your life – and it is totally in your control! Food is medicine and can prevent disease and increase health by creating a healthy internal state in your body.

Very intelligent men throughout history have admitted the extraordinary necessity of treating the whole body and starting with food.

Traditional Chinese medicine, which dates back more than 2,500 years, treats the whole body instead of the symptoms of illness.

Even Hippocrates, considered 'the father of medicine' observed 2400 years ago to 'leave your drugs in the chemist’s pots if you can cure your patient with food'.”[1]




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