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Flu Vaccination & Its Marketing Paradigm

Dr. Brownstein, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Bruce Fife, N.D., and Dr. Sircus

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August 4, 2020 -

"From 1933 to the present day, virologists have been unable to present any experimental study proving that influenza spreads through normal contact between people. All attempts to do so have met with failure." -
"The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life" by Arthur Firstenberg.[19]

March 13, 2020 - Coronavirus vaccine anyone? -

"Naturally a vaccine is in the works, and it will be fast tracked with little safety testing. The Chinese developed a SARS vaccine but when they gave it to baboons, they dropped dead after exposure to the coronavirus while the unvaccinated baboons survived. One study has indicated that those who get the flu vaccine are more susceptible to coronavirus [Clinical Infectious Diseases (2012 Jun 15; 54(12): 1778–1783]. So, as always, vaccines are not the answer. Just drink raw milk and eat delicious pate and caviar instead."[18]

Note: March 12, 2020 update third from the bottom of this page.

November 18, 2019 - A Critical Commentary Regarding Recent Wall Street Journal Flu Vaccination Article -

The WSJ article starts by stating, “Each year, influenza sickens millions of people. But typically, too few Americans get the flu shot to shield everyone from the contagious disease.” The article then states that babies and those who cannot be vaccinated are put at risk when people decide to forgo the flu vaccine.

True News: Yes, millions do get the flu each year.

Fake News: The flu shot has NEVER BEEN SHOWN to prevent transmission of the flu. The best it can do is to limit the symptoms in an infected person. That person can still transmit the flu virus to others. The flu vaccine is not the only vaccine that fails to stop the spread of disease. Diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio (injectable) and the meningitis vaccines all fail to prevent the spread of the respective illnesses, but that’s another article. To claim the flu shot will protect the spread of influenza to those with immune systems that are vulnerable is…FAKE NEWS!

The article states, “…there are life-threatening conditions that the {influenza virus} can trigger, including inflammation of the heart, brain or spinal cord. A nursing expert stated, “It’s really the complications related to the flu that we should be scared about. That’s what the vaccine helps to prevent or reduce.”

True News: Influenza can cause serious complications including those mentioned above. The greatest risk of complications from the flu do occur in children and the elderly.

Fake News: The flu shot has NEVER BEEN SHOWN TO REDUCE SERIOUS COMPLICATIONS SUCH AS PNEUMONIA OR HOSPTILIZATION FROM INFLUENZA INFECTION IN CHILDREN, HEALTHY ADULTS AND THE ELDERLY! Cochrane is an independent group of scientists who evaluate evidence from research. They do not take funding from Big Pharm and other commercial interests and therefore their reviews should be carefully weighed. A 2018 Cochrane Review on Vaccines for Preventing Influenza in Healthy Children (i) reported that there was “…no data on…hospitalisation{sic}.” The authors further reported limited evidence for the treatment of lower respiratory tract disease (i.e., pneumonia). The Cochrane authors further state, “To date no studies have adequately measured or reported hospitalisation (sic) {as related to the influenza vaccine}.”

Another Cochrane review on influenza vaccines in healthy adults found flu shots “…had no effect on hospital admissions or complication rates.” (ii) In the elderly, a third Cochrane Review (iii) found that there was inadequate data available to assess whether flu shots decrease this risk of pneumonia or hospitalization in the elderly. Since the flu shot, at best, provides a one percent benefit for the elderly at preventing the flu, I can assure you that there will never be data that shows the flu vaccine prevents serious complications from influenza infection in this population.

It is FAKE NEWS to state that the flu shot significantly lowers ones risk for serious complications from the flu. ...[15]




The following article is offered as a counterbalance to the above (exposing how the WSJ article is a marketing tool for big pharma).
"6 Ways to Support Your Immune System This Fall and Winter"[16]

September 15, 2019 - Coconut and Avian Flu -

According to experts,(i) the threat of pandemic influenza is not a question of if, but rather a question of when. The possibility of pandemic flu—though always present—has received more attention in recent years because of strains, such as the avian flu, swine flu,(ii) and others.

H5N1 or bird flu, as it is commonly known, is highly contagious and deadly among birds. The virus is causing worry worldwide because of the potential for it to mutate into a form that could spread easily from person to person.

The virus first surfaced in 2004. Beginning in late June outbreaks of the flu among poultry were reported in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The first human cases were reported in Thailand and Vietnam that same year. Since then the flu has infected bird populations and people throughout Southeast Asia and is now spreading into the Middle East, Africa, and Southern and Eastern Europe.

Dr. Julie Gerberding, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), states "We have basically everything of concern except for the last requirement for a pandemic—and that is we have not seen sustained and rapid person-to-person transmission," she said. "We hope we never check this last box, but we are certainly as close to checking it as we've been in the last several decades."

Gerberding called the bird-flu situation "serious," saying migratory birds and domestic poultry are spreading the virus to an increasing number of countries. It has evolved so that it can infect cats, pigs, tigers, and humans. In most cases of human infection, the patients have been in direct contact with infected poultry. However, in at least two cases the disease has spread from person to person.

According to the World Health Organization, 160 people have been infected with the virus and at least 85 have died. The fact that the virus has been able to spread from one person to another indicates it is capable of causing a worldwide pandemic.

The federal government's own draft response plan says a medium-level flu pandemic could kill from 89,000 to 207,000 people nationwide. The World Health Organization said that there's no way to make a death prediction until a pandemic begins, but added that an estimate globally of up to 7.4 million is not unrealistic.

The deadliest pandemic on record, which occurred in 1918,(iii) is thought to have killed more than a half-million in the United States and 50 million worldwide. The most recent, in 1968-69, caused 34,000 deaths in the United States.

Pandemic viruses differ from traditional flu illnesses in that they are not merely subtypes of an existing virus. They are new strains that move quickly across the globe, sickening a large percentage of the population, which has no resistance to the illness.

The worst-case scenario in a pandemic would be if there is no vaccine, a shortage of antiviral medications, and a particularly lethal strain. This could be the case here.(iv)

There are no drugs or vaccines that can protect against H5N1. Only one vaccine, Tamiflu, has been approved to treat H5N1. Tamiflu, however, doesn't stop the virus. So essentially, there is no way to stop the bird flu if it ever transforms into a pandemic.

Currently Tamiflu is the only medical weapon available to fight the avian virus. Even if it were effective in stopping the flu we would not be safe. Most countries have only limited supplies. The US probably has the largest inventory but if the flu strikes now it would only be enough to treat 200,000 people. Even if government stockpiles equaled a hundred times that amount—enough vaccines to treat 20 million people—that still leaves 280 million Americans without the possibility of getting treatment. While the maker of Tamiflu is busy churning out the vaccine and distributing it worldwide, there won't be enough for everyone and not everyone can afford it.

Since there is no medication that will protect against the avian flu, and if there were it wouldn't be available to all, natural remedies may be your best defense. One of the best natural defenses we have against the flu is coconut. Coconut oil possesses powerful antiviral properties that can kill the flu virus, including H5N1.

Coconut oil is composed of a special group of fats known as medium-chain triglycerides. Our bodies convert these fats into medium-chain fatty acids and monoglycerides, both of which have been shown to be effective in killing lipid coated viruses. H5N1 is a lipid coated virus.

By consuming a couple of spoonfuls of coconut oil daily you can develop an immunity of sorts to the flu. Coconut oil also helps boost the immune system, enabling the body to fight off infections more efficiently. This is a safe and economical means to protect yourself from the flu. In the absence of any other form of treatment, coconut oil may be the answer.

The bird flu could be stopped even before it becomes a pandemic. The most likely spot for a pandemic to begin is where the virus first emerged—Southeast Asia. Countries here have an abundance of coconut trees and a nearly endless supply of coconut. Coconut meal, which is a waste product produced from extracting coconut oil and milk from the meat, could be fed to poultry. The meal is already fed to cattle. Coconut meal retains a significant amount of oil which, if eaten by poultry, could possibly provide them with protection from the virus, thus preventing the flu from spreading. The cost would be minimal because the meal is fed to animals anyway. Much of it is simply dumped or used as fertilizer.

The meat from whole coconuts could also be used. Coconuts in these countries are so abundant that most fall to the ground, where they lay unused. Sadly, millions of coconuts sit on the ground rotting when they could be put to use preventing a possible pandemic.(v)

It's ironic that the place where the bird flu got started is also the place where it could end. Unfortunately, government officials will probably ignore the potential in their own backyards and seek ineffective and costly vaccines to solve the problem.(vi)

Since we have little control over a possible flu pandemic one thing we can do is consume coconut oil daily. The general recommendation is 3 to 4 tablespoons a day. Use it in your cooking and food preparation. If you don't get enough that way, you can take it by the spoonful like a dietary supplement.[14]


(i) The "experts" need to be identified along with full disclosure of their interests.
(ii) The so called "swine flu" was investigated by Jon Rappoport and discovered to be a true hoax.
(iii) Also investigated by Jon Rapport and discovered that the individuals in these cases (many of whom were soldiers and then their families) had their symptoms repressed with aspirin which did not resolve the root cause of the flu.
(iv) Needs to be supported with more convincing real science and through logic rather than an opinion.
(v) This writer finds this inspiring and has a friend who has done business in SE Asia who might be interested in a better use of the "millions of coconuts."
(vi) However the good news is that "the potential" here is not at all dependent upon any government! The potential can be addressed on each independent farm/grove.

January 6, 2019 - Flu - Are You Really Certain About That? -

"Welcome to the Medical Matrix: the Flu isn’t the Flu" by Jon Rappoport -

There are many propaganda operations surrounding the flu. Here I just want to boil down a few boggling facts.

Dr. Peter Doshi, writing in the online BMJ (British Medical Journal), reveals one monstrosity.

As Doshi states, every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory samples are taken from flu patients in the US and tested in labs. Here is the kicker: only a small percentage of these samples show the presence of a flu virus.

This means: most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no flu virus in their bodies.

So they don’t have the flu.

Therefore, even if you assume the flu vaccine is useful and safe, it couldn’t possibly prevent all those “flu cases” that aren’t flu cases.

The vaccine couldn’t possibly work.

The vaccine isn’t designed to prevent fake flu, unless pigs can fly.

Actually, most flu cases are “bacteria cases,” “fungal cases,” or “pollution cases,” or “tainted food” cases, or “eating GMO cases,” or “weak immune system” cases, or something else. But they aren’t the flu.

Here’s the exact quote from Peter Doshi’s BMJ review, “Influenza: marketing vaccines by marketing disease” (BMJ 2013; 346:f3037):

“…even the ideal influenza vaccine, matched perfectly to circulating strains of wild influenza and capable of stopping all influenza viruses, can only deal with a small part of the ‘flu’ problem because most ‘flu’ appears to have nothing to do with influenza. Every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory specimens are tested across the US. Of those tested, on average 16% are found to be influenza positive.

“…It’s no wonder so many people feel that ‘flu shots’ don’t work: for most flus, they can’t.”

Because most diagnosed cases of the flu aren’t the flu.

So even if you’re a true believer in mainstream vaccine theory, you’re on the short end of the stick here. They’re conning your socks off.

In December of 2005, the British Medical Journal (online) published another shocking Peter Doshi report, which created tremors through the halls of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), where “the experts” used to tell the press that 36,000 people in the US die every year from the flu.

Here is a quote from Doshi’s report:

“[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”[12]

Comment: According to the New (Mind-Body) Medicine what doctors declare as "the flu" is actually a special intelligent biological survival program that serves the primary purpose of supporting a resolution pertaining to the psyche's emotional shock conflict.

January 10, 2019 - "Mind control and 'the flu virus'” - by Jon Rappoport -

On Monday, I exposed the fact that most “flu” is not the flu.

For example, here is a quite suggestive quote from Peter Doshi’s report, “Are US flu death figures more PR than science?” (BMJ 2005; 331:1412):

“[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”


Today, I want to look at the mind control aspect of this insanity.

If someone says, “You have the flu,” he means you have one thing and other people who have the flu have the same thing.

It is caused by a virus, and everyone who has the flu has that virus.

If you say, “No, the so-called flu could be caused by many different things,” people might appear to agree with you, but they’re still thinking, “The flu is one thing.”

They won’t let go. That’s called mind control.

Person A has a cough, fatigue, headache, and fever. Why? A combination of stress, exposure to cold weather, and contaminated indoor air.

Person B also has cough, fatigue, headache and fever. Why? A combination of junk food, nutritional deficits, and a toxic pain reliever.

Do persons A and B have the same thing?

No, they don’t. If they did, the causes would be the same. And they aren’t.

Now take 10,000 people who have the above list of symptoms. But none of them has the flu virus. Do any of them have the flu? No. Do they all have the same thing? No, because the combination of causes and the precise nature of each cause are not the same from person to person.

If 10,000 people have the flu virus, do they all have the flu? No. People with strong immune systems don’t get sick. People with weak immune systems do get sick. The determining factor is the condition of the immune system, not the presence of the virus. Therefore, the tight equation, “flu virus equals flu,” is false.

Understanding all these factors rearranges the thought process vis-ŕ-vis “the flu.”

“Flu outbreak across America” is a generality. It doesn’t hold together. Once you take it apart, you see something different.

You’re no longer in a state of hypnosis about “the virus.”

“Yes, but all these people getting sick…showing up at hospitals…they must all have the same thing…”

No. They might have similar symptoms, but that doesn’t mean “they have the same thing.”

If you want one factor, which combined with other immune-suppressing factors, might be at work, why not start with the freezing weather across America? That could be a clue. But it’s far from the whole story.

Person C has cough, fatigue, headache, and fever. In his case, it’s caused by a combination of freezing weather, five toxic medicines on his night table at the nursing home, and a forced change of diet that increases the load of empty calories.

Person D has cough, fatigue, headache, and fever. In her case, it’s caused by grief over the loss of a loved one, a bad reaction to the flu vaccine, and a power outage that cut off heat in her home for two days.

And so forth, on and on.

Casually blaming “the virus” is a response dictated by the stimulus of news and government propaganda about “the flu.”

And the propaganda ignores the most important factor: the condition of a person’s own immune system. THAT is a non-medical situation; and increasing the power of one’s own immune response requires something the medical system refuses to recognize—all the actions a person could take under the general banner of “natural health.”

From which the medical system makes zero money.

This is called a clue.

“Let’s see. We can tell people that when they get sick with ‘flu symptoms,’ they have the flu, and it’s all about the virus. Then we can sell flu vaccines and drugs like crazy. OR we can tell them these so-called flu symptoms come from different combinations of causes, which in many cases are environmental and should be identified—and most importantly, we can tell them they need to strengthen their immune systems through ‘natural’ methods—and then we make no money and go out of business and end up pumping gas in Death Valley. Hmm. Which choice do we make? Let’s take a vote…”[13]

Comment: I greatly appreciate the logic that is presented in Jon's articles on this subject! Symptoms - however they may appear - need firstly to be understood in light of the basic biological purpose that they are serving rather than automatically interpreted as a particular medical diagnosis. When we seek to understand the biological purpose of particular symptoms then the functional purpose can be traced further back toward causation. Jon's article underscores the need to understand symptoms by pulling the medical curtain on one of their greatest memes. And even if "18 cases" were "positively identified” out of 257 (equating to a verification rate of about 7%) the rest of the propaganda about viral contagiousness is nothing more than a "medical flu meme" that is intended (as Jon says) to brainwash the collective into medical compliance.

February 5, 2018 - Flu Vaccine Fails 99% in New Cochrane Review -

"For over 20 years, I have been writing and lecturing about how the flu vaccine fails nearly all who get it. I have written about the failure of the flu vaccine in past blog posts and in my newsletter, Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health.

Cochrane is a global independent network of researchers in more than 130 countries who strive to produce credible, accessible health information that is free from commercial sponsorship and other conflicts of (interest). They do not take Big Pharma money. Therefore, their studies deserve attention when they are released.

On February 1, 2018, the Cochrane group released its latest findings on the flu vaccine. [i] The scientists studied randomized, controlled trials comparing the flu vaccine with placebo or no intervention. They included 52 clinical trials of over 80,000 people assessing the safety and effectiveness of flu vaccines in healthy adults. The studies were conducted between 1969 and 2009.

The authors found that flu vaccines probably reduced influenzas in healthy adults from 2.3% without vaccination to 0.9% with.
That means that the difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated is 1.4% or 0.014. Therefore, 71 people would need to be treated with the flu vaccine to prevent one case (1/1.4%). In other words, the flu vaccine did nothing for 70 out of 71 who received it. That means this study found the flu vaccine failed 99% (71/72).

There was more bad news for the flu vaccine in this study. The flu vaccine is touted as decreasing the risk of hospitalizations from the flu. I’m not sure how that happens since the vaccine has never been shown to be very effective against preventing the flu. In this study they found the risk of hospitalization in those that received the flu vaccine declined from 14.7% to 14.1%. That is a 0.6% decline. That means the flu vaccine fails over 99% (165/166) in preventing hospitalizations. Furthermore, the independent researchers found the flu vaccine “…may lead to little or no small reduction in days off work.” To make matter worse, the flu vaccine was shown to cause an increase in fever from 1.5% to 2.3%. Oy vey.

Why would anyone get a flu vaccine when it fails 99% who receive it?

Why would any physician prescribe a therapy, which is associated with serious adverse effects, that fails 99% who receive it?

Why are health care workers forced to receive a flu vaccine when it is consistently shown to fail nearly 99% who get them? And, there is not a single well-done study showing that vaccinating health care workers with the flu vaccine protects against the spread of flu.

Folks, the flu vaccine is a disaster. I can understand why President Trump does not get the flu shot. I cannot understand why anyone would allow themselves to be injected with a failed flu vaccine."
[i] Cochrane Database Syst. Rev. 2018. Feb. 1,2:CD001269[2]

I have never gotten a flu shot and (as far as I can tell) I haven't gotten the flu throughout the last couple decades. Instead I induce a sweat a couple times a week (presently with a hot bath). I also nourish my gut flora as best I can with the inclusion of both pre- and pro-biotic-based foods-as-medicine. If I ever do get any flu-like symptoms I do my best to support the body's own natural cleansing "program" that I am convinced has been launched.

There is also the "New Medicine" perspectives that support "de-coding" symptoms as to their biological meaning and the decoding can point to shock/conflict/s in the psyche that may need to be resolved or are already resolved with you now in a healing phase. In any case I don't just automatically suppress the symptoms and I certainly do my best to avoid the typical pharmaceutical approach.

October 24, 2018 - Dr. Carolyn Dean - "It's that time of year when the news is full of stories trying to scare people into vaccinating. ...

... If you have no choice but to vaccinate, here's what you can do to mitigate unwanted side effects.

Helen Saul Case, bright and beautiful daughter of Dr. Andrew Saul – Editor-in-Chief of the Orthomolecular News Service, shares her experience of vaccinating her daughter and protecting her with Vitamin C. In her article Don't Vaccinate without Vitamin C, Helen says:

'At fifteen months old, hours after she received two shots for four diseases, DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus) and Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b), my baby daughter was screaming, falling over and uncoordinated, and spiked a fever that registered as high as 103.5 degrees on our temporal thermometer. Knowing that in large doses, vitamin C is an antipyretic (fever reducer) in addition to being an antibiotic, antiviral, and antitoxin. I acted fast and got the fever under control with very large doses of ascorbic acid and calcium ascorbate, or buffered vitamin C, to bowel tolerance, and a tepid bath. At bowel tolerance of vitamin C, she was no longer screaming and uncoordinated. Within the first hour her fever was down by a degree; in the second hour, another degree. For the remainder of the evening her fever hovered around 100.5.'

Along with Vitamin C, I would use ReMag, and Pico Silver (in case the your child was given a Live vaccine). I've had many occasions where patients, family, customers, clients say they or their children are having a toxic reaction and a fever – to any number of things – and I tell them all the same thing, take 2-3 tsp in ReMag in sea salted water and within a few hours you'll get your body back!

Sidebar: I'm not advocating vaccination, but if you are "forced" to vaccinate, don't wait for a reaction. Before and after the shot take ReMag, ReAline and Vitamin C to weather the storm. When I was forced to take a vaccination for my Green Card application – I asked for the dregs from the vaccine vial and made a homeopathic remedy from it to antidote the poison. The directions for Making Your Own Remedy are in my Future Health Now Encyclopedia."[11]

October 8, 2018 -

Comment after Dr. B's new article:

Thank you so very much Dr. B!

I wish I had the funds necessary to launch a mass-media educational campaign featuring you and all that you share here!

1st reference link to the Google Patents page has “Legal Events” listed at the very bottom that may be worth looking into.

God Bless You All The Way Dr. B![10]

March 26, 2018 - "The Failure of the Flu Vaccine" By: Carolyn Dean MD ND

"How To Build A Better Flu Vaccine[4] is the title of an article on one of the many news sites on the Internet. My answer is – please don’t bother. In my blog Flu Vaccines Don’t Work[5] I reported that the effectiveness of the flu vaccine was somewhere between 4-6%! In fact, every year the flu vaccine turns out to be less and less effective.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting the outcome to change. How many decades have drug company scientists tried to perfect the flu vaccine and failed every time?

On top of the vaccine not working, we’re also given false information. If you Google '2017-2018 flu season' you are hit with scary headlines that tell you to be very afraid of the flu, to get vaccinated, and to take antiviral medications. The fear instilled by the media who think they are 'warning the public' is enough to make you sick because they have no real solutions!

Other headlines claim that this season’s flu shots are less effective than usual. I’ve found reports claiming anywhere from 17-36% effectiveness, which is an impossibly wide margin. I think the effectiveness is likely only 4-6% as I mentioned earlier. After all, I don’t think all the people that get the flu have blood tests to determine which strain it is. I don’t think they are interviewed to see if they already had the flu shot. Are they differentiating viral flu infection from bacterial lung infection, which can be more deadly. Also, the elderly and the very young are going to be more susceptible to complications and some may die. But it’s quite impossible to say that the flu vaccine could have prevented those deaths.

Of course, my thoughts about preventing the flu turn to boosting the structure and function of your body, including your immune system. Instead of repeating all that information here, you can read my blog Cold & Flu Strategies[6] to see what I recommend from my Future Health Now Encyclopedia[7].

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

November 9, 2015 -

Comment at Dr. Brownstein's Blog:

I think this is possibly the best article on this subject matter to date, Dr. B!

Taking the CDC’s own statement and analyzing it line by line is an excellent example of critical thinking and the right use of mental forces! Now if only every American could do the same kind of thinking (what a concept)! The power of reasoning plus access to the right data can make a difference. Thank you for sharing both these “gifts” with us!

May 31, 2017 -

Using Bicarbonate Against the Swine Flu[1]

March 12, 2020 - This Blog-Writer is "Using Bicarbonate"!

Finally got fully motivated to begin taking "Bicarbonate" (baking soda) after watching a YouTube video presenting Edna Register Boone giving her personal account of how she and her whole family survived the (Spanish flu pandemic of 1918) by taking a half teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water every morning before breakfast. That is in stark contrast to apparently everyone else in her small town community getting sick!

Also -

"In 2010, researchers from Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases found that mycelial extracts from medicinal mushrooms worked so well against influenza that they developed an influenza vaccine adjuvant using the mushroom extracts."[17]

June 22, 2018 -

"Flu season is now officially over but here’s something that will affect hospital workers in the fall. In Nov 2017 I wrote that 'Flu Vaccines Don’t Work'[8] but in spite of them not being able to prevent the flu 'More Hospitals Requiring Influenza Vaccine for Workers.'[9] Let that sink in for a while and then follow the lack of logic in allopathetic medicine, which claims it practices science-based medicine.

The science behind flu vaccines not working is presented in my Nov 2017 blog. They can’t work because 'the method of culturing influenza viruses inactivates them' and the author of that study admits that 'flu vaccine propaganda is largely false, describing how the goal of flu shot immunization has still not been achieved.' ..."

February 12, 2018 - "The mandate to overthrow mainstream news" by Jon Rappoport:
"Pick just one global issue—vaccination."[3]






















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