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October 4, 2010

The Crystal Cradle

Supporting the Arrival and Thrival of the New Children.

As a speech and language pathologist , working for most of my professional life with language delayed preschoolers, I could not help but notice, that in 2003 my caseload doubled in one year and I was seeing several children with a pattern of communication behavior that I had not seen before. Usually when doing speech therapy with young children I have felt that I was ‘lifting them up’, but with these children I felt that I was ‘dragging them down’. The Kogi tribe in the Amazon, who consider themselves our older brothers and sisters, have told us that there is a more evolved way of communicating than we do with spoken language, and that is communicating from the heart and the mind without words. This has been termed telempathic communication, and is also used by many indigenous peoples on the planet. I thought perhaps these children were designed to communicate in this more evolved way, which is why I felt as though I was dragging them down by getting them to use words to communicate.
In recent years in addition to the increase in the incidence of speech and language difficulties, there had been a 300% increase in the diagnosis of autism. My experience is that some of these children I was seeing were being diagnosed with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, or verbal apraxia and some were getting conflicting diagnoses with one source saying the child was autistic and another saying he/she was not. I had my first experience with autistic children upon graduating from high school, when I chose to work for a year in a local library before going to university to study to become a speech and language therapist. The librarian’s son, Andrew, was severely autistic and I met and married her cousin becoming a member of that extended family. Andrew’s parents became actively involved in forming a parent support group for those with autistic children. The school for retarded children that I volunteered at during that year, started a special unit for autistic children where Andrew attended. I became familiar with autism in a personal as well as professional capacity, but the new children I was seeing in 2003 were not classically autistic. They usually had a loving connection to their parents and wanted to connect with other children even if they did not know how to do so effectively. They had exceptional visual symbolic skills, such as being able to identify and name letters, numbers, colors and shapes, but had difficulty in combining two or more words together in phrases and sentences to communicate verbally. I needed to go out and buy activities with letters and numbers as I had not previously worked in the area of letter and number skills with language delayed preschoolers.
I knew that I would not find the information that I needed on these children in any text book or journal article, because these children had just arrived. I did my own research to see what people were saying about these new children. There are a plethora of new children being described in spiritual rather than academic terms – psychic children, indigo children, interdimensional children, crystal children, rainbow children, star children, children of Spirit, etc. Messages through Ellen Dosick in 1995 (Spiritually Healing the Indigo Children, 2004, p235) began talking about the coming of Children of Spirit who were clear pure channels of Light and the children were going to be in more pain than they had ever experienced before, from being in a world that is anything but clear and pure. The description that most closely matched the children that I was seeing was that of the Crystal children. Channeled messages called the Beacons of Light through Steve Rother from The Group (Re-member, 2000, p168) began telling us in 1997 about the future arrival of children of crystal vibration and the necessity of making the energy safe and comfortable for them. “They are preparing now and will soon begin entering en masse, and they enter with the seeds of the new humanity.” The Indigo children came before them to plough the field for the planting of the seeds of the new evolution that the Crystal Children bring. We have been asked to protect these children, hold them dear and make this planet safe for them, for this is our contract.” My experience was that these children began coming in en masse at the turn of the Millenium in 2000, although there were certainly scouts earlier than that. Those children then started reaching the school districts when they turned three in 2003. According to the Group, the Crystal Children who have been born so far do not yet have 100% of the crystal characteristics. These ongoing messages about the crystal children are available (interspersed among other information) in two books (Re-member 2000, Welcome Home 2002) and on the website ( .
One small book has been written specifically about these children by Doreen Virtue (The Crystal Children, Hay House, 2003) based on an analysis of a very large number of parental questionnaires and on angelic messages. Sharyl Jackson has written articles about them based on personal experience as a parent and as an educator in the magazines Children of the New Earth ( and Planet Lightworker (www.planetlightworker.) The following characteristics have been described by them and myself.
Extremely sensitive to everything in their environment, physical and energetic.
Possess large eyes with an intense stare that penetrates your very soul.
Have magnetic personalities.
Are highly affectionate.
There is an innocence, guilelessness and a purity due to an absence of ego.
Start talking late in childhood.
Are very musically oriented and may sing before talking.
Use telepathy and self invented sign language to communicate.
May be diagnosed with autism, or Asperger’s syndrome.
Are even tempered, sweet and loving.
Are forgiving of others.
Are highly sensitive and empathic making them deeply vulnerable.
Are very much connected to nature and animals.
They love water which is beneficial in clearing and soothing them.
Are natural healers and peacemakers.
Are quite interested in crystals and rocks.
Often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past life memories.
Are extremely artistic and creative.
Often are natural vegetarians and may have a high metabolism.
May be fearless explorers and climbers with an amazing sense of balance.
Their energy may disrupt electrical appliances.
May experience spiritual woundings.

My experience has certainly substantiated the claim that they are extremely sensitive to everything in their environment, physical and energetic. The Crystal Children appear to be more sensitive to sound and light both within the normal range and beyond what we perceive. One of the children I worked with was reported to be able to see in the dark when he woke up at night even though his mother, who sat accompanying him could not see the things he could see. Other children were very sensitive to sound. James, who loved music, would put his hands over his ears whenever we sang in therapy, and another was extremely traumatized by loud noise. There are also tactile sensitivities like being overly sensitive to being touched by others; not touching certain textures and consistencies (e.g. play dough, finger paint); difficulty with eating particular textures, tastes, odors; etc (one child lived mainly on Pediasure). There may also be internal sensitivities regarding nutrition and digestion, such as additives, gluten, casein, etc. Many of these children are receiving help with these issues from occupational therapists and the increased demand for these services has resulted in long waiting lists for assessment and therapy. The academic literature on this issue tends to refer to what the children are experiencing as ‘sensory dysfunction’. However, my sense is that this can more accurately be called ‘heightened sensitivity’ rather than being identified as pathological. An explanation given for this heightened sensitivity is based on the vibrational level of these children. At the ‘normal’ vibrational level the waves are slow and open with lots of space where incoming sensory stimuli can pass through without intersecting the wave. At a higher vibrational level, which is characteristic of these children, the waves are smaller and closer together so that much more of the incoming sensory stimuli intersect with the wave and are therefore received and experienced (Ellen Dosick, 2004).

slow wave fast wave
My sense is that people with environmental disease who are hypersensitive to the toxins and chemicals polluting our environment, have been sent to warn us about the physical things that we need to change to make the environment safe and comfortable for our new children. They are also experiencing discomfort from energies that we are not usually aware of like the electromagnetic fields from the electrical wiring and the appliances in our homes. An adult friend who is also sensitive to electromagnetic fields described it as feeling energetically like standing in the middle of a freeway. They also appear to be sensitive to the feelings and energy fields of people. One non-verbal two year old child had the Onion Head cards (www. depicting 36 emotions on his wall. After his Grandmother had been in an argument, her grandson brought her the card depicting the feeling of betrayal which is what she was experiencing. Although this was not a word that he understood or used, he was sensitive to his grandmother’s feelings and could match it with the visual depiction of that feeling, distinguishing it from 35 other emotions. The Group says that the Crystal Children will be especially sensitive to the lower vibrational emotion of fear and cannot survive on a planet riddled with constant fear. They have no fear within themselves and because they have no reference for it they can only reflect it back, amplifying it as they do so. Because they can feel every emotion held in our hearts it is important for us to face and release the fear within ourselves, and change our own reactions to fear (Welcome Home p182-183) A parent describes her son acting out any strong emotions of people in his environment (p 50). They are also sensitive on a wider level to the collective consciousness of humanity. With the political conflict, terrorism, war, natural disasters, etc. there is a lot of chaotic energy that they experience. It is important to balance this energy globally with love and light.
Not only are regular sensations and feelings experienced more intensely, but they are also receiving stimuli from other dimensions. When drawing stick figures, some children have been observed to draw auras around them, indicating that this is what they are seeing. When doing therapy, I have experienced a child turning around and being very excited to see someone or something in front of him which his mother and I could not see. Doreen Virtue states that even as babies, their heads and eyes turn as they clearly see angels and spirit guides (p43).

The three year old children that I have been seeing in a Preschool Speech and Language program have certainly been delayed in their verbal communication skills. They are generally not responsive to formal assessment of their speech and language using standardized tests. However, when expressing themselves verbally they have a limited number of common words in their vocabulary, and use few words per utterance (1-3). Some have clear articulation of the words that they use and others do not. There has been some evidence of telempathic communication reported to me by parents. One mother reported that as her son played with a younger 2 year old sibling, there was no speech but they were laughing and interacting as if they were communicating telepathically. To test him she thought “Give me a hug.” and he responded to her thought. On another occasion a mother, who was lying down with her son to get him to sleep, began dozing herself and daydreamed about tickling her son. When she opened her eyes her son was lying on his back with his arms raised above his head eagerly anticipating being tickled. A grand mother reported to me regularly being in telempathic communication with her two year old grandson who lived in a town several hundred miles away. In her book Doreen Virtue presents several parent reports of children communicating their needs telepathically and reading their parent’s minds (p42-46). In addition to the overwhelming amount of sensory information described above, these children may also be receiving the unspoken thoughts of the people and animals that are around them. The children Doreen Virtue reports on describe their ‘mind reading’ as either hearing (e.g. “God tells me in my head.), seeing (being able to see into her mother’s brain and see her thoughts), or knowing (“I just know”). When they hear the thoughts followed by the words it may be like hearing double – the correlate of seeing double .When seeing double is not crrected a child may shut down the sight in one eye to restore single vision. Is it possible that some of these children may shut down hearing the words so that they are not hearing double. I certainly felt that the children were reading my intentions about wanting them to talk, which they would strongly resist. I need to develop a completely different approach and intention to what I have been using effectively with preschoolers since 1973. My sense is that these children will talk but they will need longer, as telepathy is the mode of communication for which they are designed. In Doreen’s words “verbal speech is foreign to them” (p 39). Lack of verbal communication skills interferes with the development of social skills as they move beyond the stage of parallel play and begin to interact with other children. Sensory issues also contribute to difficulties in social interaction, such as hugging another child too hard.
According to the Bible, before the Tower of Babel, everyone used the same language which may have been telepathy. This form of communication has remained in use in indigenous cultures around the world and channeled messages about our future indicate that we become an almost speechless society, relying predominantly on telempathic communication with verbal expression being used for song, chant, toning, prayer and praise. Telempathy is a much more effective system of communication. In a culture that communicates telempathically there will be no secrets and falsehoods. Already we cannot lie to or keep secrets from these children. Crystal Children are already showing the predicted pattern, learning to sing more readily than talk. My dream is to learn to communicate with these children with heart and mind and teach parents to do so as well, so we can meet the children where they are, support them in their natural development, and then help them to speak when they are ready. In the process they will be helping us to evolve.

I was using a small battery powered vibrator to provide stimulation to Bill’s lips during oral motor exercises. He wanted to hold it himself, and after a short time it stopped working. I thought he may have switched it off, but when I moved the switch back and forth it was completely dead. I presumed he had broken the switch with his rough handling and placed the vibrator on the counter, as I continued with another activity. During the therapy session with the next child a sudden loud buzzing noise came from the counter where the vibrator had recovered from the effect of Bill’s energy, and had came back to life.

Doreen says that Crystal Children are born psychic (p 42) so adults with psychic skills may provide valuable insight into what the crystal children are experiencing. Their sensitivities to many of the physical and energetic stimuli of our world and other dimensions are also heightened. Along with being able to see, hear and sense things from other dimensions, they become acutely sensitive to sounds of specific pitches, chemicals in cleaners and toiletries, electromagnetic energy, people’s energy fields (even if the people are no longer present), global energies, etc. Coming back from a retreat I shared a hotel room with a friend who was very uncomfortable with the energy of the previous occupants and could not stay the night until we had cleared the energy. I have not heard adults refer to these sensitivities as sensory dysfunction although to both adults and children sensitivity can sometimes seem more like a challenge than a blessing in our society. One friend shared that when she experienced intense inflows of Divine energy her hands involuntarily moved in a way that is similar to that observed in autistic children when they are ‘stimming’. These may be experiences that, unknown to us, account for some of the behavior we see in the children. Other psychic abilities the parents reported were going into trances, having healing abilities, past life memories, and invisible friends.

Being highly sensitive and empathic makes these children deeply vulnerable. What pains and wounds could result for these children? Ellen and Wayne Dosick report in their book that their Spiritual Guidance teaches that the Children of Spirit “come to Earth holding a vision of a perfected world. Their great pain comes from the dissonance they feel between their vision, and the wildly imperfect world they see and experience. Their pain is at a spiritual, emotional, energetic – soul – level.” They have applied this information to the Indigo Children and describe seventeen spiritual woundings that these children can experience. My understanding is that the Crystal Children who are here now with less than 100% of the crystal characteristics, experience a similar dissonance and with their extreme sensitivities and difficulty in verbally communicating with others, they may also experience some of these spiritual woundings. Having been trained as a facilitator of in their healing process, the wounds that seem most applicable to the Crystal Children are:
Grief – weeping at the apparent separation from Source.
Distrust – not being able to count on any reality as certain.
Shame - being embarrassed in front of the whole cosmos.
Selfishness – the fear of coming out to interact with this world experience.
Panic - the experience of being suspended in mid air with nothing to grasp or hold on to.
Indignation – holding righteousness in response to the lack of dignity expressed for God’s creatures.
Resentment - the wish that the world matches the inner vision.

How can we bring healing, prevent further wounding and best support these children so that they can come into the fullness of their Being and share their gifts for the evolution of life here on Earth? I have been guided to start a center called the Crystal Cradle that will “support the arrival and thrival of these children beginning with conception, pregnancy, birth”. The many tools and techniques of which I have been made aware are:
Spiritual Support.
Firstly with regard to the spiritual wounds described above, to be effective, the healing for this pain that they experience must come from the same spiritual level where it originates. In their book, the Dosicks describe three sacred processes they have been given to bring the healing that is needed. These are GraceLight for those from birth to seven years of age, The 17 for those from seven to seventeen years of age, and The Point of Essence Process for those older than 17. These can be done from the book or with the help of trained facilitators around the country. When used from birth we have the possibility of preventing wounds from occurring. Just as this is a sacred healing process, the sacred needs to be accessed in all areas to fully support these spiritually evolved children. Even before conception there a gifted person such as Maggie Tracey (626 437-0658) can communicate with the souls of the crystal children who are coming in and receive information about things that are keeping them from comfortably arriving. Once these issues are addressed, they can enjoy a smooth entry. Conceiving, bearing and giving birth to a child is a sacred experience, an act of creation that can be sanctified with blessings, prayers and ceremony. As this has not been emphasized in our medical approach to pregnancy and birth, a support group during pregnancy can help the parents gain insight into the spiritual dimension of the process for the benefit of both parent and child. They can explore the possibility of communicating telepathically with the spirit of their unborn child so that this is already familiar for them when the child is born (D. Church, Communing with the Spirit of your Unborn Child, 1988). Considering their affinity for water, a water birth can be considered. In addition to annual birthday celebrations, these children will benefit from blessings and simple rituals to sanctify life on a daily, weekly, monthly (cycles of the moon), seasonal and annual cycle. This approach can be independent of or incorporated with a formal religious tradition. We can also acknowledge the spiritual support that they receive from their angels and guides and teach them specific ways that they can request angelic assistance, protection, etc. Because they can see them, earthbound spirits who are looking for help may appear to these children. A mother reported that her 4 year old called her to come into his bedroom and see “Sad Eyes” but she could not see anything. Rather than denying their reality, we can give them a tool such as calling on Archangel Michael to take these visitors into the light (Doreen Virtue, The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children 2001, p68).
Our children may not have the option to shut down these experiences as previous generations did, but we can find ways to help them feel comfortable and selectively focus on different dimensions depending on the environmental demands of the moment. Edgar Cayce emphasised helping the children see their intuition and other abilities as helpful so that it can have a positive influence in their lives. He gave advice for those parenting psychic children and there are parenting programs that have been developed for Indigo children that may also be helpful for parenting Crystal Children.
Emotional Support
Due to their sensitivity and deep empathy, they should be helped to understand the emotions that they will be picking up in those around them. A tool, such as Onion Head, is helpful for them to match and identify what they are feeling with a pictorial representation. There are simple techniques from energy psychology that we can use and teach to them, that will reduce the intensity of feelings that they are experiencing. The Emotional Freedom Technique can be used by tapping on them or tapping on their behalf. We can energetically protect them from taking in the feelings of others, and as they get older, teach them to energetically protect themselves especially from energies such as fear.

Communication Support
My sense is that the greatest support in this area will be to meet and honor them where they are by learning to communicate with them ‘telempathically’. Through speech therapy services alternative transitional ways to express their needs using sign language or a picture exchange communication system can be considered. In speech therapy, oral motor activities may be useful to increase their ability to intentionally plan and use their oral structures for producing speech sounds in toning, chanting and singing. When the child seems ready, the focus can be primarily on verbal communication with receptive language skills (understanding) preceeding expressive language skills (talking). These children are very connected to animals and nature and may find communication with animals, trees, flowers, etc. to be easy and rewarding. As well as traditional pets, dolphins, whales and gorillas have found to be helpful. There is a program to use individual guide dogs to help these children.
Environmental Support Being aware of their hypersensitivity, the physical environment should be calm and restful, incorporating nature, water, pastel colors, etc. Flourescent lighting should be avoided and devices are available to reduce or eliminate the effects of electromagnetic fields in our homes and classrooms. We can use energetic ways of clearing a child’s room or a house (e.g. sage, sound, feng shui, religious ritual, calling on angels, etc) to ensure positive energy, that we can then teach the children when they are old enough. There are pendants that they can wear to energetically protect them selves.
Bodily Support
Their diet needs to be adapted to be comfortable and enticing, eliminating whatever may be toxic to their systems such as additives, preservatives, gluten, casein, perhaps soy, and others suggest supplements such as fish oil with Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, B12, enzymes, etc.
Doreen states that the natural inclination of these children is to “graze” on smaller, more frequent meals of healthful food and juices (p138).
They need a safe and sound sensory “diet” with avenues open to efficiently integrate what they are receiving so that their sensory motor/sensory integration can provide a strong foundation for the development of effective learning and social skills (“Sensory Secrets” 2001, Catherine C. Schneider O.T.R.). They may benefit from things such as infant massage, watsu (water massage), various kinds of energy healing (sound, color, aromatherapy, crystals, flower essences, essential oils, etc.), acupressure, yoga and meditation for children, children’s gymnastics accompanied by songs with a spiritual message. When appropriate therapies such as craniosacral work and occupational therapy have been found to be beneficial.

New avenues of support for these children are constantly being brought to my attention, and being brought into existence, so please share with me and others whatever you find to be effective both in your own experiences as an adult, and with these special children. I will be happy to elaborate on any of the items mentioned here.
In conclusion we are privileged to be in a position to witness and welcome the arrival of the Crystal Children and make their arrival as easy as possible so that they will thrive and blossom here. They will also be accomplishing their mission of helping us to join them at a higher level of evolution which they already embody. In the original Exodus story in the Bible it was the children who got to enter the Promised Land as the adults were not vibrating at a compatible level. The Crystal Children are already in the Promised Land of higher evolution, but we can join them this time. In learning to communicate with them and supporting them in other ways “we begin the process of transforming our own biology to a crystaline structure ( Re-member p 168), and ourselves into beings of crystal vibration.” Eventually any centers we create will become redundant as all children will be of crystal vibration and the above approaches will be the norm. If it is safe enough for them, those children with all 100% of the crystal characteristics will begin coming towards the end of 2005. The Dosicks describe them this way:
“These children are characterized by being pure love.
They come with no karma, with no past life woundings.
Their faces continually glow with the Light of the Divine.
Their entire beings are soft and gentle.
They exude an incredible sweetness.
They seem untouched by the harshness of the world.
They are incapable of taking in anything that is not the pure Love vibration.
They come to be the realization of Beings of pure Light and Love, paradigms of a world of perfection, the embodiment of what every being on Earth can and will be.

We rejoice in their presence amongst us. We honor their purpose and their vision.
We joyfully anticipate the time when their mission will be embraced by the whole world, when the Crystal Children will lead us to the evolution and transformation that brings Eden to Earth.”
May we and ‘All That Is’ be blessed as we join hands to support the arrival and thrival of the Crystal Children.

If you feel drawn or called to participate in helping support the Crystal Children through the Crystal Cradle please contact:
AriellaShira Lewis
Crystal Cradle
Covina, CA

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