Let's give a squeal of welcome to the newest member of the solar community: the Micro-Kitty sex toy! Yes, yes, YES, it is the "world's first solar-powered vibrator." Not only is there guilt-free power generation for every gyration, but this silicone toy is free of toxic phthalates, which will have your reproductive parts cheering even more.

It's mind-blowing news, we know.

"The Micro-Kitty is not just a sex toy that feels good, it is a sex toy to feel good about!" screams the sales pitch (link NSFW, but is anything in this post?).

And a press release hails the technology that brings the sun to where the sun doesn't shine: "Just like the grade school calculators but apparently a whole lot more fun."

Two and a half hours of fully charged fun, to be precise. A sunny day indeed.

We at Grist don't get into bed with products or endorsements, but with a comic opportunity like this? You can feel free to feel good without the piles of toxic batteries that often go with this territory -- a green option that is a pleasurable one.

(Thanks to the Grist ladies who helped squeeze their brains for peak punniness.)


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